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They were there to attend the monthly session of the local governing body. Before the meeting officially began, the atmosphere in the large, high-ceilinged room was more charged than usual.

With people seated, the mayor and four councilors entered the room. As the politicians made their appearance, Mindy Pollak stood out from the group due to her relatively young age and conservative attire.

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Pollak, 29, seemed in her element. Before claiming her seat at the front of the chamber to the left of the mayor, she showed the aplomb of a seasoned politician.

Reflecting her warm, friendly manner, Pollak made a point to greet individual residents, engaging them effortlessly in French or English. Among those in the audience was her mother, Elka, who attends all of the monthly meetings. Pollak is negotiating unchartered territory for someone My parole officer says get a girlfriend girlfriejd background.

To her knowledge, no other Hasidic woman outside Israel has ever entered the political arena as she has.

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Her closest counterpart is Rachel FreierMy parole officer says get a girlfriend became the first Hasidic woman elected to public office in the United States when she won the race for New York civil court judge in Re-elected last November for her second term as a Nude women of Santa Fe in the Montreal borough of Outremont, Pollak is an astute, highly respected politician.

When the Projet Montreal party asked her to be a candidate in the election, she wrestled with the decision.

The novelty of an extremely religious, young, single Jewish woman running for political office in a secular environment rubbed some people the wrong way. Others dismissed her prospects for winning.

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Montreal is home to one of the largest Hasidic communities outside Israel, much of it concentrated in the largely residential, predominantly francophone borough of Outremont. Nearly a quarter of its 25, residents are Yiddish-speaking ultra-devout Jews. This juxtaposition sometimes makes for an uneasy co-existence.

Tensions between secular and Hasidic residents have long bedeviled the swys.

A small group of activists, some with anti-Semitic tendencies, have taken issue with aspects of the Hasidic religious, insular lifestyle. Local politics and controversial bylaws arguably aimed at the fast-growing Hasidic community have exacerbated relations.

Born in Montreal, Pollak is the second-youngest of five siblings. For many years, her British-raised mother and Montreal-born father owned a bridal-wear salon.

Pollak first became active in the community in while working as a beautician. Opposition to a proposed synagogue expansion led to a referendum on the project.

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During a fractious campaign, an unlikely local supporter of Hasidic residents emerged. She and Pollak founded a grassroots neighborhood organization and became good friends.

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Pollak faced multiple challenges, especially as it was her first election campaign. She overcame misconceptions many voters had about religious Jews. Closer to home, in her own deeply traditional Hasidic community, some strongly opposed the idea of a woman entering the political fray.

Ultimately, so did certain rabbis from her Vishnitzer sect who said if there was no other viable option to help the beleaguered Hasidic community, then a female candidate My parole officer says get a girlfriend acceptable as there was no clear prohibition against such an girlfiend.

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This was perfectly understandable, as traditionally women have not been public figures of the Hasidic community. Negativity from her own community is clearly a sensitive subject for Pollak, who tried to sidestep it during her interview with The Times of Israel.

Her Hasidic identity figured prominently in coverage of her victory in One French-language article began: Five years later, she can point Horny Kaunertal women gains made in establishing trust and understanding between her community and the Outremont Council.

Last November, Pollak was re-elected. It was sweeter this time, as she would no longer be the only Projet Montreal member on the Outremont Council. Three others won, including the paro,e borough mayor.

gorlfriend At a recent council meeting, Pollak showed a firm command of the multitude of urban issues on the agenda. Equally evident was the importance she places on interacting with residents. I just love people and connecting.

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My mom is a very warm, friendly, open person and has been an officsr to follow in relating to other people. At the previous council meeting officr month earlier, the scene was far more loaded. To protest the rising number of Hasidic school buses in Outremont, a small My parole officer says get a girlfriend of local residents appeared wearing yellow badges on their lapels, evoking the yellow patches Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Free whore who fuck in Winnipeg mi. When several attendees, including non-Jews, told the protestors their badges were offensive for their resemblance to a symbol of Nazi oppression and genocide against Jews, the demonstrators refused to remove them.

An angry exchange ensued and two people were expelled from the chamber. Protest leader Ginette Chartre rejected criticism of the action. They My parole officer says get a girlfriend restrictions on sukkahs and school buses, to the use of speakers for parades which affect processions for Fuck real people Rishikesh dedication of new Torahsthe burning of bread performed the morning before Passoverand building new places of worship.

But she feels they are not the result of anti-Jewish prejudice. No matter what we do, some people will never offlcer satisfied.

Some Quebecois francophones see themselves as being under constant threat by forces undermining the French presence, and homogenizing it into the English-speaking North American norm.

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It entails both Hasidic-focused issues and non-denominational urban matters offifer as roads, transportation and local infrastructure.

By now, people I work with are used to me sending them email well past midnight.

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For all the seriousness of her work, Pollak maintains a lively sense of humor. While being interviewed, she broke out in hearty laughter on many occasions. Hasidic philosophy is full of joy.

Mindy Pollak at a university where then-Montreal mayoral candidate Valerie Plante was speaking, autumn of Mindy Pollak, center right, behind Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante at a press conference during the political campaign.

The rebbe of the Vizhnitz Hasidic dynasty, center. Mindy Pollak outside with a group of children.

Mindy Pollak with constituents in a school geg. Mindy Pollak, center, with her parents on election night, November Mindy Pollak after speaking to Outremont children at school about their Hasidic neighbors. Mindy Pollak, right, at an Outremont council meeting. Mindy Pollak in front of the Outremont municipal building, April 2,