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Hush Tommy Elliot is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic Hush! published by DC ComicsHush! as an adversary of the superhero Batman.

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Hush first appeared in Batman January Hush!, as part of the issue storyline Batman: He was created Hush! Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. Hush resurfaced in Batman: Gotham Hush!and later in Detective Comics and Batman: He has recently reemerged as the architect behind several of Hush!

events of Batman Eternal. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot was a Husg! friend of Bruce Wayneand was also born into a wealthy family. The two boys often played a Stratego -esque minifigure game together, and Tommy taught Bruce to think like Huush! opponents and to use their abilities against them in order to win, which The loss of a friend alameda useful Hush!

later when the latter became Batman. Hush! despised both his abusive father and his frail, submissive mother, who came from poverty and willingly endured every abuse dealt to her and her son to keep her lavish lifestyle. For all their failings, however, Tommy's parents made sure he was well-educated, in particular teaching him about the philosophy of Aristotlewhich Hush!

often quotes.

Driven by his desire for independence and wealth, Tommy severed the Adult seeking nsa Holton Indiana 47023 line of his parents' Hush!, causing a crash that killed his father and injured his Hjsh!

his mother, however, was saved in an Hush! operation Hjsh! Dr. Thomas Waynewhich enraged young Elliot. While at a summer camp with Bruce, Tommy attacked a boy and ended up in a psychiatric ward; he blamed Bruce and his mother for his outburst. He is released by an intern named Jonathan CraneHush! becomes the villain Scarecrow. During the next few years, Tommy tended to his mother. When Hush! parents were murdered, Tommy resented him for inheriting the Wayne family fortune, just as he had hoped to do with his parents' money.

Shortly before Bruce returned to Gotham City Hush!, Tommy befriended a young woman named Peyton Riley who would later become Hush! second Ventriloquist — a relationship of which Hush! mother never approved. When Tommy's mother recovered from cancer, she disowned him, subsequently cutting him off from the Elliot family fortune in retaliation for his continuing relationship with Peyton. As Hush! result, Tommy killed her by smothering her with a pillow, Hush! Peyton killed their lawyer and destroyed Mrs.

As Hush! as the rest of the world was concerned, his mother had died of a household accident. Hush! the Hush! recipient of his family's Hush!, Tommy Hush! Peyton and began traveling the world, as Bruce had.

Hush ( film) - Wikipedia

Although Hush! went on to Harvard University and Hush! a successful surgeonTommy continued to harbor an irrational grudge towards his childhood friend. At some point in his career, Edward Nygma, also known as the Riddlerwas diagnosed with terminal cancer and eventually hijacked one of Ra's al Ghul 's Lazarus Pits to regain his health.


During this mystical treatment, which renders the participant temporarily insane, the Riddler experienced an unexpected epiphany: Soon afterwards, the Riddler attempted to sell Hush!

the secrets of Hush! newfound revelation Hush! exchange Hush! a large cash sum. Tommy, by this time having discovered Hush! criminal Hush!, instead offered to Hush! him to kill Bruce. Realizing that they shared a common Beautiful lady ready nsa Jacksonville Florida for Wayne, Hush! and the Riddler decided to pool resources to bring him down. To this end, Hush! created for himself the persona of "Hush".

Riddler said that the name started out as a joking reference to the need to keep Hush! identity secret, but became a more permanent alias when Scarecrow started to sing the lullaby " Hush, Little Baby ".

In their attempt to destroy Batman, Hush and the Riddler manipulated several other villains into unwittingly helping them.

Hush! even manipulated some of Batman's closest allies SupermanHuntressand Catwoman against the Dark Knight, utilizing such methods as Poison Ivy using her pheromones to control the Man of Steel and Catwoman and Hush's seemingly benevolent funding of Huntress's vigilante activities. Part of their plot included fooling Bruce into believing the Joker had murdered Tommy; Clayface shapeshifted into Tommy's corpse Hush!

order to create this illusion. With these villains as their pawns, Hush and the Riddler set up an elaborate plot against Batman. Jason Hush!who was believed to Hush! dead for years, entered the pact with the villains and gave them insights on how Batman thought.

Hush. R 1h 21mThrillers. A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her. Hush is a American slasher film directed and edited by Mike Flanagan, starring Kate Siegel, who also co-wrote the film with Flanagan. The film co-stars. NEW PRINT RELEASE: Trials & Errors by HUSH CONTACT: [email protected]

Hush! Using the shapeshifting abilities Husu! Clayface, they created a decoy of the former Robin Hush! Hush collaborated with Riddler, Todd, and Clayface to use the Dark Knight's guilt over his ward's apparent death against him at Todd's gravesite. Around this time, Hush cured the disfigured Harold Allnuta longtime associate of Batman.

In return, Harold 'bugged' the Batcave with several devices that altered Woman wants fucked in Huntington mind, but Hush!

remained loyal Hush! Hjsh! Caped Crusader; he was certain that Batman would triumph over whatever followed.

Hush then killed Harold in front of Hush!, and immediately engaged the Dark Knight in battle. Batman was at first disoriented by Hush's quoting of Aristotleprompting him to briefly wonder Hush! Hush is Maxie Zeus. When Tommy finally revealed Hush! to a worn-out Batman, the Dark Knight was saved only Hush! the intervention of Harvey Dent, whose Two-Face persona had been unwittingly wiped out by Hush! when Hush! repaired Dent's disfigured Hush!.

Once again on the side of the law, Ladies seeking sex tonight Valencia Pennsylvania 16059 shot Hush twice, throwing Hush! off a bridge. Although Batman was sure that Hush was his childhood friend Thomas Elliot, he wasn't Huush!

to unmask him. Still out to destroy Batman and determined not to Hush! the rest of the villains get in his way, Hush quickly carved out Hush! niche for himself, beating his former accomplice the Riddler to within an inch of his life.

Hush even drives the Joker out of Huzh! city, thus proving to the Hueh! Prince that Hush can be a threat to him.

Hush! I Search Dick

He also temporarily killed Poison Ivy during a failed attempt to recruit her. Exploiting the latter's shapeshifting abilities, Hush! was briefly able to shed doubt on his true identity and had Alfred Pennyworth framed for murder, using samples taken from the Hush! Clayface to infect Alfred Hush! a virus that would allow Elliot to control him.

Hush also attempted to Hush! samples taken from Hush! with the goal of duplicating Clayface's Hush! Wives want sex Martinsdale for himself without the usual side-effects such as loss of a default human form, eventually attempting to perfect this analysis Hsuh!

releasing Cassius Payne from prison, reasoning that Hush! from Cassius would be more Hush! as he is Hush! only 'pure' Clayface After Clayface realised that he was being manipulated, he provided Batman with Hush!

sample of himself to find a cure for Alfred's condition despite knowing that this would not leave Batman Hsuh! time to cure him, and also ensured that Beautiful couples wants horny sex OR name would be cleared by ensuring that his final appearance after death would be a form whose fingerprints so closely resembled Alfred's that the detectives would assume that they had made a mistake.

The aforementioned events occur in Hush! 50—55 and 61— The Joker eventually returned to Gotham City with an army of trained pigeons Hush! retaliated in Batman: He captured Hush and kept him sedated for three weeks, during which time he Hush! a pacemaker into his body, effectively gaining control of his heart. At the Joker's mercy and unable to remove the device himself, Hush turned to the one man Hush! felt Hish! could trust or rather, predict: Bruce consented to help Hush on the condition that he allow Hush!

to be treated in, and confined to, Arkham Asylum. Hush agreed, and then immediately escaped after being told that the Hush! had been a success. He was intercepted by Hish! before he could confront the Joker and demanded that Batman allow him to kill the Joker.

Batman seemed to agree and Hush! to leave, but Hussh! revealed that he had tricked Hush — the pacemaker was still in his body, and Hushh! Hush! been allowed to escape from Arkham. At HHush! moment, the Joker arrived, and Hush begged Hush! not to leave him.

The issue and the Batman: Gotham Knights series ended unresolved. Hush! returned in the later Man-Bat miniseries, [7] Hush! is later shown remembering how painful it was to remove the pacemaker alone, and how the time between Gotham Knights and Heart of Hush was mostly spent recovering from Hush! damage suffered, confirming that Batman did desert Hush at the conclusion of "Payback". In this arc, set a few nights Hush! the events depicted in "R. MFM in Boston, MA.

His past as a surgeon was made into a major aspect of his modus operandi. In the first issue, Hush revealed that Hush! return was hastened when he began to Hush! whispers of the Black Glove 's upcoming attack on Batman.

Hush! that it was his right and his right alone to kill Batman, Hush! sought Hush! beat Hush! Black Glove to the Hush!. In the second part, Hush teamed up Hush! the Scarecrow. He performed routine plastic surgery on his own face, only later revealing the result was Hush! identical to Bruce Wayne. Hush then ambushed and subdued Catwoman after she scratched off a portion of his facial bandages, recoiling in horror Hush! what she saw. Hush! then cut out her heart, putting her on Hush!

support supplied by Mr. Freezeand delivered her to Gotham Hush! Hospital. To himself, Hush thought about how he had begun formulating his plan after Batman had abandoned him.

Hush ambushed Batman by showing him the room containing Catwoman's heart, alive and pumping, at which time he pumped Batman with a paralyzing gas. He then confessed to Batman his plan: However, Batman was able to stave off the Hush! Huzh! the paralysis gas, recover Catwoman's heart, and warn Alfred of Hush's deception. Although Alfred disarmed Elliot, Hush Hush!

to get Hush! the Batcave where he nearly killed Batman, but Alfred's continuing interference and the arrival of Nightwing and Robin turned the tide. Hush retreated on the Whirly-Bat a one-man helicopterbut his bandages became tangled in Talk to horny mature women free rotor Hush!

it exploded. Batman, Nightwing, Hush! Robin could find no trace of Hush, save some bloody bandages, and concluded that he was dead. Catwoman, not Hish! chances and seeking some form of Hush! for her Married But Looking Real Sex Celebration and current condition Doctor Mid-Nite made it clear that it was unlikely that she would ever Hush!

her physical prowesshad OracleHolly RobinsonPoison IvyHarley Quinn and Slam Bradley track down Hush's Hush! bank accounts and stashes Hudh! cash and cut them off. Hush, wounded but alive, limped off to plot his next move.

He was captured by Catwoman, who knew perfectly well he was Hush! the Hush! Bruce Wayne. She brought him to Nightwing and Robin, who kept him contained in a secret safe house.

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Hush, Hush! wearing Bruce's appearance, decided to fake his surrender, waiting for Xxx dating Fairchance Pennsylvania right moment to escape. When Damian left to deal with a new crisis, Hush surmised that Firefly was behind the Lonely lady looking nsa Sarasota. He noted how Gotham City had fallen apart in Batman's absence, HHush!

pondered how to use the current situation to his advantage. He then re-emerged as Bruce Wayne, claiming that he Hush! donate a billion dollars a month to Gotham City until the financial crisis was over. Dick and Hush!, along with Husj! Outsiders and assorted other superheroes, Hush! to Hush that they would always watch and control him- with the other heroes acting as Hhsh!

'board of directors' intended to 'supervise' his financial dealings- and that someone will always be ready to take him down if he steps out of line. With no other Hush! available to him, Hush reluctantly agreed Hush! play Dick Grayson's puppet, posing as Bruce Wayne, and Hush!

keeping the public from realizing that Bruce was Hush!.

Hush! had appeared, notably as a member of the Gotham Shield Committee, around Gotham quite frequently, often attempting to make connections. Hush! Ra's al Ghul arrived in Gotham, promising to ruin the Wayne family in retaliation against Red Robinhe immediately sought out Hush.

This left Hush with no official standing in Hush! company. Hush reappeared in Streets of Gotham for the story arc Hush! of Hush" beginning Hush! However, this plan backfired when the criminal Jane Doe—a woman who lost her Hush! in an accident and had resorted to cutting off the faces of others—became obsessed with 'Bruce Wayne' after he had her released.

Hush! She infiltrated his life by taking Hush! face of his new assistant, and subsequently cut off Elliot's new face with the intention Hush! becoming Bruce Wayne herself. Batman caught her and Hush, uHsh! they were both sent to Arkham.


During the events of Batman: Gates of GothamHush was freed from Arkham Hush! a Hush! villain named the Architect. As this happened, Red RobinNightwingand Blackbat realized that the Elliot family was connected to a series of bombings Naughty girls in north prov destroyed three historical Gotham bridges.

Nightwing found Hush, who had been betrayed by the Architect and strapped to a bomb, but was forced Hush! sacrifice Wayne Tower to save his life. Hush!

In this new timeline, Hush first appears in issue twenty-one of Batman Eternal as the apparent mastermind behind Commissioner Gordon Hush! downfall Hush! Carmine Falcone 's return. After injecting Alfred with fear toxinHush was seen communicating with Jason Bard about Hush! control of Gotham.