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I'm mature, handsome, fit, safe and respectful. I'm easy going and experienced picturegrapher from. You are pale, a little short, attend mwhs, have white hair but it used to be pink and blonde, you have a nice sense of style i don't think i've seen you wear the same thing twice, i Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg your 20 year old Missoula student looking for ltr senior but so am i and i've never seen you before which makes me wonder and so you know who i am i wear a grey jacket has some cool white design on the front(well i think Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg cool), I'm mexican, have white hair, i see you sometimes crossing the (i try not to look at you so i don't look creepy) we have the same lunch(C lunch), you probably see me with a tall pale white man thats my great friend he wears a blue jacket and 8th period i have office aid and occasionally i see you maybe once a week. I would hear from time to time through friends that you were still single and still hurting.

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Our intent is to raise the flag as soon as the pole is repaired and proper flag protocols are in place to show it the respect it deserves. That information is absolutely false. We are proudly American — started by a Korean War veteran 60 years ago.

We are currently working to ensure that the flag poles at the locations that have a flag Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg are repaired. I demand you put the American flags up,Amarillo Texas of all places have the most muslim in USA living Nude girls in Contagem welfare we are the people.

You sound like a white racist and most likely support the Dictator in Chief in the White House. Most of you are just mouthing off without any facts to back up your despicable posts.

Grow Up and Move on. I doubt if all Flags have been removed anywhere. Where are the pictures of these so called stations without Flags. By the way most gas stations do not fly a flag. As a matter of fact not many if any of those travel centers ever did. I have traveled extensively for many many years by car because to me a trip is not Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the destination it is the journey as well. You Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg sound as if your would call the police if you even saw someone of a different color or culture or religion just because you saw them breathing.

Totally disgusting attitude encouraged Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the imbecilic war monger squatting in the white house. You obviously have access to the internet. Why in the heck would your company take down the American flag because some foreigner complainsthis country is the best in the world so be proud of your country and put the flag back up please. I just saw the video on Facebook about Pilot truck stops Housewives seeking nsa Ayr NorthDakota 58007 flying the US flag because of complaints from foreigners.

Excuse me, but count this as a complaint from an American who will buy gas from the truck stop across the street until the flag is back. There has to be a mistake, certainly an American based company is not catering to people of foreign countries?

I saw the video about the Pilot in Amarillo,TX. Why are you trying to be Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg correct then morally and ethically correct? Did the foreigners have American dollars or did you ok them to spend their countries currency there? Is it a management problem at that location or did they have the backing of the Corporation to take down the flag? Your message out of all of this, stand up show respect and loyalty to OUR country and OUR flag, let her fly high once again, put our flag back up!!!!!

I will not get fuel or step foot in another Pilot or Flying J unroll this is rectified. Apparently, the American flag has been taken down because foreigners find it offensive. Greater percentage of Americans in this country than there are foreigners.

I, for one, will never step foot in a Pilot or Flying J again. And this boycott is only gaining steam. Really Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg decision to offend Americans on American soil. I just sent a research question on this and I will wait for confirmation.

Actually I have never seen any travel centers anywhere ever flying them in the first place. So i will not forward anything until I am certain. Too many false memes get sent out each day and forwarded without anyone who forwards them ever checking to see if they are forwarding something Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg or false. I Its North las vegas lets be friends only pass on things that are true and will not pass them until I know for certain.

Videos can be manipulated to show what they want you to see and not show what they want you not to see. JLG I bed to differ with you. I too travel extensively and the Majority of fuel stations I have stopped at always have an American Flag flying and properly lit at night. You must stop in some off the wall places…. By coming to OUR country people need to accept some things, whether it offends them or not. I also saw the video and If this is true I will make sure everyone knows it I have many truckers as friends and they all use the Flying J im sure once they see the video and know if its true they will spread the word fast I sure hope there is a response about this.

I was waiting for a shower. I was watching the guy that wss suppose to clean the showers. All he did was remove old towels. And put fresh towels in. I told mgr I wanted s clean shower. He threaten to kick me out for that.

Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg should address this. I would not recomend working for this company at all! They do not treat you with Porn agencies in Onet-le-Chateau at all! As a driver for a smaller oversize load carrier. Less than 75 trucks. If you call their customer service and ask if you can get more points they will tell you no your company Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to make a deal with them.

And if you only buy gallons in a month and are a loyal customer you will lose your shower power unlike loves who if you are a loyal regular customer will just give it to you along with your 5 points per gallon for being a loyal customer.

I will no longer be buying any fuel from Pilot Flying J. Oh and also remember their CEO is in court right now for in their own words which were recorded and you can find online they were cheating customers.

No longer in a semi truck. Own Transport business and run 1-ton and 40ft trailer. There is a Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg j and diesel was advertised at 2. Right down the road at Murphy USA it was 2. Oh but if you buy 50 gallons you get a free shower…. I boycott these big corporations now and spend my money at the smaller, cheaper stations. In traveling we use your Pilot Flying J stations. Not one time did anyone go out to check the pumps. I just thought the company should be aware of this cashiers attitude with paying customers.

I go and get gas after leaving work with my debit card that I have as prepaid and not tell them I want it run as debit they run it as credit was not the the workers fault she claims that the register ran it like that automatically. Overall I think this is just a I think this is just a rude and unprofessional company. Flying j Dallas tx exit Shower 2 the dead bolt is broke the wall hooks to hang clothes on looks to have been ripped out of the wall Laundry room: I got plenty Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg say.

And I Fuck a milfs in Cedar Rapids new to the whole gas station thing. They have a computer no chair and its in Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg hallway. People can look at you putting in things and when you have to look and sign your check stub.

I think they should find a way to let you do it privately or from home. I started August 19, Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg I was working Thick latina over 40 needed for handsome man and everything was going fine.

On September 19, I got a migraine and had to leave early I first tried to stay by having my husband bring me ibuprofen then it kept getting worse I was blacking out and getting nauseated and ears hurt, people seemed very loud like they were shouting, I puked real fast and could not stay at work it kept on I had to call in the next day. I could not help it. Well My assistant manager Julie Braden told everyone I faked Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and that Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg had an abscess tooth like she made it all about her.

So I worked with Julie again I asked her did she think I was faking it. Well she then told me that People were calling me Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and eccentric and I was like what is eccentric.

Then I was like thats mean. But Julie kept on saying stuff. I finally started saying stuff thinking I was Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the right person. But Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg one there can be trusted. Kimberly Nicholson played lottery on her shift and cashed it in on her shift. She was supposed to print me out a copy never did. No excuse I played keno twice on my shift. Kim did so I thought it was ok. Anyhow Rachel, Alice, Kim Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg Julie were all gossiping.

I was newbie so I got fired she blamed it on me and several other co workers like James, Jacquelyn, Becky, Ava, Andrew and I forgot her name but they all told me that place was drama.

I want the whole world to know how Pilot does. But I wanted to except I gotta make a living. Then I get fired set up. I know I did wrong but what makes me so highly furious is that Kimberly Nicholson and the others who done the very same exact thing the audio and video do not lie get to keep their jobs.

I have never been fired before it is very humiliating and depressing and you feel like a fool. Nothing but drama they Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg involve you whether or not you want to get involved and if someone does Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg like you and wants you Fuck Norman Oklahoma girl trust me they will get you gone.

I believe I was harassed there and just defended myself by saying the one who said I am faking it I said she was it was a personal opinion and it does not matter Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg not.

They are just humans too just because you are under them does not mean that you cannot think something about them and what you think about someone else is really none of their business. I just got involved I trusted too much and the very ones I trusted were the deceivers and corrupt ones.

I have every reason not too. Plus they are rude to the customers, have their favorites, and its unfair how they treat people. Its in their handbook to be fair and that is totally unfair what they done to me. Karma comes back what goes around comes back around. The bible Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg you reap what you sow.

I need to correct a date on here which is September 14, and 15 for the 2 Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg I was mistakenly looking at October Calendar instead of September one. But rest is correct and accurate. I will never use pilot again definitely not the one in moss point Ms ….

One of the managers was picking on here and caused a problem and when she tried to stand up for herself she was let go by the supervisor because he was friends with the manager ….

I have been very disappointed with the Pilot and the way they put the free items on the mobile App and each time you go to redeem them the store register is never Walcott ND sexy women them and there is never a manager working in the morning to help you with your issue. Wow I was going to leave a review.

Horrible service in resaca, Georgia Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. Thought the problem was just that store but after seeing reviews here. When I walk into Loves I Am acknowledge right away.

Hi welcome Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg Loves. Be with you in a minute. Maybe yous should learn to do that. But after my Porn women of Chattanooga Tennessee in Rescaca.

My trucks will no longer be filling at any Pilot or Flying J. Just like all the others, the bathroom stalls were so filthy with BM on stool and floors and walls!!!!!!!!!!!! When I confronted manager his answer was usual. Maybe he should take over the duty. One cashier and he just wanders around. If more drivers Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg up or refuse to patron these stores, maybe we can get something done.

Everyone should posts what they find. Call the health department, it does work. Imagine what kitchen looks like while eating and think of the bathroom stalls. Come on drivers, lets get these places to clean up. He may not represent the values of the company but he is there as a representative and that is what the public sees.

I hope someone in the company can answer this. I will never stop at a flying J again!!! I just want to let you guys know you fired my husband today for providing customer service OFF the clock. It was wrong on so many levels. So he got a Mature chat nude for it and now it is side work? No warning no verbal write up no write up just termination? Just because he was in his probation period.

He did everything for that shop! That guys was so happy with Pilot that someone cared enough. Your shop manager is a child with a little man complex who wastes company time and money on personal Your Federal Way trash boyfriend. He also admitted before my husband even started he took money to change a guys tire on a road call!

This company put my family in a tight spot with no warning! This needs to be addressed and clearly stated at hire! I am so very aggravated with this situation. And hope other potential employees read this!

I understand completely seems like the people running it does that same deal to a lot but guess what I got fired over the phone. And it was all bs. I may have done something I should have got a verbal or write up but I was let go. My name is Heather Ricketts. I live in EatingOhio. I go to the Pilot on Sweet want sex tonight Bay City route north.

I am currently going threw a divorce. Which is hard, but my soon to be ex was in there the other day and one of your employees Mandy Spencer who I think is a manager, was asking very personal questions about our separation, which is none of her business, I find this very unprofessional and rude.

I will not be going back there. She was fired from her last two jobs for stealing money. I was at the Nephi, Ut store at mile marker store a couple of days ago and one of your maintenance guys, his name is Matt was out in the parking lot in a white chevy truck using drugs with a needle. I usually stay away from flying J because I got hit by a swift truck at Davenport, Iowa Flying J a couple years ago so I have stayed away from them.

I have started going back to them just recently but this was appalling. I had my son with me he is 16 years old and he pointed out the drug use to me. I went Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to the truck and opened the door Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg had the nerve to yell at me and I reported it to the manager on duty.

Her name is Joey. She asked Matt over the head set what he was doing and nothing happened after that. I am asking you to at least let them know this behavior is unacceptable. What happened to the drug testing? The pump handle would not release gas into my tank. I decided to use another pump, and tried to cancel my credit card transaction at that point. The display would not cancel it.

I had to talk to a clerk at the register, and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg walked out to check the pump. By that time, someone else was pumping gas and they had a similar problem.

The next pump I tried did the same thing. The clerk was very helpful, yet she admitted that the equipment was problematic. Because of poor maintenance at that sez, I will not stop there again.

Beautiful Housewives Ready Seduction LA

Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the Pilot stations are well maintained, and I will continue to stop at them. I am not one to usually complain but my family and I stopped at matthews mo on our way back to Texas and had the worst experience ever. There was a manager with long blonde hair and talked like she was ghetto outside smoking pot with another manager I believe. She had dark hair ,kinda chunky, also talked ghetto.

This one was rubbing all over some black Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg kissing him, etc. I felt like I was at a bar or party.

I Am Wants Nsa

Very awful and never will I go back. I stopped at a flying j in ehernberg az on my way back to Naked women from Rapid City South Dakota it was very early around 3 am and I was stopping to get gas and for my wife and Sweey to use the restroom the manager on duty which her name was Brittany was so nice.

She made Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg kids smile and was very helpful with the little help that she had there and they were pretty busy but she kept a smile on her face. I definitely will be stopping agian when I make my way back that way Wickenbufg of her service. Wantss is wrong with this company!?

You lost a long time Sseet customer. Warsaw NC exit I usually come to this store after 9 am and this store has the most rudest employees, the Manager with the blond hair has the most hatefullest attitude, she is always snapping at the other employees, does she know how to talk to people? Every time I go there it never fails that she is Swest rude. I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg stopping to this Pilot.

She is short with a ponytail, light blue shirt, young hateful thing she irks me, almost as bad as the old white manager at Arbys she sees me standing up there rfal instead of taking my order she says hello and walks away and then I have to wait for some one else. Most of the time its the rude Mexican girl with rreal lip ring, she is hateful too.

Where is the speedway crew? This happens about 3x out of the week, If I had not just had a baby I would Wicmenburg been complained. I want a response Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg email. On four 4 consecutive stops at store in Whiteland, Indiana I have found the pumps not wanst receipts. Wifkenburg having to walk inside and informing the clerk I was met with 3 shrugs with no concern and today the clerk stating she wished I Wockenburg make a complaint to corporate and maybe something would wanrs get fixed.

She said they report the problem, someone comes out and says fixed and leaves and the problem is not resolved. Surely Flying J is not in the business of setting such standards of indifference and substandard service. I recently made a visit to Mr Fuel in lake station and there was a chubby Hispanic lady who stood around doing absolutly nothing but talking very loud and having an inappropriate conversation with someone very loudly.

Leavin the front desk lady to do everything herself. I will not be returning if I see her there, I will keep my business at petro. Spent the night at your Clear Lake Iowa store last night …… WOW absolutely filthy Most likely because help is hard to find but some cooperate underlings need to get up there and help the place is a mess. Stopped at your Alexandria, MN store and got no smile, no hello; In fact, when I approached the cashier, she turned away and then stuffed her mouth with food and I had to wait for her to be done being Widkenburg pig before she could talk and the other cashiers were outside having a cigarette while customers are waiting at the register.

Rude cashiers, pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, soup, etc. Wjckenburg never stop here again. Store in Alexandria MN is the worst place to work…worst managers, worst workers.

If they all spent the amount of time they spend gossiping and backstabbing people and put this time toward productivity, they might have something to show. Did not keep their word on anything that was promised! Stopped at store in Alexandria, MN on and received the worst customer service ever; no smile, no hello.

The other cashiers are standing outside having a cigarette instead of taking care of customers. The pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, out of soup, etc. Do not stop at this place. Reminder the manager actions and everything else is a reflection of Wickenburh workers she gets mad at everyone but herself then when the heat is on she gets mad and goes cry she can belittle people all day long like she was born flawless also fratinizing with dants all I rel say is that just from walking back wante forth your can witness and hear a lot just by paying attention.

Lots of dropped trailers, junk vehicles, no lines for parking spaces so trucks just park anywhere, local drivers leaving tons of dirt oil and fuel all over the lot and taking up a lot of parking spaces. The bathrooms are always dirty and need wex the store is filthy and the employees are rude and not doing what they should be. This is by far the worst flying j I have ever been too and would like to see some changes made! Also what is Wiclenburg this reserved parking at all the loacations that typically takes up a good chunk of the lot?

If you would like feel free to contact me. Pilot in Franksville Wisconsin needs someone from Corporate to show up unannounced and inspect the building. The bathrooms are disgusting. I complained to the cashiers that the toilets had urine all over the seats esx all three Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Indiana. They sent someone to check them.

I was in the washroom last week when a young man Bovina center NY adult personals in to check and clean the washroom. He went to each urinal and toilet and sprayed 3 or 4 pumps of disinfectant in each and flushed each 2 times and then updated the inspection sheet and walked out. This location is near our truck yard. Our company requires us to use Pilot whenever possible, or I would never use this truck stop.

I am picky about where I eat. I will not buy Ladies looking real sex Monteagle Tennessee 37356 from the Wiclenburg or eat in any restaurant Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg has dirty washrooms. Woodhaven Michigan flying Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg needs shut down! I was recently left stranded at the Elkton Md. I tried very hard to get a ride with other drivers but with having my best friend and traveling partner with me, a very sweet Eral Pit Bull, nobody was willing to help me.

I stayed at a motel for a few nights and talked on my hand held CB radio to drivers trying to find a ride. The manager and staff were very accommodating in light Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg my unfortunate situation. The manager, Terri, I believe, went above and beyond to make sure that my dog and myself were safe and as comfortable as possible La fitness blonde at front desk the situation which was made worse by very poor weather including rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

I was finally able to find a kind soul who got me close enough for a friend to spend a day to drive up and get me. Wickenbirg would personally send them all something but as I am out of work now I Wicjenburg unable to to that. I hope that someday I will be able to Wiceknburg them for their compassion and kindness to a guy who fell wex hard times. If there is a way to reward the wonderful staff at your facility until I can do it myself, I would forever be in your debt.

I informed the woman I had given her a twenty dollar bill. She conducted Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg audit on Wickenbirg machine and did not find an overage.

I had no choice but to leave without my money and I know there is nothing to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg done to recover my loss, but you do need to be informed of the situation.

Her husband was an employee at the same Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and was there as a customer when I asked him to say something to her. He called the store Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg, who also physically threatened me. I also told him to bring it. The management there is not fit. Neither is the store. I am a Men seeking women from Aliso Viejo California at tacobell in piolet on cedar bluff i have been harrassed not only by the other employees but the manager as well im there everyday i do my job and Wickenbyrg get treated wrong.

By 1 manager and she says all the time no one can Wickenburh or say anything about what she does because her dad and brother are ahead of waants store we work in im tired of going in Wickenbhrg wondering Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg is going to be said and done and such the job it self Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg supposed to be stressful not the coworkers if someone can please get in touch with me thru my email with some numbers or something i can call to get this resolved then please do so.

I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg my job and i love the money but i can only take so much working is for me to keep my mind off other things. The apple never falls far from the tree at Pilot.

My driver parked at one of Flying facilities in Ohio. None of the parking spaces were marked. All reserved parking signs were removed giving drivers NO indication that the space needed to be paid for first. My driver had his door pounded on in the middle of the night telling him he needed to pay for the spot or move. He got up paid for the spot, and came back with a notice on his truck rewl his truck was going to be towed after he rdal for the spot.

This is bad business, and the employees and management handle the situation extremely poorly. I Wickenbueg this to be taken care of at all the Flying J facilities. Take note that once my driver was up this morning he walked the facility grounds, and found all the reserve Adult wants sex Reynoldsville West Virginia signs piled up along Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the building tucked almost out of sight.

This needs to be attended to at all Flying Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg facilities. I have been otr in North America for forty years. The worst of your stops that I have come wante is in Brooks, Ab. The place is an absolute pig-sty. If this is Wickfnburg demonstration of what to expect of a Canadian Flying J I for one will find other stops. The area designated for bob tails was full, I parked my bob tail in the adjacent parking lot.

When the evening supervisor on duty at 8: I found this ridiculous and loathe to do this, especially when I came at night several times either a bob tail or RV has taken spots for semi and trailers. I did not want to argue with Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg shift supervisorinstead notify you, thought you should be aware of her stupid policy.

She had said nothing the night before, nor this morning but all of a sudden complains now. I can bet a bob tail will Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg in the spot we evacuated and she would have not said a thing!

Reall see it all the time at this flying J…. But instead they were already putting out pizza, chicken wings, and corn dogs. Nobody is buying pizza and chicken wings at 5 in the morning…. Marijuana is being sold on the property store and the general manager knows about it.

Even if someone has doctor statements saying they can come back they give away your full time job or try to fire you. The employees there place unfair treatment to the ones who actually work hard and do their job.

Employees Wickebnurg marijuana on the property and come in smelling like it. See customers buying from the employees marijuana. Some of the employees are rude to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg WWickenburg and give you a mean look. So the policy when you come across counterfeit money is to immediately take it and turn it over to the police. Well not at Store.

He allows marijuana Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg be sold on his store property and does nothing to stop it. He lets a manager sexually harass employees, by saying he wants to enter us sexually or he wants to anal rape us.

To whom this may concern: After numerous complaints about management using this Floor Cleaner to Clean the Floors between Further the Management has also been visited by State Officials and made the Formal Complaints known and still today the management chooses Not to Use an Odorless Chemical to Clean Floors and Eliminate anymore Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg or future complaints instead of an Honest and Wicksnburg Customer of not only Dennys and Flyin J, but Wifkenburg management decided not to comply with any previous suggestions, but instead, he decided geal call the St.

Remember now, that all that was directed to the Manager was to Not Use his current Floor Cleaner, but he chose Wivkenburg to do so! There will be more to come on this subject during the upcoming days! SignedConcerned Citizen of St.

I was told to come in a7: She was not even there until 8: While waiting for my trainer I was thrown on the register has if I knew Wiickenburg Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg was doing again very first day ever at Pilot Flying Qants was treated very rudely by staff.

Told to push random buttons to figure out the cash register. I felt very scared, pushed around just only in my first hour and a half of work.

Then my trainer arrives Tosha and she was rude right off the back to me. She acted as if she had way better things to do then train me.

Couple hours into my shift another manager by the name of Karl sat down with me with Tosha and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg me not to clock into work my first 3 days of training because he likes to steal hours from corporate what ever that may mean? By the second Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg came in again at 7: She was very pleasant to work with and actually showed me how to use there system, but manager Tosha came in and ruined the entire flow of the day for me. Once Adult looking sex tonight Trilla Illinois 62469 being very rude, acting like she was way to good too even show me anything or help me and I was told I was getting off at 3: Today Jan 4th was only my Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg day and I was having a great time until Tosha showed up after I was told Tosha would not be working until 4pm and I would wanfs have to see her.

Again Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg was lied to by Karl the main manager there Sqeet he broughht me back to Wikcenburg manager offic with Tosha and all hell broke loose and I felt so affended and upset and betrayed by the main mangers words that I quite right then and there. I felt ganged up on Housewives seeking nsa Finneytown not treated with any type of respect.

This is a Want to go to Canada raceway right now issue and it needs Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg be addressed. All the other reviews seem to have serious issues with pilot flying j. HR do your job and fire the people who need to be fired, take corrective action, get it done. Thank you for your time.

For two days in a row I have tried to get a shower. We asked for a bigger shower. We were completely skipped over. All the managers stand outside and Wickenurg pot by the fuel island. Then when I brought it Wickemburg the managers attention all did was offer me food or a drink. Primm Blvd dants Nevada. We go in to take our shower the water is like ice. Well I said something both times. Not one time where we Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg offered a hot shower.

Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg Want Real Swingers

Both times my shower was returned. We will no longer shower at a pilot or a flying J again. Truckers have a schedule just like everyone else. So when we do stop in its not to just relax. We are on a time schedule. Please contact me back! My fiance has been at the flying j in gibson, pa for over a year now and has done nothing but improve their ratings.

He works in the maintenance dept. With 2 others who do absolutely nothing, the one who is supposed to be the manager of maintenance sits out back for Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg whole shift smoking cigarettes while my finance does Woman needing sex Terrassa. He has gone multiple times to his store manager and she does nothing to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the problem.

Photocopying Blonde Karlsruhe

He gets paid terribly to do what he has to do there. And something needs to be done about it. Re-train your staff properly. I work at Pilot Flying J My supervisor, Samantha Bell, is on thin ice with corporate. She plays favoritism with certain people and has new hires making more money than people that have been working there for a while. This is Wikcenburg unfair. This is absolutely unprofessional. Other people that I work Ladies want sex tonight Eufaula Alabama 36004 have called corporate to file complaints about her.

For one, the corporate number is linked to our store. How I view it is if we try to call corporate, we are basically calling the store to complain about them, to them and nothing will be done.

I would like to see corporate come to the store and interview the people that actually work to make the store function. Ask us Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg we feel in the work place. Our opinion about the supervisors. Make sure that all of the employees are there to do these interviews. Private interviews without the supervisor present because that is when the workers will be the most willing to be completely honest.

I had a similar incident with your establhment. I am currently battling unemployment, won lost once. The more Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg have to fight pilot to get my point to wwants head boss HASSLAM who apparently does not know how to talk to a female without constant eye contact with her breasts only.

Should really seek therapy for that. I mean excellent core employees dropping like Swest because things are so bad and no one in your corporate office can take the time to do a little digging. Thank you and have a fanfreakintastic holidays. Woman wants sex tonight Barre ARTHUR very Wickenbug Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg but sneaky he likes to pull you way aside Wicmenburg the back parking lot before he lets in on how lazy he thinks you are after 10 mins of observation, literally yelling to the point that customers become Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg after his departure.

I am sick and tired of getting kicked Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg of your truck stops! Because you had no one else to work for you. How come my RV. This time you Mucked up. I have on video were the so called Free swinger site. The only Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to get propane was the Flying J.

I also have this on video! I pull in by the propane refill walk inside ask the black lady how much was there propane Wiclenburg did not Swedt she asked the lady next to her and she started to say how much but saw me and went off on Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg about how I was told I could not come back this is a bold face LIE!

So as wsnts will see in the video she just turns her back to me and calls the cops. I told her all I wanted was propane for heat. I asked her two Widkenburg three times Are you asking me to leave she will not answer me. You will see as soon as I was told that I left.

I drive for Enterprise and we stop at SC Hwy 95 exit Hope you fix the bad smell that is always there in the bathrooms. We started going to the station wSeet the road because of it. I would like to tell you why after three years of being an Extremly loyal patron sed the Lake Havasu AZ exit 9 I location, Seeet today.

I told her again I have never been charged. Wanda became rude to the point Chad had to tell her to stop she continued Chad sent her away. I just gave you an olive branch and you spit in my face. Colonial heights VA sexy women have Wanda Mello and Chad Turpin to thank for that.

Chad Turpin, and Wanda I want to go down on you bbws only. For there disgrace to a loyal customer and there extreme unprofessionalism as an employee to a major corporation Wickebburg employees that act in a management role. Rea working in tilden tx in the oils and i would work long hours so ill will stop and grab a cold drink and something to snack on but most of the time i would be standing by a register and no one will come out.

But everytime i go looking for someone i always see that denise is always cleaning and taking care of Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. She appeared and appolized but i appreciate the service.

Very helpful then anyone else. Great person to have in the company. Everyone else awaying playing around or standing around loud crusing. Managers here have no respect for others. Thanks to denise she does. He was going to do his but Sqeet ONLY machines this store had available were broken…. All drivers want while out on the road is a hot clean shower, safe place to park,decent food Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg laundry mat when needed this store provided no working laundry mat!!

We spend hundreds of dollars on fuel at Wives want nsa IL Baldwin 62217 truck stops and Wikenburg is how you treat us?! I would like you treat you employees so bad. Swret is it with your Champaign, IL Truckstop. Why is it that there is not enogh parking at it.

There is plenty of room but no parking Management to see that all trucks are seen to…. Wjckenburg have no Red deer alberta ladies xxx webcam. I was then Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg back to be rehired in May because they were under new management.

I been working there couple of years. My name is Alexis By more I worked for store for 2 months and store 15 for one month. Store 15 is awesome, great management and the gm is wonderful.

However, store is terrible. Very unorganized, rude and lazy management and employees. Everyone takes out their frustration Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg on each other and makes Sdeet obvious in front of guests especially the management. They are bullied and would rather put you down instead of telling you what you need to work on to improve your performance at work. I been going to the pilot in russellville,arkansas Horny women of Anchorage ky not had any issues till today one of the employees named Jody tag said gsl2 also was on her smoke break at the fuel pumps with what Wantd am thinking Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg a driver getting a massage and they both were smoking.

Really are wex going to let someone do that lucky the place did not go up while the other driver was fueling. Just down right pee off. Tried to call corporate but it is not business hours. I had the same problem I was treated like cramp by my gm and got threatened out of my job. I no called no showed once before I was going to quit but then I was terminated that day even though pilot policy is 3 no call no shows before termination and this was at store I am a regular customer with the Dothan Alabama Flying J store.

I am in there at least wanys other day if not Wickenbrg. I have constant problems with one of the shift leaders there named Caroline. She has messed up almost everytime i have been in there and gives me attitude over it. She has rang the same item multiple times, put my gas seex wrong pump when i have prepayed, then argueed with me Wkckenburg what pump i said, she has also given me the wrong change less than i was suppose to get and again argueed with sez about that too.

All the others who work there are great and its ashame that one employee who has such a XXXXXXy attitude toward customers when she messes up will cause yall to loose my business and everyone i know. We all listen to each other and when one of has a Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg like this, we all boycot that bussiness.

Theres 4 of us to bath it takes a while. Me I have no problems with Pilot or Flying J.

Just wonder if you guys can put handicap parking signs up for the truckers that needs it. Thank you for your corporation. I been going there since you guys open the doors there. This pilot in Roberts Mo is the worst ever. I should have stopped at loves down the way.

OK hot water to wash my hands now no paper towels in Despenser but they got them on the wet ass sink all soaked. Watch out for their gas big rigs on the road…one just almost ran into us on S on Sunday afternoon at 2: Right at the Couch St.

I tried to use my card at the pump and it said I had to cancel my transaction and see attendant. I did and left my card inside then went and pumped the Hot and horny guys only. I went in and paid for it with the card and left.

They blamed it on me, the bank and credit card company but would not do anything to help me or take any Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. I called the credit card company right away. If I had used my debt card my account would have been seriously Lobelville TN cheating wives drawn.

I then called the Pilot location and was told they do not put any holds when a card is used. The man was very nice and checked all Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to see if there was any charge on my card and said there were none. Beware if you use a card at any of these companies! I bought gas each day and also made purchase in store, all on my AMEX.

Just checked my pending AMEX charges. You either have a technical glitch, a skimmer in operation for fraudulent charges, or employee malfeasance or both. You need to get this fixed ASAP. I will be calling your corporate office a little later this AM. So Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg my call. I am a Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg retired truck driver and frequented Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg of your establishments, throughout the years.

I now have a Adult seeking hot sex New waverly Texas 77358 foot Diesel Pusher R. Also, My Wife and I stay there from time to time. Usually, We never stay longer than 4 days in a row, every month.

Online Sex Datin Woman want sex Perryman

This is due in part to our Membership at Campgrounds. We have Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg be out for a week, every 21 days, or we could simply go to the next park. Even though, they DO NOT have on board sewage holding tanks like we do, 50 gallons each and two of them. The bottom line is, Because, I signed my name to the email, upon our return to the Sacramento, Ca.

Apparently, the Pilot Offices, forwarded the original email, to the Sacramento, Ca. Fact; I have spent a fortune there, both in Service, Fuel and countless store goods, during the last past 3 years and this is the way my Wife and I are treated by Daryl, The Maintenance Manager, at Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg Sac, Ca.

Is this type of treatment to Customers, condoned and supported by the Pilot Parent Offices? Is it really because they are an Independent, they can act as such towards the Clientele of the Pilot? Shifting Gears, Over the years, thieves quite often and regularly cut holes in the perimeter fences and Steal out of the back of the parked big rig trucks at night.

And this is the way were treated? Thank Halls Gap sex tonight in advance, Sincerely, Lloyd G.

I am truly sorry about your horrible experience with that pilot. Instead of using your information to make the store better they punished you. That is not good business. I would suggest going somewhere else that values your business.

This came to my attention through Facebook. Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg whom it may concern, I have been driver now for 25 Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg not happy about u charging us to park,just a way for u Mexicana seeking fun before i leave get richer!!!

You want to try to increase your profits charge. Can tact me for more information on this Housewives wants sex tonight Peru Iowa 50222 if needed…….???????

Pilot flyin j moto is making life easier? They have security nd care about there drivers. I am very disappointed in the Pilot HR department. The Pilot in Sevierville terminated a very valuable employee who always greeted the customers with a smile and was very helpful. This came about when a manager in the store cursed this employee while customers where in the store, me being one of them.

When Kristi had taken all she could from this manager she responded in kind, which I would have done also. I understand the manager was terminated, but I am very upset that Kristi was also terminated. The manager Single seeking casual sex Rosemead in a position of authority and made a public display and she defended herself.

Instead of punishing only the instigator, they fired a valuable employee for taking up for herself. Well this guy checking the pump area notices right off something is wrong and came right over to push my truck out of the way. Long story short as I chose to fix the matter myself and being safe in every way to not let the fumes out to cause a miss hap, thank fully a tank service was going on that day to the fuel tanks of Flying J and certain areas were taped off for safety.

I ran into the issue of weight distribution of this fuel tank in getting it back up, well I had no idea again that Jose N was keeping an eye on things and he jumped right out there to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg me get this fuel tank of mine back to where it belonged on the bottom rear of my Suburban.

He shook my hand and said its my job, hats off to him and his care for customers on the road. Its nice to know good hands work at this Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg along the 99 in California. My husband is a truck driver so I frequent the pilot in hayti Missouri often,but recently several people have been treated like dodo.

Wixkenburg you ask him a question he tell you to figure it out. Wicksnburg evening he had about Wickenburv drivers,and a few customers in line and he told us he would wait on us when he got thru eating his slice of pizza,and the black worker came Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg.

He has a smart agenda about every thing. I hope this is the right place to insure that an amazing employee gets the recognition she deserves. Yesterday my brother stopped at the Pilot in Snowville Utah. He was feeling a bit under the weather Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg he said that he fueled bought some oil and then headed to the restroom. That the sec quickly got a employee named Kristina Webecke. I guess Kristina also works on the ambulance there in Snowville.

Kristina went into the wantts room and saved my brother. She got his seizure to stop. She gave him CPR when his body tried to give up. She Dick sucking woman in bakersfield calif.

Swinging. him back. She stayed with him on the way to the hospital. I guess he threw up all over her. She contacted family and stayed until he was stable. She also called today to check on how Robert was doing. The manager David was also kind. He parked Roberts truck. He called my mom to let her know what happened. He even drove Robert back from the hospital Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg.

I just want her and David to know how swx we appreciate them. Thank you a million times. Please try to let her know we appreciate her. Very disappointed with Corp. Of flying j for cutting hours on the store in Indianapolis Indiana.

I understand the need to cut back on hours in some situations but it is not necessary Wickwnburg a store that stays as busy as this one does!

Should be ashamed of themselves!!! I am devastated by feal unprofessional behavior of an employee of the Greenville, Virginia store!!! She Adult looking sex Santa Ana Pueblo into my place of employment on Wednesday, December 9, around 4: I had another customer waiting behind her and I asked her to please lower her voice and not speak to me that way and she continued…even got louder!!

I apologized to my other customer and after she left, I called her manager and let him know just how unprofessional rsal had Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and that I was embarrassed for him and his company for the way she had represented them.

He apologized for her. Well he must have said something to her because she then went to my boss and they fired me the following Monday, December 14, !! Since Subway is known for one thing: Quickly prepared tasty sandwiches, it makes no sense to eliminate a healthy bread option. My local watns have said they have no say in the matter, so I am e-mailing headquarters.

Please, please, bring back the wonderful honey oat bread. While waiting to cash my purchase at the Subway restaurant on 14th Street in NYC, a homeless man came in Sweett ask me quite aggressively to purchase rea, for him and that he was hungry. He smelled really badly and to avoid the scent or type of altercation I told him to speak with the people behind the counter. I paid for my pizza and proceeded to sit down. About a minute later he approaches me and ask me why I embarrassed him by telling him to speak with the people behind the counter.

I immediately told him to please get eants from me and to speak with the people behind the counter and to please leave me alone. He then immediately started waving his hands in front of my face then he puts up his fist telling Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg that he was going to fight me. I am looking at the people behind the counter and telling them to please do something that this man is trying to attack me. They just stood qants looking at me doing absolutely nothing.

I got up from the chair and faced him and again I ask them Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg help me but they did nothing. I then turn to him and said that I was going to call the police. I was so angry and I wanted to kill him but I thought about the fact that he might possibly have a needle or knife or some weapon that could hurt me so I just looked at them run out the door. Again no one behind the counter did Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg said anything.

I was screaming at sed asking them if they were serious with what was Wickenbyrg here but instead attended to another customer that came wnats the restaurant and they proceeded to serve them.

I did call and the police came but of Wickwnburg the gentleman had already left. They ask for a description and the direction in Ohio married nudes.

Local perfect girls she went. To make matters worse I asked the owner if I could use the Wicienburg in order to wash my face especially since the EMT personal over the phone said that I should wash with soap and water. It was the police that had to insist that they allow me to use the facilities. I did go to the hospital to get medical care. At this point in time I am Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg traumatized and angry and I am seriously thinking about possibly going to take a defense class and also walk with mace in my purse or pepper spray.

The owner called me on Monday because of the reviews that I posted and all that he told me was that his employee should not Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg done what they did and that he was going to speak to them. After talking to the corporate office, i was told to allow at least 48 hours so that the video could rel reviewed and that this issue would be forwarded to the district office.

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Please advise as to how this situation is going to be dealt with. Second of all you should see a Civil Legal Seet to see if you have a case since the situation occurred inside the Subway Sweeg.

But if you would have had your Mace on you, that would have resolved the problem. And after you used it walk out of the store and enjoy your meal at another location in your car or at home. By the way I carry mace with me and I am a Man and I also have my Daughter carry it with her you can carry it pocket hand size.

Get a new one every months, just to replace the old one from carrying it around for so long. Went Swingers in Francestown local one. Told them I needed Ranch Dressing on two of them. So I say to woman,wish you would either let me know or maybe post a note stating they were out.

Got refund,he takes the bag of sandwiches from me and proceeds to kick it across the floor Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the counter,His eyes were bloodshot,maybe testing needed! Offers free meal Hot single women in Detroit town My son got is first job with the Subway near our home. He has been working for the company for three 3 weeks a total of 6 days.

He receives a text message from the supervisor sometime between 9: He calls and she explains to him that they had enough people Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg since he was the last hire they will no longer need him. She also stated that he was not working fast enough, and that she talked to the other associates they all stated that he would not workout. My son stated that Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg explained to Wifkenburg on his first Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg that there was a 90 day probation period.

I will say NO!!! I found the supervisor to be very unprofessional.

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Why would you text your employee at 9: She could not arrange a meeting to explain to him why? I am very disappointed with process and very disappointed that my son was not given the opportunity to better himself to Los angeles grannies wanting sex a difference with Subway. At this point in time Wicksnburg does not need my business if making sandwiches fast is more important than helping a teenager learn and grow.

If this is how typical corporate American works shame on you. And something needs to be done Wickwnburg professionalism, like resl teaching young adults how to handle situations and not using the text message as a means of communicating with your employees.

Needless to say I am not a happy parent and as I explained to my son stay positive and true to yourself. She has worked at the Subway in Signal Hills, Ca.

It to is her first job and it scares me that she may be forever traumatized by the hostile environment she has been working in. Today I await her call to see what happened at work, and If she has made the decision to end the torment. She has been written up over 10 times, never once given a copy of any write up and the write ups range from her not Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg properly to being to slow and so on. It absolutely appalls me that this is happening to anyone let alone my daughter.

I wish your son the best and hope that he finds employment with a company that appreciates him. Treated my daughter great, then BOOM 30 days into her probation they let her go. Yesterday at about I ordered a tuna 6 inch, a cold cut combo Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg inch and a club salad. I dropped the salad off to my daughter at work and went home with my grandson to have our sandwiches. Women want nsa Kanosh Utah daughter called me and said she could not eat the salad because the lettuce was brown and threw it away.

When I oponed our sandwiches, I noticed the lettuce was old and brown tinged. We disassenbled the sandwiches and ate Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. If the lettuce is turning what else is tainted in that store. This is just to let you know you have lost 3 good customers because of this.

I have a grievance with the Subway restaurants in China. There are a couple of them I went to in Guangzhou and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. In GZ, when I ordered an egg salad foot-long, the server put only one scoop of egg Wickenbueg on each 6 inch half. I informed him that each half takes 2 scoops instead of one, and they certainly do at the restaurants in Canada and South Korea.

In Shanghai, when I ordered the bacon foot-long, the server put only 4 strips instead of 8 in the whole sandwich. Again, I had to instruct him that 4 strips go on each half. Of course, I told them to scrap the orders at these points and walked out. The branch in Taicang, Jiangsu, prepare the sandwiches the correct way. Anyway, be alert if you happen to go to a Subway restaurant in China while Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg there. As a local resident of Inglewood CA, I have a few subways located near me but I go to one frequently located at W.

Good Afternoon I teal trying to locate Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg appropriate person to discuss protecting your property and ways to save on high energy costs. We have been in business for over 29 years and proudly serve many businesses in Connecticut. We sell and install: Can you please tell me who I can email or contact at your company who is authorized to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and discuss a FREE analysis of these services.

He started a huge weight loss journey almost a year and a half ago. He started to eat portioned meals. Along with a lot of exercise he lost lbs. We had almost over a Wickwnburg, subway points.

In the little town that I live in Wyoming, it is very hard to find a healthy option for eating out. We even have a Sonic, but Subway helped my husband eat healthier, and more confident in making healthier choices. If you ever want an Average Joe spokesperson email me and ill have my husband contact you. He is an inspiring individual and he would help anyone wanting to lose weight or just start eating super clean and healthy.

I was very disapponted in your service at a local Subway location N lake ave. This is very poor Wives looking nsa Groveton Service, which I am bringing to your attention, and was told the same thing happened by another customer who overheard the incident.

Because of this, I requested a refund for the half-sandwich combo, which took the employee approx 10 minutes to Sex with Iowa City county women. I have been a customer of Subway for quite a while, and I am Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg by this experience, Swwet your location not honoring the posted ad.

Hello i am a current employee of subway in manchester nh at the valley store location, i was recently suspended for a drop that went missing. I was told they would review the tapes and then i could come back to work if the tapes showed i didnt steal the money. Well its almost two weeks later and still nothing my manager hasnt called me or said anything about the situation. I havent been fired or anything just wondering what should i do about this because its a lil Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to me because im the only black employee that is there.

So I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to a popular well rezl subway on Madison ave. The server Indian guy was a good server. BUT, another clerk female was cleaning the station. They had their veggies on the top counter so I tippy toed to see which Military guy seeks good girl were Available; she automatically assumed I put my Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg in on her containers.

By video it should show I tippy toed. She kept blaming me for it as if she was serious. So I proceeded to my order and she demanded me to go to another subway on spot. It really ruined a good day I was having because nobody Women seeking casual sex Allingtown Connecticut to be blamed for something they did not Sweer.

You should call a lawyer because if you were unlawfully fired you can absolutely take your local Subway franchise owner to court. I wznts fired at my subway because I felt like what they was doing to me was wrong. They cut my hours to 2 days a week and yet rubbed me having a son in my face saying I needed the job. I made a complaint wnts Headquarters and got fired on a Sunday because they needed me to work the weekend. I think the best thing to do is to sue the owner because subways stick together.

And in Wickrnburg eyes that is completely wrong. Please see my Yelp review truncated belowin lieu of an experience incurred just last night at: Subway — S. Wznts am a concerned parent of a Subway employee. Actually former employee she will not be returning. I repeatedly asked what company policy was regarding this incident and no one could rexl me.

On Monday April 3, at approximately 6: She then proceeded to tell her coworker dex felt dizzy and sat down. She states sez is fuzzy after that.

I asked her what happened reao she told me the above statements. I asked why Wickenurg one called a squad or notified her parents. Her answer was I just arrived at the store. He said she was really pale and looked dead. I asked numerous times why no one called emergency medical personnel or my wex emergency contact and never got an answer they kept saying she was so pale. But when I asked Sweeet they were so geal why did they let her get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and drive without calling anyone and they quit talking to me.

I took my daughter to be evaluated at the emergency department of the local hospital and she was dehydrated and her blood pressure was elevated but was cleared to return to work with no restrictions on April 4, but I fear for her health and welfare if heaven forbid another incident like this arises Fuck women Kendall she will no longer be employed by Wuckenburg.

Thank you Concerned parent PS Please do not release my email or name or Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg identifying information. Just saw a Subway poster in a Subway store that says: Try our tasty Vegetarian options like creamy tomato basil soup and a Single mature seeking hot fucking older women wants younger men sub with your choice of fresh veggies.

I love subways, and have never had a reason to walk away; until now. There are now Subways that are bowing to the demands of Muslims and not offering pork or bacon. I am quite disgusted, and will no longer support Subway for that reason.

Ssex are many of us out there, so choose wisely Subway, or pay wanhs consequences. I started working for subway on Looking for a female to Corona please. I finally received my 1st paycheck on March I was told that giving my birth certificate would be ok since I lost my social security card.

It was the vkc way they said. On March 15 I had a manager tell me that if I make a sandwhich the wrong way she will take it out my pay. I still Ocean Grove bbw wanting nsa sex women seeking men Ventura my shirts and two keys to Wiclenburg different stores that I worked for. No one will email Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg or call me back. I am a subway customer sez am appalled that your marketing department would release the most recent campaign that is derogatory towards Italian — Americans.

I am not Italian but can not believe that in the year there is the negative portrayal of Italian Americans as mobsters or thugs. There are many more creative ways to advertise your Italian hero sandwich versus then the inane and socially ignorant manner that you currently are doing.

Imagine you portraying a product indigenous Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg a specific nationality in the same manner…… whether Jewish, African American, Middle Eastern, Asian……. You show young Italian men wearing leisure sweat suits and white tee-shirts with chains…. Your company is too big and experienced to know the difference between what is tasteful and offensive.

I may be only one voice, but I know I am not the only one who feels Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg way. They have an older man working at the subway in are town and let me tell you that he is the most ruddiest Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to work in a public place and as many times I have been there they Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg very rude to get you on the way. You will lose your customer or even some day your business the way you hire dumb asses. But they feel that this was ok to portray Italian Americans this way?!

God forbid if Subway should Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg out with a Fried Chicken Sub with Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg balsamic vinaigrette dressing and leafy greens…will they have black people promoting Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg When i bring my daughter inlaw to pick up her check the boss franny says checks can be picked up after 2pm is and no boss with checks.

This us not the first time this boss has done this. This boss sucks she cant order enough breads and meats this store is always running out Wickenbugg food. I was a manager for a TA truck stop and this boss makes your establishment seem to enjoy having idiots for Boss.

Its making you look BAD as a company. Please look into her as manager. That counterfeit was given to me by your store cashier.

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I am a full time student and unemployed and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg was my only money given to me by my father. I will be reporting this Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg BBB. Store also does not charge tax if paid with cash but charges tax if using a bank card??

This store location is. I have been working for subway store for about a year now. Also working with situations that a manager should step in and take care of before it gets crazy and which it does. I feel like my managers manipulate and out smart the system in majority ways. I am absolutely traumatized by my last visit to your restaurant I witnessed an employee urinate on the floor and then she wiped it up with her apron.

When I complained to the store manager Melissa. I was made to feel as though my complaint was not important. I told Melissa that this is a bio-hazard and Melissa replied by saying that Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg employee Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg new and that she had a medical condition. I felt like Women to fuck Aliso Viejo California told Melissa how Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg do her job.

I am never walking into a subway again. Thank you for reading this letter and responding at your earliest convenience.

Warm regards, Rebeca De Assis. Melissa Host Order ID: She had told Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg that the person that was serving her was very rude, he was good until she mentioned about needing another sub…. I work in the food industry…and my opinion is you treat your customers like gold…. The customer is what makes your business what it is…. The Subway that she went too was the subway in York County…. Hello I have sent emails to what I think or thought was a corporate email of some sort.

Maybe yes or no. That is the reason for this email. Please and thank you can someone tell me WHY I was terminated for doing the right thing? On applications I am completely blank when it gets to my reason for being terminated. With Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg answer from Subway I can only assume that my termination was based on an employee doing the right thing.

My schedule, dayss off, my beautiful life at Subway came Beautiful couple wants sex dating Carolina Puerto Rico an end when I reported the use of expired product and other issues.

Everyone knows if you upset cause waves Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg for the safety of customers and the subway name it could cost you your job.

People need to have more compassion, more empathy for eachother. What happened to work hard, stay honest. The whole tim I worked there I was never given any of my tips.

Tell me how legal it is to work underage kids and never give them a break the enti time they Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. They also have a Manager that is pure white trailer trash!! She weighs about lbs and all she does is pig out and play candy crush on her phone!! Also, they are very dirty!!

They use the spasms knife for all sandwiches and they ar constantly cross Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg I am not sure of the store number. Since today was the last day to use the coupon, I figured I would not have any problems using it. Well the person working the drive thru told me that since it expired today, I could not use it because their system would not take the coupon.

So I left and went to another restaurant all together. I really feel like Subway gets great pleasure scamming people with coupons. If Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg coupon expires on a certain day, the day it expires should still be an acceptable day to use the coupons.

I am not a big fan of subway because you all cheat people out of subs and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg amount of meat that you put on them. However, my children loves subway. So needless to say, they were not happy when I told them they were going to eat somewhere else. I would like to get another coupon to use from corporate because I lost out on the use of this coupon because this location failed to do their job and I should not have to suffer for it.

I will not go to this location ever again. We have 3 other locations in my town so I would rather give my business to the other franchise owners than to give to this franchise owner.

I am so fed up with the subway in Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg small town of Thurmont that I had to complain. The help you have hired are young which age is never an issue until they always state in the last 2 hours before closing they are out Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg something versus making it. Today topped me off. I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg down for the past 2 or 3 days with no appetite after receiving the worst kind of news when you have abnormal white blood cells.

Now, understand my daughter is 4 and I am going through a life phase and making her happy is what I needed. So u came to your store the same one referenced above and after 2 or 3 minutes one young gentleman came from the back laughing I could hear another girl further maybe towards the exit or smoking area whichever you call it. This was at 8: So I told my daughter we once again as we have on several occasions that she can get just the meat thrown in paper or go somewhere else and instead she cried I cried and it is just a failed endeavor to my horrific week.

I am taking these events to our town meeting to have this mismanaged restaurant removed from Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg town. You are degrading these kids to accept failure by being able to misrepresent their company themselves, and to disrespect customers.

I have had issues with the handling of food at location in Frederick, MD located on north market St where I got really sick from a seafood sub.

I love the family who runs it but as in there culture things should be done more sanitary and a surprise inspection should shut them down. They leave food out on counters eat while working, no gloves etc. You guys are falling apart and need to find a way to govern your own name and protect it. Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg daughter loves your restaurant but until a settlement is agreed upon, preferably by speaking by phone with a conclusion through a written correspondence, through your office of the president, or highest level of complaint is agreed on by my family and I.

You have no idea how bad this last lack of responsibility on your Wife wants real sex WI Hatley 54440 has brought me this evening. I have been having asthma issues and the breakdown put my body through a great deal of stress and strain on my lungs. I can send the doctors information tomorrow.

I have not yet got an attorney im not looking that far into this yet but something that will satisfy my daughter, wife and I so we can try this again as a family for MANY visits not just once or for a week even.

Ultimately here are my complaints: Sanitary conditions caused me to throw up, leave work early, pay for an urgent care visit. My 4 co-workers can attest. False advertising due to no supplies. Staffing not wanting to work, horseplay, and alway on break mode when I come in. Not only having one, probably the lowest demanded bread in a shop that thrives on fresh bread. Over an hour until closed.

Mental and physical harm brought upon myself in this critical time of life. I am currently in the middle of a lawsuit with him, and he is not sending me my W-2, making it impossible to file my taxes!!

Not only has he screwed me on wages, but he screwed me out of my taxes. I walk back to my car the young man that walked out the store and locked it from the outside was standing outside talking to someone with Older guy seeks younger Diamond girl for fun smell of marijuana coming out of the car. When he came outside and locked the door from the outside to come and talk to someone within those 5 minutes my sandwich could have been made.

I am highly upset. I went in to order a foot-long sub steak and cheese sub for my son. I was told there was not enough meat for the Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and I said that I would like the deal on promotion.

It was early evening and the employee was rude and not helpful. He lied to me as when I spoke to the manager at the store she went in the back and got for meat. I said to her that her employees were Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and not helpful at all and told her that she should speak to her employees about customer service. She was not a good manager either. Her excuse was that they have been busy and the employees were stressed. This is a customer service industry and if employees and managers can not show superior customer service they should not be in this job.

Another person came in behind me and was unable to get Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg sandwich that she ordered as well and ended up leaving due to the rude employees. I asked for the district manager and the manager refused to give me this information. I will no longer step foot in this store. I have been a long time Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg, but I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg go to another sub Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg from now on.

Customers beware of the service you will receive. I work across the street from your subway on 5th and Union in Nashville. I got the 6 in Ruben with 21oz soda and they tried to tell me it is not part of special. If it only means the regular sandwiches, you need to specify. Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg clerk understood it meant Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg, the cashier did not. So, if you are sending me an offer, be clear about what you are offering. I had a house full of guests and had to order from Jimmy Johns since I could not leave.

I was embarassed for my guests and family I stopped by the store and the manager contacted the owner by phone and he offered 2 foot longs. I was so disgusted with his attitude. I did not take them. He should have offered either all or most of my money back. His franchise should be revoked because this is not the first time. I am surprised you let your standards get this low. He owes me money. She stated that I took credit for all the success and complements that we have been receiving since I started at the restaurant.

She started being very argumentative and picking Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg every small thing that I was doing. Most if not all were fabricated or seem to be instigating a conflict between us during work. She stated that I should have shared a 5 dollar tip with her and that if we receive tips we need to let her know and to always share them if we are not there she stated that. Later that day between 4 and 7 sometime a customer came in as I was cleaning the lobby made a compliment to her and said that the restaurant is clean that she loves that I am always cleaning and that I am very nice to her and her family when they come in.

That night she became very hostile yelling at me at points and becoming very verbally abusive I smelled alcohol on her breath and asked her if she had been drinking she stated to me to mind my own damn business if I want to keep my job. She left for the day only to return after closing to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg more tasks she was in a hyper state all day and it Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg even worse when she returned.

When she returned she began counting money accusing me of making incorrect change to the sum of 70 dollars for about 15 minutes she grilled me. Then finally said she remembered it was a coworker moises pompa. That a guest realized they had Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg incorrect change and brought it to her attention and then said it was moises and not me to forget about it.

Her behavior was very chaotic. She made a random comment to me about if I liked a customer that always comes in the store she said I bet you take it up the as huh it ok I do too. He has a big ass and you know what that means.

I was disgusted by her comments and her behavior… After about 30 minutes of banter while I was cleaning she finally told me to leave without finishing my moping.

Then I got to my car where she called me on the phone at December 6th at On Wednesday I came to work and she said she would be leaving to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg meeting that I was the best employee for closing she ever had and she would make sure Jason our district manager knows that she appreciates me and this seems to contradict the earlier behavior but I thought things Slutty Arlington girls be better she asked me not to let moises use the register.

Later that day she returned to the store. She had left a label Hot springs VA bi horny wives and name tags on the shelf. I and moises had made ourselves name tags and she came in screaming about how she wanted to make them for us not to be doing stuff that it was her project. I apologized asked her if she wanted it back she said no that I should just keep it.

I called her for assistance at 5: She called back and asked me if I was an idiot because I needed help changing the carbonation! I explained that I have never done it before and that I was afraid it would explode.

She laughed at me She called me back at 6: She had her own f-ing problems which was a shock to me because I have heard nothing but great compliments and kudos from customers my coworkers and from our district manager on how good a job I am doing. She then asked me if I was trying to take her job and said good luck and hung up. She hung up on me I called Jason Highsmith our area director on wed Dec 7th at 6: I asked to file a complaint and he said he wanted me to try to work it out with her.

Nobody at any time ever told me these were my responsibilities. She began crying and yelling at me then she started acting normal and then chaotic again cussing screaming saying no XXXXXXXXT is going to cause her, her job… Telling me to go in the restaurant then outside and all I kept thinking was she can fire Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg so I just listened this went on my personal phone which she called for 34 min Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg 1 second during my shift telling me if I hung up I was fired.

I then told moises after the conversation what happened and that she wanted us to give cookies away. I asked her if she was alright and that this behavior was inappropriate as well as the way she was speaking to me. She said that she had been drinking and invited me to drink after work the behavior was chaotic and it makes me feel uncomfortable going to work. Also being a gay man and being referred to as a XXXXXXXXt in the way she was Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the word made me feel low and very sad that I was treated this way I have a right not to be discriminated and to have peaceful work environment.

I finished my shift and went home. Also I told her on several Occasions I found Roaches in the Restaurant and she stated to keep it Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg myself She said she would call the exterminator but they continue to be there I have messaged her and showed videos and photos I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg that doXXXXented as well she said just clean them up or kill them and say nothing to anyone.

On December 20th I arrived at work and was immediately confronted by Tanya Thorpe. She abruptly started a conversation regarding the complaint that I had made to her about an Employee Myah Bellestri using drugs while at work. She told Myah in front of me that I Had accused her of using drugs and told me to admit it in front of her.

I was shocked as she told me that our conversation would stay anonymous and from what I know that it should have. She then began yelling and screaming with and without customers in the store about the topic. I told her I felt uncomfortable and that it was inappropriate for her to do what she was doing I continued my shift she then did it again while the employees were all there. I told her that Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg would not tolerate being belittled and I had already given her one chance to correct the way she was treating me.

I never got a call back About an Hour later I returned to work to leave my uniforms when she asked me if I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg. And I said to her what are you talking about you told me to leave.

We talked and I told her I would finish my shift if she needed me to. She then said by and left I feel she created a Hostile work Environment. It was a place of constant drama and chaos for weeks now. I feel that my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I feel what she did when she confronted another employee about an accusation I had made against them in front of me was unprofessional and frankly illegal. I have a right to have a comfortable work environment no matter my sexual orientation as well as a safe work environment in regards to illegal substances being used there.

As well as a healthy work environment in regards to the XXXXroaches that are constant and not dealt with. I feel like I was forced to leave my position do to these reasons it will defeniatley cause me financial hardship and stress Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg of the lack of organization and prompt response to my complaints.

These are the facts to the best of my memory of Casual Dating Richmond Virginia 23231 events leading up to my leaving Subway as an employer. Discrimination is not tolerated Un Healthy Work Environment and a violation of my rights to privacy when there is a complaint against a coworker.

When you see a national advertisement, I would assume all the stores would honor the price?! A co-worker,and a customer had to physically restrain him ,telling him he was crazy, and had lost his mind. I called the police, they took me home,filed a report,and I am not yet aware if he was arrested, I am fearing my safety now.

There were women in Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg restaurant, and this music,with its expletives and racial epitaphs was beyond offensive, or appropriate. The employees name is Deshawn. I ordered a Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg Sandwich with 2 vegetables, tomatoes and black olives. The lady Sexiest women of La Mesa said she was the owner gave me 6 black olives. I asked could she put more on? She said you Free Port Talbot moms fucking more and i said yes, is it more?

She did and then told told the Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg to add an additional charge. I asked for the manager, Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg said she was the owner.

She then told the cashier abruptly to give me my money and I could Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg the sandwich back. Said Subway policy is to give 6 olives on a Footlong. Rude to Senior Citizens. I had worked at subway for over a year and it was the greatest experience of my life, until I was treated unfairly by my district manager.

Me and all of my coworkers and former coworkers who have quit because of this have reasonable explanation to believe that the DM Danielle Lohmar has been fooling around with an Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg employee. It has affected everyone who works there since the last manager had left around October and the owner never replaced her position and allowed her to run the store as manager and DM which obviously was a huge mistake because now she only has 2 employees left to close her store.

I find it very inappropriate for her to be deducting hours from everyone else except the young man she has been messing around with. My fellow female coworkers and Battle7003 adult personals have reason to believe that she was jealous that I was working with him so much that she took the first chance she got to fire me. Something should onsolutely be done about this because I don not think it is appropriate to have a pedophile as a district manager.

I was excited about the new corned beef subways. There was plenty of meat but the other items must be quality. I just wanted to let corporate know that Bruce the ower of subway on Alameda and Sheridan has been the best and the woman who works night shift is so nice i am very pleased that they fixed the complaint that i had put in Bruce called me himself and he made everything right and i will Mature single wants looking for hot sex back thank you Bruce and to the woman who works night shift thank you so much Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg takeing good care of us and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg else you are so Housewives seeking sex Bay Head please Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg show them that we are very greatfull i will tell everyone that i know to go to this subway thank you so much Robert and Lisa Harlan.

We have always enjoyed going to subway due to their pretty good Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg and deals. Well today my husband went to Subway for lunch and first of all the attendants did not have a hair net to avoid protect the food. My husband received his meal and when he took his first bite to his surprise there was a long hair in his sandwich. He took back to the cashier and told her what he had found and she had the nerve to imply that it came Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg his head. First of all, my husband has very short hair crew cute and his hair is brown.

The hair he found in his sandwich was long and black from one of the two employees that has fake black extensions and does not wear a hair net. She refuse to help him or even refund him or even offer to make him a fresh sandwich. All she said was there was nothing she can do. We are very disappointed at that Subway. It is not the first time that we have had poor service and that is a bad reflection for the Subway stores.

The exact address is the following: A, Largo, Florida I hope that corporate reads this letter and fixes the problem because that is very very poor service and definitely very bad Customer Service for such a large Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg well know company.

I am writing this letter to you to explain the treatment that has been brought upon countless Subway employees at Store by the General Manager Sara Tice. Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg started my employment there on August 7, I have been a faithful employee in this company for the past year.

A clear example of mistreatment towards me was a sudden and unexplained change in my hours. I would work anywhere from 30 to 35 hours a week and then Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg dropped to 20 without any reason given. I am not the only employee this has happened to. This was exactly what was done to me as well, for no Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg reason. Prior to my hours getting cut, there were many times that I was made to do checklists as well as my normal everyday tasks with no extra help.

There were many nights that I would have to do deep clean of basically the entire store before an inspection when it should have been either their job or should have been divided up amongst other employees. Not just given to two employees to do who already had a long list of things I had to do on a normal night. I feel that it is unfair for a general manager to put the work on just one or two Cranberry Township fuck woman and offer no compensation for the time that they are giving the company to do things that should have been done by everyone.

And finally I would like to address the issue of store maintenance and health code violations. As I said in my previous statement I was sometimes made to clean the entire store.

More often then not, that would be about the only time some places in the store were cleaned. The walk in fridge was often neglected and as a result, mold would acXXXXulate in the corners and under shelves. Other health code violations were such as: I was told by Sara that I could not throw away soup until we were closed which was well after the soup was made because they normally made it at about 11AM.

I personally never changed expired date dots on meats, veggies, etc. I felt that it was wrong to do so I never actually did them. The fact that I now know that they were being done which resulted in some customers getting food Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg makes me question the management I work for.

When I asked my manager why it was done this way, I was told that she was told to do them that way by the general manager Sara. There were also numerous times that I was made to stay and work while sick because no one was able to cover my shift.

I do not feel that this was a good practice of health code at all. There were some days where I would have to come to work with a cold because I would have to try and cover my shift and no one could cover my shift. Management normally would not try to help me cover my shift. It was my responsibility to do so even though I could not control getting sick. I feel that this treatment should not be allowed at all. It is unfair to treat employees like this and make them do things Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg are against health code and frankly illegal.

I feel that necessary action should be taken to make sure that these actions are never allowed to happen again to any employee. My name is Gretchen Stamey. We were also instructed to leave the soup in the warming unit Adult sex women in Wichita Kansas it had expired and were told to sale it even if it had been out all day. If we could not find someone to cover out shifts then we had to come in to work even if we were sick.

According to Oregon state law employees get 3 conservative days of calling out sick before they have to provide a doctors note. Sara has also come into the store and appeared to under the influence of alcohol. I worked at subway by the railroad tracks in albany and pete and eve owned it at that time as well but this was about 10 years ago I was pregnant with my son and was made to quit because I was so sick all the time. It may have been early April I had an interview with Eve that went really well, I then had another interview with the store manager a.

I was told I would have a week of training, then basically be on my own to remember how to do what. The training was a bit rough for me. I was being trained during lunch rush and things got hectic. If you asked me now, 13 years down the road, how to make a sand which from there, no problem.

I personally thought things were going well. I was getting along with people I worked around Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg so I thoughtSweet wants real sex Wickenburg just had a hard time with the training aspect, but thought it would come around. With this in mind, you can imagine how shocked I was when I walked in for my shift nobody called me beforehand and the lead employee told me we needed to talk.

She and I walked to the back office, where she apologized but I was being let go. I was so upset, I just quickly walked out. I got home, still very upset. My parents asked what was wrong and I let them know I had gotten fired.

My dad called Eve, told her I was very upset, why did I get let go? I got along with everyone but had a few tiffs with one employee but things got smoothed over as fast as it came on. Eve yelled at my dad it was another employee that complained Adult searching real sex Stamford wanted me gone. I felt rotten about it for a while, but I needed to obviously find another job.

I avoided the Subways in Albany for a good long while. My ego was bruised and I felt I was the only one this was happening to. I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg about the special, buy one Sub get one free. It sounded like a good deal.

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The Attendant said I had to buy a drink. I Sturgeon lake MN cheating wives 4 subs and a small Coke. When I paid for the subs I gave a 20 dollar bill and was given 5 dollars back. Thinking this was a little expensive. I looked at the ssxI was charged for 3 subs wangs 1 soda.

When I questioned the Attendant she refused to acknowledge that Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg over paid. I showed her the receipt. She continued to make me angry by not doing what was right and re-ring this ticket up. I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg told her I wanted my money back. Think Wickennurg this Corporate: I found out later she rang me up for one Wickennburg drink and it should Wickfnburg been 2. How many more times does this happen and how much revenue is this store Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg So, where is the store?

I will also be writing the Corporate Office and sending a copy of Eindhoven cutie for nsa fun receipt.

Sweer I Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg great respect for the Subway company, and worked in Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg over 3 years in Kansas. I could not believe the treatment of employees at different locations I was actually fired because I have a disability. I called the franchise human resources person and she informed me that I quit of my own free will and accused me of being a liar.

It saddens me that this company treats its employees like this and turns their backs on them. I ordered a whole cheese steak sub. I took it home to eat it. I spit it out and examined what it was. It was a huge fingernail! It made me sick. I threw the rest of the sandwich away. This is certainly a health code violation. I kept the receipt so any further info I would be more than happy to supply it!

Even though the staff is very unfriendly, Wickenhurg enjoy the freshness of the subway sandwiches. On this particular morning, I requested a cup of coffee to go with my sandwich. When I made the coffee, I added 2 French Vanilla creamers and 1 regular creamer.

My coffee instantly curdled. I told the sales person that my coffee had curdled because of the creamer and Free text sex chat Rezawand put her cell phone down long enough to give me another cup. I then slowly added one small drop of the regular creamer after I shook it up and looked at the while liquid in the little container and poured a tiny little drop…the coffee curdled again.

I thought she would pull the container with the spoiled creamers and replace it with a container of fresh creamers. I had to throw the coffee away. I wondered how many customers will have to drink curdled coffee throughout the day? I have never complained about an employer in my life. But I truly believe that the Alsops franchise in burleson, tx. I have never felt so demended and felt Wic,enburg I was wats appreciated in my whole life.

If you prove Walter Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg wrong on anything he will find a way to get rid of you no matter what. I was not paid for accured vacation time. Does Subway Corporate not check these franchises out zex hold them accountable to the same standards?

At more then one of our manager meetings we were told not to hire Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg that had alot of tattoos, men with long hair or Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg who were overweight.

To me that is prejudice. Also we were told that we dont work for compliance and we needed to check with him before we made any changes. I felt very uncomfortable about that and spoke with my compliance lady about that. The whole time I was a mgr at store I never was out of compliance.

Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg I Looking Sex

I just feel like they treat their people unfair and make them feel like they should fear them or be fired. I spoke up and was fired within an hour and have the proof. Please do an investigation on this franchise for the sake of the ones left. I visited subway at 1: So, usually subway is like our comfort food we go there once a week and I went to this subway for the first time. I ordered 1 veggie patty footlong I asked to make it a meal with chips and a drink.

When I went back and asked for it. The lady at the register was so rude and impolite. And she cannot help. How come it was already added to my check. I have no idea what she was charging me for. I am so upset and dissapointed.

About an hour to, roughly an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes ago, I was on my way to the bank, and I needed to use the restroom, so I stopped into the Subway at West 5th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio I went inside, pulled out my earbud, and tried to grab the attention of the two black women that were working when I went inside. One of them made eye contact with me, and I smiled politely and asked Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg a loud enough voice if I could use their restroom.

I then waited for her to respond, but to my astonishment and disgust, not only did Hot naked womens Delano California of the Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg look at me and roll their eyes, but they also whispered to each other, gave me a nasty look like I was some homeless person asking to use their bathroom, and went about their business and ignored me.

I was extremely upset by this rudeness and lack of customer service, and I will honestly say that those two women do not need to work there if they are going to treat people like that. I actually liked that Subway until today. I am no longer going to be eating at that Subway, nor do I recommend anyone else go there, even if you just have to use the bathroom. Then she finally added me to the schedule which she also texted to my cell phone which now department of labor and training of RI has now.

I of course texted her asking her about my missing wages or do I need a lawyer her response was I suggested that I get a lawyer. She was forced to Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg her own investigation into Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg matter, as she was the only person on site when the discovery was made, in her investigation she discovered that Taylor the store manager and Cassandra an employee had written the harassing message.

They noted it was a joke and should be treated as such. My mother has suffered immense loss in her life, it has been exaggerated in recent years, as I know you are aware of, this makes this act that much more disturbing, as someone who has lost a parent, I cannot imagine losing my mother, nor can imagine someone wishing death upon her. Linda is now unsure of her future at a job she has faithfully worked at for more than 3 years.

She feels as if you will not do the right thing in this situation, this letter is an attempt to motivate you into doing the proper and right thing in this situation. My sister Eleanor, myself Jennifer and Linda all feel like not taking action Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg a missed opportunity for a life lesson, we feel the culprits should be formally written up, having this incident noted on their permanent Subway records, further since the manager is inexperienced as to how to properly and Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg manage individuals, she should be sent for training on how to proper manage a business, her training should be doXXXXented, and if another instance occurs I expect immediate termination of all parties involve with the harassment.

We appreciate that you are a small business owner, with limited resources, but by having a hands off approach to your business, you have Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg your business vulnerable, and allowed it to become a hostile work environment. I currently work at a subway in springfield missouri and I kno there are some illegal Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg going on. My boss makes me do everything that she should be doing. Yesterday afternoon I decided to stop at Subway it was 4: I would like to address a few things that did not seem legal.

She often calls the store to have a manager or employee punch Girls in Tulsa who wanna fuck in, or would have a person punch in under her login and work under her, instead of Bryant Arkansas women who want free sex under their own information; it was very rare that she herself would stop into the store, punch in, and leave.

When Sandra is in the store, you can find her in the back on her cellphone, or behind someone on the line, criticizing her employee s in front of customers.

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Dates on prepped product were changed every day, unless it was product that would last for three to five days; if the product expired, the date would continue to be changed until it was used. When Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg inspector would come in, Sandra would avoid the store and claim to be at another location or say she was busy and would have one of the assistant managers Horny South Jordan Utah women the inspection.

The schedule is week to week, from Wednesday to Tuesday, and if it was not finished Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg day it was expected Black girl seeks roses be posted, Sandra would post a one day schedule, sometimes for the following day, or for the next couple of days until the entire schedule was completed. I do have proof of this in group text messages, if interested. If she was unhappy with an employee, she would have another team member either fire that employee, or would not put them on the schedule to the point that they quit.

Her reasoning was often Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg she did not want them to be able to collect unemployment. If she wanted to take product home, she would, so everyone would have to try their best to pay attention so that it could be written off.

Sandra takes money from the tips; the employees would not get tips. If there was not money in tips for what she Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg, she would take it out of the till or do an empty drop in the safe for what she needed, and have another employee fix that drop later with money from tips. It was not often that she paid it back, unless it was a higher dollar amount.