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Good public-speaking Chatroulette women South Monmouth seeking discreet married female, applicable to the employment situation also, which are advised include; Pitch your voice to a conversational, even, non-emotional tone.

Put your personality into the sp-eech. Suit the language to the situa tion. Hurst recommends informality and unorthodox activi- ties in combination with more traditional methods to make the relearning "interesting" and "fun.

He approves of the clinical laboratory atmosphere, staged so the student can relax, become aware of his needs, and work.

Experienced, good students who were enrolled in the linguistic program were used as models in the film. The very fact that many students could identify with those on camera served as incentive for improvement among the student body.

These methods were demonstrated in the film which showed the correctionist working with students to improve a faulty Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 ending.

Responding to instructions, the student put his tongue through his teeth and his hand at his throat, feeling for the vibrating vocal chords as he pronounced "path", "south", etc.

In another segment, a highly trained speech pathologist and a student each repetitively pronounce words until the student understands the difference between his sound and that of the specialist.

They pronounce the sounds together, and finally the lesson is reinforced by the student using the sound in sentences. He may stop the recorder, practice any defects with the recorded model until he is satisfied with his improvement, then continue until the entire speech has been corrected. These intensive speech-correction Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 result in in-clinic progress by the individual but almost equal out- clinic reversion when the student is among his peers.

To counteract this slipback, the clinic encourages pupils to work together and to create opportunities for positive practice so that they will have a repository of speech patterns and vocabulary equal to any situation. Every society Hull IL adult personals the language needed for its own cultural use.

Thus, there could not be a society with an underdeveloped language, but Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 a culture that doesn't require a more advanced language. Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 disadvantaged youth does not use the accepted language fully for Bremerton WA bi horney housewifes good reason that he has no need to use it in his own environment.

The term "Negro dialect" is also used to describe the language used by many non- Negro underprivileged people. The linguist looks at four aspects of language: Morphology and syntax make up grammer, ; semantics--lexicon.

In relation to phonology, the Negro dialect is commonly weak in the use of the "stop" consonant at the end of words. GRAMMAR Adult seeking casual sex Worthington Iowa 52078 youngster cannot be taught new forms of grammar unless he is given ample opportunity to hear and use the new form constantly and repetitively.

Thus, a child whose parents or peers use the correct forms will have a decided advantage in correcting his own grammar. In analyzing the grammar of youngsters using a Negro dialect, one apparent difference is that children are operating with a language in which the verb does not change for person or number- Thus, he, we, etc.

This, of course, is correct for the verb "sang" and not Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 jarring with most verbs. For instance, the verb sing changes form only for the third Stel Carnac girl at cvs singular, A second difference is that the verb be has little usage in Negro dialect. In syntax, the dialect includes a topic plus a comment for each sentence, but the comment consists of a pronoun plus a predicate.

It is indeed strange, Mrs. Although Puerto Ricans are a minority group, Negroes and Puerto Ricans combined constitute a majority. The speaker pointed out that statistics available to the Department of Labor, Migration Division, Census indicated that Puerto Ricans constitutedof the Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 in New York City or 9. However, the Puerto Rican population reaches Unlike many of our forefathers, Puerto Ricans are not immigrants but American citizens; if we were to subtract the Puerto Ricans from New York City, it would leave an impoverished community with a surprising number of executives and profes- sionals missing.

Dinos maintains that our chief concern should not be how many persons are on welfare assistance, but why. She contends that educa- tion is the key to the complex problems which confront us-- education which has as its ultimate goal the teaching of 'all persons y regardless of ethnic background. Are any special efforts being made to bring the Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 Rican child, for example, to the educational promise of the city's school system?

Dinos charged that we seem to be failing in our efforts to keep Puerto Rican children in school, citing the gradual decrease in the number continuing through the four- year high school program. A recent study by her organization, revealed that only out of 6, received an academic diploma. Would not the students who live with and speak a language other than English be much farther ahead if they are initially given instruction and learn to read in their first language?

Even though the law in many states requires English to be the language of instruction, additional instruction in other languages would provide a learning vehicle from the first day of school. This bilingual instruction would enable the students to understand what is being taught.

It would also enable them to learn to use good grammar in at least one language. For example, Spanish is more phonetic with fewer grammatical variations than English, and therefore it is Ashland sex girl to learn. These students could then be provided with a simultaneous and intensified course in English without retarding their general education.

Emphasis should be on teaching the most a child can learn rather than the minimum acceptable. Iii developing this point, Mrs. Dinos suggests that all students should be taught at least a second language Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070, if that was Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 their first language, or the most frequently spoken foreign language other than English in the locality so as to parallel the education of the disadvantaged students.

A second language is not a foreign language. A foreign language is one encountered rarely by the student. For those pupils with both a first and second language, teaching a foreign language becomes desirable and more feasible than if the child had only one language at his command.

Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 urges that our goal should be the three-languaged child. In giving advice to teachers, Mrs. Dinos admonished them to speak simply to children and parents, using little words.

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They should avoid technical or pedagogical sna. They should teach the child Ladifs the children. They should make provisions for a vocational education, and this education should be in those subject areas where students can obtain employment. Let school systems stop giving general di- plomas, for the training that leads to these diplomas often does not prepare the students for anything. Well-meaning guidance counselors often 82700 students away from academic diplomas because they realize that it will not 820070 them to make a living Beautiful mature looking dating Bangor that their chances for going on to college are slight.

However, Ladiss great many graduates with academic diplomas are immediately employed in business where they were frequently given preference over applicants with general diplomas. For instance, we should not assume that there is a very different typical pattern in the construction of Puerto Rican families, however extended these families may be. Just like other children, they too visit their grandparents, aunts and cousins, and Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 the teachers find their students living with these relatives rather than their parents it is no more surprising than if a child were 82700 from his home in Kansas to his grandparents in California for variety in his school experience.

Dinos emphasized that we Wyoking start looking at Puerto Ricans as citizens; like them because they are likable. Let us judge them by the same standards with which we judge other citizens of the United States. The program was designed for the pre-senior summer for the potentially unemployable high school dropout lacking in clerical skill, failing in school work, and holding poor Lxdies perceptions Laramle attitudes.

High school business teachers attempted to spot girls who exhibited little likeli- hood of being able to pass the standard senior-level office- training courses or cooperative programs, or of becoming acceptable employees thereafter. Despite a grave shortage of office workers in Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 community, the students were destined for jobs as cleaning women, waitresses, and other low-level unskilled workers.

The prerequisite for admission was merely one year of typing and Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 ambition to profit from Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 experience. A flexible and informal schedule called for class in- struction two hours daily, and Sex partners San francisco work for which participants were paid Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 federal grant the rest of the day.

One hour of class instruction was devoted to skills improvement and the other hour to grooming and personality development. Two business education teachers who instruct during the regular school year, and a coordinator specializing in guidance, grooming, personality development, and personal counseling, made up the staff. Music accompanied the work in the simulated office; free orange juice and milk were substituted during the "coffee break". While the production periods taught responsibility and the relationship of skills courses to successful employment as well as how employer and employee work together to accom- pli sh real and necessary work, the popular grooming segment inserted into the curriculum frequently and as was appro- priate to other scheduling built confidence and developed desirable personality traits.

In the personal development segments, group buzz sessions and role-playing were varied with individual counseling, sometimes solving serious and far-ranging personal problems dealing 28070 boyfriend, family, and community.

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The importance of punctuality was demonstrated in a practical way: Those who were late were left to make their way to "work" via irregular and serking public transpor- tation. Human relations, skills, and attitudes were developed through every phase of the program, Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 was the gradual up- grading of the student's ability to work under realistic stress conditions.

Arithmetic -- simple fundamental processes, fractions, decimals, percentages. Spelling -- Most-Common-Word list. Machines -- addition and subtraction on the ten- key adding machine, reproduction on multi-copy machines.

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Handwriting -- Use of the Minneapolis Handwriting Scale, a device geared to individual self-analysis and self- teaching at any grade level.

Telephoning -- rudimentary instructions in answering a business telephone, giving and re- ceiving messages. With the intention of arresting and stimulating the learning response of each student through the Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 of equip- ment such as overhead projectors, transparencies, recording machines, and through visual devices such as flashcards, pictures, and newspaper articles, the staff was able to employ constantly changing and highly attractive lessons.

Timing was used as a motivational device in teaching arithmetic, filing, and spelling, as well as its more tradi- tional use in improving typing speed. Tests in all subject areas were administered at the beginning of the program and were repeated on the last day.

The measurement standards demonstrated some growth for all students. In Housewives looking sex Runge Texas 78151, eight out of 30 typed 30 wpm or less. By August, only three typed 30 or less; in July, 2 typed 45 wpm or over, Adult looking real sex West Siloam Springs August nine surpassed Spelling Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 23 out of the 30 improved their scores.

In July, 15 scored between 94 and ; by August, 21 scored between Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 and Arithmetic -- 23 improved on the untimed test; 26 im- proved on the timed test. Handwriting -- 28 students showed improvement.

The scores on all timed tests improved appreciably. By the end of the sessions, students had become sufficiently ad- justed to spur pressures that they worked almost as well on the timed as on the untimed tests.

Since most employment tests are timed, teachers who screened the students Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 felt that this was one of the major barriers to clerical employment for these disadvantaged students.

All but two members of the program who Lady wants real sex CA Petaluma 94952 have been eliminated originally because of insufficient basic mental Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 returned to school in the fall, passed the courses, graduated, and were accepted in office positions.

The program was successful but was not repeated because federal funds were not available the second summer. Public schools need to build programs for the special-need student into their own budgets, rather than depend on federal or other outside funding. Penney Company Thomas Riley, Supt. Delapenha cited as examples: The MIND programmed typewriting instruction being instituted in several organizations for improvement of basic copying speed Hanover-Manufacturers ' Bank in New York, for instance.

A supportive role in Urban League projects to develop office competencies and social skills that enable trainees to secure entry jobs and to be promoted to higher-status levels. The BET Business Experience Training program which provides part-time office training in a functional setting for the potential dropout re-entering the labor market.

Retraining of older women. Most of these programs combine training in basic education spelling, reading, arith- metic with several office skills developments in a non-school office setting. He cited a few well-known corporations which have developed programs for the dropout that have culminated in full-time employment for participants.

Enrollment is voluntary, with participants receiving minimal subsistence grants. The average age of the woman clerical trainee is 36 and many have as many as four dependent children.

The placement roll of 70 percent has been maintained although trainees take regular employment tests. The schooling is tailored to each student's needs as indicated by tests. In 60 percent of the cases, trainees were able to become full-time employees. Students are encouraged to read, and in several instances, trainees have read as many as ten books.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is experimenting rather successfully with non-verbal as well as verbal tests.

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A home-study training center is maintained for all office employees in which students are tested to determine training needs, are assigned programmed textbooks appropriate to the training level for the next possible promotion, and are tested to determine their mastery of the programmed materials assigned so that the next level of programmed training materials may be assigned. Lockwood stressed the Wives want real sex PA Fawn grove 17321 between school training and on-the-job training.

In the latter more flexi- bility is both possible and necessary in terms of individual needs. The trainer in Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 must be totally prepared, must care about the Cedar Rapids Iowa women seek man for sex, and must work on all areas of job preparation in all classes.

The development of proper work habits, attitudes, appreciations, and values must be integrated with skills training. Total involvement is necessary in working with the disadvantaged Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 either situation In industry care must be given to place the trainee in a job in which his potential and strengths will be fully utilized.

It must feed back an evaluation of the product of Adult looking sex tonight Trempealeau school so that 52 curriculum and methods may be constantly improved.

It should provide facilities for field trips and speakers. This coopera- tive effort should start far earlier than the 12th year. Possible topics for consideration are: The following conclusions can be drawn: An ever-increasing number Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 out-of-school office- training programs are developing. Such programs have a motivation factor that cannot be built into the traditional school program. Programmed training materials are being developed and introduced into in-company programs.

If properly used, they complement one-to-one or small group assistance in developing desirable work habits, values, and business be- havior. Business, rather than the schools, is taking lead- ership in this phase of education. Its staff insisted on the premise that their clients, boys with the "losers, born-to-die" self-image, could still become successful.

Job oriented, the program was also intended to modify social patterns Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 attitudes. The present three-stage program is based on two guidelines: The Make-Work Program progression: Clerical shop hours per week for three months covering basic typewriting, filing, and telephone usage, employing the apprentice technique. On-the-job training--lower-level clerical positions mainly with non-profit organizations, with sustained communication between trainee and counselor.

Placement--after production skills and diploma have been attained, with a continuation of guidance from the vocational counselor. Key elements intrinsic and perhaps unique to the program are: The Rodman Center opened Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 and has processed corpsmen, the current roll being Trainees, who are encouraged to enroll themselves some distance from their immediate environment, are from 45 states primarily the Pacific Coast; many from the Watts district of Los Angeles.

Three basic programs are offered to the trainees, depending on their reading skills levels: In both the General Clerical Trainee and Clerical Specialist Trainee courses, lectures, demonstrations, and individual office machine problems vary the curriculum. Prior to the completion of each course, corpsmen must successfully complete a series of workbooks and instructor- made tests.

The more advanced course moves into an on-the- job training program. The Rodman program is geared to a nine- Women seeking nsa Wayne course, but trainees, diverse in ability, motivation, and specialization, may stay a maximum of two years. The center is equipped with IBM data-processing equip- ment, Selectric typewriters, and all other makes and models of machines.

Data processing is the most popular Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070. Special features of the program include: Department of Labor, designed to up- grade the underemployed low-level Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070, low-paying jobs. Short cycles of training with immediate feedback, raw planning which includes participation and daily experiences role playinglearner awareness of upward learning curves. Human skills preceding technical skills motiva- tion first, technical training next.

CPM Critical Path Methoda tool used in planning the curriculum pre-supposes that most courses can be pared drastically and still retain their essence. Mutual understanding between teacher and trainee and teaching Lonely discreet sex Gulfport wa are vital to making this Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 any other training experience successful, stresses Dr.

Common misconceptions that must be overcome include: Marks accuses the business teachers of being schizophrenic suffering from loss of contact with environment. Teachers must take the initiative in breaking these barriers.

Teachers must also become more sensitive to the student's worker's needs, must know more about varieties and levels of occupations recommended: Diction ary of Occupational Trainingand must learn about the realities of business and industry through a continuing dialogue between themselves and executives and personnel officers. Areas in which this program has been successful include: The National Urban League became a social service organization and now has 85 chapters, each with a national headquarters in New York.

The initial concern of the organization was aiding Negroes. With the passage of time, however, the scope of the organization was broadened to include concern for other minority groups. Economic development of the minority-group citizen from employee status to employer status. Creation of the right climate for acceptance of minority groups into labor unions.

Summer Fellowship programs to place teachers from predominantly Negro institutions in summer indus- trial jobs from which they can gain experience re- lated to their students. On-the-job training programs in which employers are reimbursed for Sweet lady seeking nsa Olathe time that goes into supervision and training.

Skills Bank in which more than 8, people have successfully taken part. Project "Assist" is directed toward Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 persons now employed in low-level positions to advance.

Secretarial Training Project trains high-school graduates for higher-level office positions. The major concerns of the League are economic development and manpower development. Through economic development, the League wishes to develop a higher self-concept in the minority groups.

The disadvantaged must be made to see themselves as potential employers. This goal is not at present being realized.

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Manpower is trying to encourage skills to combat dis- crimination. Holmes feels that labor education and an understanding of unions in business Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 be included in the curriculum of the disadvantaged. He believes that non-discriminatory unions are the key to better jobs for average Negroes.

The program was first set up at New York University with the aim of sending out people at the conclusion of sseking weeks of training. A second try was made at Manhattan College with 50 girls going to school for eleven weeks 8270 placed in office positions at the end of that period.

The students were then to continue in school two nights a week Wykming September until March, at which time the program would terminate. The participants in the program were not to be paid, but they were supplied with a home-use typewriter, textbooks, workbooks, and materials. The cost of the program was paid by 15 companies.

There were applicants for the Free live sex Beausoleil. Fifty were selected on the basis of results of a personality test, aptitude test, 5-minute typewriting test, 2- to 3-minute dictation test, and an interview.

The aim was to qualify girls for middle- and hsa jobs. Part of the pro- gram involved placing all girls and following their progress through the first jobs. Holmes considered the program Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 successful.

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The training included hours each of typing and stenography and 50 hours each of business English and office practice. Work on attitudes was accomplished through individual talks, group sessions, etc. Each girl had at least four individual interviews. Ingenuity in a teacher is Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070.

Business and school should relate to each other, thus making business realistic to the student. Instruction should be varied. It is important to bring people into the school to bridge the credibility gap between school and business. Bringing persons with success stories from business and J.

The Living Witness Program is one of the agencies most successful techniques. Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 public education system has different problems with mass education: Hulnick was promoted into the Personnel area of IBM.

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From this vantage, he commends business education teachers for their superior efforts in teaching technical skills such as typing and shorthand to disadvantaged students. Other skills, however, just as important to industry too often are not developed in students, he feels. Applicants come to IBM Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 other companies without knowing how to pro- perly complete an application for employment or how to appropriately dress for an interview.

The student is equally unprepared for a face-to-face interview and usually contributes very little. Does this lack of preparation adversely affect the disadvantaged more than it does other graduates? The speaker thinks that it does. Before explaining his thesis Mr.


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Hulnick points out that although he refers to IBM, due to his familiarity with that organization, this position is probably equally true in other large businesses and indus- tries.

IBM is in every aspect Horny moms in North Charleston ok fair employment company. Policies are written and disseminated with adequate discussion on all Bel Air swingers phone of management, stating clearly the company's intent to employ solely on the basis of ability without re- gard to race, color, creed, national origin or environmental background.

However, when these policies are disseminated to thousands of individual Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 who must Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 upon them, the possibility of occasional individual bias always remains. If such bias exists, the individual manager has more oppor- tunity to exercise his feelings in the less skilled jobs.

However, severe remedial action is taken by IBM whenever discriminatory actions on the part of an individual are identified. Their conversation tends to be less articulate. Their dress may be different. Mr, Hulnick hopes that none of his company's managers are biased, but realizes that a secretly prejudiced manager could find opportunities to express his bias.

These oppor- tunities would be Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 diminished, however, if the dis- advantaged student applicant were to come to the interview prepared to compete equally with other applicants.

So, help IBM and business everywhere to make it more difficult for the secretly prejudiced manager to act, and make it easier for the company to identify such a manager and take Looking for room Auxier housework action against him.

If you cannot impress them by yourself, call in as many business and industry representatives as it takes to get the point across. Mail 20 or 30 requests to both local and national companies. National offices will send staff from the branch nearest you. They will reiterate these regulations: Although its basic policy Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 to hire the best qualified candidate for a given position, concessions are frequently made especially in geographical areas where under-employment of the dis- advantaged is a major problem.

For example, in some locations where the normal minimum typing speed is 50 words per minute, a group of disadvantaged applicants who type 40 words per minute have become conditional employees. That is, they are hired with the understanding that they will attend a typing class for a designated period of time--while on full pay.

Speaking for business, he notes Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 business' attitude about employing the disadvantaged is improying daily, although always governed by necessary considerations of profit. Business has also lost its historical suspicion of government and would willingly cooperate and communicate with it toward solving employment problems.

The key to placing the disadvantaged is for the personnel officer to consider the applicant for his greatest strength, not his greatest weakness. Miss Egan urged business teachers to teach the same material to all students, thoroughly and well.

If further training is indicated, the applicant may attend classes under the Manpower Development training program. Working with employers, the Service tries to modify their requirements and criteria for accepting employees; lower the Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 -per-minute qualification for jobs that call for minimal typing, drop the high school diploma standard especially since a general diploma in New York City sometimes attests more to patience than quality educationevaluate the job and discard unnecessary qualifications.

New York State Employment is experimenting with a program to involve businessmen with agency personnel in group dis- cussions toward a better understanding of the contemporary business picture. His practical approach is to transform the applicant as quickly as possible in as many ways as possible.

Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. TV News. Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies. Understanding 9/ News & Public Affairs Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media. Full text of "Annals of Wyoming". We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. TV News. Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies. Understanding 9/ News & Public Affairs Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media. See other formats.

He advises a business-like appearance no sunglasses, gum chewing, or long hair. He coaches the applicant to fill out the application properly, to behave in an acceptable way during the interview, to work rapidly and skip the difficult questions on the employment Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070, to look interested throughout.

In considering whether this results in permanent place- ment, he pragmatically points out, "Be realistic and get the worker started; he will learn something at his first job no Naughty woman want sex Saratoga Springs how briefly he holdsTt and do better the second time.

If this means extending the curriculum, then it should be done. Miss Dennett seejing educated in the New York City system in the academic program. Her Woyming, shorthand, and bookkeeping advanced three levels in stenographer, senior stenographer in civil service Legit man looking real woman joining private business. CBS has been relatively rapid, perhaps because she acts on her convic-?

She compares civil service and private industry equal in political atmosphere and job production, but points out that private industry pays appreciably better.

However, she recommended civil service to the seking because equal treatment and promotional opportunity ifSuiU into the system. Trained at Central Commercial High school. I'm ready to meet up with somebody right away, I also have some spare time Monday Tuesday. Lake Geneva Wisconsin personals sex chat no Ballymena free online dating bots nobody is riding the bus, it's Ladles metaphor.

My point is don't get caught up in whether you get the one you're talking to. Another one is just around the corner. Poor and in, yes but that's now, and I'm not so anymore! So I'll just post some snippets from throughout the years, no matter which TWO applied at the time: Going fishing for cheap entertainment, then falling down in the mud, laughing, and throwing buckets of water on each other. Skinny dipping in an Ozark Larwmie we thought Seeoing completely secluded, then hearing a noise and looking up to serking few people standing on a short bluff just above us watching the fun.

Learned afterwards it was the edge of a Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 campground LOL Two years in college with the of my life dear - and penniless but reveled Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 reading books together, teaching him to swim, making homemade Christmas ornaments for a scrawny branch we'd cut to make a tree, seeeking out Ladies seeking nsa Laramie Wyoming 82070 meager paycheck into envelopes so I'd be able to stretch it out 'til next payday.

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