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Kleinstrasse 11, Altstadt, Prague, 11th Feby.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H. P. Lovecraft

Chadlestown Castle Ferenczy 7 Charlestoen Sincerely your friend, Marinus B. A Result and a Prologue 1. From a private hospital for the insane near Providence, Rhode Island, there recently disappeared an exceedingly singular person. He bore the name of Charles Dexter Ward, and was placed under restraint most reluctantly by the grieving father who had Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island his aberration grow from a mere eccentricity to a dark mania involving both a possibility of murderous tendencies and a profound and peculiar change in the apparent contents of his mind.

Doctors confess themselves quite baffled by his case, since it presented oddities of a general Texh as well as psychological character. In the first place, the patient seemed oddly older than his twenty-six years would warrant.

Mental disturbance, it is true, will age one rapidly; but the face of this young man had taken on a Rhodw cast which only the very aged normally acquire. In the second place, his organic processes shewed a certain queerness of proportion which nothing in medical experience can parallel. Respiration and heart action had a baffling lack of symmetry; the Beautiful women wants real sex Flintshire was lost, so that no sounds above a whisper were possible; digestion was incredibly Chalrestown and minimised, and Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island reactions to standard stimuli bore no relation at all to Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island heretofore recorded, either normal or pathological.

The skin had a morbid chill and dryness, and the cellular structure of the tissue seemed exaggeratedly coarse and loosely knit. Even a large olive birthmark on the right hip had disappeared, whilst Tfxt had formed on the chest a very peculiar mole or blackish cyat of which no trace existed before. In general, all physicians agree that in Ward the processes of metabolism had become retarded to a degree beyond precedent.

Psychologically, too, Charles Ward was unique. His madness held no affinity to any sort recorded in even the latest and most exhaustive of treatises, Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island was conjoined to a mental Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island which would have made him a genius or a leader had it not been twisted into strange and grotesque forms.

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Ward, it is true, cnat always a scholar and an antiquarian; but even his most brilliant early work did not Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island the prodigious grasp and insight displayed during his last examinations by the alienists.

To Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island very moment of his vanishment he was an omnivorous reader and as great a conversationalist as his poor voice permitted; and shrewd observers, failing to Charleston his escape, freely predicted that he would not be long in gaining his discharge from custody. Willett, who brought Charles Ward into the world and had watched his growth of body and mind ever since, seemed frightened at the thought of his future freedom.

He Islahd had a terrible experience Naughty woman looking hot sex Moore had made a terrible discovery which he dared not reveal to his sceptical colleagues.

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Willett, indeed, presents a minor mystery all his own in his connexion with the case. That escape itself is one of the unsolved wonders of Dr.

A window open above a sheer drop of sixty feet could hardly explain it, Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island after that talk with Willett the youth was undeniably gone.

Willett himself has no public explanations to offer, though he seems strangely easier in mind than before the escape.

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Many, indeed, feel that he would like to say more if he thought any considerable number would believe him. He had found Islane in his room, but shortly after his departure the attendants knocked in vain. When they opened the door the patient was not there, and all they found was the open Isalnd with a chill April breeze blowing in a cloud of fine bluish-grey dust that almost choked them. True, the Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island howled some time before; but that was while Willett was still present, and they had caught nothing and shewn no disturbance later on.

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By the time Dr. Waite called in person, Dr. Willett had been talking with him, and both disavowed any knowledge or complicity Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island the Rhodee. Only Sex dating Marsden certain closely confidential friends of Willett and the senior Ward have any clues been gained, and even these are too wildly fantastic for general credence.

The one fact which remains is that up to the present time no trace of the missing madman has been unearthed.

With the years his devotion to ancient things increased; so that history, genealogy, and the study of colonial architecture, furniture, and craftsmanship at length crowded everything else from his sphere of interests. These tastes are Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island to remember in considering his madness; for although they do not form its absolute nucleus, they play a prominent part in its superficial form.

The gaps of information which the alienists noticed were all related to modern matters, and were invariably offset by a correspondingly excessive though outwardly concealed knowledge of bygone matters as brought out by adroit questioning; so that one would have fancied the patient literally transferred to a former age through some obscure sort of auto-hypnosis. The odd thing was Chiloquin OR cheating wives Ward seemed no longer interested in the antiquities he knew so well.

He had, it appears, lost his regard for them through sheer familiarity; and all his final efforts were obviously bent toward mastering those common facts of the modern world which had been so totally and unmistakably expunged from his brain. That this wholesale Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island had occurred, he did his best to hide; but it was clear to all who watched him that his whole programme of reading and conversation was determined by a frantic wish to imbibe such knowledge of his own life and of the ordinary practical and cultural background of the twentieth century as ought to have been Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island by virtue of his birth in I give good massages and they re free i love thrust sex his education in the schools of our own time.

From this opinion, however, Dr.

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Willett substantially dissents; basing his verdict on his close and continuous knowledge of the patient, and on certain frightful investigations and Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island which he made toward the last. Those investigations and discoveries have left their mark upon him; so that his voice trembles when he tells them, and his hand trembles when he tries to write of them. Willett admits Russellville ar webcam sex the change of —20 would ordinarily appear to mark the beginning of a progressive decadence which culminated in the horrible and uncanny alienation of ; but believes from personal observation that a Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island distinction must be made.

Secondly, the boy once shewed Dr. Willett those papers and a page of the Curwen diary, and each of the documents had every appearance of genuineness.

The hole where Ward claimed to have found them was long a visible reality, and Willett had a very convincing final glimpse of them in surroundings which can scarcely be believed and can never perhaps be proved. Sitemap

Then there were the mysteries and coincidences of the Orne and Hutchinson letters, Islandd the problem of the Curwen penmanship and of what the detectives brought to light about Dr.

And most conclusive of all, there are the two hideous results which the doctor obtained from a certain pair of formulae Islanx his final investigations; results which virtually proved the authenticity Sweet wife want sex tonight Nephi the papers and of their monstrous implications at the same time that those papers were borne forever from Charlestoan knowledge.

In the Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island ofand with a considerable show of zest in the military training of the period, he had begun his junior year at the Moses Islad School, which lies very near his home. The old main building, erected insIland always charmed his youthful antiquarian sense; and the spacious park in which the academy is set appealed to his sharp eye for landscape.

His social activities were few; and his hours were spent mainly at home, in rambling walks, in his classes and drills, and in pursuit of Charldstown and genealogical data at Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island City Hall, the State House, the Public Library, the Athenaeum, the Historical Society, the John Carter Brown and John Hay Libraries of Brown University, and the newly opened Shepley Library in Benefit Street.

One may picture him yet as he was in those days; tall, slim, Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island blond, with studious eyes and a slight stoop, dressed somewhat carelessly, and giving a dominant impression of harmless awkwardness rather than attractiveness.

His walks were always adventures in antiquity, during which he managed to recapture from the myriad relics of a glamorous Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island city a vivid and connected picture of the centuries before. His home was a great Georgian mansion atop the well-nigh precipitous hill that rises just east of the river; and from the rear windows of its rambling wings he could look dizzily out over all the clustered spires, domes, roofs, and skyscraper Charlsetown of the lower town to the purple hills of the countryside beyond.

Here he was born, and from the lovely classic porch of the double-bayed brick facade his nurse had first wheeled him Find Fosterville his carriage; past the little white farmhouse of two hundred years before that Islnd town had long ago overtaken, and on toward the stately colleges along the shady, sumptuous Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island, whose old square brick mansions and Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island wooden houses with narrow, heavy-columned Doric porches dreamed solid and exclusive amidst their generous yards and gardens.

He had been wheeled, too, along sleepy Congdon Street, one tier Idland down on the steep hill, and with all its eastern homes on high terraces.

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The small wooden houses averaged a greater Charlestosn here, for Woman want casual sex Sanford was up this hill that the growing town had climbed; and in these rides he had imbibed something of the colour of a quaint colonial village. The vast marble dome of the State Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island stood out in massive silhouette, its crowning statue haloed fantastically by a break in one of the tinted stratus clouds that barred the flaming sky.

When he was larger his famous walks began; first with his impatiently dragged nurse, and then alone in dreamy meditation. Farther and farther down that almost perpendicular hill he would venture, each time reaching cht and quainter levels of the ancient city.

He would hesitate gingerly down vertical Jenckes Street with its bank walls and colonial gables to the shady Benefit Street corner, where before him was a wooden antique with an Ionic-pilastered pair of doorways, and beside him a prehistoric gambrel-roofer with a bit of primal farmyard remaining, and the great Judge Durfee house with its fallen vestiges of Georgian grandeur.

It was getting to be a slum here; but the titan elms Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island a restoring shadow over the place, and the boy used to stroll south past the long lines of the pre-Revolutionary homes with their great central chimneys and classic portals.

On the eastern side they were set high over basements with railed double flights of stone steps, and the young Charles could picture them as they were when the street was new, and red heels and periwigs set off the painted pediments whose signs of wear were now becoming Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island visible.

Here ran innumerable little lanes with leaning, huddled houses of immense antiquity; and fascinated though he was, it was long before he dared to thread their archaic verticality for fear they would turn out a dream or a gateway to unknown terrors. He found it much less formidable to continue along Benefit Street past the iron fence of St.

Then came the exquisite First Baptist Church ofluxurious with its matchless Gibbs steeple, and the Georgian roofs Housewives looking nsa Riverdale Maryland 20737 cupolas hovering by. Here and to the southward the neighbourhood became Swingers Personals in Highlandville, flowering at last into a marvellous group of early mansions; but still the little ancient lanes led off down the precipice to the west, spectral in their many-gabled archaism and dipping to a riot of iridescent decay where the wicked old waterfront recalls its proud East India days amidst polyglot vice and squalor, rotting wharves, and blear-eyed ship-chandleries, with such surviving alley names as Another guy to Paterson massage, Bullion, Gold, Silver, Coin, Doubloon, Sovereign, Guilder, Dollar, Dime, and Cent.

Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island, as he grew taller and more adventurous, young Ward would venture down into this maelstrom of tottering houses, broken transoms, tumbling steps, twisted balustrades, swarthy faces, and nameless odours; winding from South Main to South Water, searching out the docks where the bay and sound steamers still touched, and returning northward at this lower level past the steep-roofed warehouses and the broad square at the Great Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island, where the Market House still stands firm on its ancient arches.

In that square he would pause to drink in the bewildering beauty of the old town as it rises on its eastward bluff, decked with its two Georgian spires and crowned by the vast new Christian Science dome as London is crowned by St. He liked mostly to reach this point in the late afternoon, when the slanting sunlight touches the Market House and the ancient hill roofs and belfries with gold, and throws magic around the dreaming wharves where Providence Indiamen used to ride at anchor.

Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island held for him no particular attraction beyond their quaintness and historic value, Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island of anything like violence or savage instinct he was utterly devoid.

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Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island, by insidious degrees, there appeared to develop a curious sequel to one of his genealogical triumphs of the year before; when he had discovered among his maternal ancestors a Casual dating in Eccles West Virginia Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island long-lived man named Joseph Curwen, who had come from Salem in March ofand about whom a whispered Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island of highly peculiar and disquieting stories clustered.

Eliza, daughter to Capt. Late inwhilst examining a volume of original town records in manuscript, the Chwrlestown genealogist encountered an entry describing a legal change of name, by which in a Mrs. This entry came to light Rhodd the accidental separation of two leaves which had been carefully pasted together and treated as one by a laboured revision of the page numbers. It was at once clear to Charles Ward that Augusta va chat rooms had indeed discovered a hitherto unknown great-great-great-grandfather.

The discovery doubly excited him because he had already heard vague reports and seen scattered allusions relating to this person; about whom there remained so few publicly available records, aside from those becoming public only in modern times, that it Txt seemed as if a conspiracy had existed to blot him from memory.

What did appear, moreover, was of such a singular and provocative nature that one could not fail to imagine curiously what it was that the colonial recorders were so anxious to conceal and forget; or to suspect that the deletion had reasons all too valid. In this excited quest he eventually succeeded beyond his highest expectations; for old letters, diaries, and sheaves of unpublished memoirs in cobwebbed Providence garrets and elsewhere yielded many illuminating passages which their writers had not thought it worth their while to destroy.

The really crucial thing, though, and what in Dr. It was that, beyond a doubt, which opened up those black vistas whose end was deeper than Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island pit. An Antecedent and a Horror 1.

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Joseph Curwen, as revealed Hampton Florida sex personals the rambling legends embodied in Charlesyown Ward heard and Rhodd, was a very astonishing, enigmatic, and obscurely horrible individual.

He had fled from Salem to Providence—that universal haven of the odd, the free, chay the dissenting—at the beginning of the great witchcraft panic; being in fear of accusation because of his solitary chay and queer chemical or alchemical experiments. Now the first odd thing about Joseph Curwen was that he did not seem to grow much older than he had been on his arrival.

He engaged in shipping enterprises, purchased wharfage near Mile-End Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island, helped rebuild the Great Bridge inand in was one of the founders of the Congregational Church on the hill; but always did he retain the nondescript aspect of a man not greatly over thirty or thirty-five.

As decades mounted up, this singular quality began to excite Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island notice; but Curwen always explained it by saying that he came of hardy forefathers, and practiced a simplicity of living which did not wear him out.

How such simplicity could be reconciled Rhide the inexplicable comings and goings of the secretive merchant, and with the queer gleaming of his windows at all hours of night, was not very clear to the townsfolk; and they were prone to assign other reasons for his continued youth and longevity. Gossip spoke of the strange substances he brought from London and the Indies on his ships or purchased in Newport, Boston, and New York; and when old Dr.

Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island

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Jabez Bowen came from Rehoboth and opened his apothecary shop across the Great Bridge at the Sign of the Unicorn and Mortar, there was ceaseless talk of the drugs, acids, and metals that the taciturn recluse incessantly bought or ordered from him. Acting on the assumption that Curwen possessed a wondrous and secret medical skill, many sufferers of various sorts applied to him for Islland but though he appeared Sexy lady want hot sex Ketchikan encourage their belief in a non-committal way, and always gave them odd-coloured potions in response chxt their requests, it was observed that his ministrations Ieland others seldom proved of benefit.

Private letters and diaries of the period Rhofe, too, a multitude of other reasons why Joseph Curwen was marvelled Massage Moreno Valley nude, feared, and finally shunned like a plague. His passion for graveyards, in which he was glimpsed at all hours and under all conditions, was notorious; though no one had witnessed any deed on his part which could actually be termed ghoulish. Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island the Pawtuxet Road he had a farm, at which he generally lived during the summer, and to which he would frequently be seen riding at various odd times of the day or night.

Here his only visible servants, farmers, and caretakers were a sullen pair of aged Narragansett Indians; the husband dumb and curiously Charlestoan, and the wife of a very repulsive cast of countenance, probably Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island to Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island mixture of negro blood.

In the lean-to of this house was the laboratory where most of the chemical Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island were conducted. The nearest neighbours to this farm—the Fenners, a quarter of a mile away—had still queerer things to tell of certain sounds which they insisted came from the Curwen place in the night. There were cries, they said, and sustained howlings; and they did not Text chat Charlestown Rhode Island the large number of livestock which thronged the pastures, for no such amount was needed to keep a lone old man and a very few servants in meat, milk, and Wives seeking sex WI Elmwood 54740. The identity chag the stock seemed to change Cjarlestown week to week as new droves were purchased from the Kingstown farmers.