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We are talking about low dives, iniquitous inns, tawdry taverns and pubs that your mother warned you about.

Before readers suggest I am being insulting and unfair, please note: Some of the houses were large, if humble, and many correspondents attest that their parents and grandparents said life was tough but respectable.

Married ladies want real sex Maidstone us face facts, Married ladies want real sex Maidstone A book, The Chatham Scandalhas been written about it. Chatham in the s to s was a riotous and unlawful place that was policed only sporadically.

Soldiers, sailors, whores, drink and crime: The idea was to lock away the women to protect the servicemen from disease. Many of the women hawked their trade in pubs, so police retaliated by trying to have pub licences revoked.

In Superintendent Radley Maidshone the city police tried to shut down seven pubs: Magistrates refused his plea. So the vice continued — and it stayed until sailors left with the dockyard.

It still exists — as anyone who has spotted the whey-faced Eastern European girls gathered on one main thoroughfare will bear witness. In the s and early s the towns were still thriving as was the oldest profession.

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So — scandalously then, in those less enlightened days — was the gay scene. A memories correspondent, whom we shall call Luton Jack, writes: For example the City Arms in Victoria Street, Rochester, was famous for its drag nights Makdstone associated queens.

This must have been after the Grant-Smart family ran it. The Ship was always well-known — now, in these Married ladies want real sex Maidstone enlightened times, it is listed in a gay pub directory. As to the City Arms watn Married ladies want real sex Maidstone hangs a tale. A lovely old chap who was a greengrocer near where I lived had a double life. Fruit and veg in the daytime, drag in the evening.

I remember how I found out. Jack continues his s recollections: It was, shall we say, a meeting point for locals, Navy and Army. Whenever there was trouble they must have had a hotline Local dating hot Red oak Iowa the police station as about 10 coppers would come in to sort matters out.

The Prince Married ladies want real sex Maidstone Wales used to have discos in the cellar bar called, I think, the Bierkeller, which was a little lively at times and was shut in the s because of this. I used to go to the Central Hotel on the A2 in Gillingham.

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This place was always trouble and I never went there but it was closed down because of prostitution, drugs, fighting and any other vice that you can recall. Of course, in more recent years, there was the Van Damme Bar in the Pentagon, complete with lunchtime strippers, very definitely on my lunchtime list Married ladies want real sex Maidstone the s!

I should mention, on a legal note, that MMarried slur is intended on any current pubs in Chatham, all of which are models of propriety. Does anyone remember Mungo and Mike Wade and Guy who used to be on the door?

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I would love to get in contact with any of them. Hi Yes I think that was his name.

I used to go Married ladies want real sex Maidstone a Friday, Sunday and the occasional Monday. Edmonton horny grannies, The man on the door who took the money was called Guy McFarland, I used to run the membership near the front door with my mate Andy Bottly.

We also use to set up the disco and operate the decks ladiea the DJs turned up.

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Hi Kevin, Can you tell us which songs were played at the beginning and end of session,they were the Married ladies want real sex Maidstone each week. Try to listen to it being sung by Tony ClarkeI am sure you will Russellville ar webcam sex that version.

Guy was a good man, I have excellent memories of a late night fry-up at the Motorway after the Central then driving to his club in Hastings for more stupidity. Apology I posted my reply at 4.

Listen on YouTube, ……. Hil Marilyn, Its been a long time since we met give my regards to Mick and Ann, all I can remember was the last record was call the entertainer by Tony Clark. One of the twins who ran the club went off with the girl I was courting, Antoinette Sautell. Lived near the Central. It was a shock when I heard she was badly injured in a crash on the main Wwant thrown out of his Stingray car.

Saw her a few times in hospital. Never did see or hear of her afterwards.

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Hi Kevin, Steve Ellis here. You once resprayed a car of mine. Are you still in touch with Andy Botley? A great article which really captures the spirit of those venues. Ray, as many will recall, was something of a local celebrity as he was the manager of the Invicta Bingo Hall and used to call the numbers. Married ladies want real sex Maidstone was a near neighbour of mine in Luton. Mike Wade still resides in Luton, Kent.

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He can be found under Mike Wade on Facebook. It has been many years now since granddad Ray passed away. He was the bingo caller — correct!

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My wife and I spent many a happy evening when bands appeared there in the early sixties. Mike Wade and I were in the same class at school. I frequently see him at the supermarket and we often exchange memories. Anyway, thanks for the memory.

I frequented the Ship and City Arms. There were some great characters about in the early 70s. I am from the University of Kent in Medway. Does sdx has some Married ladies want real sex Maidstone advices to help me? Hi, I saw your post on Medway memories. The characters I am writing about existed.

Do you know of any pubs that maybe were linked to bare buckle fighters between beacon road and hospital lane.

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I would be most grateful for any info you may have. Hi, me and my mates, Mick, George and Albert used to go drinking in various pubs in Chatham, late 60s early 70s. Chireno TX sexy women suppose our regular was the Army and Navy.

I seem to remember you had to rela down stairs to the Cabin to buy cigarettes, could not see through all the smoke!

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I believe there was also a Irish pub nearby? Never actually visited the Gay pub.

Was Grays the motorcycle dealer? Not the same Albert by any chance? I would love to hear of anyone who knew him and his best friend Andrew Green. Maidstpne is interesting to me that Jack mentions The Steamboat as being particularly rough.

I was the DJ there, right from the day it opened. The DJ booth was encased in fairly stout plexiglass and had a lockable door.

For a while, Alex Hughes, aka Judge Dread, manned the door and his mere presence seemed to keep things a bit quieter. I now live in Nashville, but whenever I return on a visit to England, I Maifstone Married ladies want real sex Maidstone go along Chatham High Street and remember those wild nights Maudstone the Steamboat.

Do you want The Steamboat sign back? It was at the top of some stairs for years until a policeman spotted it ………….

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I would Married ladies want real sex Maidstone much like to have the Steamboat sign back! His name is Eric Pollard and he lives Maistone Sittingbourne. He is still sign writing all those beautiful hand-painted signs you see on the walls of Shepherd Neame pubs.

It would mean a lot to him Marrried he could get the sign back after all these years. How can we make that happen? I sure wish I could find that old Steamboat sign. Eric also painted some murals inside the Steamboat. Oh, and the Von Alten as well. I came from Beautiful thickbig woman every weekend.

Can just about remember some pretty good times in there. I used to play in the Northgate around and ldies that the Prince of Wales Strood.

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Interesting reading on here. Unfortunately most problems stemmed from the squaddies that sometimes frequented the place. Hi, I remember the Palisades.