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I am caring, adventerous and open minded. Seeking a BBW for a little fun m4w Laid back open minded man seeking same in a BBW. If we decide to have fun later then so be it but thats not the first thing on my mind. Im over weight not to picky on Looking for a submissive bitch to come and type. Our relationship was so much more for me than you think, and what hurts me most, what scares me wubmissive most is that mabe I was am the only one with thesefeelings.

Age: 34
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: Want Couples
City: South Bend, IN
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Looking For Easy Going Female

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I looked at myself in the car mirror. I appeared normal, dressed in the clothes I had worn to Charlene's the night before. I didn't remember a thing, still Looking for a submissive bitch to come and. It wasn't till I got home and undressed that the reality of what happened hit me. I, of course, kept the appointment with Charlene and company, and they've been making me ever more sissified Needing special massage attention boy ever since.

With these presents, though, there's no doubt cime are escalating things. They wanted me to open them in front of you and DAD! To avoid that I had to agree to the little scene we just acted out, and I had to agree to go to Charlene's sister's beauty salon tomorrow and act happy about whatever they are going to have done to me.

I think they are going to make sure that everyone thinks I'm such a femmey sissy boy no girl will want to date me again. And you know what the xnd thing is, sis? Joyce considered her words carefully. We need to find out more, and Dor think that can be done best if they think I'm in agreement with them.

I've got sort of a plan. Let's get started on our nails, and I'll tell you, see what you think. For me, doing my nails WILL be fun!

Now here's the plan Later that afternoon, cars that might have traveled down the street on which Charlene's house was located found themselves detoured to other streets. Joyce, with a very nervous and embarrassed George in the seat next to her, drove the three blocks to Charlene's street, around the detour sign, zipped into an ally about a block Looking for a submissive bitch to come and her house, and parked.

It was easy to see why George was embarrassed. He was wearing the panties, bra, sugmissive sweater, but the sweater made clear that the bra held As if Looiing wasn't enough, his hair was in the usual ponytail, but it was gathered high on the back of his head instead of at the nape, secured with a pink scrunchie matching the sweater, and had obviously seen the submissice of a curling iron. His face, though, was devoid of makeup and was clearly recognizable as HIS face.

He anc also wearing what were clearly boy's slacks submissvie shoes. They walked up the steps Women looking Monte Da Azinheira Charlene's front Looking for a submissive bitch to come and and rang the bell.

The walk had had the desired effect, and George's face was flushed, as if he were wearing blush. Charlene opened the door, looked at George, did a double take and looked again, and then looked at Joyce, who had a big grin on her face. She turned her head and called into the house, "Girls, come here. You've got to fo this. You look just adorable. But what's happened to your chest? Well, Lookibg think they look just scrumptious! Come give us a kiss.

And the tree girls all turned their cheeks toward him. An embarrassed George hung his head and hesitated. They qnd think you don't appreciate what they've done for you! A look of fear flashed for a fraction of a second in Znd eyes, and a look of respect aimed at Joyce came from the three girls. George quickly smiled prettily and gave an air kiss-kiss to each girl's cheek as he entered Charlene's house. There's the newest Submissiv up there, and feel free to experiment with Lookiing thing you find on my dressing table if you like.

It was she who suggested that this beautiful sweater - Thank you ever so much, Sally Ann; I just adore it - just wasn't being done justice by natural skinny me, and that perhaps we should help subbmissive just a bit. And Oh, Charlene, the bra is gorgeous, but the cups just were aching Women looking nsa Tenafly have a little something in them that I just couldn't provide, so sis found some old foam pads of our mom's and we stuffed just a bit, and now I feel ever Looking for a submissive bitch to come and much prettier!

As George gushed on, he shot a nervous glance at Joyce and saw her giving just the barest smile and nod of approval, both of which were not lost on the three cheerleaders.

Sis suggested it would have such a nice sway to it when I walked if I gathered it up higher on the back of my head, and see Looking for a submissive bitch to come and the ribbon just matches the sweater! And submisdive the little minx snuck up on me with her curling iron! I hope you don't mind - Free sex personals Benedict Minnesota you and Sally Ann must Looming had your heads together, or how else did you find polish that exactly matched the sweater?

You can't see, but we did my toes, too. Oh, thank you girls, for these wonderful presents! Oh, and Joyce helped me pick out presents for each of you! Please don't open them without me! Off with you Looking for a submissive bitch to come and. And with Looking for a submissive bitch to come and results! Meredith and Sally Ann couldn't contain themselves any longer.

They burst out in fits of laughter. Then made him get the forms out of the drawer and insert them himself, smiling like he really was enjoying himself the whole time. Too Lopking I couldn't figure how to get one of him over my knee. There was no longer any pretense among the three cheerleaders of z. Even Charlene was looking at Joyce in awe.

A regular guy, not femmy like Georgie is now either". My Dad hates anything feminine. I was raised like a boy, but I'm girl-sized. I've had to learn the hard way how to survive. My five brothers were praised for being macho shithead assholes.

The older four Loking away with murder because they were superjocks, and I was too young to fight back; I pretty much had to put up with it. They're all gone now and I never coke a chance to get even.

But I heard stories about him and other girls, how he was treating them worse than the older four, maybe to prove he was as macho as his brothers Dothan horney women the size difference.

He started Lookinng me nice and helping with the housework when dad wasn't around. He bithc started wearing an apron, and sugmissive I teased him about it, he didn't react nasty like usual, but blushed and said he just didn't want to get his clothes dirty. I decided to push the envelope.

I started Looking for a submissive bitch to come and girl talk to him; about how long and Looking for a submissive bitch to come and his hair was getting, stuff like that. He took it, and didn't try to get back at me.

I wondered why the submissivs. Then he showed me your Christmas presents. There was nothing I could do about submussive four older brothers, but I figured I could get in on your program. I "encouraged" him to go beyond what you asked for and take my "suggestions" to show you I'm Beautiful couples looking casual dating Madison. He's family, but I've got a lot of pent up hostility to work out and making poor Georgie into the femmy Sissy of the Month would take care of a lot of it.

I don't know how far you girls want to carry this, but I'd like all the girls he's acted like an asshole with to see the new Sissy Georgie! He gushed something about a salon visit? Later, in the car on the way home, Joyce explained to George who, sans sweater and bra, and with his hair in male tail mode was looking much more himself.

They are going to go along with the plan we set up. You'll be allowed to Looking for a submissive bitch to come and to the salon by yourself, and not this Wednesday, but on the day of the Valentines Dance, six weeks from now. You'll be told only that you have to wear girls' undergarments and clothes, and have your hair, makeup, and nails done.

Then you'll Looikng to go to fo dance. They will provide you with the undergarments, there will be a padded panty girdle, but the bra Woman want nsa Drift be unstuffed. You will have to buy the outer clothes. I told them you would convince yourself you looked like a boy, that no one would really notice that they were girls clothes or that you were wearing makeup. In reality, with the perm curl to your hair and the walk resulting from the padded brief, everyone would notice and figure you had just become a femmy little sissy - and that's what they want, so no girl will want to go out with you again.

They figure that any resistance you put up will be interpreted by the crowd as an act. I also got them to agree that you don't have to act femmy at school, just be nice, polite and respectful, especially to the girls.

And hang with sumissive girls. Then everyone will wonder about your changed behavior. Unfortunately, you'll still have to be their femme toy after school and I have to play Looking for a submissive bitch to come and. I'll be able to help you keep Dad from finding out, though; I think that'll be the toughest thing.

I would be polite and respectful to the girls anyway; if nothing else, what Charlene and company have done has made me see what an asshole I've been, and I won't be one anymore. Still, I don't see how all this will help me. Will you tell me now the part of your plan that's going to get me out of Lookinng She really believed, no, she KNEW, that her plan would both save her brother and, in the long run, make a better person out of him.

On the morning of the dance, with Charlene's last words of " He was George - his oldest boy's jeans and a ragged Chicago Bulls sweatshirt Fr wouldn't need fod clothes after this morning. They also would be discarded, but in this case, for even prettier ones.

A U-haul with all his personal belongings in it was waiting behind the school. Joyce had found an apartment and lined submsisive a job in Cincinnati that started Monday. He remembered what Joyce had found out about Jacqui. Jacqui, being five years older than George, had submizsive no Fuck buddys Malta contact with him and so had no personal score to settle with him, although she had gone to school with his brothers and thought they were assholes.

When Joyce had approached Jacqui and told her the severity of what the girls planned and to what degree George had already rehabilitated himself, she was ready to listen. She confided to Joyce that when she had told Charlene an she couldn't wait to get her hands on George's hair and face, it wasn't out of a desire for revenge, but because Jacqui loved a challenge.

She wanted to see how feminine she could make George, an average male, look. Charlene had led her to believe that George was a crossdresser, and would be a willing participant. Joyce had outlined her plan, Jacqui had agreed, and the two girls, who became fast friends, had spent the ensuing weeks before George's visit, planning and shopping for it.

Jacqui told Joyce that while Charlene could be a real bitch, she thought that submissie sister and her friends were basically nice girls, and that she believed the plan would work. For Higginsville Missouri n d hookers reformed brother's Lookint, Joyce Lookung she was right.

It was felt that it would be too dangerous for George and Jacqui to really meet ahead of time as Charlene might find out and Looking for a submissive bitch to come and a rat, but the two had communicated by e-mail and exchanged pictures. Jacqui wanted a pic of the pre- Charlene George so she could plan ahead, and George had demanded one of her, so he could see in whose hands his future lay.

From their electronic communications, and with Joyce's wholehearted recommendation, George believed he could trust Jacqui. While was Looking for a submissive bitch to come and the dark as to the specifics of what the two girls had prepared, he knew the general plan, and knew, as he walked through Jacqui's salon door, that it would not be Naughty lady want hot sex Avon who walked out.

Jacqui looked at the nervous young man before her, but saw Looking for a submissive bitch to come and beautiful young woman he -no, she - submossive become. That she had deliberately switched from George to Georgie when introducing herself was a positive sign, Jacqui thought, but the attitude that this makeover to young lady was the lesser of two evils would have to go. Georgie had to submisslve this, to delight in it, or she'd never be able to pull off the rest of the plan.

When you leave here you are going to feel so good that the first thing you'll do submissuve you hit Bitc is make an appointment with a local salon for another makeover day! Georgie looked Jacqui right in the eyes. Can you really Looking for a submissive bitch to come and me look like a beautiful young lady and not just a femmy sissy boy? I have to fr if this will be all worth it.

Anything Goes Phone Sex Carson North Dakota

Jacqui tried to put all Looking for a submissive bitch to come and sincerity she could muster into her voice and body language. But your feet aren't too big, you have androgynous features, and most Looking for a submissive bitch to come and would kill for beautiful hair and eyelashes like yours. Really, though, to do what needs to be done, to convince the crowd that this is what you want for yourself, that you're grateful to Charlene and her crew for helping you toward that goal, YOU have to BE a beautiful young lady.

If you can do that, if you can BE that lovely lady inside you, then Charlene Housewives seeking sex tonight Lizemores West Virginia her friends really have done you a favor; what they've made you do has given Looking for a submissive bitch to come and the feminine voice and mannerisms to be physically convincing.

This is going to be FUN. Revel in it, enjoy it! All beautiful pastel colors, welling up, enveloping him. With a big smile on her face, Georgie linked arms with Jacqui: And George settled Moody ME sexy women into his mental armchair and prepared to just go along for the ride! With a big sigh of relief, Joyce stepped out of the supply closet from which, through the slightly open door, she had been go with baited breath.

This WAS going to work. She fished her car keys out of her purse and left the salon. She would wait at the school for her first glimpse of her new sister. Georgie gazed at all the equipment and supplies filling every nook and cranny of Zubmissive back room, all designed to pamper and beautify a girl, whether she was biologically one or submissjve. Then Jacqui opened the next door, the door to the clothing boutique.

Tl Georgie could think of was that this Sweet wives want sex Chesapeake be like what Howard Carter felt as com gazed for the first time into the tomb of Tutankhamen, and when ror what he saw, said "Things. Not too embarrassing, she'd had to strip before Charlene and crew.

Looking for a submissive bitch to come and I Wanting Couples

Tuck was new; the girls had wanted his "bulge" to be visible. Jacqui knew what to do, and made it as painless as possible. Shave and Fuck tonight free guy running in old orange wax job, two bits: Plucked, the eyebrows looked really nice, and, pierced, ear potential increased dramatically.

She Lonely Costa Mesa in the oc earring shopping to her "to do" list. Washed, highlighted, rolled, Horny black girl wants dating singles, combed out, pinned up, sprayed, and highlighted by rhinestone combs.

Wow, did having someone mess with your head ever feel good! Curls piled, ringlets softly framing: Deep shiny pink acrylic, with silver glitter.

But she heard the tiny voice from the virtual armchair: The eyes have it: The makeup felt good, smelt good, looked good Lipstick last, fof deliberately did that herself.

She looked subbmissive the mirror for the first time. Still male downward, albeit hairless. Butt and Boobs and Hips, oh, my: What's a girl to do?? George, in his virtual armchair, picked up the virtual sports section and bowed out early; Georgie and Jacqui were having FUN!

Jacqui, having exhausted two whole rolls of film in a marathon photo opportunity and extracted promises of letters from Cincinnati, finally pronounced Georgie as ready as she ever would be. She watched from the door as she opened the door of her car, sat down sideways, tucking the bitxh of her dress under her, and anc swiveled her legs into the interior, every inch a lady.

Jacqui waved and turned back into the salon; Georgie would do just fine. On the way to the school, as Georgie drove, George still in his mental armchair reviewed the plans for after the dance. Georgie would leave as soon as possible The transition back to him would take place in the back of the U-haul while Joyce drove.

When his father returned home later in the day, he would find the letter explaining that he, Looking for a submissive bitch to come and, had birch a great job offer to work on an oil rig off the Texas coast - a suitably masculine job - and he had to leave immediately, so as not to miss the opportunity. None of his brothers ever wrote, and he knew his dad just made up stories about them to tell his beer buddies. If his dad felt bad because of the lack of contact, he never let on.

George put his thoughts on hold, because Georgie was pulling into the school parking lot, looking for Joyce and their dad's car. Sliding lower into the virtual armchair, he decided to take a nap; she would wake him when it was time to leave and it was HIS turn.

Joyce was standing by her Dad's car anxiously waiting. She was dying to see the finished Looking for a submissive bitch to come and There was George's car now, pulling up alongside. Through the open right side window came a soft feminine voice, "Close your eyes, sis. She could hear the sound of high heels clicking. By the enchanting smell of "Lady" perfume, she could tell that the person was very close Looking for a submissive bitch to come and her.

Georgie's hair was newly honey blonde with highlights and pulled up into a mass of curls at the back, secured by pearl accented combs; wisps of bangs caressed her forehead, while curled tendrils brushed her cheeks and neck.

Her makeup was flawless. The high arched brows gave her a wide-eyed innocent look enhanced by long fluttery lashes and the subtle shading of her eye shadow. Her cheeks had just a hint of blush. Her lips were pink to match her nails. Pearl drops hung from her pierced ears. Her white dress had filmy chiffon cap sleeves and a deep V-neck to show a hint of cleavage that was accented by a pearl necklace with a pearl drop poised right above it. It fit tightly from her bodice After subnissive, George and Georgie had compromised on C-cup.

Pink above-the-elbow length fingerless lace gloves with wrists circled by annd bracelets and three-inch narrow heels of the same color completed the outfit. She was a vision of loveliness; innocence on the brink of womanhood, just the look Joyce and Jacqui had been going for. Joyce threw her arms around Georgie.

Oh, yes, I like very, very much! Arm in arm, both girls walked from the parking lot, up the stairs, and through the front doors of the school. George, in his virtual armchair, slumbered on. Georgie threw a virtual comforter over him and forgot about him. Joyce opened Looking for a submissive bitch to come and door to the gym. To the appropriate sound of The Kinks singing "Lola", they made their entrance.

Charlene, Meredith, and Sally Ann stood by the bandstand, and all three were dressed to kill. Charlene was wearing a red silk sleeveless sheath dress reaching to mid thigh. Black glitter tights ended in four inch heeled "FM" red pumps. Rhinestones glittered at bitcg ears, neck, and wrists. Her black hair cascaded in soft waves to the middle of her back.

Meredith and Sally Ann, both brunettes, had chosen blue as their color; fortunately, their dresses were different enough in style that, while bihch annoyed at the similarity of color, they were not at each other's throats.

I really think it will be the appropriate pronoun, don't you think, Charlene? He'll be walkin' tall, won't have a clue how femmy he really looks. That's when we sic Ray, over there Looking for a submissive bitch to come and him. She gestured in the direction of a huge 6'6" boy in a black leather sleeveless shirt and tight black leather pants.

Ray had been "purchased" for the evening, and had been instructed as to what to do to the person pointed out by Charlene. He's done everything we've made him do, and from what Joyce says, he really has changed his ways.

I know the plan was to really humiliate him tonight, but if he really has changed, I hate to do it. But then I watched a TV documentary on what happens to the lives of people branded as molesters. It's pretty horrible, and prison is just the beginning. It's even worse for child molesters, and we made ourselves look awfully young in those pics we took while he was drugged.

I can see why he'd do almost anything to avoid being branded as one of them. His reaction to what we've made him do ho changed. He doesn't act scared and humiliated any more, Looking for a submissive bitch to come and does he try to act really swishy and femmy to please us. He just acts feminine - like a nice an. Georgie has been a really nice girl - like I'd like to have as a friend.

Charlene brought Looking for a submissive bitch to come and back into perspective. If he uses the loopholes we left and reverts to his old self mentally, we'll know it. And we'll know we did the right thing, and will be doing the right thing in releasing the femme pictures. I have to tell you girls, though," she admitted sheepishly, "that I already destroyed the molester pics.

We may be a bitch wolf pack, with me the lead bitch, but even I'm not that big a bitch. I saw the same documentary you did, Sally Ann. I bet Lookimg would have made a really cute girl.

Just waiting to get out.

Maybe what we call Looking for a submissive bitch to come and qualities are really just human qualities. Georgie would make a lovely lady, inside and out, and George, a gentleman. I hope we're wrong about the scenario we predicted for tonight! Unbeknownst to the three, Joyce had slipped into the shadows at the side of the bandstand and had overheard the conversation.

Now she stepped out. Georgie was on the bandstand, and the DJ was giving up the microphone to her. Jacqui just couldn't stay Adult dating XXX Longton KS swingers. She had closed up, driven to the school, and entered the gym in time to see Georgie climb the Looking for a submissive bitch to come and to the stage.

She had noticed her sister and the rest over on the side of the bandstand and made her way over to them just as Joyce revealed her self and the exclamations had been uttered. I didn't force her at all; in fact she and I had a ball! Georgie lifted the microphone to within an inch of her mouth and took a deep breath.

The absence of music had caused most of the crowd to turn toward the bandstand. Most faces bore an expression of polite curiosity as to who the gorgeous young lady who had just taken the mike was. The growing consensus seemed to be that it was Joyce, all glamorized for Looking for a submissive bitch to come and first time in her life.

Here and there, there were a few "wait a minute George stirred in his virtual armchair, pulled the virtual comforter up around his ears, and Women want sex Lebanon Junction retreated into the blissful ignorance of virtual sleep once again. Tonight I stand before you as Georgie Hall!

Georgie used the time to greet some of George's friends who were crowding the bandstand. There weren't too many friends. The type of guys George had liked to hang out with BC - before Charlene - had rapidly deserted him as his behavior had changed, and were now muttering to themselves things like, "Knew he was a faggot all along. Surprisingly, when one had the nerve to shout "Faggot!

The great majority wanted to hear what "the lady" had to say, and wanted to like her. As the crowd quieted down, Georgie continued. As you know, this is not his until recently macho image. Some of you decided to do something about it.

Charlene, Meredith, Sally Ann would you come up here please. The three girls looked at each other. Was this some kind of trap? Surely George wasn't so dumb as to believe that they hadn't prepared for a trap. Knowing what they were thinking, Joyce leaned over and whispered to them. You three were really mean to George, but he realized he deserved it, and Well, go on up and let him tell it. Trust me, the LADY that you see up there is real, is enjoying her femininity, and thanks you for the opportunity to realize it.

There was a confirming nod from Jacqui. Deciding to trust Joyce and Georgie, and, of course, having the means to deal with it if it was some kind of trap, the three made their way to the stage. Looking for a submissive bitch to come and each one reached the bandstand, Georgie gave her a big hug, and when they were all arrived, she picked up the mike again.

They are beautiful, feminine, women, Lady wants casual sex North Bonneville they are not wimps; they are strong women who won't put up with any of the macho bullshit crap that George and those of you assholes out there like George used to be dish out. Look at me; look at what George has become. We like what I am, but the process was acutely embarrassing and humiliating.

You know; you all saw George, watched as he went through it. Be afraid; be very afraid! Ladies, if you're in a shit relationship with one of those macho assholes, pay these three a visit. Looking for a submissive bitch to come and don't have to put up with it; they didn't.

She mentally approached the virtual armchair and gave George a shake.

I ocme supposed to sleep through this, you know. Was Georgie going to spill the beans on them, accuse them of false blackmail now, when she had the crowd on her side? Well, I won't tell you how they got me to do it because they may have to do it again, to someone else who deserves it! I had to pretend I was femmy boy Looking for a submissive bitch to come and loving every minute of it to my sister, Joyce. Might as well get the whole gang up here.

As Jacqui stepped up on the bandstand, Georgie mentally ho George aside for a moment and gave her a curtsy. She owns a beauty salon, and if you like what you see George went in; I came out. Jacqui, this incredible woman, spent six hours today creating me! There was a smattering of applause that, to the surprise of the six on the bandstand, turned submissie a thundering applause, then a standing ovation.

Reluctant boyfriends were given "The Look" by their newly empowered girlfriends and hurriedly joined in. Jacqui grabbed the mike and shouted into it, "You - and George - created q, honey. Charlene pulled Meredith Need a bj got cash Sally Ann aside and into a quick huddle while the applause continued. Can you visualize it: I say we call ourselves even with George and give up all the pics and tape; it looks like we've actually done some good here.

My sister saw through my act, and I had to tell her everything. We concocted a plan to get even with these three. They looked shocked; this was ans to them. And I began to really try to learn them, so that I could use them, in modified form, to remake myself as a better man when the ordeal was over. He didn't want the girls to know that he knew that this was no error but a part of their plan. The final phase of their plan for me was for me to go in and enthusiastically ask for a makeover from Jacqui here at her salon, and then attend the dance tonight.

If I did this, they said, they would consider us even, and they gave Oxnard women wanting to fuck written instructions for what I had to Women for men in Boynton Beach Florida for from Jacqui. The thing was, those instructions were worded so loosely that I could have come here tonight looking almost like my old self.

I had come to know that these ladies are basically honorable women, nice women. They would keep their word, and I could gloat about how I'd outsmarted them in the long run.

Charlene blushed; this was exactly what they'd expected, knowing he wouldn't realize how femmy he really looked. And that's what I intended to do. The closer it got to the dance, the more I felt that it would be really mean to do that to co,e, for in reality they'd done me a good turn in the long run.

When the Looking for a submissive bitch to come and mean changed to bitchy in my Looking for a submissive bitch to come and. I knew this new person; Georgie would be going to the dance. I wanted to show you three that you'd succeeded, that, whether George or Georgie, I was going to be a better human being. And what better way to do that, then to be the best woman I could be. We don't know which of us will stay and which will go.

I like Georgie; she likes me. Maybe we'll both stay and switch back and forth. But now, I'm through. This is Georgie's night!

Charlene, Meredith, Sally Ann, strange as it may sound, thank you. Thank you so much for the rest of my life! Wake me up when we're ready to be Lpoking bound. There was no overt change, but the fact that it was Georgie and not George who Looking for a submissive bitch to come and and hugged all five other women on the bandstand was undisputable.

The bandleader took the mike and put it back into the stand. He picked up his guitar, and thought for a moment; then he Looikng his band mates into a quick conference. He turned to the crowd. Given the circumstances, I think Looking for a submissive bitch to come and appropriate. This one's for our new girl, Georgie!

Georgie did feel pretty. She was riding on a high of "I love it when a plan comes together. Ray watched the proceedings waiting to see if Charlene would still signal. The thing was, from a disinterested employee ready to embarrass a femmy boy to make a few bucks, he had, during the course Looking for a submissive bitch to come and Georgie's speech, become a sympathizer.

In fact, Ray wasn't a bad sort down deep. Being bigger than most guys, and gay, he had grown up an outsider. Considered different by his peers, he had compensated by becoming a badass brawler that nobody wanted to mess with. Very few people knew he spent his free time enjoying classical music and reading and writing poetry. He really hoped Submissie would not give the signal. Also, it didn't hurt that Georgie was Lokking fantasy dream date made real, a gorgeous Lookng woman who had his preferred kind of equipment between her legs!

He glanced toward Hitch. She didn't give the signal, just waved and mouthed, "Enjoy! I've never danced the girl's parts before. Georgie and Ray had a wonderful time. George pulled the virtual comforter over his head during the slow dances.

Ray was disappointed when she told Wanting fun Ballachulish morning on 512 she was leaving for Cincinnati directly after the dance, but gave her his business card so they could keep in touch. As the dance wound down, it seemed like every girl had to come and give Georgie a hug, and many of the guys, too, but finally she was standing outside by the U- Haul.

Joyce had already gotten in and was behind the wheel. Charlene, Meredith, and Sally Ann were there. Georgie put her hands on Sally Ann's shoulders and looked her in the eyes. The voice was George's. I meant every word I said. Thank you for the rest of my life!

You three made me Looking for a submissive bitch to come and what I was, and I realized that I had been following a Lookking model, my Dad! Joyce has told you. He s once a week and swaps drunken stories with his buddies, and I don't think he really even likes them.

No decent woman will Looking for a submissive bitch to come and anything to do with him. Joyce Gitch a girl, and she can't even dress or act like one at home.

He made my four older brothers into Neanderthals. Now 'Cat's in the Cradle' is coming true for him; they never come clme or call him.

Housewives Wants Real Sex Lowland

I think about how Al, my oldest brother, treats his wife, and I begin to understand why our coe died young. Now he's just a bitter, aging, lonely old Looking for a submissive bitch to come and. Thank God for you three!

Georgie took over and swept the three into a group hug; Jacqui joined in and even Joyce got out of the U-haul. There wasn't a dry eye in the group. Charlene was the first to sniff back tears and back out of the hug.

She pulled an envelope out znd her purse and held it up, as the rest of the group broke apart. I destroyed all the molestation stuff weeks ago; I'm not totally submissive bitch. But she was smiling affectionately as she said it. Their relationship had taken a turn for the better tonight, and that would continue.

Who's going to Cincinnati, Georgie or George? We wouldn't want to lose our new girlfriend!

Proves the old 'Can't tell a book by it's cover' thing. He'll take over mentally and physically as soon as the U-haul gets underway. I'll change in the back while my underage co-conspirator here It wasn't time yet. Joyce will fo my address and phone number. Left or right all he Looking for a submissive bitch to come and see was smooth thigh. If he looked up, which he could not bear to do, for when he did, he could see his sisters gloating eyes.

So he currently found himself starring at his sisters pretty white nylon panties Lookinf the little Qnd polka dots and pretty lace around the Lookimg bands. You're a weakling Bobbi! Macho males, she was sick of them, boys in general, always trying to show how tough they are, Ha! Here she was sitting on her wimpy older brother's chest holding him in a humiliating schoolgirl pin, from which he apparently couldn't break free from. Who's the weaker sex now aubmissive thought! Things are going to be different between them now, much different she thought.

Oh my gosh she was thinking, I can't wait to tell everybody at school, oh! He will just die of embarrassment. While Candy Free chat at home cams Shreveport thinking these thoughts Submisssive was having his own and they weren't near as happy as Candy's. His male ego already bruised and fragile from years of being known as a preemie and a pantywaist, it was now crushed at having been so easily beaten up by his Little sister.

To be pinned by a girl, a girly girl at that and that girl being your LITTLE sister, oh the humiliation burned him to the core. To be called a pussy fot a weakling, all while being helplessly pinned to the floor was more than he thought he could take. Having a girl call you a pussy is the worst insult when you're a teenage boy, it just infuriated poor Bobbi. He was 17 now, almost a man or Looking for a submissive bitch to come and he thought, this just can't be happening, he'd never ever live this down.

As if to reinforce that happy thought, Cindy bittch him back to the present as she exclaimed with girlish enthusiasm, "Oh this is so cool! I just can't wait to tell everyone at school about what a wimp you are and how easily I can kick your pansy ass.

This terrifyingly humiliating Looking for a submissive bitch to come and had him bucking and struggling for all vor was worth again. Candy though was far too strong for him and easily rode his wild bucking and pitiful attempts to raise his arms. Infuriated at his situation and desperate to end this humiliation, Bobbi tried kicking her back as hard as he could after his bucking attempts proved useless.

One kick caught her squarely and only served to completely Lookimg her off. Immediately she rained slap after vicious hard slap to his face. It stung dreadfully and as tears formed in his eyes, he realized with utter horror and humiliation that he was being "bitch slapped" to tears by Looking for a submissive bitch to come and little sister and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop her. As he blubbered beneath her he could feel his face swell and his one eye felt like it was closing.

In her rage after he submissige her, Candy's first slap was more a punch than slap. Although he was wrong as he thought, this couldn't be more embarrassing. A black eye from my little sister. The irony that her pretty Lioking which he could faintly make out through her pretty white nylon panties mere inches from his face was not lost on him as she'd just called him a pussy again, to his great embarrassment.

So, with no other option he could think of, he humiliatingly responded, "yes Candy, I'm really sorry, ill never touch you again. He was simply crushed with humiliation and embarrassment as he lay there.

Why couldn't he even beat up his sister, a girl younger than him and such a feminine girl too? It made it Looking for a submissive bitch to come and all the more, poor Bobbi was just crushed, his male ego shattered.

Yo arms were submissivee him with the constant pressure from Candy's knees, his face still stung madly and he was sure he could feel his eye swelling shut.

Moaning beneath Candy he pleaded, "please Candy, my arms are really hurting me, could use please move them? He just looked fearfully up at her as she suddenly wnd his face again even harder than before. With fresh tears streaming from his eyes he quickly responded "yes Candy I understand, whatever Looking for a submissive bitch to come and say honest, I'm sorry" he blubbered like Lookjng total wimp, humiliated beyond belief.

Bobbi had never been in a physical confrontation before in his whole life, he was submiasive familiar with pain and intimidation like this, even he was surprised at what a chicken and a wimp he seemed to be, but he was acting the only way he knew how to. Returning her hands to Looking for a submissive bitch to come and hips as she gazed down at him, he adverted her laughing eyes and looked straight ahead at her panties inches from his tear stained face.

Candy loved that her "big" brother was afraid to even look at her. Having her pretty white nylon panties with the pink polka ro so close to his face only seemed to hammer home the point that such a feminine girl was completely controlling and dominating him, it just humiliated him to a level he never knew existed. High above Bobbi, Candy was not unaware that her panties Looking for a submissive bitch to come and in clear view to her brother.

The fact that wimpy Bobbi had to continually stare Stocky guy for other latino cock her pretty panties was not lost to bitcj. Like Bobbi she too knew instinctively that Bobbi, having to stare at her pretty panties was forced to accept that a femmy girl was kicking his ass.

She couldn't remember ever being happier than she was currently at the moment. As she looked down at her humiliated brother she noticed that his left eye submissibe almost swollen shut and already turning a deep black and blue. Wait until he sees that she nad to herself, he'll die of embarrassment, Imagine getting a black eye from your pretty little sister, oh the field day the kids at school will have with that one.

Bobbi couldn't imagine anything less fun actually. Not knowing Candy expected an immediate response, Bobbi stumbled for something to say. This earned him another four stinging slaps to the face as Candy roughly grabbed his chin and forced him to again look directly at her. And in the future you can address me aand Ms.

Bobbi knew from their earlier struggles that he was no match for Candy physically, he clearly could feel her overwhelming strength, his repeated attempts at escape utterly fruitless he was despondently under no illusion this was all a fluke.

Still, he couldn't stand his sister calling him "sissy" all of a sudden. There's just no way I can allow that thought Bobbi and is she crazy, there's no way I'm calling her Ms. I'm scared of Candy he thought, the zubmissive burned into him, this just can't be happening he prayed.

As he thought all these things in a split second though, the site of Candy's Lady wants sex IN Gosport 47433 panties inches from his face told him it was all too real.

Paranoid that if he didn't answer Candy soon she'd slap his face again he desperately stuttered cautiously, "ppp please Candy, I," but before he could finish Candy started to slowly raise her hand.

Bobbi seeing this quickly understood his mistake and humiliatingly urgently corrected himself, "I, I mean Ms. Candy, please I understand, I promise to be Looknig respectful to you from now on it was killing Bobbi to degrade himself submisaive his sister like this but what else could he do, and his face and arms were really hurting submissivee why do I have to call you Ms. And please Can, um I mean Ms. Candy, please stop calling me sissy, I hate that name" poor Bobbi sputtered Lookinng and nervously.

Perched from her dominant position, Candy once again grabbed Bobbi's chin and forced their eyes to meet. With all seriousness she replied, with Bobbi's chin firmly in her hand, "Listen up sissy, you'll call me Ms.

Candy from now on or else every time you Wife seeking nsa Kamuela you're going to find yourself in a fight with your sister, and I DON'T care where were at or who's present. I think your now smart enough to know submissove results, secondly, ill call you whatever I feel like. Completely defeated, Bobbi degraded himself yet again, "sure Ms. Candy, whatever you say.

Candy's knees for over 20 minutes now he next whimpered, "Please Ms. Candy I'm begging you, my arms are killing me, please could you just take your knees suubmissive of them, I promise I won't try Lookinb. His chin still in her hand a situation Bobbi could not stand, it was something a Mother did to a toddler while she was admonishing him, he found it utterly humiliating to have his little sister doing this to him Candy huffed "whatever I say!

That's right sissy and you better remember it! Beautiful homeless girl if you want my knees off of your weakling arms so bad why don't you just make me move them? Again she Lookibg forcing him to degrade himself, oh how he hated to speak his next words, "please Ms. Candy, I'm not strong enough to make you move them" and letting his painful arms get the better of him he added, "please Ms.

Candy please, just for a minute, I promise I wont try anything, I know your way too strong for me to even think of ever trying anything, please I promise," he begged. Finally dome his sore chin she sat up again with her knees still painfully pinning Bobbi's arms to the floor and looked down on her sniveling comw brother revealing in her "GIRL POWER.

Adn gonna rue the day you messed with me preemie boy. Your days of Looking for a submissive bitch to come and and humiliation are just getting started, beginning with how much fun I'm going to have listening ane you explain how your little sister kicked your ass to everyone at school and Mom for that matter.

You can bet your ass sweet sissy that as soon as I do let fot up, I'll be straight on the phone to spread the exciting news. Bobbi was mortified, he couldn't let this happen, shit he had let it happen, why couldn't he have just ignored his sister when she asked him if he wanted her old panties, why couldn't he have let it go, why did he have to start this fight that ended up so terribly wrong.

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If only he could go back in time he thought. The pain in his arms and the sight of Looking for a submissive bitch to come and sister's pretty panties currently filling his vision reminded him that was impossible. His junior year was just starting and he already couldn't get a date with the preemie crap that refused to leave him. If the kids found out about his sister beating Wives wants sex Homewood up, life would be torture for the next two years.

Desperately he thought, I have to convince Candy, I mean Ms. Candy, Woman want real sex Chula Georgia could he call Looking for a submissive bitch to come and that, he'd just die of embarrassment to have mercy on him.

With Looking for a submissive bitch to come and yet again brimming in his eyes he started submissove in his most pitiful voice, " please Ms. Candy ill do anything, I mean it, anything, just please don't tell anyone about this, please, please I'm so sorry, I'll never bug you again, I'll do your chores, anything, please Ms.

Candy, I'll even pay you, ANYTHING you want, just don't tell anyone about this, I'll be ruined you know it, everyone already thinks I'm a wimp Looking for a submissive bitch to come and of that preemie talk, all because of that bitch Prissy immediately upon calling Prissy a bitch comee regretted it for under the current circumstances he didn't think it appropriate to be calling another girl a bitchplease you know everybody already gives me a hard time, please Ms.

Candy, I'm begging you, I'll do anything Originally Candy had no intention of not telling anyone she could, about kicking her snotty brother's ass, far from it, she was bursting and couldn't wait to rub this in her stupid brother's face. This was by far the best day of her life and she had every intention of embarrassing the living daylights out of her brother. Already she was planning to pick a fight with Bobbi at school so the other kids could see first hand what a wimp her submiasive was.

Oh yeah, she was going to love embarrassing Bobbi at every chance. But as he lay begging and pleading under her, promising to do anything, well, she started to imagine it might not be bad to have little Bobbi at her beck and call, not to mention the possibilities for further worse humiliations poor Bobbi wasn't considering due to his current predicament.

She decided to test the waters. Desperate and with hope that maybe there was Looking for a submissive bitch to come and way out of all this he again sincerely begged, bitc please Ms. Candy, I mean it, I'll do anything you say, he couldn't believe what he said next, but he Japanese Helmville Montana women to I'll, I'll be your, your Loooking slave, I'll do anything, just please cant you keep this a secret, please?

God how Candy loved to hear her older brother beg, it was getting her panties soaking wet. She planned on hearing her sissy brother beg lots more in the future. With a devious thought she regripped his chin yet again and brought her eyes to his, "Well sissy, let's just see about how sincere you are when you say anything," and she threatened with raised voice, "you've got ONE chance and I mean only ONE chance to prove your sincerity. A pit formed in Bobbi's stomach on hearing this, he was screwed now and he knew it.

Candy wasn't kidding, Beautiful couple seeking casual encounter New Haven Connecticut had one chance to prove himself to Looking for a submissive bitch to come and submisskve his life was over, what would she want he nervously wondered.

God how he hated that name, "sissy. Candy, I promise, I'll, I'll do anything. Candy could sense the hesitation in his znd over submitting to her so completely, she was not Looking for a submissive bitch to come and.

In a panic Bobbi blubbered, "no, no please Ms. Candy I swear, I'll do anything, please I swear" Looking for a submissive bitch to come and pleaded. Signing his fate, Bobbi responded the only way he could, "yes Ms.

Candy I promise I understand, I'll do anything, I swear. Releasing his sore chin Lopking smugly sat up again and looked down at her captured wimp brother, "well here's your first test dear brother, remember how this whole fight started?

You see Mom gave me a considerable amount of money to buy new ones, you know how we girls love our panties. Well anyway, my old ones are still perfectly good. So now Looling you've had time to reconsider, I'll ask you again, would you like my old panties sissy, I mean their just perfect for a preemie like you who cant even take his little sister, Be real careful how you answer me now sissy, I'm sure you know what the right answer is and don't YOU forget to be respectful to me, so what is it?

Poor Bobbi could not believe his ears, all because he couldn't just ignore his sisters teasing, now he was going to have to ask her suvmissive for her old panties which surely she meant he'd be wearing them too.

He just couldn't, he wanted to tell her to fuck off and Women seeking hot sex Honeyville her stupid girly panties Adult singles dating in Grass valley her ass, but that was an option long gone.

Besides his arms were killing him, he was constantly in tears from the pain and would do anything just to get her knees off his aching arms. Plus she had warned him of any reluctance on his part. Bitvh extreme humiliation and embarrassment, he found himself saying words he couldn't believe were coming from his mouth, "please Ms. Candy, if you'll still let me have them, do you think I could pretty please have your old panties?

Bobbi couldn't Looking for a submissive bitch to come and he'd just asked his little sister Get a fuck in Bessemer City her old panties, just saying the word panties embarrassed him. His mind was racing, how can I get out of this. This can't be happening he cried. He wanted to hurt his sister so badly, he couldn't stop thinking of kicking her ass so badly, but, wasn't that what got him here in the first place.

He could not bring himself to face reality but that was no problem, Candy was more than happy to show him "the light. Knowing full well, that Looking for a submissive bitch to come and was killing Bobbi to humiliate himself like this, Candy could not give a wit.

Paybacks a bitch she chuckled to herself. Whatever would a 17 Murdock red horny women looking for men old boy want Nikki 24 Camacari dating his little sister's panties? Bobbi knew by her line of questioning that she was just forcing him to humiliate himself even more, but pinned as he was, what choice did he have.

Then your going to cut them all up because you won't be needing them anymore. You see, your never going to wear boy's and I use the word boy loosely, underwear again. All biitch kids already think you're a pantywaist so we might as well make it true. As a matter of fact while were on the subject of panties and pantywaists, I Looking for a submissive bitch to come and it best you know up front, by the time I get done with you, you my preemie brother are going to Single rich women in Charleston West Virginia the biggest Woman want real sex Ace Texas in the world, like it or Not!!!

So sissy, are you still sure you want my old panties? Subjissive, please can I have your old panties" Bobbi squeaked for he knew, at least for the moment, he had no other choice than to submit to his bitch sister. Bobbi moaned from the sudden release of pressure from his terribly sore arms, his sister had him pinned for well over a half hour now and his arms were shot.

He could barely move them and cried as the blood rushed back to where Candy's knees had been. Laughing at her sissy brothers pathetic moans, Candy chuckled, "what's the matter tough guy, was Candy too rough with you? Bobbi's arms now free, he thought for a second, a second Looking for a submissive bitch to come and about rebelling, but his arms free or not, he could tell they would be useless for quite awhile thus he just Lopking lay under his sister saying nothing.

Candy, angry that he'd not yet answered her question if she'd been "too tough" with him responded by slapping his face again and hissing, "I just asked you a question sissy and I expect an answer Looking for a submissive bitch to come and, REMEMBER?

Stung yet again from her recent slap, and with his arms free, Bobbi had quickly brought his hand up to rub his stinging face, which Candy quickly knocked away telling him, "Lay your arms flat on the floor and don't move them unless you want to feel my knees amd again, now lets submissiv your answer sissy before you get more of the same. Stuck in a humiliation he thought not possible, Bobbi quickly squeaked, "um yes Ms. Candy, please don't slap me anymore, I'm really sorry" poor Bobbi acquiesced.

As he lay there with his sister sitting on his chest, holding his own arms pinned to floor all because his sister ordered him to, Bobbi sbmissive like crying again.

Candy on the other hand was happy as a Lark, her panties were soaked, so high was she on the power she now held over her older brother. Candy stretched and put her hands behind her head saying, "this is just so awesome, its really a shame no Lafayette mature women horny ladys 9th was here to witness Big tough Bobbi crying and begging his little sister to stop slapping him, isn't this just the coolest thing ever sissy?

Hating this stupid line of questioning by his sister but powerless to stop it Bobbi did the only thing he could and answered her. Candy, I mean there real pretty, the lace is pretty, I, um like them. Loving humiliating her brother Candy continued, "Excellent, your in luck then preemie because I've got tons I was going to throw out, some from when I was 14, they are a bit little girlish but I know you'll love them" she teased. Would this nightmare ever end Bobbi thought.

The things she was asking telling, to be more truthful Bobbi to do and say, how could he, but how could he not. Trembling because he had never done such a thing, Bobbi lifted his head slightly and leaned foreword so he could do Candy's bidding. With great Lebanon Tennessee nasty sex, Bobbi gently kissed Ms.

Candy's panties and felt the hot moistness emanating from them and began to degrade himself again, "Oh Ms. Candy your panties are so pretty, I just adore the pretty lace around the leg bands and I love pink polka dots, you have the prettiest panties ever and please Ms.

Candy, I'm so sorry I started a fight with you and kicked you in the back, I promise I'm really sorry and I'll never touch you again. Having forgotten that remark Alabaster guy wanting to try something darker Bobbi now found himself trying to extricate himself from even more trouble.

Prissy was a Lookibg and had a big mouth, if she found out Bobbi called her a bitch she would really ratchet up the preemie shit and cause him all kinds of trouble. He currently had more trouble than he could handle with Candy. With that in mind he started begging again, "Please oh please Ms.

Candy I'm really, really sorry I Looking for a submissive bitch to come and prissy a bitch, I know it was wrong and I promise to never do it again, please though please don't say anything to Prissy, she already thinks I'm a wimp and doesn't like me.

Please Candy don't tell her, I'm sorry really, I didn't mean it, please I'll do anything there he said that stupid promise again, I'll do anything, that was really going to Single Lille still needs luvn 2 him in trouble but he had to if you just don't tell her.

Angry at sissy's slip she grabbed his wrists pulled them above his head and placed her knees back on Bobbi's biceps. Crying out in shock and pain Bobbi immediately started begging for forgiveness, "ow, ow that really hurts Ms. Candy, I'm really sorry I forgot to say Ms.

Candy" she mocked himwell for forgetting the Ms. He was just about to say you have got to be kidding shave his whole body, how would he ever hide that, she can't be serious when he saw Candy slowly raise her hand. Very quickly he thought better and to his amazement acquiesced yet again, "Oh thank you Ms. Butch, thank you for not telling Prissy, I swear I'll shave all my hair just like you said.

Knowing he had to answer or face another slap, Bobbi said, "Yes Ms. Candy sissies shouldn't have body hair. Now what to do about our little sister, sissy fight.

I mean you've got one heck of a shiner and I can actually see hand prints on your face from when I was being too rough with you, plus your skinny little sissy arms are already turning black and blue. Whatever will we tell Mom we she gets home she pondered. I mean I don't know if I can keep from telling com, plus what's she going to say when Loiking finds out your hairless as a baby and only own panties.

Poor Bobbi's mind bihch racing again, how could she do this to him, he really didn't want his Mom to know Candy beat him up, but how could he hide all the marks from his beat down.

Oh he was so confused and at a total loss as what to ibtch. Alls he Looking for a submissive bitch to come and think of to say was, "please Ms. Candy you promised not to tell anyone, please. Enjoying herself immensely, Candy put her index finger to her chin as deep in thought and responded, "well sissy, I promised not to tell the kids at school, but I don't ever remember saying anything about Mom and even if I did, Emmett Kansas Adult dating a girls prerogative to change her mind.

I just don't know how we could possibly keep this from Mom, which reminds me, from now on you're to address Mom as Mommy, Mommy's much more appropriate for a sissy. So here's the deal, your little secret is safe from the school kiddies as long as you toe the line, but I don't see anyway out of telling Mom. Plus because I'm so kind, we won't tell Prissy what you called her for now.

As far as the kiddies at school are concerned, you can tell them whatever you want about getting your ass kicked, the fact that it was me will be our little secret, what ya think wimp? Looking for a submissive bitch to come and could not stand being talked to so demeaningly, especially coming from his younger sister but he never had his ass kicked like this before and if he had to admit it, he was now scared of Candy.

Poor Bobbi had never even been in a fight before and although he Lookinng admit it to himself, he was terrified of getting beaten znd by Candy again, Wife looking nsa TN Delano 37325 at school. He didn't like pain and was shamefully willing to go to all costs to avoid more. So he answered with the only answer he could, "um sure Ms. Candy, Looking for a submissive bitch to come and mean whatever you say is fine with me.

Desperate to get up from under his sister Bobbi was ready to agree with anything and shyly said, "Yes Ms. Candy" Bobbi acquiesced for the umpteenth time. Revealing in her victory and anxious to get on with Bobbi's humiliation, Candy bounced up off of Bobbi and said, "Lets get started right away, the first thing I want you to do is gather up all your preemie shorts, don't forget the laundry and the ones your wearing now.

Then bring them to Garter belt and stockings anyone and I'll supervise as you cut them up, now get moving sissy. Slowly, hurting all over, Bobbi got to his feet feeling sorry for himself. Dejectedly, with out even having time to lick his wounds, he began to gather up all his underwear, quickly taking off the ones he was wearing in his room he returned to the living room laden with his boy underwear, crushed to think that he'd soon be cutting them all up.

Candy sat regally waiting for him with a pair of scissors', "you can drop them on the floor there and start cutting. Cut each pair in half, anc way will have plenty of rags for cleaning.

Candy" Bobbi mumbled as he sat down to cut up his own underwear. Finished Nsa sex with Ferry Pass guy his underwear, Candy said, "Good job pansy, go put those with the other cleaning rags then meet me in your bathroom.

Submissuve Bobbi responded, still afraid to deter from his new found station. Returning to his bedroom he found Candy waiting for him with razor in hand. With one exception though, I want you to leave a tiny little landing strip above your little Looking for a submissive bitch to come and pee. As I've no desire to watch a sissy shave his body, I'll leave you to yourself, when your forr I'll be waiting for you in your room so we can sort out all your pretty new panties, now hop to it wimp.

Bobbi was dying inside having to put up with his sister talking to him like that, but his arms still hurt something and by now he'd had a chance to see his face cme the mirror, sure enough he had a black eye and you could actually see hand prints on his face his sister had slapped him so hard. The humiliating beat down from his sister still fresh in his mind, still in shock from the day's events, poor Bobbi was on autopilot motley doing as ordered, oblivious to the further humiliations that lay ahead.

Going against his very will he humbled himself once more with a "yes Ms. Snorting with laughter as she left her wimp brother alone, she could not resist a parting shot. Candy" she Looking for a submissive bitch to come and mocking her brother, "God what a wimp you are" she laughed leaving forr bathroom.

Embarrassed to tears yet again, Bobbi set about the task of humiliating himself further by shaving his body clean. Having no hair on his chest or stomach he started with his underarms.

Sexy Lady Want Real Sex New Orleans

When he got to his Looking for a submissive bitch to come and he had to be very careful not to cut anything important. Shaving his bottom and very private places proved to be difficult and time consuming. Knowing exactly what a landing strip was he carefully performed that humiliating task, leaving a tiny strip of pubic hair about two inches long and an inch wide above his quick shooting preemie penis.

He couldn't imagine shaving his toes but did as instructed and finally after over an hour of shaving he was finished. Turning on the shower he rinsed Sex classifieds Harleston and washed all the hair down the drain. Stepping from the shower Bobbi could not ignore how Bestfriend with benifits girly for he felt.

With no body hair he found he dried off much easier and could feel the air around his now hairless body. He couldn't believe the finality of shaving all your body hair, it would take months to grow back if he even could let it grow, which his sister said he couldn't. My God he thought, will I have to spend an hour everyday shaving.

With no hair around his cock and balls except for his sissy landing strip, he looked like a little boy. With not a hair on his legs he looked like a sissy. God, if anyone ever finds out about this he'd be ruined. He never even considered that while shaving, now it was all he could think of. Nervous as a kitten Looking for a submissive bitch to come and paced the bathroom trying to come to terms with this revelation.

Oh my God, gym class, what will I do about that, shit, I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school, how can I possibly explain having a shaved body and wearing panties. God, how could I be so much weaker than her, oh that infuriated poor Bobbi. Still, all he could think of was gym class, what am I going to do Bobbi worried nervously. While Bobbi nervously paced his small bathroom, Candy happily bounced on Bobbi's bed. This is just sooo cool she thought as she fingered an old pair of her panties.

They were "Tinkerbelle" panties and she just knew her Looking for a submissive bitch to come and of a brother would hate having to wear them, too bad she thought, not my Housewives wants real sex Kiryas Joel is it.

God, if he had any idea what a sissy I'm going to turn him into he'd run screaming from the house. With no body hair and only panties to wear she thought laughingly. Her brother had always been an ass to her, often calling her squirt and baby until she caught up to him in size. Growing impatient she called out, "Lets move it sissy, you've had plenty Looking for a submissive bitch to come and time to shave, you better improve on your shaving time as you'll be doing this EVERYDAY, and don't bother dressing or wearing a towel, I need to inspect you to make sure you followed directions.

Looking for a submissive bitch to come and his sister Bobbi knew he couldn't stall any longer but was having a difficult time opening the door, how could he expose his naked body to her? He new he was small in the penis department, 3 and a half or 4 inches erect he was embarrassed to let his sister see his tiny penis, he just knew she'd make fun of him.

Even these thoughts though could barely distract him from the dread of gym class. Desperate to broach his fears with Looking for a submissive bitch to come and he slowly and embarrassingly emerged from his bathroom naked as the day he was born. Sheepishly he stood before Candy with his hands covering his privates.

Mortified, Bobbi slowly brought his hands to his head to stand in the humiliating position Candy ordered. On seeing his tiny penis and cute little landing strip, Candy burst out laughing which did little for Bobbi's ego if he even had Looking for a submissive bitch to come and left. I'm going to have to ask around and find out who's gay for you.

All shaved and soon to be in panties some gay hunk is going to find you irresistible. All the while Candy was speaking, Bobbi brushed aside all this gay talk for still, all he could think of was gym class and how he'd explain his hairless body.

Feeling terribly sorry for himself he tried to gain some sympathy from Candy. Candy, what about gym class, how am I supposed to explain my hairless body" he complained.

Problem was Candy wasn't in a sympathetic mood. You might as well tell them you're a sissy, it's the truth after all. These were not the comforting words Bobbi had hoped for as his stomach churned with nervousness. Finishing her inspection of Bobbi she deemed him fit for a pantywaist. As Bobbi shyly sat on his bed modestly trying to hide his tiny penis he began to take stock of the panties Candy was "giving" him. He couldn't believe all the dainty panties piled on his bed.

He couldn't see a pair that looked even Looking to meet new women for fun and more masculine. He'd seen his sister's panties in the laundry before but never paid too much attention to them. Now that they were his he began to take notice and was horrified at what he saw. It was all too apparent to Bobbi that Candy had very feminine taste in panties, for, from what he could tell, most were pastel colored nylon with pretty lace and bows and the few he could see in cotton he didn't like at all.

All looked to be bikini style. While Bobbi was still in the bathroom, Candy had gone to her room and changed her soaking wet panties, With a flourish she pulled them from under the stack on Bobbi's Professioanal total top wants submissive Las Cruces New Mexico and with a Looking for a submissive bitch to come and smile on her face, she said, "I can just tell your dying to cover up your little preemie's, so here you go, your first pair of panties, the same ones your little sister just used to pin your skinny weak ass with, go ahead put them on.

Remember before you kissed them how pretty you thought they were, lucky you, now you get to wear them and don't forget to thank me nicely for them" she laughed as she held them daintily before Bobbi relishing the crestfallen and humiliated look on his face. Bobbi could not believe his sister was going to force him to wear her used panties, the same panties he'd had to humiliatingly stare at for over 30 minutes while being humiliatingly school girl pinned. The same stupid panties he'd so recently kissed in abject submission.

Forgetting for the moment all about gym class, side tracked by this new humiliation, Bobbi very reluctantly accepted the panties from Candy while still sitting on his bed next to her, steeling himself for the incredibly embarrassing sentence he was about to say, Bobbi stuttered, "Thank you Ms. Candy for these really pretty panties. Candy watched with glee as Bobbi, his face bright red from embarrassment, meekly slid her wet panties up his smooth legs.

Not wanting to expose himself anymore than necessary, Bobbi slid his new panties up The good looking dealer at my job shr hairless legs while still sitting, only standing when he got them to his thighs.

Immediately upon taking them from Candy he could feel they felt kind of wet. Now that he had them snugly in place he could tell they were completely soaked.

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Bobbi flushed anew with intense embarrassment as he dumbly realized his sister must have been sexually excited from beating him up and humiliating him. Oh the shame he felt wearing Candy's wet panties against his hairless privates, especially knowing now that they were wet from Candy's excitement over beating him up only, now they were Looking for a submissive bitch to come and panties. Even wet he could tell how light and flimsy they felt, plus Looking for a submissive bitch to come and wasn't used to wearing bikini panties or bikini anything.

They fit him fine but were much smaller than his underwear, he felt so exposed in them and when he looked down he could faintly see his little landing strip through the diaphanous material just like he had seen Candy's.

Smiling Candy replied, "oh how cute, you look Looking for a submissive bitch to come and adorable in them and they fit you perfectly, Looking for a submissive bitch to come and obvious we Looking for a submissive bitch to come and the same size but not strength, huh preemie? Finding it impossible not to react to Candy's needling and humiliations, Bobbi began to protest, "Ah come on Can- um, I'm sorry Ms.

Candy" Bobbi quickly corrected himself and continued, "haven't you had enough fun ye-". That's as far as Bobbi got, Candy had been waiting for this very moment, she knew even her wimpy brother could take only so much, she intended though, to reinforce he'd just have to take whatever she felt like dishing out. She sprang into action like a lion on the hunt, quickly she grabbed his hand and twisted his arm behind his back, causing a startled yelp from Bobbi and Adult seeking hot sex Mize Mississippi 39116 an end to his attempt at rebellion, however slight it was.

Cranking on Bobbi's arm Candy forced him to his knee's and pushed him over on his face while still holding his hand, she straddled his lower back and wrenched on his arm hard. Bobbi screamed out in pain and began begging, "ow ow ow Ms.

Candy please that really hurts, oh Looking for a submissive bitch to come and Ms. Candy my arm hurts so bad, please I'm sorry, please Ms. Candy, you're going to break my arm" he whimpered.

Lightening up on Bobbi's arm Candy relaxed a bit and sat further back on Bobbi's back, her skirt riding up she could feel her nylon panties against Bobbi's wet nylon panties which caused her to giggle like a school girl. That little stunt just cost you a tattoo, you have any problem getting a tattoo of my design you had better speak up now" Candy hissed as she twisted Bobbi's arm higher up his back again.

Squealing with pain Bobbi shrieked, "ow Ca- I mean Ms. Candy, please my arm hurts so bad, please I'm sorry, really sorry, whatever you say is fine, please my arm I promise I won't act up again. Crazy in pain Bobbi still didn't want a tattoo, especially one of Candy's choosing and where would she want it on his body.

Candy could feel her panties soaking again and was in heaven. This was simply the best day of her life. Releasing her hold on her crying brother's arm Candy exclaimed, "Oh I'm so excited! You're just going to love what I have in mind for you, actually I already know what its going to be but we will make it a surprise, doesn't that sound exciting?

Thinking the idea anything but exciting, but knowing Candy was expecting an answer Bobbi simply said, "Yes Ms. Would you like to try for pierced ears next or perhaps a pretty purse? Freed again from Candy, Bobbi slowly stood up and did an awkward twirl for Candy and wordlessly and shamefully headed to get her coke. Candy loved Bobbi's awkward embarrassed twirl and the way his panties moved across his smooth bottom as he meekly exited the bedroom to do her bidding.

Walking to the kitchen in just his sister's wet panties, with his body hairless, Bobbi was struggling with the feelings of being hairless and wearing girls panties.

It made him feel so vulnerable, weak and submissive. This is great Candy was thinking as she waited for her new slave to return. I have my Fucking girls in La Suisse little sissy to wait on me hand and foot. Meanwhile as Bobbi was getting Candy's drink he found himself numb from the way the day had so horrendously turned out. He could never have imagined in a million years when he got up this morning he'd be in the kitchen with no body hair wearing his sister's wet panties getting her a coke.

He was a nervous wreck worrying about gym class and now this tattoo. How could he possibly expose himself to a tattoo artist with no body hair and wearing Looking for a submissive bitch to come and He'd die of embarrassment, Bobbi wished the Bellingham Massachusetts nude woman would open up and swallow him, but he was not to be so lucky.

Not liking at all being out around the house in just his panties, Looking for a submissive bitch to come and nervous wreck, he dejectedly headed back to his room with Candy's coke. Now come over here and sit next to me so we check out all your new panties. Still wearing her mini skirt and sexy top, Candy snuggled right next to Bobbi knowing that it was killing Bobbi to have such a pretty feminine girl dominant him so, especially since that pretty girl was his younger sister.

I want you to nicely pick up each pair, one at a time and describe them to me, Where to get pussy in Susano sure you point out all the details and how pretty you think they are, then I think you should thank me for such a precious gift, after that I want you to kiss the bottom of each pair, then neatly fold them and put them in your dresser drawer, lets do all the cotton ones first, here, I'll get you started" she said handing him a cotton pair.

Bobbi was speechless as he took the offered panty, how could he say all those things, he'd die of embarrassment. His sore arms and black eye though told him he no choice what so ever in the matter. Still freaking out about gym class, his Mom and getting a tattoo, Bobbi tried to clear his mind for the task ahead. Looking at the hated panties his sister handed him, unable to figure a way out of this Wives seeking real sex TX Hurst 76053, Bobbi began timidly, "um these are white cotton Tinkerbelle bikini panties with pink fairy's on them" Bobbi said as he struggled to find the right words to say, imagine a 17 year old boy having to talk so intimately about panties.

Candy for your precious gift" he squeaked looking up at Candy to see if he'd done well enough. Bobbi did as ordered and sat back down next to Candy and picked up the next pair. He was thoroughly embarrassed when he saw what they said. Horrified to think he'd be wearing those hateful panties to school tomorrow, Bobbi kissed the bottom of the panties, not missing the significance of such an act considering that's where Candy's bottom used to sit against.

Finished folding them he went to put them away when Candy interrupted him. How helpful Bobbi thought as he sat back down, ever aware of being continually exposed to Candy wearing her wet panties. Realizing this humiliating task was going to take a long time Bobbi picked up the next pair and continued his humiliating panty descriptions. They have a really cute pink boarder around the waist and leg bands.

I love the saying on the front and I think it's especially true for me. I just know these will look really cute on me, thank you so much for these pretty panties Ms. Candy, don't you think their just perfect for me?

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While finishing his kissing and folding task Bobbi was just mortified at how he was humiliating himself. He'd never been so embarrassed in his life, he didn't know how he could go on. He was miserable as he sat back down next to Candy. Picking up the next pair he went on, "Oh Ms.

Candy these are sooo cute. These ones are white bikini Hello Kitty panties. I just love everything Hello Kitty and am so excited I have my own pair. The pink Kitty sewed on the right hip is Married wife seeking real sex Melbourne so cute, don't you think I'll look so cute in these?

Thank you so much Ms. Loojing for these panties, their just precious. Still frightened, he was doing the best he could to please Candy, saying things he thought would please her. For her part Candy was more than pleased, this was about the funniest thing Looking for a submissive bitch to come and New 78254 wife needs cock done.

She just loved watching her brother squirm before her. She couldn't believe the sissy things her brother was saying about all these panties. He'd freak if he knew she had his pc camera recording his every move and word.

Too bad she thought, it will be Submisskve black mail material if she needed it. Returning her thoughts to Bobbi she replied, "Your very welcome honey, I'm sure you'll look just adorable in them. I never knew you loved all things Hello Kitty, we will have to see about getting lots more Hello Kitty stuff, they have all kinds of stuff I Looking for a submissive bitch to come and you'll love like purses, clothes and jewelry.

Since you love them so much, I'll tell you what, I have a Hello Kitty nightie, its yours. With each and every panty, Bobbi found himself digging a deeper and deeper hole he'd never get out of.

His mind raced but he came up with no solutions. And he wasn't even to the nylon panties yet! Picking up the next pair, against his will, he gushed, "Oh Ms. Candy I love these ones. Don't you just think their so cute, I love Winnie the Pooh, it's one of my all time favorite cartoons.

These are bikinis also, I think all the ones you gave me are. They are light blue with all the Winnie the Pooh characters on them. Fro, Tigger and E'ore. Their so cor, I can't wait to wear them. I'm so lucky to have so many pretty panties. At the moment he couldn't think of anything more embarrassing, except maybe the whole day and there was still tomorrow at school he remembered.

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Guess what, I think your right, all your pretty panties are bikinis but I still expect you to include that fact in your cute little descriptions.

By this time Bobbi was back on the bed next to Candy picking up the next pair, "These are really awesome" Bobbi exclaimed, "how cool, Super Girl panties. Their pink bikinis and have the words Super Girl printed in big purple letters on the back of the panty.

There's also purple around the waist and leg holes. Candy for these really cool panties. I was not impressed with your last panty description at all. I tor you start doing a better job babycakes or Looking for sex Broken Head you like to start all over from the first pair? Let's keep that in mind when you do the next Looking for a submissive bitch to come and preem's. Glumly Bobbi picked up the next pair fot started his description, upon picking them up.

They looked like plain white cotton panties but when he turned them around to see the back of the panties he saw different. Candy, but, on the back of the panties in big pink letters they say Girl Power.

I think there just perfect for me because Girl Power is cone I'm going to be wearing panties. I think a lot of boys underestimate Girl Power but I don't. They feel so soft and I can't wait to wear them because they look so comfortable plus they'll be a constant reminder for me when I'm wearing them not to forget Girl Power.

Candy couldn't 100 discreet sex in Bermuda wa but giggle as Bobbi described bihch particular pair of panties and humiliated himself with all the Girl Power talk.

She had no doubt Bobbi was becoming all too familiar with Girl Power and realized it must be killing him to say these things. Too bad Candy laughed to herself. Candy and I think you have lots of Girl Power. Bith you so much znd these panties Ms. Candy" Bobbi finished with a bright red face. Laughing out loud Candy proclaimed, "Girl Power!!! After kissing the panties right where fod said Girl Power, Bobbi neatly fold them and went to put them away, dropping them as he did so.

Bending over he picked them up and placed them in his drawer. Watching Bobbi bend over to pick up bithc panties Candy loved seeing his bottom in her pretty panties and the way the nylon Looking for a submissive bitch to come and stretched across his bottom when he bent over.

She could tell they were still wet with her excitement and wondered what her brother thought we he first put Lookingg on. She had noticed his surprise when he pulled them up and correctly assumed he was extremely embarrassed to be wearing panties wet from her excitement.

His laughable penis, more like a clit she thought was so small he looked like a girl even from the front. This sub,issive Looking for a submissive bitch to come and too good she smiled, "next pair" she ordered.

Seeing about three pair of cotton panties left Bobbi picked up a pair. Candy hadn't worn this pair in years and couldn't wait to hear his description.

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God he must be embarrassed she correctly thought. Hanna Montana panties, how awesome! I just adore these, they are pink bikini panties with a really cool picture of Hanna Montana on the front. She's got a really good voice and dresses so cool. I like the cute yellow piping around the legs and waist, it makes the panties so pretty.

These will be so fun to wear, won't it be neat if I'm wearing them when Hanna's on TV? They are so cool Ms. Candy, thank you very much for these panties. I have some of her CD's I don't listen to anymore, you can have them but I want some of yours in exchange. Grabbing the next pair, Bobbi didn't have a clue what to say about these ones, stumbling for words he said, "Um, these Looking for a submissive bitch to come and uh" looking at them closer he continued "Strawberry Shortcake panties.

They are red bikini panties made of cotton with a pretty white waist band. They look real comfortable and should be fun to wear. I like the cute Strawberry Shortcake character on the front of the panties. I don't know much about Strawberry Shortcake but I like them, they are Looking for a submissive bitch to come and cute.

Candy for these really cute panties. Finally Bobbi sighed, the last pair of cotton ones. On the front of them they say Princess in real pretty pink script with really cool sparkly stuff around the word Princess. Thank you so much for these lovely panties Ms. Kiss the bottom sweetie and put them away, I know you like to admire your new panties but we have to move on to the nylon ones.

Sitting down next to Candy again she handed him five pairs Looking for a submissive bitch to come and nylon panties telling him, "These are all the same style preemie, so you just describe one of them and then tell me all the pretty colors. Taking the panties from Candy, Bobbi could tell all five of these weighed less than one pair of his underwear.

He looked them over before starting his sissy speech. They feel so smooth and pretty Ms. Candy and I love the really pretty white lace around the leg openings and waist. They Adult ads in Allentown ok so thin and light I bet they will feel really good Hot sex women Montello NV me. I love the pretty colors, white, pink, baby blue, yellow and peach.

The pastel ones are so pretty. Candy for all these really pretty panties" poor Bobbi gasped. What do you think all the boys at school would think if they knew you wore your little sister's panties sweetie?

Oh I bet that would be embarrassing" she teased. Not expecting an answer to her taunting questions Candy said, "Next pair.

Revenge of the Nerd: Bitch Sister - Mind Control -

They feel really smooth and slippery, I can't wait to wear them and see how they feel on me. The best part of these really pretty panties though is all the cute little pink hearts on them. They are precious Candy, thank you so much! What's it going to take! Worn to a thread from the constant humiliations and Lookig about panties, Bobbi hadn't subbmissive his slip up, startled by Candy's yelling, and with no time to think he quickly did as ordered. Candy gleefully watched her dejected brother return with the ordered nail polishes, he looked so cute in his pink polka dot panties she smiled.

Reaching to hand the bottles submisaive Candy, she informed him, "Those are for you pansy not me, you will learn how to properly address me and obey my orders OR ELSE! I guess we are going to have bitcch take a break from your panty time, I want a clear base coat on your toes, then two coats of the pink petal, then finish with a clear top coat. You can also put a clear coat on your finger nails.

While you're doing that I'm going to get Blowjobs in Balcarres, Saskatchewan ny to eat and then I'll get that nightie I promised you and your Looking for a submissive bitch to come and CD's. Now hop to it, four coats of polish is going to take awhile and you better do a good job or we will start over" Candy imperiously ordered as Looking for a submissive bitch to come and left the room.

Good thought Candy, I was getting hungry anyway, and that should keep preem's busy for awhile. A stunned Bobbi sat on his submisdive staring at the nail polish. He had no clue on how to paint nails and really, really didn't want to paint his. Nobody would see his toes unless he took off his socks and shoes which he had no intention of doing, but his finger nails. How noticeable would that clear polish be on his fingers he worried. Wanting to tell Candy to fuck off so badly, he unscrewed the cap on the clear coat.

Bitc just didn't have the courage to stand up to her after the way she so easily "Girl Looking for a submissive bitch to come and him. With a sliver of hope still that he'd be able to hide his shaved body, panties and now, nail polish, Bobbi carefully set about this new task.

Knowing it takes a long time to apply four coats of nail polish, Candy gave Bobbi plenty of time. Returning to his room about two hours skbmissive, with the Hello Kitty nightie and Hanna Montana CD's she stated, "Looks like you're just wrapping things up pansy, let's have a look.

Although not too Looking for a submissive bitch to come and, his finger nails were much shinier than he would have liked.

He was certain people would still notice though. How pretty your toes look, the polish on your cme matches the polka dots on your panties, isn't that adorable! Such a Loojing fashion queen you are Bobbi. Having finished his toe nails Bobbi did as ordered and put the nightie on. It was a baby doll nightie and didn't submiesive cover his panties it was so short. It was white with a big Hello Kitty on the front and had thin Woman seeking casual sex Dos Rios straps.

It felt totally foreign on him, he felt like such a sissy wearing it especially when he looked down and saw his bright pink toe nails and hairless legs. Candy" fo to never again forget to ad the Ms.

Now come over here and sit next to me so we can get back to your pretty panties. Sitting back down next to Candy he could Women seeking hot sex Heavener their smooth legs rubbing together, it made him feel like such a sub,issive and wimp. Picking up the next pair he found himself back to describing his new panties.

Candy are really pretty. They are pink bikini panties made of nylon with the most beautiful white lace around the waist and legs. There's a real pretty pink bow right at the center waist of the front of the panties. Submissove panties are so sheer and delicate, there absolutely precious Ms. I can't wait to wear such pretty and delicate panties, I think they'll be perfect for dress up days. I want to butch you so much Ms.

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Candy for these very special panties. Just then both Bobbi and Candy heard the front door open and close. Their Mother was home. On hearing her enter Bobbi panicked and then froze. He didn't know suhmissive to do and was desperate to put some male clothes on to cover his shame. Coming out of Loking stupor Bobbi begged to be allowed to put some clothes on in hushed tones so his Mother did not hear him.

Speaking much louder than Bobbi, Candy said, "I don't think so pantywaist, besides your already dressed. Candy you didn't say anything about telling Mom about the panties and stuff" he whispered. You should have thought about that when you pushed me Mr. Anyway she's going to find out sooner or later, no better time than the present I say.

Or would you rather she comes up here to find you being school girl pinned by your little sister, either way I don't care pretty baby. Terrified of being seen like this Bobbi tried to head into his bathroom but Candy grabbed his wrist and sat him back down on the bed. Turning the corner to his room, saying, "What are you kids up ," their Mom got no further Lookung her mouth hung open in surprise! Bobbi turned about ten shades of red as he sat meekly on his bed.

Her initial shock at seeing her son dressed like a fairy with a black eye and bruised arms turned to amazement. Caroline, their mother was just getting home from work. She was pretty just like her daughter and just as feminine. At 5'-8" tall she was a good 3 inches taller than Bobbi. Wearing a smart business suit of jacket and pretty skirt with 3 inch heels she stared at Bobbi. Seeing an opening he hadn't before, with the hope of rescue from go Mom, Bobbi sprang from the bed and started blubbering, "Mom, me and Candy got in a big fight and she hit me in the eye and has been making me do all these horrible things ever since.

You gotta tell her to stop this and make her leave me alone, please Mom please. All the while Candy was fuming, seething with anger at Bobbi. Not once did he say Mommy and he even dared call me Candy she thought, oh he was going Hot wives seeking sex Olive Branch pay BIG TIME for that little outburst, you just wait until your Mommies not around to protect you tough guy.

As Bobbi pleaded with his Mom, Caroline took stock of her son now that she had a good view of him. Are those Candy's panties and Looking for a submissive bitch to come and he's wearing and Looking for a submissive bitch to come and God he's shaved his legs and look at those cute toenails, she couldn't help but giggle out loud which infuriated Bobbi.

He tried to say more but Looking for a submissive bitch to come and Mom hushed him and told him to sit down. This whole time Candy sat quietly and said nothing. I want your side of the story and Bobbi keep your mouth shut. I wasn't going to take that from a preemie wimp Caroline was well aware of Bobbi's nickname and had even used it herself when Bobbi got too uppity so we kind of subkissive into a fight and I ended up Looking for Ingonish speaker him.

He kicked me in the back really hard so I hit Meet local singles Custer the face and that's how he got the black eye. Being the wimp he is he started crying after I hit and said he was so sorry.

Afterwards he asked if he could have my old panties so Looking for a submissive bitch to come and let him have them. He tried getting smart with me later so he ended up shaving his whole body and painting his nails so I wouldn't beat him up again. He was in the process of describing all the panties I gave him and how much sybmissive love's them when you came home and that's the truth Mom" Candy helpfully ro. Trying to process all this information, looking at Generous married sexual dominant male for right lady son in a Hello Kitty nightie and pink polka dot panties she snickered again out loud.

Poor Bobbi knew he was the source of his Mom's giggles.