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I am back and amp sooooo single

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In 6 hours there were 17 watchers! I guess guitar isn't dead! Ad thought I killed it personally back in but I was wrong. The members of my band, The Hornrimswere extremely upset with me because it sounded so dang good.

I am back and amp sooooo single I Am Look For Sex Chat

I told them not to worry - I can build another one. They made me promise that I will not sell it. So since I am going to be keeping this amp, I am going to use the absolute best of everything that money can buy. This is not an amp sigle sell so here I go. That being said everything has it's price I still recently I am back and amp sooooo single the Mojo cabinet. I do not use Marshall logos anymore as the amp community thinks this is so wrong. My friend designed I am back and amp sooooo single own logo pictured above.

These are considered by many to be the closest sounding to old Marshall caps as you can get. They were not cheap but not horribly expensive. I ordered all of the values from Tube Depot.

They have a lot of cool parts and ship very quickly.

I was actually going to put these in my last amp, but it sounded so good that I did not want to rebuild the turret board from scratch to get these installed. I just decided to save them for this amp. He asked if I needed a blank turret board and I told him Couple seeking Maple Ridge ont would be drilling and staking my own custom layout turret board.

I ordered the wrong turrets! I wanted the bigger ones, but Hack am sure I will use these for some diabolical scheme later. I also ordered a Fender style jewel lamp. I know - I am a blasphemer! A Fender style jewel in a Marshall you say!

I am no amp snob and it just I am back and amp sooooo single cooler than the plastic Marshall "indicator". Gonna be doing some drilling though!

I was on the 18watt. Mercury Magnetics are considered by many to be the best Nantes ohio pussy in the world by many builders. A lot of boutique builders use them like Mojave Amp Works. I am I am back and amp sooooo single shooting for the best of everything on this amp.

S2 also has a cool store called S2 Amps with a lot of great amp building resources at good prices. I decided on carbon film resistors as many builders say that it is I am back and amp sooooo single good compromise between the sterile low noise of metal film resistors Married housewives seeking real sex Ruston the noisy but toneful carbon comp resistors.

I put in an order with Metropoulos Amplification for resistors. I also got some great quality Belton Micalex tube sockets while I was at it. Some of the wire on my previous build was Teflon coated silver plated wire and some was PVC coated silver plated. Teflon is more resistant to temperature and does not melt as easily when soldered so I ordered a decent stock of Teflon coated 20AWG and 22AWG for the build.

I found a company called Powerwerx that has great prices and excellent quality wire.

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How can you not order from a company that calls itself Powerwerx? That's just cool spelling. I want the holes perfectly drilled so the turrets are tightly seated.

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Part of my concept is to make a very durable amp. Some people think I am a freak about stuff like this, but I like to go over the top - it seems to reduce variables later in baci build. Who could resist black? So I ordered a new turret board blank.

I also ordered the right sized bigger turrets for the custom board I will be drilling. I also ordered a couple 33 bits from them that create the perfect sized hole for the large turrets they sell. This is the same head cabinet as my last build.

I really like the quality Housewives wants hot sex North Judson finish. Daniel the proprietor, helped me with a UPS claim from my last build. The money cleared for my last amp that I sold so I went crazy at the Metropoulos Amplification parts store! Some of the items I ordered are insane. No, I am not rich - possessed I think is what clinical psychologists call it.

Can most mortals tell the difference? I wanted it to be exactly to scale so when I get the turret board material I can just tape it on and start drilling. I use this program I am back and amp sooooo single a bit for my day job ampp studios. It's a great program and it runs on a Mac. If you don't have a Mac, buy one now - you will get so much more work done! The I am back and amp sooooo single cabinet arrived already!

I noticed it was better packed ap the last one bak Daniel told me he packed it himself! Another point for Port City Music! Good customer service is your best friend.

Nov 11,  · Now if they are bothered by the guitar sound then I am probably way too loud for practicing but since this amp is rated at 32 amps, I don't know if I'll get good sound out of it when I dial it back. I think it is technically two 15 watt amps which to me says it is two Rocker 15's in a single amp/cabinet setup which isn't a bad thing by any means. Ultra 18 in. 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower is rated out of 5 by Rated 5 out of 5 by Minnesota gal from I love this little snowblower! We live in central MN and have never had a snowblower before/5(). Oct 18,  · Another great amp for dirt boxes. I had one of these back in the early 90s and should have never sold it, will buy another. But Brian has made a killer single channel amp designed around using effects or to use as a platform for Kemper or Axe. If you don;t know about this amp check it out. I liked it so much I am buying its preamp which.

Where the heck is my drill press it's only shipping from Mass.??? Not very exciting but it needs singoe be done and done accurately once or the bottom of the amp will look like swiss cheese!

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No one looks at the bottom of their amp so does it really matter? Well, I often look at the bottom of my amps but I am a very sick man. Here I am taping, measuring, remeasuring, and finally drilling the durn holes! I cleaned out the excess levant tolex with an X-Acto knife so it does not get caught in the threads of the chassis bolts.

I also marked snigle head cabinet with a paint pen so I can singlle it up quickly after doing adjustments to the amp. To the guy who invented I am back and amp sooooo single - Sexy Des moines country gal wanted are genius and I thank you!

My drill press finally arrived and I quickly put it I am back and amp sooooo single. I mounted my old trusty corded Dewalt Drill "Old Yella" that I appropriated from my boss into the mount.

I can't drill and take pictures! Last year, I bad accident with a drill where a metal plate am around and gashed my hand so I am ultra careful nowadays.

It was gross accident but if you want to see gruesome pics click here for the cut, and here for the stitches. Please clamp you work to the bench or press you are working on, and wear goggles, ear protection, and gloves. We are guitar players and we need our hands - don't xm them!

Using the 33 bit, I drilled all of the holes. The drill was on high speed and went through the turret board material like butter. After the first few holes, I put on a respirator a for fear of inhaling the fiberglass dust. It may be a futile attempt as I have been inhaling solder rosin for 15 years. I don't think my brain or lungs can be saved at this point. I am back and amp sooooo single it's never too late to start being safe!

Here's the drilled board: I now needed to press in I am back and amp sooooo single turrets. Soopoo had to modify the Hoffman turret staking tool by drilling out the hole to accommodate the larger turrets. Next I had to mount the staking base to to the qm of the drill press. I thought about making a plate, but I found a great fix in the form of a T-nut.

It fit perfectly into the base of the drill press so I bolted it in. I lined up the staking tool am; tried my first turret. I could not get enough pressure on the turret because the plastic handle on the drill press was starting to flex and I didn't want to trash the press.

I removed the drill mounted part of the press and just used the base plate and a hammer. This works great and you feel like you are really making something with your hands. I was careful not to beat too hard, but I got the turrets in nice and tight. To help level Free swinger site turret board when Anc was working on I am back and amp sooooo single.

I used my camera case to prop up the board. I didn't want any funny angled turrets. Here is a shot of the staked turret board.

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It came out so awesome. I started to carefully mount the components.