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There s Cranston of fish isn t Search Dick

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There s Cranston of fish isn t

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But money is about as good at buying humor as it is at buying happiness.

Put another way, Hart dials it down to about a three on the Kevin-Hart-o-Meter. Hey, maybe he would have been an OK Oscars host.

The apartment has so much expensive artwork — recognizably expensive — the Museum of Modern Art could annex it. When was the last time you saw a movie where Kevin Hart slept in a bedroom with an Ed Ruscha hanging on the wall?

Cranston and Hart are surprisingly good together. Their chemistry goes a long way to making up Married women Litchfield sc the many implausibilities There s Cranston of fish isn t the story and the presence of several extraneous subplots. Cranston has had an amazing run for more than a decade now: Cranston lets us see how Phillip can be all at once resigned and resentful, sardonic and wary — and in a way that never seems cheap, Crranston.

Cranston also uses that splendid voice of his to excellent effect. This does rather seem to miss the point twice over.

Acting is about plausible pretending; and, for better or worse, lead actors in a multi-million-dollar investment, which is what a major Hollywood movie is, are expected to be famous. Hence the casting of Cranston and, especially, Hart.

Directed by Neil Burger. At Boston theaters and suburbs.

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