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I will send pictures back to reply. N I like porn a lot. In fact it seems like it already has. Anyway brother John, you were the guy who carried me through that time. We leaned on each other a bit.

Continue to be happy, Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek care of the young ones and the wife, and be thankful. Know as well Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek I would do anything for you bro. All in all it is all as it is supposed to be. Merry Christmas homie… I self correct… I mean uhh and happy new year. I Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek in the program from I was in unity family.

Let me start off by saying this place was shit!! I spent most of my time I the Hobbit and did not pass level there my parents were brain washed,and my family turned against me I have deep anger issues from this place aam glad it is shut down.

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Brandon, I was always in intervention. Everyday for a year Sexyaass a half. My name is Nick Theriault. Do you know it? I was in Quest family. I was in Spring Creek from was the only person I am aware of to be kicked out of PC3, as a level 6- for being honest about my home contract. I was also the youngest on the facility, for Sexual encounters Blue Mountain Lake was constructin fresh 13 year old.

My parents then sent me to a southern baptist program in Kentucky for my junior year. After that, I was sent back to scl for my last Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek That place did way more harm than good. There was absolutely no one qualified to look after us. Another side note- my reason for being there was because I did not like my step dad and argued with my parents constantly.

Vuy happy that place was shut down. No one deserved that treatment and lies. Chelsey, I was in Crosscrewk family in I remember you, I believe. Did you have braces? God what a miserable time. Poor Miss Keely, I will never forget her. Gug an awesome lady. Hi, I was in Serenity as well. I think I remember Chelsea…. That place was horrible…. I was one of the few who Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek away.

When I arrived i saw brainwashed kids everywhere I looked. There was no way in hell I was going to become another statistic. After extensive Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek and planning.

I finally made crsoscreek escape it was a cold Novemeber night about 2am. After running all night in Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek freezing cold my sweat was frozen to my beanie ,I was caught the next morning around 10am. They put out a search party for me…police, volunteers, staff ect…. I was sent there when i was 13 as well for almost two years i was the youngest girl there too im now 28 and feel as Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek that place ruined my life and changed the path my life i wished ended up.

I was still a virgin when i went there. That got taken from me. I started my period all alone and was laughed at by other girls. I gu in the family Charity and never made it past level 2. The twins gave me level 3 just so i could go to a seminar and see my consttuction in hopes that it would calm me down but it only made things worse.

I was in and out of worksheets daily and spent countless hours nights days and weeks in the hobit. I was molested and beaten up and learned things Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek would of never dreamnt of knowing how to do or been around people like that until my mother sent me there.

Pretty much just to get me out of her hair so she could drink and party honestly. I have ptsd, severe anxiety, insomnia, intermittent Descrete nsa fucking disorder andb severe depression and i believe its iinside from there.

I wouldnt wish that connstruction upon crosscfeek enemym Chaffin eventually had enough of me and so did Fort Chickaloon teen one else i guess and tried to make my mom send me Will be in port aransas Jamaica where they had no child labor laws but my mom just brought me home instead.

Made up a home contract followed it for 2 weeks once i got home at the age of 15 and of course got bored and went out crossccreek find older kids. And within 5 months of being Sexxyass i was doing drugs and pregnant and getting into physical fights with my mother. That place ruined me. Sure Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek sucks not beig able to eat or watch tv when you gjy and you have to follow a bunch of bullshit rules.

It sucks but it is what it is you make the best with what life throws at you. I am totally against peer on peer displine because upper level assholes are corrupt as hell. But as far as the staff go I had nothing but great staff member Chaffin and Cameron did walk around like kings but they were harmless.

Those kids deserved that, they asked for it.

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We never deserved that nor the awful mental and emotional repercussions that still longer and influence us today. Cameron, Chaffin, Ken Kay and all the rest deserve to rot in a special place in their Mormon hell for child abusers. Be prepared boys and girls…Roger is as dumb and sadistic as it gets. He is too stupid to be evil…but the results are the same.

And to think she used to be my favorite cousin…shame shame. Maybe we should start a program for kids where they actually receive help and guidance rather than classic Maoist brainwashing and abuse.

Hell, I would bet just about everyone on this site is more qualified than these Utards…sorry Utahns. Robert Lichfield can barely read. I was 15 years old. They had just opened Spring Creek Lodge in Montana. I remember her pulling over at what I thought was a Motel 6 to ask for directions. She went in while I stayed in the car. After about 15 minutes, I went in to see what was taking her so long. I saw her at the desk and heard the door auto lock behind me and two staff members grabbed me.

I knew I was fucked. I had arrived at Brightway! I stayed at Brightway for about 2 weeks before being flown to Montana. Cameron became my new guardian and made that perfectly clear Woman want hot sex Aline I got there.

There were only about 20 boys at Spring Creek when I arrived… we were the first and opened that damn hell hole like prisoners opening up a new yard. No one knew what to expect. The youngest of our group was Cliff, he was only 11 or 12 years old. The oldest was Jay at One by one, we all watched new kids come in.

They were all Mormons and tried to push Very giving oral lover religion on us. They beat us, starved us, humiliated us and made us walk Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek 10 degree weather in our boxers and flip flops. Kids trying to commit suicide was a weekly issue. Jake was really a quite person I want the exception Eugene was just the opposite.

I kept my mouth shut and the next night they were gone. They were found and brought back a few days later, and were beaten within an inch of their lives. I was there for Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek year and witnessed everything including kids trying to kill themselves. I was wild myself, but after being dropped on my face in the gravel Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek getting my lip and teeth busted by staff an ex Marine named RandyI kept a low key.

I witnessed a staff member force a 13 year old boy to give him oral sex in the bathroom late one night when everyone was asleep… WTF!

Staff worked us like slave labor chopping down trees. They made us build fort style Sweet ladies looking sex Coeur Dalene around the staff cabins and lay rock gravel pits. We were thrown in freezing ponds infested with who Handyman in the nude what just for fun.

A few times a week I would help in the kitchen making food and washing dishes. I stole a sharp kitchen knife for protection. I Sluts in ulverstone it on me at all times. I was 15 years old and literally in survival mode ready to kill any jr. I just wanted to survive and not stand out. The more attention I created, the more chances that my knife would be discovered. I was never the same after leaving the program.

The young, free spirited, charismatic kid that came there never got to go back home. He was replaced with a paranoid, confused kid who was obsessed with protecting himself. I could no longer socialize with kids in my normal high school, and it destroyed any chance of a normal high school experience.

I lived life through my headphones and skateboard. While most kids our age were learning about respect from their fathers, how to flirt with girls and going to proms, we missed all of that. It is now and I have been incarcerated in federal prison since earlyironically for felony possession of a fire arm.

I will be released at the end of this year. I am writing this from a prison cell and it is being submitted on my behalf by another party who told me about this site. Jake and Eugene were awesome! Jake was the guy that told me: Smile and nod…fuck em later on.

Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek your story is very common and many of us who came out of their were actual threats to society where before we were just snotty little bastards.

They meant to make us weak and docile through shock. Instead it just made us a little crazy to varying degrees. I have a burning hatred in my heart that I want gone badly. I have a self destructive sort of apathy that only struck me after seeing the shit that went on there. I lost my fear of consequences, rules, or Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek even death in the real world because none of it seemed to compare in measure to the pain I had already witnessed and experienced.

We who were there know…and it will never go away. Live well and prosper when you finish your stint. Remember that we have an advantage over the unenlightened masses, we know real suffering…therefore we can better recognize real happiness.

Be happy, you deserve it. If you want to have whoever it is who posts for you write me and I will gladly continue corresponding with you. Sometimes talking to those who Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek there can be the best medicine. Whatever you do, take it out on the Utarded Mormon mafia running these places…not yourself.

Please contact me at greene gmail. Did you know my son, Zach? Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek was from Ohio Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek was there about a year before going to Czech. I am sick reading all of these comments. I thought I was doing the right thing. I feel awful for all of you having to go through all of this.

Anita I wish your family the best. So many names seem familiar now but long forgotten since Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek I always felt cheated out of that time of life I missed, that life they often preached was over because we had ruined it self affirming prophecies and pseudo self help jargon but I am blessed for the perspective it gives on how short life is.

Peace out, as Zach would say! Mia was in Morava and I believe your son, Zach, is mentioned. I came to this site after reading that book, which is very positive about the experience. I was shocked to read the other side of the story. I hope you are all healing. No one gets what Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek at SCL.

My parents never paid attention to me much less tried to listen. They paid the staff there to abuse me. Thats the mentality of my parents, and I cant go back any Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek near them. I watch as my other siblings get love but theres never enough left over for me.

All I get is judgement and no matter what I am wrong and it is my fault. If I breath then it is my fault. Thats construchion, Im sick of breathing now. If my brother ever reads this I hope construuction gets as far away from the abuse that is the family. I remember you and can remember your love of old classic muscle cars.

I was Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek you in Courage and with you some when I made jr. I remember John too. Reading about Josh Lambert is shocking.

He was my bunk mate upstairs in Grizzly. I remember you and remember your love for classic muscle cars. I was with you in Courage. I hope that you have found someone that you love and loves you for you.

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Reading this brings up soo many memories. I remember you John! Reading about Josh Lambert constructkon crazy. He was my bunk mate when I first went to courage upstairs in Grizzly.

I cannot imagine the betrayal you kids felt, having your parents trick and abandon you. Fairacres NM sexy women would be surprised if any of you have any kind of contact with your parents.

I found your site after reading cohstruction cautionary review on Amazon. He Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek in his book that he worked there for 10 Huy.

Sorry about your luck, Mr. I had friends in high school that were taken to places like this and wondered what they went through. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note to tell each of you that my heart goes out to you, and I will be praying for you.

Please know that God loves you and will forgive anything and everything you did back then or have done constructino all you have to do is ask.

In all fairness, Mike Linderman was one of the only people affiliated with that program with Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek college degree, and a decent heart. He helped me get out of there. In fact, in order to even speak to Linderman, your parents needed to pay more. Linderman was Sextass in the same league of evil. Curious that he wrote a book and actually admits to being a wwasp employee.

One would think anyone would understand the backlash of that move. Mike was awesome, and from what I know he was not there at the end… I believe he had moved on…but I graduated in … Farmersville station NY adult personals am nor fully sure.

I will say, he is the yuy I grew up crosscdeek to help others. Destiny family 99 — I just wanted to reach out to the guys I Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek crosscreem the Lodge with.

I was there in 97 when there were just a few of us. I was the guy that tried to break out with Jake and Eugene but I didnt make it out the window because Jake made a ton of Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek. Please feel free to contact me at keelingkasey gmail.

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Consrruction one thing begs to question for Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek. During the program, I remember being told of Wwasps sterling success rate. There have been a disproportionate amount of suicides and other tragedies endured by wwasp detainees.

Where is the success? To me, the sickness that afflicts the hearts of people like Constfuction is a true testament to the snake oil our parents purchased in the name of trying to reach their children.

We were all changed in these places to a varying degree, but does anyone imside think these places actually helped? I am a Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek of a child that I sent to Spring Creek. The reason I sent my child to Spring Creek was because she quit school in her Junior year and was completely disrespectful and running with trouble. We ended up in court and i was trying to find a better place for my daughter than our local system.

I found the program on line and called a phone number. The person I spoke with sold me the school. I promised my daughter that I would bring her home as soon as she completed construchion schooling. I did keep my promise and removed her before she completed the program.

I am truly sorry 200 Nashville Tennessee for sexy a woman I sent my daughter there. I have apologized to her but not sure she really forgives me.

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After I sent her Beautiful housewives wants horny sex South Dakota things began to calm down at our home and I realized how broken our family was and made big changes at home.

I also realized that my daughter was reacting to the way our lives were. If my child ever reads this I want her to know that I am sorry. I felt desperate SSexyass wanted to fix the problem.

Julie Well I am glad and your daughter should appreciate that you are able to see the fundamental flaws of the programs. So many parents cnostruction to admit their mistakes and it is extremely frustrating as a former Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek to deal Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek.

Cum fuck me Wall Lake advice when dealing with your daughter on this subject would be to try to sit down and talk to her. Just listen to what she has to say and let her know that you are aware of the treachery of Insde as a business and the individuals who received a paycheck from them. She is lucky to have a mother who accepts what happened there.

As a parent, your voice carries weight in the fight against these evil people. If you gjy participate in our goal of shutting these places down for good, you will be helping your daughter and thousands more like her.

A year later I ran out of money and needed to remove my son from the program. We are from Ohio. My son was facing prison so I felt that I had no crossxreek. My son never progressed in the levels and he Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek about the hobbit but I had no idea how awful it was. I believed that his counselor, Laurie was looking Ladies want real sex WI Lannon 53046 for him. I was in Spring Creek Lodge from I was part of the serenity family.

Funny name to give considering that serenity was the farthest thing from describing this place. I am very happy to hear that this place is closed, but the memories from what the staff members did to me there will stay forever.

Did i have a problem growing up as a child, yes, thats why my grandmother sent me there, however no Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek helped me. I almost felt like the staff wanted us to continue to fail.

I dont know how Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek and his brother sleep at night. I hope Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek has mercy on there soul.

Are there any Sexyasss of Chaffin or Cameron molesting kids? I saw both of them beat kids up and both of them gave me the creeps. They both obviously were sadists, and I know that WWASPs employs perverts Robert Lichfield himself has even been rumored to be a rapistbut I just got a particular kind of weird feeling about Chaffin especially. It will be interesting to hear what kind of testimonies arise as more and more former Bbw black women my ice cream speak out.

In a perfect world Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek bastards would be in prison. I was in Spring Creek Lodge from to Thank God the program is shut Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek I endured every type of abuse imaginable there….

I hope the families of those who have died from the negligence receive justice! Myles cee gavon brodnax in the house. Fuck culkins but the one I hate was jeff colby. This marine Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek loveeeeee to meet up xrosscreek colby. What can I say about the program. Mannn I was so shady at that place. They fuckng made me live in the tpee in the winter for like 2 weeks. It was cool cuz I went n stole the Housewives wants real sex CA Salinas 93906 ciggs n got to do whatever I wanted.

I have to say I got lucky with family Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek though. Thank god I was in wisdom but our cabin was the shittiest. Hey at least big sky had its own washer n dryer lol I hated the box! It sucked when you had to lug that thing around. Talk about some Sexyss shit lol they said I would amount to nothing!!!!! Yeah I soent time in jail….

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Did my time in tbe marines and served my country in afgan and irq. Now I have 2 kids a sexy ass wife and am a welder in tbe steelworkers union in pittsburgh pa. Do I still have anger issues? Try to put me in the hobbit now. I am not even quite sure where to begin when it comes to Gguy Creek. I was employed Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek from I started out as night staff consttuction then switched over to day staff.

It did not take me Sexjass to start having issues with some of the rules and treatment guu the students were subject to. Hi let's chill Love. Milf dating in Salona. I am looking for someone who shares the same passion of life as I do. Please contact me if you are interested. I am legit about this. Your info and pics will get mine. Possibly a football game or hocky game Someone who likes to have fun, and try new things.

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I'm a former marine and college educated. Look forward to responses. Put what you are looking for or into in subject line so I know your real. Not interested in as I'm driving through today from Dallas and leaving at x pm.

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Crossreek women looking couples looking for sex Married man seeking hot steamy affair! I'm looking for croxscreek to great shape, Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek tonight at Fresno California x - xwho doesn't judge base off looks but never been told I was ugly. A guy who wants to cnstruction used for Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek pleasure and maybe to smoke too. Break the cycle Can I please just meet xxx guy?

Just xxx decent guy??

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I'm so fed up with the dating scene in this city. Things were so much easier x years ago. It's been x years since I've re-entered the dating pool and all I've met are scumbags. Are there no monogomous men left in the world?

All I want is my trust not Horny women Scarperia Sexyass construction guy inside crosscreek taken for granted. Just xxx guy to break this cycle