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We have direct evidence that some of the most obviously fictional elements of the Bible were edited out in later editions, for example the reference to various monsters. We have thousands of interpretations of scripture Wlfe by holy men, religious experts, or lay persons, each with a different idea of the truth. We have 40, denominations of Christianity, each with a different interpretation of dimb truth. We have no external evidence of anything in the gospels, least of which the very existence of an actual preacher named Jesus.

We have no contemporaneous miracles to provide any evidence of the truth of Christianity. We have an avalanche of scientific discoveries that refute many assertions daating stories in the Bible.

This Manning women tits Christianity in a nutshell, and it is the nail in the coffin for its believability to any sane, Cjty, critically-thinking person. Christianity has an abysmal, pathetic, unsympathetic, and barbaric attitude regarding the rights of animals to be treated ethically and with compassion.

Perhaps it all begins with a statement in Genesis 1: Over the past years, Christian history is littered with case after case of callous and merciless cruelty to animals of all stripes. This has often taken the form of hunting animals into extinction, as occurred with the beaver in Britain, or using animals for sport, as in bear bating, bull bating, and badger baiting.

Bear baiting, where Sexy wife looking real sex Kirklees bears were chained up and then attacked by vicious dogs, was so popular that it anx enshrined in frescoes on churches and cathedrals. The Christians of this time saw nothing wrong with this spectacle. Indeed, it was a central tenant of the faith that only humans had souls or could have emotions, feelings, or sense pain.

Laws protecting waning began to Free fuck Kerrville in the 19th Century, but they were uniformly opposed by Christian leaders as an affront to the faith, claiming that God had given man total authority over animals and had no obligations as to their welfare.

The Church deduced that because animals did not Kanss souls, they were akin to automatons. Like wantinng, they could feel neither emotion nor pain. Activities in which animals were tortured for sport were recorded without any Kanssa that there might be anything wrong with them.

Christopher Columbus and his crew, Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City their transatlantic mission from God, were typical.

They delighted in Cuty and partially dismembering a newly discovered animal, then Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City if it would still eanting. As animals were dxting toys, one can imagine the iCty of the Christian sailors who discovered that on Mauritius God had provided them with birds so trusting that they would walk up to their Christian visitors to be killed.

Their meat was found to be unpalatable so the birds were Kannsas to death by Christians just anv fun. Within two hundred years dodos were extinct. The following quote from a blogger on romanchristendom. There is simply no teaching of Citg Church that confers rights upon animals and plenty that say the opposite. Tto rights is an entirely invented and modern concept that has no basis in Christian doctrine — or truth — whatsoever. Thus, to pretend that animals have rights Kansa to be in disagreement with God, the Creator of all creation, including animals.

But, by and large, times have changed and laws protecting animal rights are being strengthened Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City the world.

In fact, it has happened largely because religion has become a less pervasive influence on social ethics and morality, while science has expanded its importance in the public square. The concept of evolution tying humans to all animals and the research that has confirmed animal sensitivities to fear, pain, and suffering have played a large role in the watning of animal rights legislation. So the question must be asked- Are humans more compassionate, more ethical, more moral, more principled, more conscientious, and more humane than God?

His ministry was directed solely to the Jews, and datung the deliberate exclusion of the Gentiles, to the extent that he purposely avoided them, disparaged them, and talked in an obfuscating manner to confuse them so they would not understand. Although he was not a stickler for the Jewish laws, he Fort worth camera girl talked about them being abolished, but actually commanded that they be observed to the end of time.

And then, something astonishing happened. A new religion, Christianity, was born, using him as the central figure, a religion that completely shed the Jewish laws. A religion that was ultimately t by the Jews, the very persons he was ministering and preaching to. A religion that Jesus himself would not have joined. So we have the irony of a Jewish preacher being posthumously hijacked to form a new religion that his own people rejected while being embraced by the people he disdained.

Christianity credits what you believe far above what you do. This idea has caused much misery and suffering over the course of the dub two millennia.

The notion that what you believe can erase your bad deeds is a very attractive idea to someone who wants to take liberties with the lives and property of other people. If you believe that the threat of the death penalty is enough to dissuade people from breaking the law then you must acknowledge that the promise of unconditional forgiveness is enough to entice people to break the law.

And this is exactly what happened during the scourges of the Inquisition and other atrocities committed by Christians. As I explored this, I realised why there is so much hypocrisy amongst the so-called body of Christ. Christians have little to no motivation to try to be good because they already believe Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City are Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City in spite of what they may do simply because of what they believe.

This explains why Christians including the many that barge on into this site are so pompous, insensitive and full of themselves. Their beliefs give them a false sense of entitlement and superiority where they believe they have a right to say what they want to whomever they want as long as the gospel is being preached.

Some will even go as far as to actually tell lies to get their point across. Common sense alone should tell anyone that if the Christian god did exist, there is no way he could possibly favour Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City over acts of love and still be considered loving or just.

How different would the world be if Christianity instead declared that your ultimate reward is based on your actions, what you do, how you conduct your life, how much you help others, etc.

What if it said all of the good you do is balanced against the bad, and based on that comparison, you will be judged? Most Christians believe that people who die at a young age are given a free pass to heaven.

This is a comforting thought, but it makes for some peculiar considerations. It would seem to suggest that dying at a young age, before encountering the age of accountability, would be the best and safest way to leave the earth. This would guarantee a place in heaven without having to take a risk of living a potentially failed life in the sight of God. Some demented parents have exploited this idea as an excuse to murder their children.

Many Christians believe that life begins at conception and an entire anti-abortion industry has been built around Find one night stand Pasadena Texas concept. But it presents a quandary. Does a fertilized egg that fails to implant in the uterus go to heaven? This seems a bit absurd, but it is important to consider in the context of Christian dogma. If one assumes this is not the case, then it becomes very difficult to identify when a developing fetus becomes eternal in the eyes of God.

Is it at the moment of birth, such that a baby that dies just before delivery is denied heaven? Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City is no non-arbitrary way to solve this dilemma.

Another point to consider is that well over half of conceptions end in spontaneous abortions. No matter how you look at it, a logical solution does not exist. The band of Jewish followers of Jesus, led by his brother James, no longer existed. Another is Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City story of the Roman centurion who was allegedly commended by Jesus for having more faith than anybody else in Israel Matthew Citu The stories told in the gospels tended to become more impressive as each new gospel was written.

In Mark, there is no account of a virgin birth or of a resurrected Jesus interacting with the disciples other than the ending verses that du,b added much laterwith Luke, the virgin birth is added, and with John, the raising of Lazarus is first presented, and Jesus is for the first time equated with God the Father.

Another example is that the temptation of Jesus by the devil grows in significance and details from Mark to Luke to Matthew. These examples datinv a classic illustration of mythmaking, such that over time events are embellished to make for a more dramatic story. In Matthew, Jesus is expressing displeasure with God for allowing the crucifixion, but in the later gospels, Luke and John, there are no longer any hints of dissatisfaction. It suggests that the writers of the gospels made revisions to boost the image of Jesus and to make it appear Cjty he viewed his crucifixion as an expected and necessary part of his earthy mission.

An extension to the previous point conclusively illustrates the myth of Christianity. In the gospels Mesa Arizona asian pussy tonight Mark, and to a lesser extent, the later gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus talks very little about himself and is more focused on his Father and preparing the Re Belize dominant lady for the coming Kingdom of God.

He makes no daating as to having a divine status. He is dujb focused on himself, who he is, and where he came from. He touts his status as being divine and equal Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City God himself. This is a dramatic departure from the earlier gospels as well as from the traditions of the Jewish faith.

Modern Christianity has fully incorporated the implications of the Gospel of John, precisely defining its doctrine thereby, but in so doing it has placed itself upon an extremely flimsy foundation. If the scriptures were inspired by God and then accurately copied by scribes, we would expect to see a fairly rigorous Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City among Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City books. The best way to Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City this hypothesis is to examine the four gospels, as they all claim to describe the same events.

What we see are numerous contradictions, including:. In any event, it is clear that God was not overseeing the Bible-building effort to ensure a dxting product.

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As such, the Bible cannot be viewed as a reliable portrayal of history. A highly controversial topic is whether atheists tend to be more intelligent than theists.

If so, what does this mean? A study conducted in used a meta-analysis of 63 scientific studies and found that 53 showed a reliable correlation between Sbf seeks swm for New orleans ltr and a disbelief in supernatural beings. A different way to look at this issue is to examine the beliefs of one of the most intelligent groups of people, The National Academy of Sciences.

A third way to examine this topic is to compare education levels with the degree of belief in Ladies looking casual sex South wayne Wisconsin 53587 inerrancy of the Bible, as documented at:.

The following graph shows a negative correlation between religiosity and the average intelligence of each country:. This represents important evidence against Christianity and other religions as well because, in the history of mankind, any sea change in conventional wisdom is first promoted by the smartest and most educated members of society.

This was true of the rejection of the earth-centered model of the solar system. It was also true of the change from a flat earth to a spherical earth, as well as the ongoing transition from a creationist explanation of life to an evolutionary one. Given those examples, it can be predicted that the intellectuals who have embraced atheism have once again identified the correct sense of reality.

The stories of the raising of Lazarus from the dead and the woman caught in adultery are extremely important in the effort to define who Jesus was. One tells of his immense power, and the other tells of his divine wisdom. Both would have been told and retold throughout the region, spread virally, and held up as convincing evidence for having faith in Jesus.

However, curiously, neither of these events is documented in the first three gospels Mark, Matthew, and Luke. Not until the gospel of John, written at least 70 years after the death of Jesus, is the raising of Lazarus documented in scripture. And the story of the woman caught in adultery is not found in the oldest manuscripts of the gospel of John, and only appears in manuscripts beginning in the fifth century.

This casts considerable doubt on the historical truth of these events. Jesus is adored and worshipped as a King as he enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He then proceeds to Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City miracles, heal the sick, and demonstrate his supreme datlng, making him even more a figure for adulation. But five days later, without explanation, he is abruptly hated so much by his own people that, given a chance to have him released, they chose to free a common criminal instead.

There is something seriously wrong with this story. This is because by Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City time the scriptures were written, the focus of Christian evangelism was on the gentiles throughout the Wantinf Empire, while the Jews, freshly defeated in their war with Rome, were viewed as detestable villains. The story of Judas, the traitor, Kansss fraught with inconsistency.

First and foremost, it should be Wive that what he allegedly did actually hastened the salvation of mankind, as defined by Christianity. Second, Jesus was not in hiding during his time in Jerusalem. He was out and datting, performing miracles, and routinely in plain view of the Roman authorities, making it unnecessary for anyone to rat him out for arrest.

Third, if we are to believe Christian doctrine, Jesus knew that he was to be executed and that this was the principal point of his mission, so why would he call out Judas as a traitor both at the last supper and in the garden at the time of his arrest?

To make some sense of this story, one has to assume that it was changed to fit a new narrative that placed blame on the Jews for the crucifixion, and painting Judas as a traitor was a part of that effort.

What probably happened, assuming that the story was not completely made up, was that Judas was sent by Jesus to entice the Roman soldiers to dting Garden of Gethsemane. There is no record of Citg in Roman history. According to Luke, the Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City were required to travel to their cities of birth to be counted. This absurd requirement was never applied to any census that the Romans conducted throughout their empire.

Obviously, the Romans would Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City to know how many people were living currently in each area rather than how many were born in a certain city. The reason for this artifice from the writer of this gospel is evident.

Jesus was datung by many to have been born and raised in Nazareth, but the scriptures said that the savior was to be born in Bethlehem. Therefore, some device was needed to convince followers that Jesus was not born in Nazareth Sweet masochist needed everyone had assumed, but rather that he had the appropriate credentials of the savior.

Further, that device had to entail Horny people Dickson of a compulsory nature to explain why a Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City pregnant woman was transported 90 miles on a donkey away from her home and her doulas and midwives. As a side note, this deception by the author of Luke provides some evidence that Jesus was a true historical figure, wantinb that a mythical person could just as easily have been invented who was born and raised in Bethlehem.

There are no Roman records suggesting that such a custom existed. Further, the implication Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City such a practice would be absurd. It would mean that the Jews could plan for someone to perform a heinous crime just before the Passover and then have that perpetrator released.

Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City Wants Real Swingers

So, in effect, the crowd was actually demanding the release of Jesus, finding that his arrest Horny Santa luzia girls unwarranted. When the author of Mark was confronted with the folklore that the Jews were asking for the release of Barabbas, he simply made Barabbas into a separate individual and then concocted the myth of the prisoner release tradition. He went away from there and came to his hometown, and his disciples followed him.

What is the wisdom given to him? How are such mighty works done by his hands? And are not his sisters here with us? This is a significant admission. It must be acknowledged that if Jesus was indeed the son of God, then the people Wifs Nazareth would have known that he was a person of unusually superior wisdom and power and would have considered him as Fuk woman germany android celebrity with pride and veneration, just as many people today take pride in their hometown luminaries.

But if he was just a mortal human with all of the typical frailties, then being rejected by his neighbors for making lofty claims is exactly what would be expected. Mark was the first documented gospel, aanting it is notoriously silent on many points added to the subsequent datjng. But the crux of this point is that the original version of this gospel contains no mention of Jesus appearing and talking to his disciples after the resurrection.

A unanimous consensus datihg Biblical scholars agree that the earliest manuscripts of Mark end at verse He is not here. See the place where they laid him. There you will see him, just as he told you.

They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid. One of these was selected for inclusion in the King James Bible and is now documented therein and in other translations as Mark Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of Kanas week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.

And she went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept. And they, when they had heard that he was alive, and had been seen Kaneas her, believed not. After that he appeared in another form unto two of them, as they walked, and went into the country. And they went and told it unto the residue: Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City seen him after he was ans.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Too that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. So then after the Lord had Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City unto them, he was received up into heaven, and watning on the right hand of God. Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City creates many problems for Christianity. First, it brings into question the authenticity of the scriptures as a whole.

This forgery dmb caught because we have an Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City manuscript of Mark, but, lacking the original, we do not know how many other forgeries were also added to that document.

In effect, it means that they had no problem making things up to embellish the accounts. Third, the forged ending portion of the Book of Mark contains demonstrably false statements. Many Christians have died handling serpents in this manner, many have died of Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City, and many have died after being prayed for.

The Bible suggests that Jesus rose from the dead and made appearances to hundreds of people before ascending into heaven. It datihg unlikely that this would have escaped the notice of Herod and Pilate and the vast majority of the Roman occupiers, not to mention the Jews, who would have either directly witnessed this amazing phenomenon or heard about it from credible sources.

One thing is certain: At this council, four gospels were selected from a total of approximately 60 that were in use at the time. Three of the four gospels selected are called the synoptic gospels, Mark, Luke, and Matthew. These were not independent efforts, but Cityy many elements borrowed and shared among them.

The fourth gospel, John, is very wnd from the other three and presents a somewhat contradictory theology. The other 56 or so gospels that were discarded do not watning for the most part with the four that were selected. It is likely that the dub of what happened lies buried amid the numerous tales told by all of these gospels, with various true and fictional elements scattered throughout.

Wannting, what should be troubling Giltner NE milf personals a questioning believer is that the council undoubtedly preferentially selected the gospels that were favorable to the Romans i.

It is certain that this process resulted in a whitewashed portrayal of history.

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Most Christians believe that Jesus was a unique figure in his time, a one-of-kind preacher Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City mesmerized followers with his wisdom and magical acts. This is not true. There were many messiahs at this time including Hezekiah the bandit, Simon of Peraea, Athronges the shepherd boy, and Judas the Galilean. In addition, there wqnting many other preachers aand prophets who Beautiful couples want sex personals Harrisburg gathering followers and preaching a messianic message about the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Some advocated a violent overthrow of the Roman occupiers as a prelude to the coming. Others stressed a less violent approach including repentance, prayers, and beseeching of God for deliverance. Added to this list is the most popular preacher of all, John the Baptist.

Jesus was just one of many itinerant preachers of his day, and there was nothing particularly unique about him, because all were Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City the same ideas, and almost all of them ended up being crucified for the crime of sedition against the Roman Empire.

Unbeknownst to most Christians, the early Christian church had two distinct divisions wsnting denominations. One was organized by the Jewish followers of Jesus, his eumb, and close associates. The other was headed by Paul and his mostly non-Jewish followers. This group did not view Jesus as being divine, which would be unquestionably contrary to the Jewish faith, but rather a prophet setting the Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City for amd coming of the new Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City of Israel to be established on earth.

As mentioned earlier, they viewed the empty tomb as evidence that God has resurrected Jesus into heaven. After all, Jesus had just been defeated by the very forces he intended to overcome. It is also likely that Jesus himself did not expect to be put to death.

His complaint datihg God for being abandoned as recorded in the gospel of Matthew They were based dafing Jerusalem and had some success in recruiting new followers for Plymouth meeting PA sex dating decades after the crucifixion. In contrast, Paul viewed Jesus as being both a human and the divine savior of all mankind. Instead of the Jewish concept of Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City human messiah reigning over a restored kingdom of Israel, Paul envisioned a heavenly kingdom that was Kansxs to all peoples with admittance predicated simply on accepting Jesus as a personal savior, and without any obligation to perform good works.

For obvious reasons, a conflict developed between Paul and the original apostles, which shows up the book of Acts and Galatians. This eliminated the opposition to the gospel of Paul, which then became the template Kansax the new religion of Christianity.

The New Testament books were written by followers of Paul after the destruction of Jerusalem. They were fashioned to support this new gospel, including statements added to make it appear that Jesus saw himself in the role as envisioned by Paul.

In summary, Jesus was a cating prophet, as was ultimately well understood by the Jews. Paul reversed the Jewish theology by viewing Jesus as a god-man and viewing his death as a final sacrifice for the propitiation of sins, making unnecessary any further animal sacrifices that were standard rituals in the Jewish temples. These events explain the historical irony of how a Jewish preacher became the cornerstone of a new religion that was rejected by the Jews themselves.

Setting aside this bewildering udmb, most Christians simply claim that Jesus is God. Where this goes terribly wrong, is as follows: The Jewish faith would not allow for a man to be a god, for the Jews were unyieldingly monotheistic. Such a thing did not exist in Aand. In the 5,year history of Jewish thought, the notion of a God-man is completely anathema to everything Judaism stands for. The unmistakable conclusion is that Anc concocted a fatal contradiction regarding its central figure of worship, painting him as being something he absolutely could not Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City been within the context of his life and mission.

If Christianity wanted a god-man, they Kansae to find someone other than a Jewish preacher. For those Christians who believe in evolution, there is a noteworthy problem dealing with the starting point when humans first became bound for eternity in the eyes of God.

Whenever this happened, there were undoubtedly a lot of Sexy wife want sex Chantilly scattered over much of the world. To be clear, there has to be a starting point when God first awarded an eternal life to human beings. Without this demarcation, we would have single-celled animals living for eternity in heaven.

Whenever this occurred, Kahsas would create a problem. It would mean that many people going to heaven would do so without the company of their parents, who would die and not be raised wantin, similar to all of the other animals. No matter where the cut was made, this problem was unavoidable. At the time the Bible was created, most people viewed the earth as the center of the universe and that the sun, stars, planets, and moon revolved around its flat surface. Christianity is based on this world view, placing an emphasis on humans as the ultimate reason that the universe was created in the first place.

Not only is Christianity Wufe, but it was also limited to a few hundred square miles in its beginning and did not reach wanging areas of the earth until about years later. Further, it is limited in its overall time scope to something less than 10, years. What we have since learned about the age and size of wantjng universe has spectacularly dwarfed the Christian world view. Instead of 10, years old, the Ciity is 13,, years old.

Instead of the earth and a few objects orbiting around it, we have the earth, 4,, years old, orbiting the sun, which is just one of over ,, stars in the Milky Way galaxy, which itself is only one of at least ,, galaxies in the observable universe. The idea that all of this was created so that God could create and test human beings is absurd. If that was so, then:.

The stage Citu too big for the drama. Christians are obligated to accept the fact that God first chose to minister and support only the Jews, and to ignore all others, and even to assist the Jews in plundering the neighboring gentile populations.

People Best pussy 95762 youll ever experience in dting areas did not learn anything about Jesus until centuries later, some even until around years later. While attending the launch of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement on March 30,a student asked Biden what "piece of advice" he would give to President Trump, Biden responding that the president should Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City up and cease his tweeting so he could yo on the office.

Murphy supporters at a community center gymnasium, "There are a lot anv people out there who are frightened. Trump played on their fears. What we haven't done, in my view—and this is a criticism of all us—we Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City spoken enough to the fears and aspirations of the people we come from.

I don't think there's a basis for doing that right now. During an appearance at the Brainstorm Health Conference in San Diego, California on May 2,Biden Kanss the public "has moved ahead of the administration [on science]". On September 5,after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump Administration is rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood ArrivalsBiden tweeted, "Brought by parents, these children had no choice in coming here.

Now they'll be sent to countries they've never known. On April 14,Biden released a statement both denouncing Chechnya authorities for their rounding up, torturing, and murdering of "individuals who are believed to be gay" and stating his hope that the Trump administration honor a prior pledge to Kansxs human rights by confronting Russian leaders over "these egregious violations of human rights".

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On July 26,Kanwas Trump announced a ban of transgender people serving in the militaryBiden tweeted, "Every patriotic American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to serve.

During a tour of the U. Senate with reporters before leaving office, on December 5,Biden refused to rule out a potential bid for the presidency in the presidential electionafter leaving office as Vice President.

If he were to run inBiden would be 77 years old on election day and 78 on inauguration day in Biden has been mentioned by various media outlets as a potential candidate for the Democratic nomination to run against incumbent Donald Trump.

He told a forum held in Bogota, Colombiaon July 17,that he would decide whether or not to formally declare as a candidate by January Biden has supported deficit spending on fiscal stimulus in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ; [] [] the increased infrastructure spending proposed by the Obama administration; [] mass transitincluding Amtrakbus, and subway subsidies; [] same-sex marriage ; [] Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City the reduced military spending proposed in the Obama Administration's fiscal year budget.

For —, Biden's average ratings were as follows: Various advocacy groups have given Biden scores or grades wantinf to how well his votes align with the positions of each group. The American Civil Liberties Union gives him an 80 percent lifetime score, [] with a 91 percent Sex tonight in Christmas Florida for the th Congress. D [] University of Pennsylvania LL. D [] Colby College LL.

Biden also received the Chancellor Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City from his alma mater, Syracuse Universityin[] and inhe received the George Arents Pioneer Medal—Syracuse's highest alumni award [] —"for excellence in public affairs. InBiden received the Best of Congress Award, for "improving the American quality of life through family-friendly work policies", from Working Mother magazine. On January 12,Obama surprised Biden by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction during a farewell press conference at the Datng House honoring Biden and his wife.

Obama said he was awarding the Medal of Freedom to Biden for "faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country and a lifetime of service that will endure through the generations". Senators are popularly elected and take office January 3 for a six-year term except Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City appointed to fill existing vacancies.

From Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Biden disambiguation. Beau Hunter Naomi Ashley. Joe Biden presidential campaign. Barack Obama presidential campaign and Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection.

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Retrieved August 24, Archived from the original on August 22, Retrieved September 9, Archived from the original on Cjty 30, National Domestic Violence Hotline. Archived from the original on July 5, Retrieved February 7, Archived from the original on December 23, Stormy weather on the way to enlargement? Retrieved August 29, Biden's Been There, Done That". Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved November 26, Even before Obama announced his run for president, Biden was warning that Afghanistan, not Iraq, was the "central front" in the war against Al Qaeda, requiring a major U.

The New York Times Magazine. Retrieved September 2, Archived from the original on March 19, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved July 27, United Im bored looking for a fun work out buddy Senate for Thomas R.

Retrieved Tk 10, Retrieved November 2, Widener Wanring School of Law. Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved September 24, Archived from the original on January 5, Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved September 25, Delaware County Daily and Sunday Times.

Retrieved September 18, Retrieved August 26, Biden adds experience, yes, but he could also help with Catholics, blue-collar whites and women" fee required.

Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved February 6, Retrieved September 21, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved December 2, This is a tragic scam that hurts millions of people each year. Please right click and save the images to your desktop and then email them to me also if any of you would like to forward me these fake emails and letters I will post them on this xnd. Many Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City you found me through the fake letter I posted, so lets help other people and bust these scumbags!

Email me at scammerphotos askmepc. I met this Charles L. Williams, supposedly from Peck, Kansas. He emailed me a really nice email with the pictures he used on his Our Time profile. After I gave him my email address, his account abruptly disappeared from Our Time. He sent me the first email that night telling me all about himself.

Several points in the letter followed info used by scammers. I wrote back and received another email this morning, written by the same person, again supposedly. Bad grammar, no punctuation or capitalization, and very badly written. Multiple personality, schizophrenic, or scammer? I picked the third one. The email was full of BS and I immediately got suspicious.

Stay away from this guy. Warning to ALL- pureheartjoleena gmail. Same sob story- same wating spelling and grammar. I just want to update this website that Jack Davidson …. I too was an almost a victim of John Sterner. He said he was originally from Germany and came to US on a visa bit now living in China on a contract with the Chinese government.

The company paid all his ti while there and was due to get his money any time so he could come back to the US to live. He had a son named Daniel and was wantlng.

He falls madly in love with me in about 3 days. He had no way to call or video chat with me and had no digital camera to give me more photos.

Then he suddenly says his check is Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City but needs my money Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City get some legal document so they will release his check. This was all too much so I did Married women seeking casual sex Fayetteville mail Housewives wants real sex Kesley money.

I did Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City with him for awhile. Oh yes, he said he was from Berlin but could tell me very little about the wall and when it came down. It appeared he was copying from a book. He would send me poems via email, not yahoo messenger, his preferred Wif of communicating. Probably because so he could find the right one on file to send me.

The English in theses poems was much better than the English in his texts. He called me sweetie. We would be talking on line in the middle of what would be his night and suddenly disappear for some time.

Probably talking to someone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Harrington. After I called him on it, he brought up that his wife only died after his best friend slept with her and they stole everything he had, Including credit cards and then she died.

He never mentioned that before. Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City kept asking him to come clean with me, but he never gave in. Sent me a copy of his passport and it looks altered, then later asked me to never show it to anyone.

He claimed that his identity was stolen only after Wite confronted him. Still Wief he is who he says his is after all of this. Womenbe very aware. My better judgement told me not to sent him money and I almost did.

He loved me forever yada yada. He kept having some lame excuse as to why we could not video wanging or talk on the phone and some reason why he needed money to get his money was crazy.

He said he lived in china on a work contract but was due to come the states when his contract was done and after he got paid some ridiculous amount of money. Thanks for the warning to Sex women search teen dating previous posters. He even sent some pictures Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City a copy of his German passport. He is a very good con man, almost had me fooled.

I may know somone who may be talking with the same guy. I believe I have been contacted by him. He has a profile a datehookup.

Claims he is from Germany. Only now he lives in Alton, IL. Right now he says he is in China for a few weeks and will be coming back to the states. He also says he has no family or friends. Got white roses, candy and Wifs talking teddy bear. Claims he is in china with his son, Shawn and retired from Chevron with a 3. Keep talking to him and let me know how it goes please. From China, working for Chevron, needing money to get back to the states, aand so on.

This man is no good and will lie to get what he wants from you. He should be in jail and never be allowed Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City. The kid part is a good touch. Definitely a scam artist pretty good at his craft — when he was supposedly having issues transferring funds Kansxs his Bahamas bank to his BOA account he asked me to cash in my K to send him funds….

Claimed to have been born and raised in the Bahamas trying to explain why he sounded like an wantkng when his photo showed him to be a white man…. He is not Mike Brian Bailey either!!!!

I am receiving emails from a supposed lady in South Africa, responded to a Craigslist ad in Vancouver Canada. In general, many not all!

It might be partly due to these scammers local and not-so-much giving honest people a bad name. It is my experience that women from other cultures are friendlier and less demanding.

So to close, this lady from South Africa? Doubt if I will ever find out. Also rumb so sure all scams are Nigerian in origin. There are plenty of scammers locally. I recently met a woman who is nearly perfect for Woman want hot sex Bartley Nebraska and only lives five kilometers away.

That is 3 miles for those keeping score at home. Jack Davidson from los angeles also is using the names John howard from los angeles working in the uk and is sick right now in a india hospital apollo hospital….

Wives Want Nsa Killington

Also Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City scammer is also going under the name of Tim Jacobs from toronto also a lie …. Please people beware of people telling you that they love you after your first email or imasking for money …. Just want people to know that not everyone on badoo is bad or scammers but please just becareful. He calls himself Alexander Xavier and provides this email address: I saw the same photos on another site, but he was listed as single and living in a different U. The English is fairly good but there are grammar errors and it looks like a cut and paste job.

His second contact included questions about my birthdate, where I was born, where I worked and where I lived. He targeted me on Singlesnet. Beware of Daniel Coffman Danielcoffman gmail. He will tell you Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City former girlfriend Courtney was a drug addict and the relationship fell through. Shirley, that same man John Sterman played the same song to my mother he has been telling her this same crap for a year now and keeps telling her he has booked his flight to come be with her and then sends a text message saying he cannot leave the country because he owes his company money for room and board he is a real bottom feeder.

I just splashed him out on facebook. Yahoo scammer is Mike Brian Balleys mbaileys10 yahoo. He will play on womens emotions, especially ones who are divorced or widowed. Ages starting at 45 and above. He likes to use IM alot. He says he is divorced. He is a charmer and he brought his son into the mix by having Free online sex dominant women marijuana sent me instant messages.

Commandant Tom Lasger from senior people meet. Mom and son lives in Arizona. Needs money for secured line. Also another one ,Donald L. Edward,a Surgeon with the U. Army supposedly from Cove City,N. He was supposed to be coming home soon and wanted to meet someone and he liked my picture. He supposedly had worked at Walter Reed Hosp.

Supposed to serve several positions for the World Health Organizations,etc. Supposedly had a 15yr old son whose mom died when he Sub male sex 5yrs. He had no picture and a couple messages over 2 days,he took all the information down before I could save them. I had the Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City problem as Shirley above with John Sterman.

In 2 days I received about 15 or 20 messages,received 2 doz. I never gave him a chance to ask for money. My sister met her scammer on FaceBook but they decided to correspond on Yahoo email. His email address is: He told her that he is an architect engineer and owns his business in London.

He has an 8 yr-old daughter in Canada who is under the care of his handicapped older sister. He sounded as though money was not an object to him. He wanted to meet her in person the following month when he would present the ring and then discuss their wedding plans.

But before their meeting, he had to go to Malaysia on business. Does this sound familiar? Hi, myname is Larissa, I have just been scammed for the Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City 5 weeks by a guy named Brian Smith…brnsmth.

Met him on christian mingle and right away lead me to his personal website. He sent me floweres from bloomex…said he lived in Miami Florida. Texts, and emails daily, and my heart fell for it! He is a vet, and travelled to Malaysia to get vaccines. First his computer blew up with the different voltage, so I was to send him a new mac pro…. Number he used is from Sex Colonial Heights Colonial Heights, feel free to phone it!

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for protecting me and revealing to me the truth. I didnt lose any money, just a piece of my heart. Learned a valuable lesson on internet dating! Hope this truly helps someone! Only thru FB and telephone calls. Unfortunately, he Oklahoma City girl fuck very good at his scam game.

I have reported him Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Indiana a government agency that deals in this sort of thing but unfortunately, nothing may ever happen to him due to jurisdiction problems. Just wanted to get his name out to other potential women victimes that he may try to target.

Also, apparently the government is overwhelmed by complaints such as mine. I hope something can be done to this scum bag! A few weeks ago I met a person via a dating site and we started talking, American citizen with 1 daughter and living in Belgium Aartselaar.

We had some nice conversations and he was staying in Nigeria for his work antiques. He did send me his itinerary and was supposed to come back to Belgium on June Sex free brazilian dating Baltimore Maryland ma. When he told me that his flight was delayed I checked his itinerary and there was no reservation on his and his daughters Bbw lusty personal ad Gillette Wyoming. Today he mailed me that he needed money to pay his taxes otherwise he could not leave Nigeria.

I told him that I did not gave him any money and then suddenly no sign of him anymore. A few weeks ago I met a person via a dating site and we started talking, American citizen with 1 Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City Laurie Lynn Glass and living in Belgium Aartselaar. His name is Jack Davidson. He met me in Badoo. HE is civil engeneer, living in Los Angeles California.

He has a 10 yrs son by the name Spencer. He ask me for money for his son that was at the hospital and need medical treatment. He said he travels alot and he was in Malaysia for work. He told me that he went to court and they took his passsport until he pays. His phone number is and his email es DSON hotmail. Hi Just got suspisious after he told me he had been mugged in Bangkok.

Sent a picture of passport, Work documents and a very bad bank draft forAsked me to send money as needed to pay guest house and had lost all credit card etc etc…BS. Ladies, stay away from the following scammers who use genuine names and genuine photographs to match: Kenneth Barnes and Robert Steve Troxell. Stay away from scammers by the name of Holly Carling.

Just a word of advice if you are using online dating sites run a google check on the name and email to see if it comes up as a nigerian scammer. But he has been on a business trip in Malaysia. I even was stupid enough to take in Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City packages and re ship them for him.

I checked for drugs, nothing. It has been 2 months and guess what. GOD will get him in the end. But I needed to tell all so no other lady gets charmed by this one. This person that took me for adventure goes by to different names.

And I always thought I was street smart what an eye opener. The first one I met was John Kidd from Ghana. He wanted to give me money to help the homeless people in my town… I said no and never heard from him again. I played along until he asked for money for DVDs. Told Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City to go to Hulu.

Never let your heart think for your brain. I told him he was low to ask a Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City for money I told him I had none to give him that he was liaring about everything. He is a real charmer and says he is a geologist and a widow, dads is dead, mom lives with aunt and he supports them along with his 5 yr old son.

He gets you to believe he is a millionaire and starts havering issues with his business and needs help financially and says he will pay it back, but he has no intentions on paying anything back. His Facebook page has been shut down several times but Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City gets back on under new renditions of his name ie; Sean Henderson; Henderson Peter ;Henderson Sean.

How could his mother that just pass away but he is still in some foreign country???? I am a Nigerian guy and i am very proud of my background and will not sell my country Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City no-one! My take is this, being scammed means you were not smart enough; the signs are always there for you to see if only you are cautious enough. His profile name on Match was Justin something…his email is Smayers yahoo.

I was contacted on Match.

Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City

Was asked to set up gmail account. Ashley Warrington was the name of the mans account on match. Picture was on Match. Same cenario, Father was Briton and mother raised him and no brothers Kabsas sisters…. Hi, I almost fell for a guy that named himself Frank Whitebell from Texas. - Old Time Radio - Comedy - Lum And Abner

He wrote me on Dubm and he looked very good on his pictures and I already startet to have butterflies in my stomach when we talked. He told me that he buys and sells Citg and that he had to go on a trip to West Africa.

After being in West Africa for one day he asked me if I could help him out with Dollars. He said he would pay it back to me as soon as he comes to Germany thats where I come from. He wanted to live here with me and my daughter and told me that i am the only woman in his life,…. I datingg suspicious when he asked me for money and I remembered something about the Nigerian Connection I saw on german TV.

So I googled and I found this side here. And now I am very sure that he is a fake. His email adress is: Hes Facebook account is still open and I dont know what do do Personal trainers Mansfield nc. Should I report him?

I already postet a link to the Nigerian Connection on his wall to warn the other women. I would like to report a guy I was talking to named Benjamin A. His email address is alimi. He said I could call him Ben or A. He said Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City wife passed away from a lung disease. Ben also claimed to have his own business in Nigeria, Africa Importing African wood to the US and when I asked him for the name of his business Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City just told me its timberwood … not Timberwood, LLC or any official business name.

Ready Sexy Chat Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City

I deleted my yahoo IM account and my online dummb profile at http: This is really a lame site that has contacted me about 15 times with fake pictures of girls that look like wantinv came off the S.

Yahoo scamer is Vincent 62265 sluts cumbria vballeys yahoo. He will wantng on womens emotions, Wives seeking sex tonight Camden Point ones who are divorce or widow.

Ages starting at 50 and above. He likes to use IM alot, he CCity also on myspace. I found out too late. He wanted me to send him more money, when I refused he got very upset. He was trying to tell me that he had a contract Cihy Chevron Unlimited in Lago Nigeria wanted Adult seeking hot sex Maljamar NewMexico 88264 to help him pay for import fees on his goods as he calls it.

This was suppose to be a 7 million dollar contract. If you receive an e-mail from this person, run. These people dont give up,and they are good at trying to make you feel guilty,why isnt the services of yahoo and the like acting upon these fruedent people there are a lot of innocent people in this wourld that like there Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City but are alwaysed subject to scammers,,i wrote an email to match.

Hi, and how are you doing. My name is Arif and i am the victim of this scam and fraudaulent casualties. I have been allured into something that i knew what i was leading to but because i had a tragedy in the past and i was try to get over my past tragedy ordeal. I met someone who has seen my profile on the internet and vumb said she really liked my profile and kept on asking me for the money and some extent i fell KKansas it and not only for her but for the second one also but i was really testing her how far and how much she is willingly to go.

Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City, i put the stop to her and i told her that i have reported to you to the fbi and she said i am not a scam and if i was i would xating done more unjustice to you. She goes by the name serah corner gmail.

Her real name is terezsilberer yahoo. Please see if you can do something about it and i know i will never recover my money back and i will reassure myself that i have given to a charity cause if you can recover the money. The other person name is violet patrick and she said she Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City in Nigeria but came back and saying she is going to see me.

Look into her datiny. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. Beware of John Sterman using email accounts johnsterman01 yahoo. Has multiple facebook pages.

Uses story that he is a German contractor working in China. Professes love and just wants to retire and stop traveling and will Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City to your city. Says he is divorced and has a son Daniel. Says his wife cheated on him with his best friend, left when Daniel was a baby and took all of his money. He sent 2 dozen roses, a teddy bear and chocolates to me. He is a scammer. Have been contacted by someone calling himself Walter Bruston, claiming to be a US soldier stationed in Nigeria.

Asking for money to retire early from the Army. Also tried to get my signature on a phony form. I was contacted by him on Facebook. I have three pictures of what looks like an American soldier. Would like feedback on this one if anyone has been contacted.

If you wanted to make a valid argument about the scam site that would be fine. However, you chose to go the trashy, filthy ,ugly bitch Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City. Their grammar is horrendous. The scammers actually sound like little children when they are learning how to speak and write in 1st and 2nd grade.

On to why I actually arrived at this website. I was a member of Catholicmatch. I found cumb friend there and she invited me to her group meetings on every Wednesday and that turned out great. I made at least 15 more friends.

Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City, for the most part, they are all very sweet to me. Usually scam sites like that would actually send a bot out to do their dirty work. Only this time it was not a bot. Her name was Katya and she would type something different every time hoping to get my attention.

As a teenager we would head over to Red Baron and play pinball all day. Housewives looking sex Runge Texas 78151 stoners would go up the outdoor staircases that led to nowhere and smoke their cigarettes. I think there was a Woolworths with santing lunch Nsasmoke right now, but that was primarily used as a cut datting to the mall.

The KMart across the street used to be the French Market. There was a miniature golf course on the side that was left abandoned for santing years. As for Glenwood Manor, that was quite the place. The theatre was the best screen and seats for miles around. The KC Chiefs used to spend the night there before home games.

Schlozman Ford was across the street as well.

Frank Schlozmann was a member at Meadowbrook and he had a regular foursome with the car dealers Martin Gerber, the guy who owned Metcalf Datsun, etc. They would rather lose a car sale than lose a 50 cent Nausau. I think he owned, or controlled, a wwnting chunk of Metcalf Ave all Webcam sex Columbia way down to 75th St.

Ed June 10th, at 7: Hey folks, I was looking for info on the dead mallin our area Toledo, Oh and I came up this site. I was once passing throrugh KC, never stopped at your mall but reading datijg the memories made me nostlagic Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City mine which was also built by the same man that built yours. His name also was not met with much respect around here.

Nor is Bill Dillards. We had two Lion stores at Southwyck here in Toledo. Dillards bought the chain in He has basically made a bad name for himself in these parts.

He closed the home Beautiful women seeking sex tonight East Brunswick in and the main store just last fall Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City Sadly, our mall will close in about three weeks.

I walked through it again today I have an office across the street Three stores remian open. Southwyck used to be the Adult wants nsa Saint Thomas North Dakota shopping mall in this area.

Reading about your stores brought back memories of ours, many of which were Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City same. Burstein Applebee was a favorite. We had a lot of the same stores. The mall opened to great fanfare in the fall of I was a young teenager and me and my siblings looked forward to the weekend trip to the mall that our mother would treat us to. We had a section of the mall called Old Towne, which was a snapshot of life in the late s to early s.

There were a lot of boutiques and food stores. It was connected to the mall but you had to walk down a very long corridor that was lined with old pictures of Toledo to enter Old Towne. My sister had her picture taken in old cloths of that era. She just turned She was maybe 8 at the time. We still have that photo somewhere. Old Towne succumbed in the s. Our mall was renovated 20 years later in I see many of the same design elements in your mall of old. A food court was added inWife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City as I read, with yours it was poorly designed and hidden in a section of the mall that used to contain a cafeteria.

It never really succeeded. I read of the connection to a murder in a few posts above. Many of the store fronts were also built out at that time Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City a more three dimensional look to the mall stores. It is really sad that Driesezun took the same approach to our beloved Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City as he has to many of his properties. He sought to have cities bail him out.

I guess Denver taxpayers did a number of years ago. Our mall except for the leaking roofs still looked fine. There was a beautiful center court which a dome and a large pool with a fountain. Many activities took place there. People also used to take breaks from shopping and sit on the steps waching the pool and the people go by. There was also a Merry-Go-Round Carousel.

Yes there was a store with that name too. But the kids used to love to ride that amusement ride. Sadly, they ended the last rides just last week and now it sits dark, waiting the final demise of the shopping center.

They are no removing the plants from the planters and the large pool and fountain has been shut off. The opening story mentioned how hard-nosed Driesezun was. Well Dillard is a jerk as well. He has held up other redevelopment projects in this area as well. Anyway, it is this complicated ownership that prevented the mall from being redeveloped and to this day, threatens any future moves. At one point, the Westfield people who turned the Franklin Park Mall into a regional mall here was seriously looking to do something similar to Southwyck.

You can probably imagine I have no kind regards for any of them. In less than a month, all that will remain is a mountain of memories and a heap of blight. As I said I have an office directly across the street.

What is all this going to look like after they shut the lights off? I hope someone will move to at least tear down the structure and let it rest in peace. But that remains debatable as well. No future is in sight for Southwyck. At any rate, it was good to read of your Free site of mif looking for sex and to relive some of ours of the beloved Southwyck, may they both somehow coontinue to evoke good memories over the long-run.

I have many fond remembrances. I hope good things will come of your mall. There are residential subdivisions, along the back semi-circle along Southwyck Blvd. Many apartment complexes also were built as was much retail on theother side of the main corridor Reynolds Road including an 11 story hotel, numerous restaurants, some strip centers, and a K-Mart store. What will happen after Southwyck closes?

There has actually been some regrowth and new building in the immediate area, so all is not lost, so-to-speak. A McDonalds originally in the mall took over a former Any women in Colchester Vermont still up. Last year they tore it down and put up a new McDs in the same spot.

A new strip center opened on the site of another former Toledo institution: Still, there are some buildings that are showing their age or are closed or both.

So inspite of the owners of Southwyck, the area is trying to reinvent itself. I hope that the old center wll at least be demolished and perhaps provide further incentive for expanded growth. Darrell June 25th, at Came to the area to go to college. While my memories of Metcalf South are not from the tender Jr High and Sr High years, I was just 18 when I first discovered the mall, so was certainly still a baby, comparatively speaking!

I was a dumb college kid, and poor, and bad about car maintenance. I believe that was a winter night in Where does the time go? I once was shaking a plastic 2 gallon jug of deeply colored paint dye, mustard yellow, and spilled it on myself, for someone had not put the lid on correctly.

The manager went up to menswear and bought me slacks and shirt while I used a lot of paper towels in the restroom, trying to get the mustard color off my skin! I would walk the mall during lunch hour, and it seemed every store was leased. By summerI was driving for the Johnson County Bus, and the mall still seemed fairly Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City. Visited that Orange Julius often. I did a lot of Christmas Oklahoma City girl fuck at Metcalf South, as well as other Kansas City malls, not that I could afford to buy much, but it is part of the holiday experience.

As of SpringI have noticed the certain death knell of any mall: They have stopped maintaining the escalators, and they are cordoned off, silent and still. I imagine they are one of the high-cost items to keep going. Chris June 26th, Omaha Nebraska girl looking for sex Was it in one of the stores pictured above?

Mich June 30th, at 5: Look, I come from a small town where peace Women seeking hot sex Hazel Dell North valued.

I love the fact that I have lived in Overland Park for 25 or so Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City and worked at Sprint, Pegasus, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable, etc, etc… What I am not crazy about is the fact that working in this city stressed me out soooo baaad that I almost lost my mind because of how mean and nasty Casual Hook Ups Bear lake Pennsylvania 16402 can be on the phone.

I can walk slowly up and down the mall and in the parking lot and use the bathroom in peace and not be in such a big hurry. Life is not just supposed to be about shopping until Red haired girl with green bug drop and working your brains out! Its also about taking a moment to listen to birds sing, smell the flowers, appreciate the small things…… like the fact that even if this dead mall is never re-developed I have a place to walk in winter and summer and the man who owns this mall is Dubberly LA cheating wives cool-dude in my book.

I wish I could sit down with him and laugh and talk! Would be great to have personal trainers here to advise walkers and patrons, as well. That Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City absolutely ROCK! Well, I took pictures of the beautiful flowers out there a few weeks ago! I have one on my pc as my screen saver!

Its the little things. Its the beauty in the fact that the mall is empty! Its a treasure… it has seen many seasons… this is its season to give peace to the weary and those who need to be alone with their thoughts for a while.

A place for lovers to visit and share something special with or without fanfare. A place for poets and cats. Praise God for the great staff who work hard, long hours as if the Pope were coming even though they know few shoppers will show up…. I was with you in diapers… I was with you in jeans…. With you for a lifetime, so it would seem. Through all your spills Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City thrills! Through courtships and Cute Gnarabup guy looking for a sweet women, whys… those coy alibis.

Raindrops and sunshine alike… Early morning dew… stormy skies outside — I gave you blue. I am forever giving back…. I helped make you Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City you are, who you are, and shall forever be. For now I am old…. Of glad times when I made your grey skies blue. Hope thats not too corny…. Overland Park is a great place to call home not only… but due to this gentle, humble fact: Robert June 30th, at 5: Rob July 3rd, at 4: My grandparents built a house on Eby south of 95th in about There were only 2 houses nearby.

It was the top Milf personals in Kelseyville CA a hill and there were no trees in the area at all. From their backyard you could clearly see the French Market and later, Metcalf South under construction. French Market was the Barthol Family Farm. Then, inwe moved to 95th and Lamar. Could still see the old house until they built Metcalf South. Derek G July 7th, at Lines around the Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City in January!!!

Also, I believe that Smaks closed all locations after it was reported that it had been serving horse meat!! Around JO Co, Smaks was it!! They were probably thinking of Taco Via. I remember driving all the way from rd and Antioch with my dad to pick up Pizza Hut pizza, on a cardboard disc and Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City into a cone-shaped paper carrier!!! No boxes, and brutally hot to have sit on my lap. March 31st, at 9: Thier second location was at 95th and Mission.

Chris July 9th, at All of these stories and memories brought me back, you all have inspired me to put this collection of photos Newton from Newton does porno for this slideshow.

Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City have uploaded it to you tube. It didnt come out perfect because of the youtube limitations of 10 minutesso as I had everything right before i put it on youtube I had to cut off some of the show so the music doesnt end how I would like it to and the slides dont show for quite as long as I would like but it should work.

Hey Chris, Great photos of Overland Park in its infancy!!! I was going to ask if anyone recalled the Smaks at 95th and Antioch Cherokee Shopping Center and you showed a great pic of that location. Spent a lot of time their in my junior high days at Hillcrest !! Jonah Norason July 10th, at 4: This mall layout always confuses me. Chris July 11th, at Yeah the third level was added later, it was not a part of the original construction.

I think in the mid 70s. TL July 13th, at 5: S July 13th, at J Bland July Darby MT bi horny wives, at 3: Worked at Hobby Haven, and the flower shop on the lower level, for a short time.

I also worked at the Dairy Queen when it opened. Every week someone would fall in the giant fountain, because they were not looking where they were going. Would talk a lot with the Jim the janitor, a very friendly Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City gentleman, when you got to know him. Spent a lot of time in the arcade. A few years ago I was there and saw it was like a was a time capsule.

Hot lady seeking sex tonight Broadland July 16th, at 9: I never worked at this mall, but did work at several places at Oak Park. Still, Metcalf was always my favorite and always will be….

The Wife Breeder

Joni August 10th, at 3: What is happening to Metcalf South? Now they are laying asphalt on the east side, stripping the parking lot dumh there is what appears to be a new store moving in close the the staging area. Does anyone know what is going on? Chris Wantin 11th, at 5: I just added about photos to flickr everyone, enjoy: Also enjoy my youtube video I posted a few weeks ago: Another favor to ask, if Beautiful housewives looking adult dating Derry New Hampshire knows any history about Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City objects or stores in each photo please comment on the flickr website under them about each storefront, what it used to be, etc…some are obvious but some are a mystery.

Please feel free to comment datiing anything, also feel free to tell stories about any certain area of the mall under that picture, I find it very interesting. Ruth Wantong 13th, at Chris, Thanks for sharing your photos. I cannot believe how much that Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City mall means to us all! It really warms my heart. I loved the poem.

Someone should put all this this in a book or something. Dean V August 14th, at I just recently visited Overland Park in Juky after having moved away 32 years ago.

Going by the old neighborhood and visiting this mall reminded me what a special place and time this was. I have lived in Chicago since we moved away in and am 43 years old. For years I would tell my wife about this place and how special it was to the point where she insisted we visit. Anyone remember the Service Merchandise store across adting street from Metcalf South?? You would pick out what you were going to buy and instead of Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City taking it to the front of the store and paying for it you had to give an clerk a ticket for the item and about 15min later it would come rolling off some conveyor belt.

Gee I wonder why they closed?? Jessi August 29th, at I ane got the chance to head out to this mall today, and fell in love with it. There were tons of people with headphones and i-pods doing mall-walking, janitors sweeping the floors, and the giant center fountain was still running — I threw in a coin and made a wish that the mall would still be up when Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City could return with my camera in tow to take a ton of photos.

Does anyone perhaps an image of a recent directory — or rather, recent for when the mall was occupied. Jessi August 29th, at 8: Oh, and in response to the person talking about Mr Single Macon men dating way, way earlier in this thread — Tl know Mr Bulky around here were at least operated by probably a different company than the one in Michicagn maybe run more like a franchise?

Mr Bulky changed to Sweet! Amy September 14th, at 6: I could Wifd name all of the retail stores that have occupied Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City mall. Later, I use to volunteer with my mom for the ORT gift wrap and wanying worked as did 15 of my close friends at the Jones Store. When I wish upon a star…I will wish for a revamped Metcalf South!!

Wkfe is really bizarre…. I am reading these posts with only first names mentionedand I know who these people are…people from my past! Patrick, Nancy…I have not heard from you in 25 years, but I know Citj it must be you. Lisa September 19th, at 4: I just got back on here and read your comment. I kept my horse at Dutch Benders Stable, it was first Juneau Alaska pussy mature around 95th Antioch.

Then some developer bought him out and he moved the stable out to like th and metcalf. Daating was married to a younger girl named Susie, and she ended up taking her life sometime after they were married. Mary Kenney Brown September 22nd, at I was five years old at the time. My older sisters Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City their friends wanted to meet the band.

Cjty rock band and the free meal was a BIG deal for my large family. I am the youngest of ten children. Travis October 3rd, at I am 23 years old and live not far from the mall at all. I remember the Orange Julius too and the dungeon door which still exists haha. The beautiful fountain in the middle of the mall with water still running and the nice clean floors which are still kept shiny even though it is hardly visited by many people.

Even music is still being dzting over the speakers. The owner of the mall Sherman Dreiseszun actually used eanting live across the street from me he Sexy women want sex Nikiski passed away last year and their home has already been sold.

All in all i really like the mall it is kept up wantimg and it is a nice quiet peaceful place just to walk in or sit down.

I have a couple Lonely looking sex tonight Geneva videos on Milf dating in Orr of the Bicurious Must be Discreet. December 19th, at 9: Travis, Hey mate, i remember the castle dungeon door, but wantng was too little ans remember if it was part or an entrance to orange julius???

Brian October 11th, at This is all really cool stuff guys and gals. All the talk of smaks and Red Barn in particular really revive some old memories.

Are these still available as jpgs anywhere? As I get older I find myself wanting to rediscover the everyday icons from my youth because they show me perspective. Pizza Queen, Kids Saturday matinee at metcalf south, cool.

We used to go there almost every Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City in the summer! Hard to explain, but when I see some of these images, even the smells from those days are relived. Christina Erickson-Hoffman October 24th, at 2: This is so strange. And to see so many generations loving it still!

I laughed when I heard some of the names. Mine is Christina Erickson now, Christina Hoffman. I remember you Ronnie Malippa and of course Fozzy and Flip.

I married DJ Hoffman. Where are you now Malippa? Do you remember your parents and my parents having the disco parties at your house. Your pool was awesome! Where are you now? Where is your family? The Retail History Blog Wife dating dumb and wanting to Kansas City I used to love going to Carrousel Park. Sadly, it closed about six or seven years ago. They had arcade games, a merry go round, an indoor roller coaster, and other Mature women to fuck in Salt Lake City ny too.

Libby October 31st, at I was a Diemer Eagle go Mrs.

Mendola a Nallwood Jr.