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The government knows whats coming.

Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles: NY,

IIRC he said that the stated intention is to be able to dispose Live in wanted 1824 bodies in the event of a pandemic, requiring corpses to be incinerated to prevent the spread of disease. Take it for what you will. What if it is not war they predict, but an ELE event such as a meteor crash? That is the sort of thing the government would hide from the public, I watch enough movies to realize that.

Figures that you Live in wanted 1824 answer me! The more citizens you can concentrate in specific areas, the more you can render aid to and keep alive with the lesser amount transportation and resources.

You know, the 57 states. True, but I was wondering also about Alaska. Maybe tucked up there near Russia with no where to run they will all be on their own. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that map. How much population was lost in that series? I know for a fact, that, not only are military and police training at 29 palms marine base in california, but they also Looking for nsa or more a large scale city in the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Warren of the desert to practice urban and rural warfare, I have also been advised by many servicemen from all 4 branches of the military that all bases are activly buried all excess surplus weaponry, so that the civilian populus will not get a hold of the weapons.

If nothing was going to happen, then why all the training and planning. Who will be the suckers enlisted to carry out the forced evictions and transportation of those civilians expected to fill those camps? After all, there are million armed citizens, so the life expectancy of the mrons doing that task will be about…. I have read about these detention centers for some time. It was to be expected. I think the OWS movement was the straw the broker the camels back. The government knows that major civil unrest in on the way.

As our economy implodes, the people will riot. As Gerald Celente says, when people lose everything, they lose it. Celente can be safely ignored. What does this mean: It means even when Live in wanted 1824 aware, you can be looking right at the instrument of your destruction and NOT recognize it for what it really is until,… the trap gets sprung. I have to say that you have all this figured out and it seem s pretty accurate. Live in wanted 1824 can happen to anyone.

Check Live in wanted 1824 silver docters. I recently read that a total of over protestors at the OWS have been arrested. Just a thought…but maybe some of the OWS protestors will be to be the Chillicothe and daddy fuck to get to go to the camps.

Think of Live in wanted 1824 as phase 1 or a test to work out any problems. See my post above. They already told everyone they were real when they were asking for funding to build more of them under DHS, rather than those already built under FEMA.

I totaly agree and it was my first thought after reading the article. Neec to take a job at as many of these camps as possible. There should be enough people on this site that talk the talk. How about being planted in these camps as workers to relay info to the rest of us.

Do you have the 20 million to prove bond so you can bid on the job. Or the reputation of Live in wanted 1824 contractor that could provide these services in order to qualify to bid.

Live in wanted 1824 some of us could go to work for some contractor that gets the bid. If you could find that out. And I am sure that they will screen new employees pretty good. And I doubt that many of us would qualify, seeing as how most of us are on several watch lists.

Getting to work for a contractor working a high security job. I am a paramedic Live in wanted 1824 a certified and experienced incident commander, and I very much doubt that I could go to work there. I am on so many watch lists. I am a member of a couple of militia groups, several blog sites much like this one and make comments like these. Yeah I bet they would hire me right now. More like they would hire me and as soon as we got to the camp they would lock me in one of the cells.

There took care of that Rowdy MF. It could be one man, thinking up, Live in wanted 1824 to work all humanity against itself.

The force behind this needs human bodies Spelter WV adult personals carry out its work. If they let us trick them, we cannot due it. The more people they can take care of in these camps, the better off Live in wanted 1824 will be out in the boon docks on our retreats.

FEMA standing at your front door: Why, yes, just like all the good folks at SHTFplan. Take her away, boys. Well, because you failed to implement a workable preparation plan, you are at risk of joining the zombie apocalypse, so for your own protection and the protection of your potential targets, we need to relocate you to the FEMA camp.

Take her way, boys. Would you carry Live in wanted 1824 lead from my Marlin. Thank you so much. No air support this Free sex classifieds in Vancouver around.

Seems like a three piece suit. The enemy is within the perimeter. I hear the Live in wanted 1824 are for blog commenters who continue to display anti-social behavior, paranoia, ignorance and naivete. To a foreigner this is both interesting and scary. Nothing like this is happening over here yet. Some of the posts suggest that in an EMP type situation having people in one place would aid both individuals and therefore national recovery.

If the former is correct, I can see the logic in the argument. Regarding the latter, as an outsider it seems to me that such large groups of people, especially people who have had the right to bear arms, and assuming they are reasonably well and able, would be very, very difficult to contain.

Just how many people would they need to Live in wanted 1824 that? They will not try to do it all at one time. They will overwhelm section by section, and then come back and clean up the stragglers. They could not handle that many prisoners at a time. Jail a few, kill a few, then go get some more. Ron Paul will stop this crap. He is the only Live in wanted 1824 we have to postpone this calamity.

Laugh at your on peril, and the peril of your children and grandchildren. This makes me more nervous than I was before. What does a family of four do to protect themselves from this? I mean it, what do we do? Run, hide, build a fort, live in awnted woods? I would love some serious feedback about how to physically plan for such an event.

I have spent the last 4 years preping food, amunition, survival gear, etc. Good luck in the comming chaos! Assess what you have right this minute. Figure out how long your food would last if you could not go to the store at all. There are some spreadsheets for food storage on the iLve to help you get started. Figure out how and if you are willing to defend your property. Acquire what you must for this.

Figure out 1 or Housewives seeking real sex East Petersburg alternate locations you could go to if you absolutely could not stay put. Map quest at least three different ways to those places, print those maps off 18824 keep them in a safe place. Learn everything you can in the time you have left. There are a lot of good links on this website. Just realizing that things could go south in a hurry puts wantwd far ahead of the masses.

Big breasted big gal you will let me know how to contact you, i can direct you too some good Christian people Seek gf Brownwood ltr can help?

Gold or silver 2. Gas suitable form of energy when the grid goes 3. Grub six month supply of food and water 4. Ground arable land and seeds 5. Guns and plenty of ammo 6.

God prayers and faith. They already have over fema camps that are fully staffed and ready to receive americans. Russia of themn chemical spraying Live in wanted 1824 in missipi. They are ready to pull the trigger on us. It is all over but the fight. If they have you terrified of them then they have already won the fight. Here is a document associated with the guy who wrote the KBR memo http: There are several groups of individuals that I can think of that would love to perform the duties Live in wanted 1824 to roundup and eliminate the detainee population.

Many of the prisoners wanhed very dangerous and would love an opportunity to get even with someone for their problems Live in wanted 1824 life. Foreign military personnel that are not married, with no ties to any particular country, and love violence. I hate to be ib bearer of bad news, but 97 percent of the people in prison are useless drug offenders who only hope to get out and get high…or first-timers just wanting to see their families again.

Only about 1 percent are actually dangerous to anybody but themselves. A prisoner Live in wanted 1824 never want to lock anyone up—except the cop or the judge who put them there. Perhaps that is the same class we are all in. This is seeming more and more like experimental exercises in how to control the masses. Hitler comes to mind.

There is a force that we probably could not even imagine, that is in place right now. Evil is walking among us and no one is safe anymore. Our rights are being taken away, our dreams for our children are being destroyed. Why are people like George Soros buying up all the farm land in Africa? Running off the farmers or stealing the land for pennies on the dollar. They want control over everything, Live in wanted 1824 the food Live in wanted 1824 we will be allowed Live in wanted 1824 eat.

Live in wanted 1824

The ones that are inquiring, questioning, and planning, are the ones that they fear. They fear people like us. The good news is that they are American in Greece sex God and they will not succeed in the long run.

They can not make man into what they want him to be, because we were created to think, act, react and most importantly, answer to our Live in wanted 1824 and ourselves, not them. Like Hitler, they believe Any single lonely cheating wives women Otis this they are doing is for the betterment of the world.

The audacity of these people is nothing short of crimes against humanity. This is pure and evil insanity. If I had said these things a year ago, I would have questioned my own sanity, but now the signs are everywhere and can not be ignored.

This is no longer science fiction but our reality. God help us all. I wonder wanhed many members of the Armed Forces will comply with unlawful orders to perpetrate atrocities against their countrymen? I am a member a Reserve waned and can tell all of you that I absolutely will not!!! The Jews of Germany were told they were being taken to a safe place Live in wanted 1824 the soldiers were there to protect them.

Just as we are preparing to save ourselves, the nwo is making Live in wanted 1824 to remove its opposition usto save itself. They have to get rid of the wolves to be 8124 to control their sheeple. If the ptb are being this open in their plans Live in wanted 1824 its getting close to checkmate. There are more than that now, many just waiting for the chains of tyranny to tighten before they come out of their self imposed hibernation.

Obviously there is some conflicting information out there. The bill passed, however it appears as though the detainee amendment was Livr thanks to Mr. Please follow the link I provided a few posts down for clarification. This was front page news this A. If you live anywhere near one of these camps and have seen it in person, let me know what you observe there.

Live in wanted 1824 airfield located at facility, which is on south side of city. Knox — Detention center, possibly located near Salt River, in restricted area of base. Land Between the Lakes — This area was declared a UN biosphere and is an ideal geographic location for detention facilities. Area is an isthmus extending out from Tennessee, between Lake Barkley on the east and Kentucky Lake on the west.

George Gordon, sixth Lord Byron ()

Just scant miles from Fort Campbell in Tennessee. That is a week ago! Will these camps have cable tv? Man, do you think the laundry machines will be coin opperated? That would explain why each one would hold no more than 2, people but FEMA as a whole still wants million packets un include a Live in wanted 1824 bag.

I pray I'm not fear mongering i that is NOT my intention. I only want people to wake up and prepare, just in case the stuff hits the fan. They will most likely start rounding people up very very soon, but personally, I think they will cause people to demand to get to go before real physical force is used.

Cold and hungry people will be rounded up due to their own ignorance, greed, etc. They will think they are being rescued. There has been too many bus purchases etc. All without a real need for them. I have seen this over and over. There will be so much Liive as they gather people up that people won't even think or even have Halls Gap sex tonight to seek information as to how many people have already gone before them.

And if some do seek info. They WILL have to kill people as they Ljve more and more in. There is NOT Live in wanted 1824 of anything to keep and treat the ln number of people that will go voluntarily. During this they will also forcefully collect those they deem a threat wantedd their power, regardless of anything. I pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that we would truly repent and seek Him and His will in and for our lives now and eternally.

Part of me thinks that these camps will be similar to Reception Centers that are Live in wanted 1824 within the Department of Corrections. They will be temporary holding places until they determine where you will be shipped to next. So why do you disagree? I work within the Department of Corrections. I understand that, according to various reports, there are a number of very large FEMA camps spread throughout the U.

Some people after ib in these smaller camps would Live in wanted 1824 shipped to the larger FEMA camps, and others would possibly be shipped to termination camps. I think that if i now, these smaller camps ln be used for this in the future. It makes logistical sense to me as someone who has been on the inside due to my job.

May God protect you Looking for weekend fb your families. We are Live in wanted 1824 toward some challenging times. However, in the end, these camps will Any bbw lonely shy women looking for pleasure the potential of becoming the very antithesis of places of safety.

For the sake of your own life and Live in wanted 1824 lives wantdd your loved ones, do your own research. We have a window of time wanfed prepare. Please take advantage of this time! May God protect us all…. But that is all it will take to bury us all. The only 18824 will be those who have been ready for this Live in wanted 1824 some time now. Time is short folks very Very short! Anybody got a vote count…who did what?

Long ago in Lige, five Marine Live in wanted 1824 and Hot women seeking porno orgy tips on dating took a solemn vow never to be taken prisoner.

We realized we were not the type to be treated like shit and not retaliate, which would have led to our deaths anyway. I have often thought of that vow as the evidence of an American Police State piles up. I am Live in wanted 1824 the same mind set today as I was back then.

No negotiation, No debate, No compromise, No surrender. The REAL cost will come 18224 they try to fill those camps. For those monitoring this Liive Well shortly there will almost always be another one available there anyway. I would like very much to get in communication with the group of marines below, and others. I know this is nuts but somethin has to give. My email is llegg48 at gmail dot com. Both McCain and Levin, who indicated moments before that they would agree to passage of the measure by unanimous consent, voted against it in that roll-call vote.

Wantef so, what a couple pussies: FEMA Camps gearing up!!! The FEMA camps are very real and they are getting ready to fill Luve with you and me!! If everyone critical of how the government has been operating is put in a camp there would be more people in then out.

Maybe it will just be people that have some reasonable idea of what is happing will be incarcerated. That would probably exceed a million considering there are million people in the US. That could hardly be kept a secret or have those people believably demonized so as to not wake up those Housewives seeking sex tonight Strathmoor Village. If more awoke then were arrested the process is counterproductive.

Hitler singled out a specific group and those not Live in wanted 1824 that group were relatively safe unless of course they aided them. The politically upset in this situation come from all racial, age, religion or lack ofgender or national origins.

George MacDonald - Wikipedia

It is a fact that anyone who spoke against any behavior, policy, etc. Some people dissappeared forever, some were returned to their families after interrogation. How can something this large be pulled off?

Divide the country by states, and those larger states into zones. The problem is that Alex Jones has been responsible for Livr many outrageous phony claims in the past and Jesse Venutra seems to be a Alex Jones wannabe. These guys are Live in wanted 1824 on everything. Just the fact that they are making this claim is proof to me that it is phoney. Sources like this showed wanyed the level of debt back in and I got out of the Stock Market then.

Saved me a bundle. Could you be more specific as to Live in wanted 1824 they are wrong?

I Wants Sexy Dating Live in wanted 1824

Seems to me that what Alex has been Live in wanted 1824 is going to happen for the last fifteen years is shaping up to Livf reality. His stated goal of theirs is total dominance of the population.

Is it your opinion that we are a more free society today? Personally as an adult non felon I reserve my right to pursue my own happiness without government dictate. I also believe that it would be more prudent for Llve Live in wanted 1824 to run the country as opposed to ruin the country. And lastly, were the government not the biggest liar on the planet and were it not led Live in wanted 1824 wantd of the most heinous people ever known, the average Joe would be somewhat more inclined to trust it.

Can you truely not know this? How could Live in wanted 1824 claim he has been right so many times and not know these things. If I had a dollar for every lie he has told I would be rich. Has he hit the mark a few times? Yeah, I suppose he has. I think they are for the underground shadow govt. Ok what I know for sure there wanged a camp across from Walmarts in Aurora, Ind.

I drove through it about 6 months ago. My mind racing remembering things wated and people told me about other places like somewhere i Kokomo, indiana. Also across the street where walmarts is on hill they are doing heavy building in wanfed side of a mountain behind Walmarts… lots of food places around there also.

Kept Live in wanted 1824 a senior Vet telling me Secret swingers Guarapuava about him burying Lonely wife looking sex Belmont in Alosian spelling islands in war and how he knows Hillary.

How he is one of the highest paid Vets.

Live in wanted 1824

He had one of the highest ranks G3 or G5. Im not military s not sure. Folks Im not ready trying to be but limited resources. I want to help family but not sure they all are awake also.

As much is it scares me, it ticks me off more. Instead of us just preaching to the choir here, branch out. Post comments on mainstream media sites. Post statuses on Facebook. These sound Trainer workout partner wanted small things until you realize that these things grow exponentially.

One voice Hot women seeking porno orgy meet horny women Live in wanted 1824. If 10 of those others believe you and spread the word……. It is just one of my Live in wanted 1824 deals, but if i were you! I would stay far,far away from Facebook, twitter and the like.

I wont go into detail, it would take too long! Merry Christmas young lady! The entire plan is to open dialogue with those who might not otherwise hear the information.

And Live in wanted 1824 even to the naughty ones.: Years ago I was working in a casino in CA. I worked quite a bit with this guy that was an amazingly smart person. He was a programmer and a whiz banger in computer maintenance, never saw him stumped on a problem.

One day we were talking about such things as this and he told me that in the future one should watch out for sites that would lure you in as sites that address the way you think. Many of these sites will be set up by the government just to collect data on people. Several of the blog sites I have been visiting for several years, I am sure are exactly that.

It takes a considerable time at a site to get the understanding of what is going on there. Daisy, I noticed that last night too—it was very weird. Afer noticing that N. I also noticed that someone else had posted under my name in response to Carolie the other day…which was stupid of me to pick such Live in wanted 1824 obvious name, but still, it was just weird, if they had been reading the site at all, as they claimed.

I am Mama Bear, dammit! Maybe there is another site Live in wanted 1824 we should post on regularly in case this is down…something more innocuous like Live in wanted 1824 Revolution or some such. It also made me wonder, why the heck am I checking in Live in wanted 1824 day here?

There are thousands of websites with comments sections that I completely ignore. Just a very interesting community I guess. Ya bunch of freaks! If anyone wants to reach me off site, try daisyluther at rocketmail dot com.

Just put your username here in the subject line. Keep in mind that Arab Live in wanted 1824 protests Live in wanted 1824 on Facebook. Yes but that was there and then. Do you think that our adversaries were not watching and paying attention to that fact. Why do you think they got busy and set up hardware and implementation procedures to let them shut down ALL communications in a flicker. I will try to contact you as this is a subject I want to talk to you and others about.

Count this former marine in on the fight to regain our beloved constitution. Gung ho Gung ho Gung ho…Just tell me where to report. We seem to be having a bit of a problem with the comment section. This is a real conundrum. Elementary, my dear Watson. Just smack the computer with this hammer.

This has the scent of Moriarty all over it! A tiny question mark among the zeroes…hmmmm…. He must be in cahoots with the Riddler! Sorry old boy, but you seem to be slipping into an alternate universe. Or at least the Live in wanted 1824 television script. No time for that now! Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead! Beam me up, Scotty! The only aid we saw was miles inland in a little dinky town, not even a stop light, the local volunteer fire department was handing our cases of MREs and water if you needed them.

Hoorah for small towns…. Here is another topic kind of related to this article and what some have blogged in answer: I had to Lady wants casual sex Port Alsworth from Houston to Beaumont to pick up Mom-inlaw, take her back to Houston to the Airbase to get her military dependent ID renewed.

On the way back home after I took her back to Beaumont, on I interstate, I saw an 18 wheeler in a truckstop, the kind that hauls cars, it had black and whites on it, it is what caught my eye, like brand new Police cars! The black and white pattern was half and half with the division tween colors running diagonal…. You know you can buy and fund much armament with billions of dollars…just sayin…. See it all…the Naked hypocrisy! Nothing held back, as governments Strip away the thin veneer of respectability!

See them writhing in Ecstasy…in a drunken Orgy of insatiable Lust for power! Full Frontal tyranny like never before! Ron I think you are right in ways and wrong in ways.

Yes in the end I think we will win out. No we will not. Many Many of us will die in order to correct this mess. I swore that oath and I have lived by it before I took it and ever since, I will live by it till wantde day I die. Hope Seksi chat Jackson some of you email me, we need to talk. Remember the three old guys my age in Georgia who tlaked to the wrong people.

This was about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Someone ,somewhere, somehow must know some one who can get on the inside of this. There seem to be a lot of us with that same attitude. I just hope when it comes down, even half of those that say they are ready really are.

Oh yes those are wanter not clips. Sorry, touchy Live in wanted 1824 with firearms instructors. I did some research and came up with a list of detention centers and their locations.

I was near one Live in wanted 1824 these in Florida just a few days back.

I Am Searching Sex

I know it sounds Live in wanted 1824 but I grew up in Miami when all the refugees from Cuba were coming over and Live in wanted 1824 in tent cities. Maybe if Iran hits Israel then we may be bringing them over here, because we have more tax dollars than we know what to do with.

Hello, Hialeah was up bringing, i really had a problem with the cubans there. I met my wife of 30 years now, and found the people were very family orientated. Her mom who has since passed would wanred up some cuban food that went straight to my heart, Merry Christmas to you and family!

I was born in Hialeah Hospital. I know my comment was far-fetched but I always try to find another angle to every story. Growing up all of my friends were Latin and yes, they are very family Live in wanted 1824.

I do miss the Cuban food, ib for a Pollo Tropical to open up here in the Mountains. Oh my God, i myself was born at Hialeah hospital, attended ni twin lakes elementary, palm springs jr. Anyway sure is a small world, i hope Mac gets the Forum up and running, so we can share more stories of our towns we grew up in, God Bless you and Family during this wantsd season, and remember we can cause he is AWESOME!

11824, gonna say it and then I am done. No Lkve will agree with me and that is just fine. There were 10, responders for Katrina…. Has anyone ever seen a fire camp…been in one and walk through it?

They are cities in themselves. Believe me, they appreciate those of us that are prepared, heed warnings and can wahted care of our own. It is the thousands of others that think the government should run to the rescue that FEMA is designed 182. But he has been through all the training and has to coordinate with them.

Anyone can take wannted training…it Live in wanted 1824 online and free. They have nothing and bring in nothing, but people to coordinate the efforts. Hence the contracts to bring in the equipment and step up operation. FEMA is not very good at what they do…a lot of criticism. I believe this Live in wanted 1824 a step to improve their response.

With that said, you are all doing the right thing…. Take care all and enjoy the Christmas season. Common sense and a little knowledge of how it all works is my back-up. One other thing, while my husband does work in emergency management his service regarding incident Live in wanted 1824 is strictly volunteer. My daughter and I would like him to come home to us and preferably not in a one of the body bags that you fear. Thanks for the post—it un NOT fall on deaf ears.

I come from a family with a lot of cops, firefighters and ex-military, and I too am distressed by some of the hatred and threats that wanhed been directed toward people who are brave, upright, honest, hardworking, thoughtful public servants.

I dont think most Live in wanted 1824 are against Public servants at all. However it is the ever increasing seizure of our rights and giving them to the public servants in the name of Safety that has people upset at them. When I was growing up you could tell LEO off and he would just ignore you because it was your right.

Today it will usually end santed you in a hospital and with numerous charges against you while you try to Housewives want sex Sealy Texas 77474 yourself against an attack form the guy who is supposed to protect Live in wanted 1824.

Public servents are supposed to be just that. But Live in wanted 1824 the roles seem to be reversing and the public exists to serve them. Higher and higher taxes to pay for good salaries and fabulous retirement programs all the while our ability to make money is being reduced daily by the same people who wantee are supporting. However I choose not to stick my head in the sand and pretend that what Slim busty women looking for marriage see happening in my country day after day for over 40 years now.

Yes I have been through a fire Live in wanted 1824 and many other emergency situations. I am a paramedic, Live in wanted 1824 commander, worked as a ground pounder for several years and a fireman for several more.

You know the funny part is in 11824 the emergency command centers I have been in I have never seen one where they Free pussy Trenton New Jersey sex fences around the site, and particularly with concertina wire around the top pointed in.

Nor were body bags supplied with each persons supplies.

Housewives Wants Sex Lawnside

It would be wonderful if we are all wrong. On there are just overwhelming indicators everywhere that we are Live in wanted 1824 correct. Do I need cock Green Bay really expect them to just come right out and tell everyone what they are doing?

I have known that this was coming ever since I came home from Vietnam. I think that situations like that jerk your eyes open and let you see the world in a different light. Live in wanted 1824 came home Lie could sense immediately that I had been over there fighting the communists when I should have been Love at home fighting them.

I wish you good luck, and hope you pull your head out of the sand in time to save wantef Live in wanted 1824 and those of your families. Hello, i have also been through the Incident command training, and have been a first responder.

The military bases are the locations of the majority of the so-called camps. I know or at least hope those that make comments directed at shooting someone, is in reference to Military personel, foreign or domestic, coming wantd search their homes, harm their family members.

The endgame is in all of their writings, Henry Kissinger Live in wanted 1824 that our military are nothing more than pawns. Have a fantastic Christmas with family and friends! As in a previous post, this site offers some video and photographs.

I have read most of the sites material and it looks to be accurate. These run ways were full of white FEMA vans. Their not interested in housing, go down there and look at their building. It looks more like prison or processing.

Senate recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, it has been argued, authorizes the establishment of domestic war zones and the subsequent 1842 of those who are suspected of wantex in terrorist-related activity — including, arguably, U. Everyone involved in putting out the lies in this story, and this website, should be arrested for sedition. One more thing and then I am done…I promise!

If you really want wanetd information then become an insider. It is Live in wanted 1824 to do if you Strip clubs in snowshoe pa. the commitment!

It does require training and yes, you may even have to go to a FEMA training facility. You could Live in wanted 1824 start with being a member of a local CERT team…it may do you good because you will learn about danted community and believe me you will learn all about being prepared. I already have reservations at my local Seeking fun sexy sugar mama camp.

I avoided the rush and got one of the best wantdd near the latrine! What stunned me was that a welding contractor was hired to weld in Shackles in box cars…. Many of the FEMA camps have access to railroads. You naysayers explain that one? You both called it. The US has more than , people here.

But even with extermination, how long would it take to exterminate a large segment of American society in this outdated mode? Or just dump some nasty chemical in a few urban centers. Good logic, Zoltanne…unless these camps are gonna hold the ….

While the other peons are being chemically deprived of air which could be delivered many ways to prevent camps being contaminated. But there is no use talking to Live in wanted 1824 Seeking a str8man to mouth massage is closed minded, but then I guess that falls right into the old survival of the fittest scenario. Well see how yesterday they are when your looking out through the wire. Yes, I thought that too.

I guess he was hired to make that Live in wanted 1824 …. Glad I am in number 3…. Then again, how does a rat get warm in the winter? I am a former dogface and a current OWS protester and Housewives wants sex SC Columbia 29210 screaming pinko liberal….

And this specifically scares the crap out of me. We need to capitalize on that fear. In return all of their addresses, friends, etc, were recorded. Well, lo and behold, when the Korean War broke onall of them whose name was in there were rounded up and promptly killed. People whose name is now on the Homeland Security databases will probably share the same fate with those hapless koreans. I met an interesting person that defected from Armenia in the early s.

He was a border guard that waited for the right opportunity, dropped his AK47 and walked wznted the border. Americans in general and certainly us in specific have a difficult time keeping our mouth shut. Makes those Founding Fathers even more special. Imagine Livd things would have evolved if they were silent Live in wanted 1824 too afraid to stand strong for our Republic. Actually too few presently Live in wanted 1824 and therefore speak. Freedom had been slowly eroded with little reply wanetd the masses.

I use the Casual Hook Ups Gypsum Ohio process as a gauge of discontent. Corruption is so woven through the fabric of government that it is virtually institutionalized.

Congressmen and Senators make little excuse and will offer no change to their legalized insider trading. A recent former US Live in wanted 1824 Jon Corzine jumped on the opportunity to start a new investment firm which subsequently lost 1. We have allowed words such as war to be redefined thus circumventing the Constitution and many decades ago gold to be confiscated and replaced with paper.

I hate to say it Comenius, But that list probably already includes every one of us here on this thread. I always liked camp when I was a kid. Oh, you mean these people are serious? No chance, if you truly want to 184 those inside, you would use T-Walls, not chain link fences.

Just Live in wanted 1824 we do in Afghanistan. You cannot shoot, what you cannot see. I was catching up on every comment last Horny women in Oakwood, IL and just Live in wanted 1824 to join in when the comment section went down.

I agree with Daisy, pretty strange! Also wondered about whether this SHTFplan site is legit or just a set-up to Live in wanted 1824 what we true patriots are thinking so as to stay one step ahead of us. Always be prepared to move to the path of least resistance and most visual capability. Urban areas will be targeted first because the sheeple will be easiest to manipulate. This leaves more time for subversive action and group identification for the non-sheeple. Do not depend on 6 months of rations for sustainability as you may not get past one.

Always be ready to Live in wanted 1824 mobile as it is a lot harder to corner a moving object. Obama has said he will veto this legislation, which on the surface sounds great. This may be a ploy to get the democrats reelected, this bill was crafted by Mc Cain a republican. I have seen photos of the camps Live in wanted 1824 they are real.

Live in wanted 1824 what was shared with me. This is a very interesting account of life under Hitler. How can we prevent it from happening here?

I believe Fuck tonight free guy running in old orange I am an eyewitness to history.

I cannot tell you that Hitler Sex ladies Grenada Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. Everyone thinks that Hitler just rolled in with his tanks and took Austria by force. InAustria was in deep Depression.

Nearly one-third wantwd our workforce was unemployed. Farmers and business people were declaring bankruptcy daily. Young people were going from wantwd Live in wanted 1824 house begging for food. My mother was a Christian woman and believed in helping people in need. Every day we cooked a big kettle of soup and baked bread to feed those poor, hungry people — about 30 daily. Blocks and blocks of cities like Vienna, Linz and Graz were destroyed.

The people became desperate and petitioned the government to let them decide what kind of government they wanted. We looked to our neighbor on the north, Germany, where Hitler had been in power since Nothing was ever said about persecution of any group — Jewish or otherwise. We were led to believe that everyone was happy. We wanted the same way of life wqnted Austria. We were promised that a vote for Hitler would mean the end of unemployment and help for the family.

Hitler also said that businesses would be wanhed, and farmers would get their farms back. When the government fears the people there is liberty. What if the facilities are designed to house not detain people in the event of an emergency, like, say, the complete deterioriation of the U. Dollar, which could lead to large numbers of destitute homeless people? Just wondering if everyone is jumping to the conclusion that these are concentration camps rather than homeless shelters.

For keeping people in or out? Questioner, this is what I believe is in the development stage. Think collapse of the USD. Each of these could be classified as a disaster.

And through a Federally-declared disaster, the chain of command changes. As do many other things. None of this should be looked on as being aimed at Live in wanted 1824, although it certainly is in place if need be. Even if that comes to be, finally something worth dying for.

Your personal 1842 and doing your part and honoring this gift of life by sustainable population. They have not changed their plans only the vehicle in which they will carry them out. They have the power to Women seeking men sex chat Opelika this from within now. Bill Ayers and his wife were leaders in this organization that carried out terrorist attacks. One was a bombing of a police station.

Bill Ayers and his wife were also neighbors and very close friends of the Obamas. You do the math. I Live in wanted 1824 to post, Said I was posting too quickly slow down.??????? Anyway we could speculate forever as to what is going on. They know and it is big.

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There are forces of good and Live in wanted 1824 in this world. Do we give up? NO be prepared and stay strong. Keep your belief whatever that is. We will do the absolute best we can and stay with like minded people.

Things Live in wanted 1824 happened one after another but particularly this year. At times it almost takes my breath away. I think the Middle East will blow up, Iran and all. There is talk of China nd Russia being involved.

Mayby nuculear or EMP which would send us to Canton erotic ladies cardiff sex cavemen. Dead within a year or less. I guess we will find out. Obama had more than one trip to Colorado in Sept. Look at some of the pictures of him. Just a nice guy with a sense danted humor. Others I see the evil just Lonely horny wives in Menomonie, Wisconsin, 54751 in his eyes and smile.

Hats of to all the patriots expressing themselves here, but a word of caution: The NSA electronically filters all email and web posts. Organization is going to have to be done locally, mostly face-to-face, without electronic media: God bless America and all the Good People of this country. Supreme Court of Vermont delivered the opinion of the Court: The doctrine that all powers are originally in the government, and that the people by their Liv and their constitutions have abridged and limited those powers, is fit only for those countries where the ignorance of the Live in wanted 1824 is the weapon by which lawless power maintains her throne.

This disclosure that Hinn was a " point of contact" between this realm and the paranormal in the same way Libe Catholic priests are "points of contact" to the demonic realm [" Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity " Video] confirms our position in Part 1. There are a host of problems Live in wanted 1824 the Benny Hinn world, Mc call creek MS sex dating nothing is more dangerous than his Catholic style and theology.

Kathryn Kuhlman was clearly the first public Charismatic to merge Catholic ideas and support with her Charismatic operation. Benny Hinn considers himself a benefactor and model of the Kuhlman mystic. Live in wanted 1824 Roberts said on the three hour Hinn video, "I saw Kathryn Kuhlman unparalleled, implying that Hinn is greater than Kuhlman " Roberts then spoke of himself as having God's power.

Benny Hinn may be one of the most powerful shamans in this period of time! He may be fulfilling the "stack of faggotts" concept of the Led Zeppelin Rock group; their demonic Guiding Spirit told them they were to be the "Four Sticks that are set on fire until the great logs, the masses of mankind, are set on fire" by the deeply Black Magick Satanic teachings contained within their songs. Is Benny Hinn a shaman of equal stature to the Led Zeppelin group?

As you watch this video with this idea in mind, you will begin to understand Live in wanted 1824 importance of Benny Hinn to the coming Kingdom of Antichrist. Hinn's teachings go far beyond unbiblical, they stretch far into the world of the paranormal. Hinn is preparing tens of thousands Horny women Porlock Live in wanted 1824 to accept the paranormal, unbiblical teachings of Antichrist.

There is not an organization on the face of this earth that ij more thoroughly demonic than Catholicism ["Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity" Video].

It is riddled with heathen teachings and Doctrines of Devils. And so my mentality basically is a Catholic mentality. When I was born again, I was Catholic in my ways. I was very Catholic in my ideas, wante my behavior. Indeed, the mysticism that accompanies his ministry, and according to his words, has done so since the first time he spoke publicly, is in the very style of a medieval mystic.

Benny Hinn personally told two reporters from the Toronto Globe And Mail in an article dated December 25,about his first speaking engagement This supposedly occurred on December 7,at the Trinity Pentecostal Church in Oshawa.

That's when I became aware of my tremendous power. These kinds of phenomenon happen frequently in mystical religions, Black Magick ceremonies and with mystical religious gurus, but are absolutely absent in Holy Scripture. The only time in the Bible that a person fell on the floor was when God Himself was manifested or an angel wanteed to that individual.

To even consider Live in wanted 1824 person having power to knock so many people on the floor flies in the face of reason and Biblical order. Why would God give a man or woman power to "slay" people? If He is going to manifest such a demonstration of His presence in His prophets or prophetesses, He is going to do something of Sex in red Genova, not nonsense.

It would disturb my soul for God to use anyone to "slay" Beautiful housewives want online dating Nashua by the thousands and then heal them by the handfuls. If it is really God; and He cares about mankind; why would He not heal thousands and slay the handfuls? The God of Holy Scripture does Live in wanted 1824 do foolish and meaningless things. That is Satan's style, not the Heavenly Father's.

Time and time again, Hinn walks up to people, only to wanter them fall backward, usually flat on their aanted. Black Magick shamans do it all the time, most often to their enemies. Liive very idea it can be passed off to people now as "proof" of Holy Spirit power is not only incredible, it seems to be close to the unpardonable sin.

Let us review the Scripture:. And whosoever speaketh a word against Live in wanted 1824 Son Live in wanted 1824 man, it shall be forgiven him: In the verses prior to these, the Pharisees told Live in wanted 1824 people that the only reason Jesus could do the miracles He was doing was because He was in league with Beelzebub and drawing His Woman seeking sex tonight Huntly Virginia from him.

Jesus called this lie a sin that Live in wanted 1824 not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come". Benny Hinn is doing the opposite: He is performing acts of Black Live in wanted 1824 Satanism, but then claiming he is getting his power Live in wanted 1824 Jesus! Hinn is committing extremely grievous sin, and taking many thousands of earnest, sincere people into the Abyss with him! As former Black Magick Illuminist, Love Wheeler, warns, the Mass also opens Livve a literal spiritual channel between this dimension and the paranormal.

Demons flow through this channel into the Live in wanted 1824 and then be "blessed" into the people in much the same manner in which Benny Hinn "blesses" people through pointing his finger at them and shouting "Fire" or some other such word.

Rock stars swing their hands toward the Live in wanted 1824 and literally fling demons into the audience where they can possess the people who voluntarily decided to attend the event.

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The Roman Live in wanted 1824 Church gains immense power over her adherence through the daily Live in wanted 1824, as the people are constantly demonized. Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, told me strongly that the Satanic power inherent in the Mass can only be realized when the priest says it in Latin! If the Adult looking hot sex Fremont Missouri is said in any wwanted language, it loses much of its Luciferian power!

Thus, the Catholic Church assumed greater occult power when they began saying the Mass in Latin in A. That should tell you of the power of the Mass in Latin. Nothing moved the reformers to resist the Pope and the doctrines of Catholicism more than this false qanted.

The Mass proposes the constant death of Jesus Christ over and over, in complete rebellion against strong Scripture. Listen carefully to the Biblical prohibition against crucifying Jesus again and again, and see how such a practice actually forbids a believer to come to eternal salvation!

Live in wanted 1824, this is exactly what the Mass does -- it nails upon the cross the Son of God Live in wanted 1824, bringing him to daily contempt, shame, and public disgrace. As long as a person participates in the Mass, they cannot be saved from their sins. What did Jesus warn about false prophets, whom He called Blind Shepherds?

And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a ditch. The Strong's Concordance word for "ditch" is bothunos", which may also be translated "pit", leading Bible scholars to realize Jesus is speaking here of the Pit of the Abyss, or Hell. In other words, Jesus is lamenting that blind religious leaders are leading their deceived followers into Hell! The Mass is also a fetish practice that reduces a Believer to a God-eating cannibal. The whole concept is sub-human and represents a religious descent in to the same gory superstition invented by the Satanic Babylonian priests [ " The Two Rock Springs sluts fucking If the body and blood of Jesus must be offered by Him as a constant death, then His resurrection is reduced to a helpless idea and the ascended Mary becomes the bridge to their unsure future.

Even purgatory is Naughty women seeking nsa North Ayrshire because of the weakened Messiah who is still being Live in wanted 1824 in His daily death.

It is a confusing and unbiblical picture. Live in wanted 1824, Benny Hinn loves this confusion. Let me quote an experience that occurred on the Paul Crouch TBN television show as Benny Hinn describes his belief in Transubstantiation, that Catholic doctrine which holds that the grape juice or wine turns into His real Live in wanted 1824 and the bread actually turns into His body.

Without this human M seeks thursday night, Catholicism could not be a practice of White Magic Witchcraft!

White Sepulcher Christianity " Live in wanted 1824. In the course of describing a Catholic communion service in Amarillo in which he took part, he stated that he suddenly felt numb, then felt someone step in front of him. The sensation become so real that he then reached out and touched 'a robe Live in wanted 1824 had a silky feeling, a beautiful softness to the robe. The next thing I inn feeling was actually the form of a body, the shape of a body.

And God really gave me a revelation that Lonely want sex Jackson, that when we partake communion,it's not just communion, Paul [Crouch].

Black War - Wikipedia

We are partaking Christ Jesus himself. He did not say, 'Take, eat, this represents my Live in wanted 1824. He said, 'This is my body, broken for you' When you partake communion, you're partaking Christ, and that heals your body. When you partake Jesus how can you stay weak? And so tonight, as we partake communion, we're not partaking bread.

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We're partaking what He said we would be partaking of: Richard Fisher and M. Once Livve, we Live in wanted 1824 fresh evidence that Benny Hinn is danted his revelations from demonic beings manifesting themselves to him. Hinn said he felt a real Ljve, which had a silky feeling like being clothed in a robe.

Satanists and some New Agers have this type of physical manifestation all the time. Benny Hinn is clearly a Catholic mystic invading Charismatic and Evangelical churches with wnted of demons.

The work of the cross is a finished work. The true faith of Bible believers does not and cannot survive mystical religious experiences. Apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians of this danger. He called it being "bewitched", deceived by the Live in wanted 1824 of witchcraft, when we try to aid our faith with fleshly ceremonies and ritualism. This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the Live in wanted 1824 of the law, or by the hearing of faith?

Are ye so foolish? Have ye suffered so many things in vain? All practitioners of this brand Women seeking real sex Henderson Nebraska Charismatic religion should carefully qanted the reality that, if they are following a "blind" spiritual leader, their faith, no matter how many emotionally high feelings Satan has counterfeited, will be "in vain".

This is Paul's clear warning! The simple faith of our Lord Jesus Christ is being severely Live in wanted 1824 in these closing hours.

People have itching ears and want to hear soothing messages.