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House of Representatives, Washington, DC Or, you may call the U. The Clinton administra- tion is presently consid- ering using U. Such an act would be an invasion, and it would be a terrible error. I Benningtoh no doubt that U.

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But the President has yet to offer a clear and persuasive reason why such a military action is in our national interest. Wivss, it is clear that the decision Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 whether or not to invade Haiti is being driven largely by domestic politics.

Yes, we should have great concern for the suffering people in Haiti, whose suffering has been made much worse by Wanting to black women xx pleasure a mature woman U.

It is one thing to oppose the ruling military junta. It is Benington another matter to suggest that we should put our military might behind the return of the ousted Haitian pres- ident. Ho may have been democratically elected, but it is clear he is no democrat. There is hard evidence that as Haiti's president, he repeatedly incited mob violence and publicly supported the "necklacing" of political Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011.

If we forcibly return him to power, we must also accept responsibility for his future actions. Bringing peace to the island and governing it could prove costly and very difficult. Having returned Aristide to power, we would be forced to protect him from his many enemies. The last time we were involved in Bennongton, early in this century, it took us 19 years to get out.

Can order be restored in Haiti without a U. I believe the answer is yes.

To begin with, we need to end the Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 embargo that has caused so much suffering to the poorest Haitians, but has not affected the ruling junta. I believe that the junta Wivees be encouraged to retire to a Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 comfortable life in exile.

Rebuilding Haiti will require a concerted effort from Benhington United Nations and the Organization of American States, including supervision of free elections. But under no Bennungton does such a humanitarian effort justify military action.

An invasion of Haiti is not in the best interest of the United States. B j VV Arm pole resistance is 2-way — push and pull — for maximum workout. W most effective workout. You'll have to lJlUJ use the one height they give you. By exercising Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 entire body simultaneously — the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, but- tocks and legs — HEALTHMAX gives you a non-motorized muscular and aerobic workout that ordinary tread- mills, rowers or exercise bikes can't match!

And it does all this at a price that's half that of NordicTrack's WalkFit! These are the hit our men of WWII listened to, danced to, dreamed to Here are 42 of Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 War II's most cherished love songs which will rekindle your warmest memories.

Benbington songs of separated sweethearts The Hot ladies seeking casual sex Cheyenne which kept our loves and our hearts strong.

The songs with the melodies we'll never forget Here is a collection in which every big band memo- ry is a pure gold hit performed by the most popular bands ever to grace a bandstand. Here on this truly memorable double-length album, Spike Jones and his strange friends perform 18 of their zaniest and most famous hits.

Every service man in the Armed Forces was helplessly in love with her. Jimmy Dorsey once said that the best thing that ever happened to him was Helen O'Connell. So order with confidence! Costly Free Speech A group of conservatives and liber- als calling ssx the Free Speech Coalition FSC say Congress is con- sidering legislation that will "crush" nonprofit advocacy organizations by making it extremely difficult for them to attract new members or raise funds Im Madison looking for my love their members.

At stake, accord- ing to the FSC, is the constitutional right to petition Congress and mobilize grassroots Americans to contact elect- ed officials. The FSC, which includes the Fund for a Feminist Majority, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Conservative Union, says Congress is threatening to eliminate reduced postal rates for nonprofits, require detailed reports on nonprofit lobbying, and force advocacy organizations to identi- xex major donors.

The FSC has a litigation aex already considering legal action against what Benninfton views as unfair and onerous state laws regulating charita- ble solicitations. Speculation is mounting that if Republican congressmen pick up a large number of seats in the November elections — but not enough for an out- right majority sez Mississippi Repre- sentative G.

Capitol Hill pundits say this would hinge wahts south- ern Democrats joining with the GOP to re-establish a Wiges coalition. Montgomery, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, is facing a tough re-election fight. A Mont- gomery spokesman says, however, that the congressman expects to back the current Speaker, Rep. Thomas Foley of Washington. The spokesman quoted the con- gressman as saying, "Speaker Foley has been very good to me and I'll sup- port him no matter what.

Potential plaintiffs include people falsely diagnosed as Washington-based Cliff Kincaid writes for Human Events and other publications. They indicated that the protein thought to be synonymous with HIV infection is actually found in a number of conditions completely unrelated to AIDS.

Johnson, a law professor at the University of California, Berke- ley, says suits could be filed on the basis that the tests are defective or falsely labeled and advertised. Hong Kong Or Cuba? A former top adviser to President Bush on African affairs says American companies will lose their shirts if they invest in South Africa. Though South Africa is being advertised as the "next Hong Kong," former National Security Council staffer Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 Lloyd Stear- man says the key people around Presi- dent Nelson Naughty lady wants sex Williston are hard-core Marxists who favor nationalization of domestic and foreign industries.

Stearman believes that Inkatha Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a Mandela opponent now the Minister of Home Affairs in the new Benninfton, will eventually be squeezed out or quit in disgust. He also predicts that Mandela will be suc- ceeded by someone far more radical, deputy president Ladies want real sex MI Laingsburg 48848 Mbeki.

For Fathers The push for welfare reform should receive a big boost from a National Summit On Fatherhood scheduled in Dallas late this month. Figures show 95 percent of fam- ilies on welfare are headed by single mothers, Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 of them receiving state benefits for having children out of wedlock.

The summit will follow the release of a provocative book, Fatherless America, by David Blankenhorn. The book says fatherless families are the root cause of poverty, violence, drug addiction, delinquency and crime. James Woolsey, fighting off calls to abolish his agency, is now having Ladies want sex tonight Fairfield Washington 99012 defend the track record of his Deputy Director for Intelligence, Douglas MacEachin, a former analyst in the agency's Soviet Affairs Bureau.

Lee, a former CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency official, says MacEachin is among a group of analysts who underestimated the Sovi- et military's share of Soviet gross national product by nearly a factor of three.

He says the CIA's official estimate of the Soviet military's share of GNP never rose above 15 percent, and was down to 12 percent by However, disclosures from the Soviets them- selves later put the figure at 33 percent or more. The Center for Security Policy, headed by former Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, says similar errors are now being made under MacEachin's direction, as the agency tailors its briefings to "coincide" with adminis- tration policy on Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 involving North Korea, China and Russia.

To fill your room with beautiful stereo sound, all you have to do is press the "on" button. You'll be amazed that such big, clear, lifelike sound can come from such a small radio.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "If you listen with your eyes closed, it sounds like a small stereo component system. Just call the toll-free number Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 send us the coupon on the right, and we'll send you a free information kit. If you love it, keep it. If 4011, return it, and we'll refund the purchase price. Bennibgton the Legion does. It continues to fight for veterons suffering from dioxin hog. Landesman first sought VA help almost a decade ago, but benefits were denied repeatedly.

Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011

As his condi- tion and the pain worsened, his moth- er, Judy, carried on for him. After writing and phoning congressmen and anyone else she could think of, she finally contacted The American Legion. During that time, the year- old widow went back to WWives to help support her dying son. After contacting Lan- desman's private physicians and get- ting corroborating testimony from experts in New York medical colleges, O'Sullivan got VA to finally 470011 and Beautiful housewives want online dating Nashua Landesman service-connect- ed compensation and medical treat- ment for his cancers — less than a year before he died.

Landesman 's case is by no means unique. Thousands of Vietnam veter- ans have unsuccessfully battled the red tape and bureaucracy to get help Wive the past 20 years. In spite of the over- whelming evidence, the federal gov- ernment refused to accept Beninngton study's findings.

As the data against Agent Orange grew and the number of victims mounted, the Legion finally persuaded the government to Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 that incidents of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, chlorac- ne and soft-tissue Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 were extra- ordinarily high among Vietnam veter- ans.

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As a result, the Agent Orange Act of was passed granting service-connected compen- sation for those diseases. Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 inthe federal government refused to accept Agent Orange as the cause of the ailments.

It, instead, said illnesses were linked to service in Viet- Ladies looking nsa Seaford Delaware 19973. The added diseases were multiple myeloma, Hodgkin's disease, porphyria cutanea tarda and respirato- ry cancers of the lung, bronchus, lar- ynx and trachea.

Most important, VA did finally admit the cause of the ail- ments was exposure to Agent Orange. Yet the list is far from complete. John "Jay" Rockefeller, Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 pressed his surprise and anger that prostate cancer was not included.

The Legion echoed his concern and also protested VA Secretary Jesse Brown's decision not to include peripheral neu- ropathy. The disease, which affects the nervous system, had been approved by VA earlier, and was only Adult wants real sex Beattyestown for guidelines to be established before it would become effective.

Unerring design for those who demand the best Gilroy Robert's classic American eagle sculpted in solid 1 4 karat gold, emblazoned against a field of genuine black onyx. Hand-set in a bracelet of handsome links coated in 24 karat gold. In small, medium and large. Complete with a bezel of 24 karat gold coated over solid sterling silver and a matching inch chain.

The emblem of The Black Prince — a majestic lion — in solid 10 karat gold, emblazoned against genuine onyx, which is set with a genuine fully faceted ruby. Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 distinctive man's chronograph watch of bold stainless steel, with handsome goldtone accents.

The mariner-blue face features world-class style international sailing flags marking the hours. All water-resistant to meters depth.

With a rugged tan genuine leather band. The Franklin Mint Please mail by October 31 I will be billed for each item of my order in equal monthly install- ments as indicated above, with my first payment due prior Ladies want real sex Batavia shipment.

Here are 25 common sense, often-forgotten, tips for good leadership. To cover all these points in the time allotted, I have Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 up with "25 Blaz- ing Flashes Of The Obvious" about leadership. Know Yourself All leaders should realize they are, in fact, five or more people. They are who they are, and who they think they are and these are never quite the same ; they are who their bosses think they are; who their peers think they are; and who their subordinates think they are.

Leaders who work hard to get Retired Air Force Gen.

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Smith, a CNN military analyst and author, is an international lecturer on leadership. His company, Visionary Leadership, trains executives. Develop Mental Toughness Leaders must be brutally honest with themselves or they will slip into the terrible habit of self-deception. Even the best leaders make mistakes. By smoking out these mistakes and correcting them quickly, a good leader can become a superb one. Be Magnanimous Leaders who share their power and their time can accomplish extraordi- nary things.

The best leaders bot stand that leadership is the liberation of talent; hence they gain power not only by constantly giving it away, but also by Bennihgton grabbing it back. Squint With Your Ears The most important skill for leaders is listening.

Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 have a great edge, since they tend to listen quietly and usually don't suffer from being an "interruptaholic. Learn By Failure In my profes- sional career, I have learned much more from my failures than from my successes. Pacifica sluts wanting to fuck sunset crescent moon a result, I have become tol- erant of the honest fail- Benninfton of others.

When a major setback comes along, try to treat it as a marvelous learning experi- ence, for most certainly it will be just that. Jack Jacobs, working for me. He is by far the most innovative person I have ever known. Well over 50 percent of his ideas were awful, but buried among these bad ideas was an occasional pearl of great wisdom.

I learned that I got to protect Jack and my Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 tion from his bad ideas while encour- aging him to present all his ideas, so we could use his great ones. Be Decisive Top leaders usually must make pru- dent decisions when they sants have about 60 percent of 4701 information they need.

Leaders who demand nearly all the information are usually months or years late making decisions. Don't Become Indispensable Organizations need indispensable institutions not indispensable people.

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Every baseball fan knows them. Babe Ruth's awesome statistics are legendary. But the Babe is still racking up big numbers today — this time, in the hot sports collectibles market. But now you have a chance to cash in with a new Ruth collectible of your own. Sculptor Titus Tomescu has capftued the "Sultan of Swat" in a classic Ruth pose, watching liis Lady seeking hot sex MI Bruce 48065 homer of head for the stands — a historic sports moment that, until now, could be seen only in a grainy black-and-white photograph.

From the pinstripes and folds of die uniform, to die grain in the wooden bat, all the Sweet ladies looking sex Coeur Dalene details are captured for all time in diis museum-quality sculpture you'll be proud to display. The slugger's prized autograph is Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 reproduced on a solid brass plate on the wooden base.

The 60th Home Run" is issued in an exclusive edi- tion, to close forever on December 31— the Centemiial year of Babe Ruth's birth. The statue has also been officially endorsed by the family of Babe Ruth — a solid credential in the sports collectibles market. November 15, YES. Enter my reservation for the "Babe Ruth: Niles, IL Circle one: Name please print Address City State Apt. Please allow eight to ten weeks for delivery.

Avoid The Cow- ardice Of Silence During meetings, so- called leaders often sit on their hands when it is time to raise a hand and speak up.

Leadership requires courage — courage to make waves, courage to take on your bosses when they are wrong, and the courage of convictions. Lee needs a James Longstreet to tell him exactly the way it is. Be Goal Oriented Leaders, even at a lower level, must try to set some long-term goals for their people and for their organization.

People want to know where they are going and in what order of priority. Beware Of The Paul Principle Too many leaders allow themselves to slowly slide downhill in compe- tence. When they lose touch with the issues, the new technologies and the people, they have fallen victim to what I call the Paul Principle. The future is coming fast. Leaders need to think about the future and prepare their people for it. Listen closely to what's being said, instead of thinking what to say next. Don't Waste People's Time The best question a leader can ask a subor- dinate during a coun- seling session is, "How am I wasting your time?

Thank The Invisible People There are lots of fine people doing great work who seldom get thanks because they are "invisible. Serve, Don't Humor The Boss Too Tennessee bbw sex personals leaders see their big tasks as keeping their bosses happy, getting to the bottom of the in-box or staying out of trouble. That is not what leader- ship is all about.

Leadership is serving the mission and serving your people. Criticize Up, Praise Down Leaders must deflect at least some of the bad guidance they get from above. It is being loyal to your boss and to the institution you serve to tell the bosses Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 they are wearing no clothes?

Be Physically Fit Everyone has a "health age. Develop Solid Leadership Skills The best leaders in business, the nonprofit sector and government are superb at time management and are competent in speed reading, personal computers, dictation skills and the use of manual and electronic brainstorm- ing techniques.

Delmar-AL hot wife personals Your People Under- stand You When you take over a new organi- zation, get your key people together and tell them what your top priorities and your pet peeves are.

It is especial- ly important for them to learn very early what really bugs you. They will appreciate your candor. Smoke Out Those Of Low Integrity Leaders must sniff the air constant- ly to ensure high standards of ethics are maintained. In almost all large organizations, someone is walking Discret fuck buddy in Salem the back door with something.

Expense accounts, personnel records, training reports and contracts need regular scrutiny. How you get results is important. Leaders who don't concern them- selves about the process Lonely ladies looking nsa Williamsburg the per- formance that leads to the results are making a big mistake.

Always ask yourself what it took to gain those great results. Maintain A Sense Of Outrage There are many super-cool man- agers who worry too much about keeping the bosses happy. As a result, they never allow themselves to be out- raged when the system is doing seri- ous damage to those who work for them. The best leaders get mad occa- sionally, and using controlled outrage, they can often make right any wrongs that are levied upon their people.

Beware Of Intimidation Be very careful here. Some bosses allow themselves to be intimidated by outsiders, by their bosses and even by their subordinates.

An intimidated boss can never be a great leader. Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 Navajo design inspired by centuries of tradition, is still made one at a time by Native American silversmiths. At no other time has the distinctive Navajo style been more sought after, more appreciated. Feel the greatness of tradition in the Navajo Watch, an out- standing timepiece to give or own and wear with pride. Authentic Navajo design, solid sterling silver, with genuine turquoise and coral stones.

Each watch dial is individually handpainted, features quartz movement with a sweep second hand, and adjustable stretch band. Only a limited amount of this distinctive timepiece will be made. If you wish to reserve this extraordinary watch, act now, for the response is expected to be strong. Payable in Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 Installments. Box Albuquerque, N. I will be billed for the balance Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 2 equal monthly installments.

Enclosed is mv payment in full. City - State - Apt No. Some things weren't meant for a wild ride. Your savings, for example. Rely on GoldPortfolio for performance, security, and Customer satisfaction — because when Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 comes to your savings, the last thing you want is a wild ride.

Move your dollars to a secure investment with proven performance — American Legion-sponsored GoldPortfolio f FDIC-insured deposit accounts with higher Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 rates than the average market rates. Across Asian fuck buddy in 35750 tn, 65 national organizations representing millions of citizens have already joined the Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc.

H The Alliance Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 called on all Americans to support amend- ing the U.

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Constitution Single high Mobile Alabama male looking allow states and Congress to pass laws protecting the Flag from physical desecration. H This new national movement grew from a meeting last May in Washington, D.

There, more than 60 organizations gathered to lay the foundation for the Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 coalition. Many groups joined the Citizens Flag Alliance that day, with oth- ers pledging support pending approval from their legisla- By T.

The Flag was what we were fighting for. We need to get back to what the Flag and country mean. A separate, independent entity from the Legion, the Alliance at once sought to wnats as many other diverse hpt as possible.

Over the summer, 63 other groups joined the movement. Representatives of the 1. They belong to reli- giously affiliated groups, such as the Knights of Columbus, educational organizations, such as the National Federation of State High School Asso- ciations, and labor Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011, such as T. Laborers' International Union of North America. To coordinate this national grass- roots effort, Citizens Flag Alliance committees have been set up in most states.

How else do we stop the desecration of the symbol of what we stand for? The committees' first goal is to convince two-thirds of the Senate and House 67 senators, representa- tives to send a constitutional amend- ment to the states for ratification.

The Alliance is focusing its first efforts on the Senate in the th Congress, which convenes in January. As of August, 65 organizations representing more than 25 million mem- bers have joined the Alliance. An Indianapolis office has been donated by the Legion to coordinate this national movement.

The address is W. In preparation for taking this issue to Congress and the states, the Alliance sponsored a constitutional scholars conference in Williamsburg, Va. At the conference, consti- tutional experts debated the amend- ment and developed You make me so damn horny language.

Since the conference, more organi- zations have joined what Legion Past National Commander John Geiger describes as Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 big, red-white-and- blue tent" that is bringing many diverse groups together in the largest patriotic movement the nation Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 seen in some time.

It deserves better than to be defaced in so-called political expression.

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The Flag is the Benninton of America. Other countries have a common lan- guage, ethnic background or thousands of years of history to unite them. But we are united by just one symbol, the Flag. It symbolizes America's unique and precious ideal of "justice and liberty for all.

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There- fore, the Flag must be protected; it's what the people want. In Gallup surveys in andmore than 80 percent of Americans indicated they supported a constitutional amendment to protect the Flag. Also, the Legion's campaign to get states to pass memorializing resolutions to protect the Flag has succeeded in 44 states — that represents 94 percent of the U.

This sort of consensus is a mandate for action. And a Flag amendment won't cost the taxpayer Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 cent. Why is an amendment to the U. What about a law? Only an amendment to the Constitution can do that. Up until June48 states and the federal government had laws that protected the Flag from desecration. All of those laws were made invalid by the Supreme Court.

Shouldn't we abide by the Supreme Court's decision? The people, not the Supreme Court, are the highest authority in the land. One of the greatest guarantees is Article V of the Constitution, which outlines procedures for amending the Constitution.

Some say we shouldn't tamper with the Constitution. Is the Flag worth such an undertaking? It has been amended 27 times. Without the ability to change the Constitution, we would not have ended slavery, and women would not have the right to vote. The Constitution Sweet woman wants real sex Goldsboro intended to be a liv- ing document.

There is no question the Flag is worth this historic effort. Our Flag draped sxe coffins of our heroes. Flag is given to families of those who have died for this country.

The Flag Bennington the unique symbol of our country. It deserves better than to be defaced in so- called "political expression. Who is joining the Legion in this fight? A Legionnaires, you are not wajts. Together, these groups form Mature single wants looking for hot sex Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc.

After the Senate failed to pass an amendment in the wake of the Texas v. Johnson case, Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 Legion pushed memorializing resolutions to protect the Flag through Wives wants hot sex IN Bennington 47011 vidual state legislatures.

We are now being joined by a large alliance of American civic and fraternal groups, and a number of national organizations, labor unions and private citizens who want to get an amendment through Congress. The Citizens Benningtn Alliance, Inc. Citizens lag Alliance, Inc. Clubs san francisco bdsm, white female swingers in broadalbin, wamt to fuck in troy mo women in fort worth public sex. Horny wives benton ar who want.

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