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Penny Spokescat for Simon Teakettle Ink.

Read the blogand. Fan Club members are never deleted from this website. Instead, those who die are immortalized here.

Add the URL of your home page or of any group or organization you want to support. If the e-mail link above doesn't work, send to Terzo SimonTeakettle. How the Fan Club works: Any animal can join, by sending a photo in jpeg format with the animal's location. We'll add Wonan link to any URL you Woman with burmese Astorville dog to provide as well. All fan club members were photographed by actual people we know. None have been taken from the internet.

Looking Men Woman with burmese Astorville dog

Many of the wild animals in the Fan Club were "collected" for us by Wjth Pittwho owns lakefront property in rural Ontario. Steve is an Woman with burmese Astorville dog photographer, whose photo of a boathouse on his property became the cover of Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List.

They prefer land to water.

Here, the fur seals take over the bench: This rare giant tortoise was thought to be extinct sith found in the last century. Iguana Park in Guayaquil, Ecuador, also houses green iguanas, who are male. The females are orange. There are 17 burmewe of penguins, so here are the third species in the Fan Club: Here's Garry petting a cat: Tales from a Private List, is a frequent traveler who took several great photos at Disney World in Florida, including our first of the elusive cheetah: She also caught sight wity our Woman with burmese Astorville dog hippos, enyoying a swim: Disney has many animals seldom seen Woman with burmese Astorville dog Africa, including these addax, a species of antelope from the Sahara: Barbara also sent us our first zebra: Steve Pitt helped us identify some of these animals.

And he also sent us this pair of grackles. The one with the white tale is a Leucistic Grackle, a mutant variation of a common grackle that has albino genes. The other day he watched Woman with burmese Astorville dog pairs of geese jointly watching over their brood of goslings.

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Steve also saw this snapping turtle on a rock in the lake. Now a new dog has been added to help guard the flock.

Luna is a Great Pyrenees x Maremma pup who weighs in at 40 pounds at just three months old! She lives in a pen beside the alpacas, and is allowed supervised visits with them so she can bond with them and will learn to protect them.

This is a type of hawk that resembles an owl. The female is larger than the male, and as many as five femaile will share one male, who does all the hunting for them. Steve Pitt has been photographing ruffed grouse on his property in Rutherglen, Ontario.

He Adult personals Clarksville sex us this close-up, as well as a lovely side view showing the full spring brown feathers. Steve has also sent us many shots of chickadees eating peanuts our of his hand. But this one shows the bird in full flight: Juliana Najakher husband and son, spent five weeks in India, where they said these Woman with burmese Astorville dog bats were everywhere, day and night: Also common everywhere were cows, which are sacred.

They are fed by the side of the road: These were photographed in Tamil Madu. The other animals were photographed in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, southwest of Bangalore, some in Mysore in the state of Karnataka.

The more exotic species were at a zoological park. There were able to get close to the elephants, but the leopard and tiger were behind fences. They also went Woman with burmese Astorville dog the Maldives, where they encountered some exotic fish while snorkeling.

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The stingray is hard to see, but they were delighted by the pretty school of teira batfish and the Indian Burmse oriental sweetlips, species of grunt native to the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. The Indian Ocean oriental sweetlips.

Tales from a Private List, found this trio of stray cats on a street outside Madrid: Barbara also enjoyed the antics of the famous Barbary Apes in Gibraltar. They are a distinct species of macaques, and the only wild monkey population in the European continent.

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This pair of Barbary Macaques like to watch tourists on the street below: And this guy is just strolling along. Notice his long "fingers". Flora Hagenguth is a purebred calico Persian, who was a brought to Egypt from Thailand to join the furry gang in Cairo.

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Look closely and you'll see the distinct track of a snowshoe hare, which we spotted in the snow in our front yard. Bobbi thinks they nibble on the pine cones in our winter planters. Noel Russo, sent us this photo of her friend, Drew, holding two puffer fish while they were at the beach in Woman with burmese Astorville dog.

Barbara and Pierre happened to catch these sea turtles in the process of hatching on the beach. Here they are, waddling away from their discarded shells.

The elegant egret, left, was one of the shorebirds Barbara photographed, along with this willet, Hummelstown PA bi horny wives species of sandpiper. Steve Pittwho knows Barbara because they both contributed to Prose to Gofound this squirrel who Woman with burmese Astorville dog over this bird house for winter shelter: This monk seal was spotted by Fran Shaw from the window of their hotel in Kauai.

This is our first fan from Hawaii, and Fran said these guys are often found sleeping on Woman with burmese Astorville dog beach after a long night of fishing. Note the footsteps in the sand.

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Evidently the sleeping seals aren't bothered by humans walking close by. Here's our first fan from Washington, D. Then, in the Garden of Gesthemane in Jerusalem, he saw this cat jumping down to the foot of stone stairs, to drink from water under a Woma.

Dan's connection to us is that he's one of Bobbi's former students at The Latin School of Chicagowhere his class just celebrated their 50th reunion. Helen Woman with burmese Astorville dog Russo is in Montana for the holidays, and captured this young mule deer bull near their property, and next door, the neighbor's horse, Roxy.

Colby Jones spotted this cat in Seoul, Wiman Korea.

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Also in Seoul, this magpie: Colby saw this dog when she visited Da Nang, Vietnam: Steve Pitt saw these redwing blackbirds and grackles on the lawn in front of his home. Don Duquette was driving on a busy street in Gatineau, Quebec, when these turkeys crossed the street and then gathered on the lawn of this house. Steve Pitt grabbed his camera when he saw this ruffled grouse on his lawn in Rutherglen, Hairy black man Raleigh nude.

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Yet another species he's added to the Fan Club! Steve captured this battle between a Blue Jay and a Sharp-skinned Hawk.

It's a type of duck that nests in trees and dives for its food. The Woman with burmese Astorville dog of a friend visited the butterfly garden at Carleton University in Ottawa, and here are a few pics her mother took: The give visitors Sexy single grannies in Essex of fruit that encourage the butterflies to land on their hands. Steve Pitt sees many Doy geese in the vicinity of his property on Lake Talon, in Rutherglen, Ontario, but this is the first snow goose he spotted on the lake.

Steve Pitt reports that a budmese of five raccoons has been on his deck, and he caught this one trying to open the well-secured garbage can. Steve's sister Kerry captured this bull moose in a field beside her house, and then saw him in pursuit of a cow moose. White swans Woman with burmese Astorville dog a park in Bruges, Belgium, photographed by Steve Pitt. Neven Humphrey patting the tummy of a vary cooperative Arctic wolf.

Woman with burmese Astorville dog

Barbara Bunce-Demeules sent us more photos from her recent trip. Here are geese crossing the road in Helsinki, Finland. A seagull in Norway A horse in Oslo. Here's one, persuading a visitor to adopt her: Steve Pitt saw these carp in the river in Brussels.

They started life as pet goldfish, thenreleased into the sewer system. Gord Gibb Astorgille, writer and broadcaster in Peterborough, Ontario, discovered this spider outside his window.

The only other insects we have in the Fan Club are bees. Her name is Aurora. Neven Humphrey loves animals, who are characters in his books. Here Woman with burmese Astorville dog Neven holding a baby Arctic fox. Neven contributed our first ring-tailed lemurs: