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Unwanted man just putting it out there

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Put in your favorite football team just to take out the spam, i have pics and hopefully you do as well, thanks. Just someone that would exchangeand message time to time.

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It's a late night in the humid southern town of Mobile, Alabama. Tommy is out in the streets after having a good time with his friends walking off a buzz. Only 20 years old and trying not to stumble, this is only the first of many bad decisions Tommy makes tonight.

Unwanted man just putting it out there Seeking Dating

As he is walking down the street a SUV pulls up Unwanted man just putting it out there to him and puttign down the window. In the south it's pretty normal for strangers to be courteous or show concern so when the driver asks Tommy if he's okay he thinks nothing of it. He replies "i'm alright, haha, just trying to get home now the fun is over".

The driver laughs "hey buddy we are actually heading to the house to have a few beers and shoot some pool, you are more than welcome to join". Tommy's impulsiveness combined with the lax attitude from being drunk makes him think this is a great idea.

What's your name bud? At first Tommy assumes Bob lives in this neighborhood but Bob actually drives back out of the neighborhood and out towards the woods.

This should have triggered some sort of paranoia but Tommy really is none the wiser. You could say it was the drunkenness but realistically he is a bit naive, at 20 years old Unwanted man just putting it out there would you expect.

Eventually they get to a dirt road that goes into Married women want casual sex Camden woods. After three for a good minute they puttong to a trailer with one porch light on. They pull up and the guys pop out of the car and grab the beer.

Unwanted man just putting it out there Seeking Men

Tommy follows suit and helps them carry the beer in. As Tommy steps into the door he stumbles a little bit.

That's nothin, let's get this party started and chug some of these" Bob: It isn't clear to Tommy, he is just a kid still at only 20 years old. He hasn't seen crazy tthere toys and hasn't even mildly thought of men in Unwanted man just putting it out there sexual way so it makes sense that he would not recognize that this "Chug Strap" is actually a Spider Gag. It will definitely be used for some forcing but beer is not what the guys have in mind. Poor Tommy has no idea what is about to happen.

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They even had the gag on the table before he got there. If he was Sex dating in Indiahoma little older he could put the clues together. These men were out searching on a Saturday night for some unlucky drunk and they found the perfect one.

A poor drunken boy stumbling in the streets. He was easy prey.

Unwanted man just putting it out there Looking Private Sex

Well we all gotta take our turns. You wanna go first or are you too much of a pussy? I can do this shit! Strap it on, let's get this going! I can't just hold the beer? I can do it! It just seems weird is all.

I Am Looking Hookers Unwanted man just putting it out there

I never heard of this game" Bob: We do this all the time so we can handle it better" Tommy: Think you can handle 3? Now Tommy's mouth is wide open and it's not shutting till that strap comes off.

As he looks forward the guys all chug a couple beers in front of him and set down their empty beer bottles. Then they each start unzipping their pants. Within seconds their pants all drop to the floor. All Unwannted them standing just inches from Tommy's face.

His eyes widen and he tries to stand but Bob quickly grabs him by the hair tightly.

Tommy stares forward for a second, eyes wide and his heart is pounding a million miles an hour. They all have smooth shaved balls and he can see the sweat gleaming off their steaming hot cocks. They dangle down at full girth in front of him. The weather is so hot and humid you can't go 10 mins without your balls sweating so he just smells cock wafting in his face. Unwanted man just putting it out there is all he has time for. Just seconds to take in Unwanted man just putting it out there shock and the disgusting smell of hot cock before Bob is pushing his cock into his mouth.

Tommy can't even prepare himself. He can't shut his mouth or get away. He just starts to taste cock as Bob thrusts in and out of his mouth getting hard. As Bob is thrusting into Tommy's mouth the other two are rubbing their nasty sticky cocks in his face trying to get hard.

College student looking for something fun long they are all taking turns pulling out and thrusting in to his mouth. He has never been fucked before and all 3 men are sporting some pretty fat cocks.

All of them are over 8 inches. He is in for some pain he can't even fathom yet.

After getting their Abilene ass fucking rock hard and soaking slippery wet from throat fucking Tommy they pull out and all drag him over to the bed. They throw him on his back. Bob mounts over his face while same and John go to his legs and pry them apart.

Bob pushes his cock in deep burying Tommy's nose into his balls.

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When it starts puckering real tight that means I'm about to cum in your throat" Tommy's eyes widen. He can't even say a word.

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All he can do is try to scream but the vibrations in his throat only make Bob wanna fuck his mouth harder. As Bob keeps fucking Tommy's throat the other guys try to pry his legs open but Tommy is squirming too hard. They can't get his legs down to get to hhere ass. I don't feel like getting kicked in the face while I fuck him. When I finish we can flip him.

I want him to see this as it happens. I got his mouth then after you.

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Eventually the thrusting starts slowing down. All he can do is stare up into Bob's asshole as Bob sinks in slowly. Tommy's nose begins to press up to Bob's sweaty balls and become buried again. This time Bob doesn't come up. He stays in deep making real short slow pumps into Tommy's throat. Bob is sunk in so deep Tommy can Unwanter smell his asshole it's so close to his face. Tommy begins to Unwanted man just putting it out there and then it happens.

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Tommy stares Nsa pussy fl and see's Bob's hot sweaty asshole pucker up and within seconds Bob's screaming get's even Unwamted and Tommy's throat is overflowing with cum.

It blasts down his throat. Tommy tries to resist but all of Bob's weight has forced his 8 inch cock deep into Tommy's throat. It just goes straight down into his stomach.

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Tommy squirms but the men puthing him down as Bob is overcoming his massive orgasm. Tommy can feel Bob's balls pulsing and twitching against his face as more small bursts of cum blast out and Bob begins pulling out finally. Tommy gasps for air and Bob let's out a huge sigh of relief from his intense orgasm. That was a good one boys! The guys flip Tommy over with his head hanging off the bed. With his mouth forced open Tommy can't stop drooling.

He looks down and see's cum dripping uncontrollably out Unwanted man just putting it out there his mouth.

Put can't even think. He is in total shock. John doesn't give him much time to recover either. Before long John is standing in front of Tommy. He grabs Tommy's head firmly and tilts it to the side. Then pushes his fat cock into Tommy's mouth. Tommy's mouth just get's pummeled as John's thrusting hips smash him in the face. This time Bob and Sam are behind Tommy and they start trying to pry his legs.

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Tommy tries to squirm but this position is in favor of the guys now. Sam simply sits on Tommy's ass. Sam grabs Tommy's ass cheeks and spreads them apart. mman