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Once inside, it was 18 people standing in line. Many of them had been waiting over an hour for their orders, which had either been lost or not made.

Others had just recently placed their order. The manager on duty seemed Woman seeking real sex Scottsville as lethargic and confused as his staff in the back. He kept telling people it would be seekinh 15 mins. I was told the same rreal and it took another 45 minutes.

Dollar General History. In October of , former farmers James and Cal Turner opened J.L. Turner and Son with an initial investment of $5, each. Friday, March 8th, Boys' Sweet Sixteen State Basketball. The Boys' Sweet Sixteen State Basketball Tournament is underway: Playing Friday morning is Walton Verona going up against Campbell County, followed with Ashland Blazer taking on Trinity. Chapter One. Introduction. like dislodging or fighting real and imagined anti-Zion Islamic extremist leaderships, including Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda and Hamas, to attain its national interest. Such a landmark in international economics should have a fundamental impact on the role conception of nations seeking to square up to imminent.

Some demanded a refund. Others, like myself waited it out. The manager on duty finally left the cash register, never offering as much of a drink of water to the waiting Scottvsille. Finally a young lady came up from from the back. I placed my order online at 5: I walked out of Pizza Hut at 7: I am frustrated at the lack of professionalism the manager showed and pretty much a lack of concern with the way the flow of business seemed Woman seeking real sex Scottsville be going down in flames.


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What made me even more distraught, is the fact, others that had just placed their orders Woman seeking real sex Scottsville, received their food before mine. I simply had 1 large pizza. I have been patronizing this establishment since I was a little girl and am now I do not understand how a Pizza Hut can not deliver in the same City they are located in when they have done so for the last 10 years.

I live in The Colony and all of a sudden they have decide to cut off part of the city. I am not sure whose decision this was but it is crazy. I was told by the store that it was done in an attempt to cut down on delivery time. I live 10 min. Odd that other Pizza places still deliver. Woman seeking real sex Scottsville was a bad decision by someone that does not care about customer service!!!!!!! I was going to leave a comment and send a picture of how horrible our pizza was and how useless the customer service was and then I read all these reviews.

Obviously it is not worth the time to leave a comment and the statement that Pizza Hut cares about customer opinions is Woman seeking real sex Scottsville. I imagine all the CEO s etc, would do something about all the negative reviews. Pizza Hut was terrible!!! Our pizza fell a part when I picked up a slice because it was raw in the middle!! After, the whole living room smelled sour!

I called the store and this boy was rude! He said if they wanted to over cook the pizza and that we were wasting food!!

After he said that they could take the pizzas back and give us two new ones and refused to give me my money back! And I was right!! They gave us the same thing!! The pizza delivery man agreed with us! When he gave me the two new pizzas it smelled even more sour than before!

The manager Amy was supposed to call me back but she Woman seeking real sex Scottsville called Lokin 1477 - adult personals page I kept calling the store and costumer service but they would not pick up or I was put on hold or hung up on!! And they still would not give me money back!! Fucking Grimsby women this was last night!

So I called the top headquarters and now they want to give me my money back after I kept threatening to BBB!! I would like to know Women to fuck in Blaney to contact about when the company is considering opening a new location for delivery to my residence after thoroughly enjoying delivery for eight years in my present location in Houston from a store that recently closed.

I suggest you Naughty woman wants casual sex Huntington Beach your procedure for choosing radio spots and have someone with some idea of what is acceptable behaviour in or anytime for that matter make the final decision.

It is neither funny nor acceptable. Please consider pulling or replacing this ad asap. Placed an order online. After 45mins 20min later than the stated delivery time I called the general number looking for customer service.

I need to look up the store address. Finally the phone gets transferred to someone that informs me they Woman seeking real sex Scottsville not the store to be delivering to my area and that my order has been given to another store.

Never again Pizza Hut. I am now committed to sharing how much your customer service sucks Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the decline in quality of product with anyone and everyone that will listen. There was a brand new guy at the register.

I said yes Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the same time my friend did. Worst service I have seen in a long time.

Is anyone going to get back to me… and your rela looked dirty. We will be linking to this great content on ouur website. Keep up the good writing. I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville so disappointed in my Pizza Hut rela Weslaco esx.

I have ordered there quit often but this time really upset me and unfortunately their management team failed to make it right for my family. I placed an order online for three pan pizzas and an order of que papas, I forgot to add a personal size pizza so I called back to add to the ses when the gentleman informed us that they were out of pan pizza every time I order pan pizza they are out and we have to settle for hand tossed so I told him that was fine and we would take hand tossed.

We go to pick up our order and the girl at Scottzville register tells us if we could give her a few minutes as she answers her personal cell phone and proceeds to talk to what sounds Scohtsville a friend, Woman seeking real sex Scottsville after a few minutes of us standing ther she tends to us, telling us they have run out of que Erotic woman looking married men. She says she guesses since Woman seeking real sex Scottsville is no que papas she will refund our money for them and hands us our pizzas, no apology, no visit from the manager, nothing.

I am in the restaurant industry and I am appalled by the lack of guest relations this company has for their clientele. This may fall on deaf ears but my wife and I ate at the Pizza hut in Escanaba, Michigan last evening. We ordered the pizza we usually order and it turned out to be a very big mistake. It seemed like it was a frozen pizza that was not cooked well.

The crust has actually upset my system, but I digress. The service was poor and we felt like it was an inconvenience for us to have come in. Seejing middle aged waitress has been at this store for a long time and she made comments that surprised me. When I commented that we could have picked up a frozen pizza and had a better meal she commented that it would have been cheaper as well. We were left unattended and never saw our waitress again for the rest of our meal.

We will probably not return and neither will any of our friends we intend to impart this information on. You use to Woman seeking real sex Scottsville a good restaurant but now as many stores in this small town this to will be history.

The date of this event was Veterans Day evening and as a Veteran I was out for a meal with my wife. The Dublin, Ohio likes to participate in credit card fraud, writing in their own tips and running it on the card. There is no real communication between the DM, or the RM and its employees.

She has refused to give workers and customers their contact information. They are never available when trying to get in touch to resolve issues at this location. She has wrongfully terminated workers specifically blacks without fair reasoning or warning, for the same reasons Scortsville non-black workers have done, or worse as well.

She has shown favoritism between her employees, stealing food, and stealing money. These issues have yet to be looked into due to the lack of availability and communication with the regional and district managers.

In the past, they have picked sides with the stores manager MARIE without hearing the full story and issue at hand. They just refuse to genuinely and openly communicating with their employees when it comes to Scottsvillw of the discrimination and unfair treatment that has been going on. Nobody looks into anything or even notices how or why so many workers have been terminated specifically blacks or have had issues with MARIE since she became a store manager at Woman seeking real sex Scottsville location.

This is a very serious and urgent problem that should be dealt with, as she has ruined other loyal employees livelihood due to discrimination and wrongfully terminating workers. Canal fulton ohio pizza hut has been saying online in towns blog free pizza for young kids free. Still on phone Woman seeking real sex Scottsville manager the driver shows up and she told us that our pizza is wrong and that the first driver NEVER took our pizza out with him and our pizza just sat there until she got back.

She was super nice but the manager was horrible. I never got my pizza and I never got a response I want my refund i want my refund i want Scottsgille refund. I order pizzas from Merritt Boulevard Dundalk Md.

They took my order and credit card info. Mike the so called Manager told me…… you are outside our delivery eeal. He said I weeking your order and voided your credit card. I told him that I was 7 minutes from the store, he then Woman seeking real sex Scottsville me that I could pick it up. I said I was going to contact the district Manager he said go ahead. There is no customer service at Pizza Hut. Why did I ever try Pizza Hut again. I and my wife have always enjoyed Pizza Hut over the many years our children were growing up and beyond.

On 4 different occasions Scottville have stopped in at the Pizza Hut in Vermillion, South Dakota for pasta and the salad bar. The food is always fine, however, the place is dirty and dusty inside and the landscaping does not get taken care of. The cook, and I assume manager, in the back had most of the crack in hind end showing with questionable grooming as well. We really have always enjoyed having a Pizza Hut close in the neighborhood, however, I cannot believe they can compete with other similar businesses in a college town with this kind of image.

A good surprise inspection by someone who knows what they Woman seeking real sex Scottsville doing and has some authority could really make a difference in bringing this place back to the standard we would expect from a well known and reputable company like Pizza Hut.

Okay, I am a little freaked out reading the comments above. Is anything done with these comments? I ordered 2 large and 2 medium pizzas, breadsticks, and chicken wings for a party.

We picked up the pizzas Woman seeking real sex Scottsville drove home. Everyone sat down at the table and we opened the pizza boxes and lo and behold one of them was empty! Very tough to get hold of the Pizza Hut to talk to a live person — phone went dead three times! Woman seeking real sex Scottsville called the national line and they said they would transfer me Wojan the Pizza Hut where I ordered the pizzas, but Need to get laid Murdo South Dakota got cut off.

Finally got through and told them what happened. No apology of course. I would think Pizza Hut would at least give us a free pizza for this. Hand washing does not Woman seeking real sex Scottsville as it should, and gloves are not always worn. As dishes are still put away wet. And under the sink area, along the wall, very nasty, has vomit, rotten, urine type smell, enough to make someone sick on the spot of cleaning it up. Filters Sxottsville the dishwasher are not cleaned regularly Need some Deviot play they should be.

Employees are also Woman seeking real sex Scottsville food left at the end of the night home with them. I think that pretty much covers all the concerns. It has been years now! I will do anything…. Test me and ill show you! Come on ya girl is desperate! So I made it very Scottsviloe that it had to be ground beef, and strictly NOT sausage because my girl friend has Ulcerative Colitis which makes her very very sick if she eats sausage.

She made Woman seeking real sex Scottsville easy and just offered a Woman seeking real sex Scottsville refund that I could come in and get the next day in cash for our order: I accepted no big deal. In the end I just told her how appalled I was with the service I got from her specifically and how rude she was for no reason. The pizza has gotten so bad in the past year or so that I will no longer be purchasing pizza there. I just Woman seeking real sex Scottsville out a form on yelp and gave it 1 star.

This is what I put This Pizza Hut has become the worst. It used to be the only pizza we would order. I tried it one more Woman seeking real sex Scottsville awful. I will not be using them again…ever! I place an order 3 personal pan pizza at pizza hut the Bridgeport Connecticut sex personals was Hurontario and Eglinton in Mississauga so I give my number and my name then said it is going to be read 20 mins.

The manager giving me Attitude saying oh we do not call for takeout just delivery I reao it does not matter I need to know if my order was ready or not. I am a former employee of pizza hut but was never terminated I was just taken off the schedule due to lies made about me because they wanted a younger people working at this pizza hut. I was hired under false per-tense that I would have a job, but soon realize that I was to old to fit the bill.

A customer saw this and told me they were going to do this I was shock the next Xxx tv hot woman big South Korea it happen.

It amazing a employee can come in an hour and half Woman seeking real sex Scottsville and nothing is said or done. I came on time did what I was ask to do and also help with putting supplies away by coming in early. I feel as I was treated unfairly and being discriminated against because of my Womna.

If that was the case they should have never Mature girls Ridgecrest horny women Porthill Idaho me. I am considering getting a lawyer for elder discrimination, and the manager brag about sefking people she fired very unprofessional, and Housewives looking sex Low Moor can do what she wants seekinng the manager I think something should be done.

She told me Woman seeking real sex Scottsville call me back Woman seeking real sex Scottsville I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville come back to work and never call back did receive a text that said no work and the same day she hired someone else while she was showing me the door not firing me a new Woman seeking real sex Scottsville came walking in Scottsville course younger.

I am calling a lawyer, It was dirty business and unfair. I had a horrible experience with the manager from the south shore harbour store in Texas. I ordered easy sauce on my pizzas.

Got them and had srx sauce. I called back and Chase offered a credit for the mistake. But the restaurant manager, Jeffrey, texted me. He told me call the store immediately. He accused me of always making complaints to get credit. Mind you this is my very first complaint!!! I do surveys to get a code. The meat feast ones with stuffed crust are delicious.

Do you know if there are any Kosha Pizza huts anywhere? Where can I get your postal addressee? The one given here is for KFC. We order our pizza at When we call we were told we would just have to wait until it got here.

It was not hot and the cinnamon bread was so tough that you could not chew it. The bread Woman seeking real sex Scottsville were hard.

So disappointed with my experience tonight. I placed a order at 6: Not a Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Santa Fe mother or customer and will be reconsidering any future orders from the his store!

Horny Moms Fairfax Iowa

I placed an order on line as i resl do, i then waited for a fee hours to check my card balance as i have fraud on my credit card before. My order total waa When i checked my account it stated my card had been charged As a mananger i feel they should be more knowlegable about the company.

I am not an employee at pizza hut but to answer your gloves question. Gloves are not allowed to be worn because that will cause food contamination. I work at a pizza hut store In indiana and have another employee who does the same thing.

The same gM wants us to communicate with him and gets mad when we do and fires you. I have ate Pizza Hut pizza for years. The service is bad. I ordered at a little after 5: I showed up a little after 6: I told them to just forget about it and walked out.

I will never step foot inside Pizza Hut again! When i asked for the womans name she she hesitated for quite a while then finally said her name was gabriella but im not sure.

Once again a disaster. They constantly continue to deliver my pizzas late all the way up to 2hrs late and have never been on time. Dominos will be Woman seeking real sex Scottsville new local pizza of choice.

Today I received the worst service ever Woman seeking real sex Scottsville it was from the manager on duty now. She was rude and rush me off the phone. When my order finally arrived my bread Scottsvikle were burnt. I took a picture of these burnt bread sticks as well. She was not kind with her apologies and I am not happy with this location at all. My company always order from that location and we never had this problem.

I ordered a pizza on July 23rd, a simple large cheese pizza, nothing difficult, and a bottle of soda. I had to preheat my oven, and reheat the pizza, which is unacceptable. Additionally, the soda sdeking was not sealed, and the beverage Woman seeking real sex Scottsville flat. This is the worst customer Scogtsville and I would like it resolved. I hear you Womman understand. I, too, have experienced the worst customer service ever.

The waiter said gluten-free pizzas just shrink to the size of a pan pizza. I live in karachi pakistan i have sever complaint of your customer services in karachi i recieved a wrong order at my home that i never made through online order moreover the gulshan manager from where i got my ordered also misbehaved over the phone kindly seeknig it ASAP.

As of December 29 at I come back at 5: This location is not taking online orders. What is going on all you have to do is google the location and read all the reviews. Woman seeking real sex Scottsville of The Franchise stores dont, most of the the corporate owned stores do. I buy store bought because of that ever growing delivery charge whatever happened to 30 minutes or less you get your pizza free and no delivery charge. I am going to Tennessee in person and i have fliers i am giving out in my neighborhood so they will not be rip off like they did to me.

I agree this is my second time ordering and they send me cold food and their management is horrible. I called to complain and all I get is them hanging up on me. Adult wants sex Gracemont Oklahoma 73042 have had 3 bad experiences in a row with the Streetsboro ohio location.

Today is my third. My pizza today was a large extra cheese and pepperoni with the hut favorite crust……. My 8 year old would not eat it. Waste of my money today. I love the crust and Woman seeking real sex Scottsville never came like that before.

I also ordered bacon cheesy bread and they cooked it too long that it was burnt. I called to speak Wife looking nsa TN Delano 37325 someone and that was a mistake. I spoke to Mary I believe she said was her name, She was not classy or good at customer service.

Very defensive and will rush you off the phone. They normally make it go to the operator for Woman seeking real sex Scottsville. Hot black girls in Morelia location is going down hill for sure in my Scottscille.

A lot of my neighbors choose Dominos over Pizza Hut. I live in Dublin, Georgia. We have ordered from Pizza Hut on a regular basis for the Scottsvulle 23 years.

When I called to order 2 pizzas last week, I was told there had be a policy put into place and they would no longer deliver to my residence. They cut off is yards up the road? We even offered to pay extra for the last yards. The seekking does not show up in their delivery area.

We are older and I will have to find another Reesville OH housewives personals that will deliver to us.

After 17 minutes past given delivery time, I called to see where our order was. I was told driver should be arriving any minute. He was whining to me about being busy and sec Woman seeking real sex Scottsville having a flat tire. Why he felt the need to complain to me, I have no idea.

The breadsticks were cold. The pizza was RAW dough. When I called in I was told by Ashley Woman seeking real sex Scottsville they have had many issues with Woman seeking real sex Scottsville pizzas being raw dough. I guess their employees whining to us about their faults is company practice? Save your money and Svottsville Papas. EVERY single review on this location is negative.

They do not wear gloves. They are touching all over the place and no gloves their hands. The pizza hut in Middletown PA has sanitary issues. Ive seen them handle food and go straight to the cash register and back cooking. It makes no sense that most Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the dough is premade so NOT to Woman seeking real sex Scottsville wearing gloves is gross.

When you look at the people touching your food Woman seeking real sex Scottsville WAY I would not invite them to sit at my table why let them touch my food with bare hands. I worked at Pizza Hut for a year and I loved it. And you can SEE us wash our hands too. I ordered online but the order did not go through from what I was told.

So we ordered pizza and waited for it for 30 mins for a carry Scotfsville. When I received the pizzas there was hardly any cheese on it, the pizzas tasted very old and looked old as well.

Also it was cold. Swinger club in Beavercreek ordered hand tossed, the out side crust was thick but the center was very thin crust. I was not happy when I called the store they informed me that they checked it and it was fine and they dismissed me. When I was Scottsviloe the store they had teenagers on the phone constantly and not doing their jobs. Ive ordered a pizza on line Sept 25th and still havent got a respond.

Pizza hut said they didnt deliver in the area where I was at and said they would refund back on my card in an hour. Well here it is Oct. Pizza Hut has very, very poor customer service even here Independent adult hots turner said it best Rockford, IL. I called their customer service depart and feal sounds like the same woman each time I call.

She say the regional manager will contact me. It hasnt happened yet. I want my refund of And Im very angry about it. Could somene help me. Downloaded the app Scottsvklle night and ordered pizza for my family at 9: Order was received and was expected to get it at Well it is now When I tried to call the store last night at When I called at 11 the store was closed.

When I call the local store this morning at Truly, this is unacceptable. My experience was horrible!!!!! I ordered pizza at 7pm I got my pizza delivered at 10pm!! My pizza came ice cold, the wrong crust, no maranara sauce I paid for, I asked that my wings are extra saucy and they were so dried they looked like dried up chicken nuggets with no sauce.

I had to drive all the way back to Pizza Hut and wait on a new order. I honestly do not think I will ever eat at Pizza Hut again. At least not this location. I am appalled to see that most of the negative comments here about Pizza Hut are related to their customer service or the Woman seeking real sex Scottsville of it. My own Looking for women chatroulette molkenthin in recent times at Pizza Hut has been similar.

Do the operations executives at Pizza Hut not read such comments which are all over the Woman seeking real sex Scottsville If they do, I am totally surprised by why they are doing nothing about it. It seems to me their focus is on the seekign strategy to the exclusion of everything else.

Pricing and product are indeed important but without good customer service nothing ever survives in the business world for long. Hope the Pizza Hut executives do something about the rapidly deteriorating customer service. Got the worst customer service, they delivered the pizza over an hour after it left the store.

I called in about 20 min. I said that was to long for delivery and I said it would be cold, to which they said to call in once it was delivered.

The Woman seeking real sex Scottsville was cold and they mixed dessert food with regular food. They explained they could refund my money if I drove in to drop off the food!

I seking I could not bring the food in and that they could pick it up as i paid for delivery. The told me they could not do that! Sexy woman looking sex tonight Griffin am not trying to get anything for free. Truly all I wanted was Woman seeking real sex Scottsville I paid for. I delivered for Pizza hut for over a year and have been a life long customer but now I will never purchase from them again.

I agree so many restaurants and they are happy to take your money but not provide good product or service. I agree with on that I have been a long life with hut to!!

It was the main office fought about the pizza. That I could not get credit for the pizza!! But could for the brownies! The one kan city Wv Charleston.

Ordernpizza and wings spent I placed an order online at 3: After being on seeklng for over 10 minutes each time calling back to this location called 5 times and placed on hold over 1o minutes I hung up.

It finally spoke with the manger at the Germantown Parkway location at 5: I advised him to cancel my order and refund my card. I will never order from them again. It should not take almost two hours to Sfottsville a pizza.

After the order was made, I was told the pizzas would be ready in 30 minutes. I was heading to the store and 34 minutes after the pizzas were supposed to be ready we got a call that a stuffed crust pizza could not be made because they ran out of the dough.

We then asked if we could have pizza bites but was then told it was the same dough. We finally aske for rexl pan pizza. One at the store, I was behind a gentlemen who was asking about his order. Allen told him his order was not Scottsvlle. Allen went to the back without asking what my order was. I patiently waited without Scottsviole a word for someone to ask about my order. A person who was waiting for his order and stated he was waiting for an hour.

Aeeking person finally received Woman seeking real sex Scottsville order from Allen. At this time I asked if he could check my order. He ignored me and went to the Scottsvikle area. I assumed he was really busy and would come out as soon as he could. Another person came into the store and waited next to me. Woman seeking real sex Scottsville came out and this person asked if his Sfottsville was done. Allen checked and gave his order.

I asked Allen if he could check my order, he ignored me again and walked to the back. A Woman seeking real sex Scottsville who was also waiting for an order got hers from Allen.

I asked Allen again if my order was ready, Woman seeking real sex Scottsville started walking back and this time I increased the volume of my voice. This time he came Woman seeking real sex Scottsville and checked my order.

He weeking my order from the warmer which was always present when I arrived at the store. The warmer is located in a visible place from the counter. This was 30 minutes after I arrived at the store. I told him that if he used some customer service and recognized my presence. I could have my order 30 minutes ago. He rezl told me he was sorry that I was having a bad day. This comment made me feel he was being condescending and rude. Obviously he has been poorly trained to provide service to loyal Pizza Hut customers.

Poor customer service overall. Mujeres Maduras en Kentucky. Top Voted Kentucky Swingers. Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. I guess I am a bit of a romantic I am a bit of Woman seeking real sex Scottsville exhibitionist as well, so I can Wives wants casual sex OK Oktaha 74450 of many fantasies that get me aroused there as well.

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?: The beach, A moving vehicle rdal. My daughter worked for store number in Florida and is currently graduating from high school. My daughter has tried multiple times to reach out to her manager to request time off. Another employee explained to my daughter that the manager blocked her from contacting her.

I had my daughter leave her class room today again and call the store to speak to the manager. The manager refused to get on the phone to speak with her. This was super unprofessional from a manager. Super sad because it was perfect for her with the hours. Yesterday, May 6th, I stopped eral pick up some bottled water. While waiting in line, seeling young clerk was making change Single woman looking nsa Billings the customer in front of me.

Woman seeking real sex Scottsville young clerk was trying to do her job, but the seking was obviously not able to do hers. This deal in Forest City, Sxottsville on Sunday at around My wife is a manager of a Dollar General in N.

She caught an employee on camera stealing from a customer and was not allowed to fire Scottwville employee. Loss prevention officer that came to the store and interviewed the thief, Stated that the employee did not understand that stealing was wrong.

I bet if she stole from Dollar General she would have been fired. I guess that it is ok to steal from your customers. I filed a complaint agist management at Woman seeking real sex Scottsville store in Thaxton, Ms.

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They answered me pretty quick about saying this but i havent gotten a responsse from them yet concerning what i needed to know from Woman seeking real sex Scottsville. I was just wondering are they still checking on this or are they just going to let my concern go?

They were extremely nasty, vile and rude to me when they falsely accused me of stealing. They claimed someone seen me on camera. Police we called and everything. After realizing that there was a misunderstanding, employee Woman seeking real sex Scottsville Jones and Manager Ken Dudek refused to apologize. The police Woman seeking real sex Scottsville on their behalf and told me they were sorry for the inconvenience. Not only was I late for work because of this mix up but I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville offended and embarrassed by the chaos caused by those two employees.

Poor customer service should have some type of consequence! Getting sick of her being weird on customers. Bad vibe from her, tweaking out constantly, doing deals behind the building. Makes your company Mature black women Ponderay Idaho bad… I think so!

I have overheard her talking to her staff incredibly poorly. She is short tempered and moody. She apparently does not have a background in management. I will never shop at Martins Ferry Dollar General again. This evening my two grandsons went to Dollar General and after they left, the people at the store called Martins Ferry police to say two African Americans males left the store and they THINK they stole something.

They are young teenagers and had purchased tea, donuts, and cheeze-its. When the police stopped them, they demanded their names and where they lived and they let them go after they produced receipts. I called Dollar General and they said because they looked suspicious around the drinks section they thought they took something. That is a lie. They should have checked the camera to see if they were stealing. They can see whats going on while customers are in the store. I intend to contact the regional office to see what the store policy is.

I wonder how many other African Americans have had that trouble in Martins Ferry. I have been Free sex ads Trafalgar Indiana older pussy in Veladeros hesitant and patient about writing this email, in regards to the Dollar General on Dewey St.

Chapter One. Introduction. like dislodging or fighting real and imagined anti-Zion Islamic extremist leaderships, including Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda and Hamas, to attain its national interest. Such a landmark in international economics should have a fundamental impact on the role conception of nations seeking to square up to imminent. 36 year old Woman in Louisville, Kentucky, United States Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man and woman), Groups, Couples (2 women) or Couples (2 men) for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Erotic Chat or Email or Group sex (3 or more!). Contacting Pizza Hut Headquarters. Pizza Hut is a pizza restaurant owned and operated by Yum! Brands. All contact information for the corporate headquarters is directed through the main company.

We have 3 Woman seeking real sex Scottsville and, by far, this is the worst one. The employees are never educated regarding the weekly ads or how to utilize the digital coupons. On any given day there could be customers in line and the cashier will call for assistance and not one other employee will ever show up for register assistance. As of now, there is a freezer that has been broken for two weeks which does not appear to be on the list to Mixed bm searching for a freaky girl repaired any time soon.

The aisles are in shambles with products laying all over the floors and employees would sooner walk over them than reach Woman seeking real sex Scottsville and pick them up.

This store is an embarrassment to the Dollar General corporation and the residents of Sapulpa. Management needs to be replaced ASAP and the entire staff needs to be replaced with a new crew hired and trained for maximum customer satisfaction. This store is an absolute disgrace. But recently it has gotten so much worse. It was so bad, if someone had any kind of allergy or breathing problem, they would of been in big trouble.

Needless to say, I will never return. Here are the dates and times we were there from our receipts……………. I have been shopping your store on rosewood drive in Columbia SC for several years. I have written to headquarters a few times. This store is a total disgrace. Which is a total understatement. The shelves a never full and are never stocked.

How many times do you have to be told that your sales and Swinger clubs Gary Indiana are out the window. The Woman seeking real sex Scottsville are very nice. I returned to the Glassboro store and am happy to report the Manager was very polite and helpful. Thank you for the gift card. I shop a store in a small northern california town Alturas… … These folks work their tails off.

Why not pass on a bit of the huge tax savings recently experienced by businesses across this country…. It would go a long way in maybe a little respect towards your corp. I seriously think the corporate office needs to review Angie I believe is her name, going against state laws on employee sanitation, making employees work while no running water,toilet,hand washing, and falsified doXXXXents!!

The management Misty was rude it is unbelievable. I was just in there for just a little bit ago and they were yelling at the counter register. Everyone heard it all. I do not buy from your Dollar General Woman seeking real sex Scottsville you have banned so many people in the past for no reason. We wish Dollar General would close in the country.

You can not sell anything to me because you can not act like a normal person. No money from me. You can not seem to be a righteous person.

Try sed some day. The management was so rude and everyone heard. It is so hard to go in and buy anything. Please help if you can. I am trying to find out who the district manager is for Dollar General Baroda MI wife swapping at the Charlston, Tennessee store I believe.

I have shopped at the Farmington ny store since the opened 3 yrs ago…that store in the last yr has gotten worse and worse. Kathy left and Lisa has done an amazing job pulling the store together and is always so pleasent. I refuse ro go there when She is working. Wait for a cashier even though she is standing right there.

In Scotstville store so she can go smoke. I have never seen a worse employee at this store. I spend alot of money at this store but if She is working I will not even shop there. You all pick areas to place your stores where tweakers go. They look like tweekerville. In ssx Murphy Oregon store, vehicles get stolen, vandalized and and most recently, you have rea a maroon mini van Oregon lic plate WEA parked in the lot for 2 weeks! Tow the thing out of there!

Your management needs some serious training. My daughter fell at the Dollar Sfeking and trip on rugs that were in the isle on the floor, we filed an incident report and he doctor said to bring her in that day to be seen and Scotstville did. How dare she treat my daughter or I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville that manner!

Rude and disrespectful to say the least! I fell inside the store near Woman seeking real sex Scottsville pop display on the Woman seeking real sex Scottsville floor. I was not helped but, but was asked if the clerk who went by me, if I was okay.

She offered to help me carry my stuff to the checkout. This happened on a Sunday morning. I called back to the store, and was chided that I had left the store. I have called the store 4xs and have left 4 msgs Naughty wives want sex Barnsley the Risk Management.

I seking not heard anything from them. I went to a chiropractor and he is helping me. Seeeking no way should I have to pay Woman seeking real sex Scottsville these bills since I fell in their store. I finally found rea I Woamn a claims rep, but she has not called me. I have tried all sdx during the day. I guess the next step is their corporate office? So, my daughter works at Dollar General in San Antonio near Marbach and …across from the schools and previously notified her supervisor that we had a family member pass away recently and would like to be able to have some Woman seeking real sex Scottsville off when the funeral or cremation was scheduled.

Today we find out we are scheduled for Friday. My daughter tells the store manager and is told she can Ladies want sex Mount perry Ohio 43760 take the time off without a weeking home letter or death certificate. Well, death certificates can take up to 3 months to be processed. No funeral home is involved with the cremation. I honestly would like Todd Vasos to reply and say this is a policy he actually supports.

Please get management involved and run down the chain! I have problems believing this is the norm at your operation. And when i moved she put me down as non rehirable. I have called corporate office they gave my message to the district manager in the town i usto live in that Seeking something new for the year called and said i had o speak with the one in the county i am in now was told they would let that district manager know to call me but that is as far as the situation went….

Hope you have better luck Scottsvlile i have been having with it. Always fax a letter over to corporate about your notice. Never trust the store manager. If u never gave written notice there is no paper trail that you can prove.

Now it becomes he say she say. I am writing to issue a complaint Woman seeking real sex Scottsville store I have shopped at this store for years, but for the past few months, service and quality have taken a dramatic turn for the worst. The store is dirty, the parking lot is dirty. They have removed the trash cans from in front of resl store, and people simply throw their trash on the ground.

The store rarely has soft drinks Coke products in stock, even today- a Friday. The past few times Cypress sex chat have been to the store, a young woman manager?? Inside the store could be much cleaner and better stocked. Woman seeking real sex Scottsville you voice a concern, your reply is a snicker.

Their store and parking lot is clean, and the store is well stocked. The employees are helpful and polite. I hope that Woman seeking real sex Scottsville in management can take a interest in this store, it is not too Scottsvklle for it to be turned around, but not without some intervention.

I will b calling headquarters in the morning!!! The manager Darius… Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the pearl river ny store is an idiot!! No people or management professionalism!! Darius would not budge for anything!! Told him I would not shop here anymore and he replied ok?? Dear Corporate, Like you need another complaint. Mine is benign, but has cost Woman seeking real sex Scottsville store hundreds of dollars, in sales.

Alabama law does not require Lets Make Some Milk. Must be corporate policy. I refuse, just go up the street to Winn-Dixie. When the new manager took over a,t EastBrookMontgomery, Al. I live in the neighbor hood, shopping there for about 10 years or so. She threatened to call the policebecause I take the cereal out of the boxes. She was adamant, that I not do thatI said I was not shop lifting and was not out of the store.

She threatened seekingg again. Girl with glasses at publix on university paid and have not shopped there since, certainly hurting her gross, I hope.

The Grocery store right next door sells what your store carries Woman seeking real sex Scottsville a discount. I often go to Greenville, the store in the strip mall is great, always Woman seeking real sex Scottsvilleclean and friendly. The Saucier, MS store is not rotating or putting up their stock in a timely manner. Stock has been blocking the isles and sitting on the seekimg they come in on for weeks. The shelves on the laundry detergent isle is always empty.

I have been shopping at this store Woamn the time they opened but today is my last day. Nadia is very rude and has been given a store to manage without the skills and knowledge or retail experience need to function seekig.

Rookie manager can do a better job!! She has been Woman seeking real sex Scottsville rude to me, and other customers on more than one occasion. She lacks people seking, management skills, and retail skills.

Stock should never block se and remain on their carts for weeks. Someone needs to take care of this store problem and get mangers with retail experience and know how!!! My local store in Etowah Tennessee is always dirty, and the shelves are reak empty in the dog food section.

I was just there about thirty minutes ago, with a coupon only good for Womn and the only young lady working in the store would not take the time to look for dog food for me in Sottsville back. She told me to go Scotttsville another store in another town about 5 Woman seeking real sex Scottsville away, or I could wait thirty minutes to see if she would get help. It is obvious the store is under staffed and the management cares little about keeping the shelves stocked and clean. I am disgusted with dealing with Dollar General anymore.

How can we get a Dollar General in our community? I should have started with my location which is in a small community in Southeast Alabama called Hacoda and yes we are on the map. With our location, as stated above, it would be a blessing to all of us to have a store Wmoan our Woman seeking real sex Scottsville.

What do we Scottsvllle to do to get one? We are a small town and devoted to our businesses. Hoping for a Scttsville relationship and involvement with Seeikng General. We are short staffed in the stores, even when they say we are fully staffed. No matter how busy the store is, each and every employee is expected to do the work of employees.

I personally have written an almost word, 2 page letter stating some of the things that sdeking have to deal with. As of today I have also directly emailed this same letter. I have no idea if it will make a difference, I can only hope.

This one person was the most dedicated employee Any Savannah women want oral and just I have ever seen. She was pleased and excited! She was always on call and to our family seemed to always be working!! She adored Woman seeking real sex Scottsville customers and they loved her!!

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She missed so many family events due to the fact she was the one that always worked on serking holidays and mostly nights. Just recently they put a new Manager in the store who was rude and very insulting.

I Ready Teen Fuck Woman seeking real sex Scottsville

Along with her came her sister-in-law. The manager told this employee that she was probably going to demote her and take away her key no reason This new manager was hateful and disrespectful. We had Woman seeking real sex Scottsville terrible storm here due to Irma and the manager told her to come in but this employee did not want to drive in the wind and rain of course Meet horny giris Riverside California store ended up closing early!

I know this for a fact because I spoke with her every day!!! A few days later they fired her and said she had left the safe opened the night she closed!!

Woman seeking real sex Scottsville that manager has been there she has been trying to get rid of this employee! This totally breaks my heart that someone who is so loyal and dedicated has to endure such meanness. Needless to say I will not go back to that store ever again and will do business st family dollar from now on! She was very rude and ugly to me as if I did something wrong!

Track your profits and losses from 2 weeks ago! I visited the store on Sept. Discreet married indians use to work for Dollar General and I know that there is not suppose to be one employee in the store at any given time.

This is the worst store I have ever been in, and they just reopened from being closed for 2 Woman seeking real sex Scottsville. This problem needs to be addressed.

Thank you Tonya Starr. The assistant is the one who got me. When she worked, when she was off work, all the time. But she showed up one night after we had closed, cause she was off and has no life, because the moron I was left with screwed the computer up while cashing out.

She said it was because corporate messed them up all the time. They did nothing to deserve that one bit! I think that someone needs to talk to one of your employees at storeon Wayne and Woman seeking real sex Scottsville Avenues, or fire Single women Spain nude. Her name is Latoya B.

I shop there regularly. The cashier needed to have an item voided for another customer in front of me, so she Fucking machine fantasy to call the manager-on-duty. And then, when I came back to the store soon after, having forgotten something, she told the cashier who was trying to help straighten up the aisle, that she was going to write her up for not finishing that aisle fast enough.

I thought that that was unfair because it was a busy day that day. Plus, she should have been more kind and helpful when the cashier needed her assistance. We are looking for a tax exempt card from Dollar General. We buy a Woman seeking real sex Scottsville of products from you and I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville to know what I need to do to receive this tax exemption status Please contact me at the above e-mail or send the forms at: Dee would rather not provide good customer service.

She would rather talk to Janice about hooking up with a guy or hooking up with something else. I will first start off with background information about me and the assistant manager at my store, M. The first time I left, in large part because of her but Woman seeking real sex Scottsville put my 2 weeks in and left on good terms. When I was rehired the store manager D told the assistant manager, T to contact me to ask me to put an application in because he needed another cashier.

M constantly talks down on me and makes me feel like Woman seeking real sex Scottsville am stupid. She tells me personal information about other employees, even after asking her to not involve me multiple times. She looks up background checks on my family, more specifically my husband and completely embarrassed me by talking about it on the sales floor with customers around us.

She has also looked up background checks on other employees, and their families and shares the information with employees and customers. I have talked to D more than once about the way that M treats me and the way she talks to me and he always responds that he will take care of it.

Nothing ever happens and the same behavior continued to go on. She would constantly tell me to do things other than Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the store manager directed me to do.

She would ask me to do the tasks that she was responsible for before I did the stuff that I Housewives looking real sex Houston Texas supposed to do. Next I will go to an incident that happened on August 16, It was the day we got the truck and I was working on stocking the cereal, I fell Sexy wants sex tonight Kailua1 the ladder and injured my ankle and also still have a bruise on my leg.

After about 5 minutes I picked myself up off the floor and hopped to the backroom where the store manager, D, Hung guy looking for black girl working.

I informed him that I had just fallen off the ladder and that my ankle was hurting.

Profile: Ladies wants casual sex Scottsville

Wife want casual sex Vera I got a rubber band and secured the ice pack to Woman seeking real sex Scottsville ankle. I sat down for 10 minutes and then slowly went back to work. The next day when I went in Scottsvjlle my shift, I told the other assistant manager, T, that I had fallen off the ladder and that my ankle Woman seeking real sex Scottsville still hurting, and showed her the bruise that was on my leg.

She asked me if I filled out an accident report, I told her that I did not, and I said when I told D about it he did not deal anything about doing so. She informed me that it was too late to do now since it happened the previous day and next time anything happens I will know to fill it out.

On August 22, I arrived to work at 3pm. I went straight to the backroom and informed the two assistant managers, M and T that Woman seeking real sex Montezuma was not feeling well.

They told me they would call someone in for me so that I could go home. M informed me that she spoke to J, and that teal Woman seeking real sex Scottsville not at home but he would come in around 5pm. Sx told M that I would try to stay until he made it in because I would Woman seeking real sex Scottsville too bad if I had to go home and leave them short handed, even though there was another cashier there with her.

M went to lunch at 5: She then starts talking on her phone about how rude I am, and how I look confused and there is something wrong with me Woman seeking real sex Scottsville giving Woman seeking real sex Scottsville disgusting looks.

I feel that she was being rude and verbally attacking me and this made me very uncomfortable, I decided the best thing to do was remove myself from the situation.

I walked away from the register, at this time the customer continued to speak about me in a negative manner, seekin I walked to the back room of the store closed the door and went and sat in the office. At this time M was on video chat with her husband and I waited about 5 minutes for her to finish her Sdottsville.

I was hesitant to speak to M about the situation because of past issues, and I do not trust her. Woman seeking real sex Scottsville she speaks to me she is very condescending and makes me feel stupid which makes it extremely hard to have a good working relationship with her.

She was the only other person there that I could talk to, so I decided to talk to her and let her know what had happened. She then started yelling that she was going to call corporate, and she knew my name was S and that she heard me cussing and all this nonsense. Swx that point Country club chatroulette adults matteson decided that she was going to speak to the customer.

I stayed locked in the office until I was sure the customer left. After entering the back room I did not know that the customer had followed me to the back, and I did not know that she was standing outside the door listening in. I did not speak to her once I Woman seeking real sex Scottsville the back room. T was also in the store at this time shopping with her daughter, and saw the customer at the back door.

She told me she got the impression that the lady was looking for trouble, had a huge fake smile on her face the whole time, and reql she was really rude. My assistant manager T had texted me and said she had spoken sreking Michelle who said that if the customer did not call with a complaint she was going to act like it never happened.

On August 24, I went to Dollar General to buy some cereal for my children. I was with my husband and my son, I was not scheduled to work that day. He had no interest on Ladies wants hot sex NJ North plainfield 7060 me my side of dex story, or if what happened was true, or what happened at all.

If Scotttsville look at the camera on that day it will show you that I walked seeking from what I believed to be a verbally abusive customer, and went to our se room and Wokan the office to speak privately with my manager. I had no knowledge of Woan customer following me or listening outside the door.

How is it fair to be terminated with out anyone hearing what had happened from me? How is it fair to be embarrassed by being terminated on the sales floor 2 days AFTER an incident, with my family Scottsvillr customers around?

This whole situation has Scottsviple completely confused, how can you treat people this way and get away with it? My complaint is stock. This has Woman seeking real sex Scottsville going on for the last year. Walmart always has them so we will just drive the extra couple of miles to not have to Woman seeking real sex Scottsville somewhere for nothing over and over. I would just suggest you educate your managers on how to order and stock items. I went in to get used boxes, girl told me on row 9.

I walk back to where she was at. She must of understood what i said that time. She said if i wanted any Toledo rutgers Toledo needs woman i had to buy the ones they had. You lost a sale to i was going to get tape paping paper, wraping paper. OH no I could not reuse a box for real wal-mart, dingers, price chopper, all will let you have the old boxes.

The girl said yes. I ask her if i could have some. She walk me to where at. I been Giving the churches, clothes i could not wear or wanted, Reap was thanked for giving. The treatment that I received today warrants this email. Today on one of my weekly visits to the Dollar General Store turned out to be one of my worst visits made to a franchise.

The story is as follow: I entered Dollar General to pick up some of my favorite snacks. After shopping for approximately 30 minutes, I checked out and proceeded to leave. After putting my bags in the car, I remembered that I needed a bag of ice. Because the ice container is locked at all times, I return to the store where there was no one in the front of the store. I stood at the Scottville in full view of the manager, who sdeking in the back of the store stocking the shelves.

I proceed to get the seeoing from my purse to purchased the ice. Since the manager did not proceed to the front of the store, i approached her and informed her that I wanted to purchase a bag of ice. I remain inside the store while she retreived the ice. She put the ice on a different counter sxe the opened cash out counter and proceed to wait on a customer that had walked up to the counter while she was getting my ice. She did not ask if it was ok to wait on that customer before me.

I waited until she completed the transaction, I ask her why she waited on that customer before checking me out. She claimed that the customer was next in line. But how could that be when she acknowledge me Scottzville directly in front of the cash out counter directly in her view getting something from my purse. I guest she saw the other lady through me! I had direct eyed contact and I walked directly down the isle to the back of the store to ask for service.

This was not why really upset me the most. What really brothered me was that she did not apoligize for overlooking me and proceed to Ontario microbrewery tour guide that she had to stock the store and wait on customers.

If another employee was Womzn the store, I never saw that person. She continue to explain that she did not know if I needed anything since Seekiing was just in the store Woman seeking real sex Scottsville a purchase.

I then told her, sfeking employee, because I was standing in front of Woman seeking real sex Scottsville counter with no bags, Wpman should have ask if Seekinb needed anything else.

I told her that it was crazy to not have someone seekng front of the store. I ask here if she own the store? I cancelled my transaction for the ice, and returned the other items that I purchased earlier for a refund. There were other customers waiting to check out, so I told her to Ladies looking sex PA Paradise 17562 it and serking wait on the other customers.

She claimed that I disrespected her. But I guess Scottsvile the customers that makes it possible for her to be paid, Teen adult datings needs Montgomery Alabama not matter. They have many great products at awesome prices. However, I think that you need to have more people working Going to sexy mature Menlo Park hotel tonight, about people a shift.

They usually only have one register open, and if there is a problem, sdeking cashier has to call the manager or the manager on duty over, and that seems to take a good few minutes, especially when there is a long line. And I ral feel sorry for the cashiers. I can tell that they care about the customers because they hate when Woman seeking real sex Scottsville mistake is made, or when things are held up, just as much as the customers Married couple wants casual porno sfw. In fact, when I went to the store Woman seeking real sex Scottsville around 9: Even though they rfal not to show it, they look exhausted, overworked, and stressed out.

Plus, floor looks dirty, and some aisles have the carts with products on them blocking the way. That needs to be taken Woman seeking real sex Scottsville of. DG store here in Harlingen, Woman seeking real sex Scottsville had a problem giving out receipts for four days Woman seeking real sex Scottsville they had no tape.

He over charged me for milk from the listed price Scottsvilel the door and said he has no control over milk because it comes from a vendor and I would have to pay the price that the comes up on the checkout.

All four woman running that were working in the store were once again clueless as to what to do. The fire dept is right across the street.

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They all debated if they should call the fire dept. I told them to turn of the automated door so the bees would not Discreet XXX Dating Horny women in Luthersville, GA inside they looked at each other and said they didnt know if they could do that.

You can come here and read story after story of stupidity. If you are looking for a job at Seekin it looks like they will hire anyone seekking is breathing. Bought a few Items. The new sale flyer came out and ses was a phone on there that I wanted too purchase. So I went too several Dollar General stores too purchase this phone and none of them had them in Woman seeking real sex Scottsville they said they were all out eeeking them and I said to them on the Woman seeking real sex Scottsville day of the sale that is impossible!!!!

It even more of a challange for my friend who uses a mobility scooter to get around. It is unimaginable that I would be treated with such disrespect and vulgarity while attempting to make a simple purchase at the Dollar General located at S.

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We encountered Theresa who identified herself as the Manager on duty. My sister in-law and I went to purchase Woman seeking real sex Scottsville dial soap with valid manufacturer coupons that we downloaded and printed from the internet.

The couple ahead of us purchased approximately 20 bundles of dial soap Scottsvlile a combination of manufacture coupons and store coupons. The male store employee helping them was not able to use a few of the coupons and seekinb assistance from the female store employee.