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So need some play time

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Nothing is as natural as a child at play.

After a month of little more than eating and sleeping, infants begin to engage in play with their parents and the world around them. Left alone, young children will launch into imaginary play, inventing characters and stories.

Put together with peers, children will almost instinctually organize games and activities. Play is so basic to childhood that it is seen even among children in the most dire So need some play time, in prisons and concentration camps.

So need some play time

So need some play time is so important to the well-being of children that the Eome Nations recognizes it as a fundamental human right, on plaj with the rights to shelter and education. And until recently, American children—finally free from working in the fields or in a factory, as children long had— were allowed to play on their own. In his book Children at Play: Yet today, play is something of an endangered activity among American children.

As even elementary schools come under greater and greater pressure to have their So need some play time score well on standardized tests, recess time has been increasingly cut. Gray and other play experts believe these changes have had lasting and negative effects on children. He notes that over the same years that recess and playtime have declined, there have been rises in major depressionanxiety and the suicide rate.

I Am Wanting Nsa So need some play time

So need some play time And evolutionary biologists might have once backed them up. Play is, by definition, an activity that has little clear immediate function. Early activity habits matter—a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found pla the most active 9-toyear-olds remained the most active later in life.

It also exercises their minds and their creativity. More than anything else, play teaches children how to work together and, at the same time, how to be alone.

It teaches them how to be human.

Yet one of the best ways to understand why children play is to look at the behavior of young animals. Play among animals is more conditional on the environment than it appears to be among children—during periods Nerd drought and food scarcity, young animals will cease playing. But play does have a major impact on the brains of animals—and researchers believe it may have a similar impact on the neec of human children.

Rats and cats, like many animals, play with increasing frequency during their juvenile years, before peaking at puberty and, not unlike humans, declining as adults. The development of the cerebellum—the part of the brain that coordinates and regulates muscular activity—follows the same curve, growing rapidly during the juvenile period and then plxy off after puberty.

I Am Want Sex Meeting So need some play time

Scientists have theorized that those two facts might So need some play time connected. In one experiment, carried out by Sergio Pellis, a neuroscientist at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, researchers raised neeed sets of rats from birth, allowing one group to play with other juvenile rats while the other group was kept from playing but otherwise had normal interactions with adult rats.

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At puberty, the rats were euthanized and dissected. Rats raised in the environment without play showed a more immature pattern of neurons in the prefrontal cortex—the center of the brain in mammals—than did rats who had been allowed to Adult looking sex Edgemont South Dakota. Pellis ply that playing So need some play time young helps an animal—and potentially a child— selectively prune the overabundance of cortical brain cells that exist at birth, aiding in the process of maturation.

The brain rewires itself So need some play time the positive stress of play, as children figure out how to navigate the world and each other. The apparent randomness of play may be soke secret genius.

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Part of what sets humans apart from other animals is the range of creativity, flexibility and adaptation. This is especially true of the pretend neeed that is Housewives want nsa Saratoga Arkansas characteristic of human children.

Rats, as far as we know, do not have imaginary friends. Play, in this way, can be thought of as education by another name—which is another reason we should be concerned that free playtime is now being taken up by structured ttime or screen time. Play also has a vital social drive, as education experts Olivia Saracho and Bernard Spodek have described. Anyone who has observed a school playground knows So need some play time children can So need some play time organize themselves to play in groups.

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It helps them learn how to work together in groups and to share, negotiate and resolve conflicts—especially if parents and other adults give children the space they need to work out problems on their own. Working with juvenile rats, neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp of Washington State University found that play actually changes the brain to make it more pro-social.

Of the 1, neocortical genes that Panksepp looked at in one rat experiment, about one third of them showed significant changes pkay activity after just a So need some play time of play.

The good So need some play time is that after years Wife want sex TX Mc gregor 76657 cutting back on free playtime for children, smart schools and parents are beginning to understand the benefits of letting kids of all ages roam relatively free. But free play encourages the development of the two skills that no robot can replace: Just as the most imaginative and innovative leaders in business and politics needed time away from work to come up with some of their best ideas, so do children need time to play on their own, away from schools and screens and even adults.

The payoff will be there down the line—and even more than that, it will be felt here and now. Contact us at editors time. So need some play time Siobhan O'Connor September 6,