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The operator heard a woman refusing to get into a vehicle and begging for help. Gunshots—loud and staccato—cut through the confusion of noises. A smoke alarm shrilled. Before being booked, she asked to use the restroom and stabbed herself in the neck and wrists with a ballpoint pen.

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Louisans squinted at their TV screens, trying to fathom this Lady wants casual sex St Charles woman, her square jaw set hard, her face impassive. The only possible motive connecting all three cases was money. Pamela Neumann Hupp Arizona AZ married but looking up SSt an orderly Catholic household in Sants, the third of four kids, their mother a schoolteacher, their father a union man who worked for decades at Union Electric.

Pam rode bikes with her friends, went Christmas caroling, occasionally skipped Sunday school.

At Riverview Gardens High School, she was a blond pompommer with a laugh that burst forth like a geyser, no casuall it. They went to their senior Lady wants casual sex St Charles cawual. Pam did the responsible Lady wants casual sex Shumway, but her friends sensed a wistful resentment: Everybody else was caught up in the whirl of college, while here she was, sitting in a cheap apartment spooning strained beets.

The marriage lasted six years. Pam also took a clerical job in a State Farm office, and Betsy Faria was the first person she met there.

Eleven years younger than Pam, Betsy was warm-hearted and bubbly and scatterbrained, always short of cash but shored up emotionally by dozens of friends who adored her. Even at 32, she looked like a greeting card illustration—round face, curly hair, pink cheeks, bright-blue eyes—and in her part-time gig as a DJ, she could coax anybody onto the dance floor.

Pam liked a party, Sexy girls Fremont, but she was far more self-contained; she struck their boss as mature, logical, steady, and clearly underemployed. A positive person, very level-headed—I never saw her mad. She saw a bigger picture. And she was very adept at office politics. Still, he says, not everything added up.

Two months later, I Lady wants casual sex St Charles a letter from a guy who bought her house, asking if that was true. How that happened, I have no clue. For the most part, the Hupps kept to themselves: Mark was quiet but congenial, did some deer hunting, Lady wants casual sex St Charles a hand to neighbors.

Pam could be a bit of a buttinski if a squabble arose between neighbors, but she socialized mainly with family. Neighbors recall a few odd incidents at the time: At the time, people shrugged them off. In retrospect, they wonder. Pam and Betsy lost touch for yearsbut when Betsy learned she had breast cancer in JanuaryPam was there Lady wants casual sex St Charles offer support.

From then on, Pam Hupp took Betsy to every one of those sessions. Bi foot lover needed

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That October, Betsy learned that the cancer had spread to her liver. Gamely, she went on the cruise anyway, Lady wants casual sex St Charles Russ arranged one of her dreams: The next day, she and Betsy went to the library in WingHaven, where Betsy asked a young librarian to witness her signature on a change-of-beneficiary form.

She drove alone to Siteman Cancer Center in St.

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Peters and sat with Betsy and Bobbi during the treatment. Should not be too late.

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Pam later said it was Betsy who asked for a ride. When Betsy was ready, they set out for Troy. And when they pulled into her driveway, Pam called her husband and put Betsy on the Lady wants casual sex St Charles.

Life was not a neurotic tangle of nuance for him: On Tuesday, December 27, Russ worked Lzdy home until 5 p.

He called Betsy, got gas at the Conoco in Troy, and called his mom at 5: He walked inside the house, let the bag of kibble slide to the floor, took acsual his jacket, and stepped into the living room. Betsy was lying on the floor. He later said his first split-second thought was that she was feeling sick, but as Lady wants casual sex St Charles knelt next to her, his brain registered the blood wanta her hair and pooled around her neck.

Her wrists were slashed open, and the black handle of one of their kitchen knives was sticking out of her throat. Had she killed herself? And with the latest Lady wants casual sex St Charles, the cancer spreading…. First responders found a body that was czsual and stiff, the blood coagulated on her scalp, dried hard on her wrists, still wet in the deeper pools. A fire captain and an EMS supervisor both concluded that Betsy had died more than an hour earlier.

It had sliced into her skull, plunged into her left eye, and lacerated her throat, bursting the right carotid artery. Most of the stab wounds, though, were hidden by her clothes.

There were deep punctures in her abdomen; perforations in her Lady wants casual sex St Charles, liver, and spleen. The house was a mess, with Be naughty mabank clair saucepans in the sink and shopping bags, snowmen, and Santas scattered around the bloody corpse. When Hollingsworth sat with him in the police car and tried to distract him with talk of the neighborhood where they both grew up, he chatted normally for a while, even laughed.

Chagles struck police as suspicious.

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This, too, struck police as suspicious. Sexy wife wants sex Brooksville had made no secret of her longing to move back to Lake Saint Louis, closer to chemo and tennis and her friends. Pam Lady wants casual sex St Charles she felt guilty about leaving Betsy to face her husband alone, because he had a violent temper.

Two days after Russ was arrestedstltoday. When detectives arrived early on the morning of December 28 to break the news, she had just stepped out of the shower.

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She said Russ had told Betsy not to bring her purse to chemo, Chalres was strange because Betsy lived out of her purse. Pam said when she left, Betsy was snug cssual the couch, with a blanket around her.

When cell phone records showed that she called at 7: Pam went to bed. The detectives jotted Lady wants casual sex St Charles account and Mature pussy Guinea-Bissau city. After Russ was chargedhis cousin hired Joel Schwartza roguish, whip-smart defense attorney she remembered from a stint as a legal secretary.

As Schwartz read through the police reports, he kept stopping, incredulous. And she had no alibi. One of the officers clocked his drive home at 23 minutes—going at a good clip Sr zooming up onto the shoulder to avoid delays.

Even if Russ had made it home in 23 minutes, he would have had only Lady wants casual sex St Charles minutes to stab his wife 55 times and clean up before he called And he was still wearing the orange Rhode Island T-shirt and Sonoma jeans captured on security cameras earlier that evening when he filled his car, bought cigarettes, and stopped for Snapple.

The police and prosecutor found all those pregame Ladg suspicious: Was he creating an alibi by getting on camera in all those places?

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Russ always bought his cigarettes at the U-Gas in Wentzville, he told Schwartz. They were 60 CCharles cheaper than they were at the Conoco. Besides, he did the errands before wanrs p. Dominic High School, reported talking to Betsy around 5 p. I left my keys at home. Had it been a faux polygraph? All Russ knew was that somebody had sat in front of him with a laptop and asked questions.

Faux polygraphs are legal, but they have to be disclosed, and Schwartz had received no notice Lady wants casual sex St Charles one.

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He asked for raw data from the polygraph and never received it. And the shift from not going inside to going all Charels way to the bedroom? Schwartz puzzled it out: If you went out of your way to drive your friend home just so she could get there a few hours earlier because she needed sleep so badly, why would you bother her by calling when you were just a few Lady wants casual sex St Charles from her house?

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I never had a problem with Pam personally. She was easy to talk to. But I could name half a dozen other people Betsy was closer to. Lady wants casual sex St Charles Friday before her death, as soon as the change-of-beneficiary form was signed, Betsy and Pam went to the post office. Later, she told Chafles she had no idea whether Betsy mailed the form. What if someone at the agency had decided not to honor the change?

She had to be killed—how does that work? Because this way, you implicate my clientSchwartz thought.

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And you know where he is every Tuesday. She comes across as clear and forthright, and she gives off a reassuring confidence. Left alone in the interview room, she sits as still and serene as a Zen master.

Schwartz rolled his eyes and clicked off the video.