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We shook hands at the cafe Ready Teen Sex

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We shook hands at the cafe

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A handshake can make or break your career. Here are six ways not to do it and tips for doing it right.

We shook hands at the cafe They are an important part of our business and personal life. Getting it wrong can create awkward moments and distract from making a good first impression. I am sure you have all been there when we meet someone new and as part of the initial introduction we shake their hands — but instead of the thee, firm and confident hand shake we expect, we get a limp fish, a crushing gripper, or a habds slip.

Getting your handshake wrong is a sure-fire way of not making a good first impression.

My favourite handshake mistakes are:. It can make shaking hands tricky in stressful situations such as job interviews.

However, I think there is no excuse for a wet handshake. The pinch — when someone pinches your fingers with their fingers. This is maybe something the Queen does, but has no place in real life.

Cage hand-holder — where the person shaking your hand keeps holding on and thinks he is actually holding hands with you rather than shaking hands. Queen Elizabeth is allowed to make her own rules.

A hand shake that is too firm will make anyone feel uncomfortable. For me, all of these show that the person shaking my hand is lacking basic social skills and emotional intelligence.

It might be that people are not really aware of how they are shaking hands. The good news is, you can change it from today. If you get it wrong the first time, just shake again.

Even if we try, we sometimes get it wrong. For whatever reason you might end up with an awkward grip maybe even an unintentional hznds. Or someone shakes your hand unexpectedly when you have sweaty hands.

Always remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Bernard Marr is founder of The Advanced Performance Institute and regularly writes about management and technology issues and trends. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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