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Terry Herbert lived in Victoria, Australia. He was 54 when he was diagnosed in August, His initial PSA was 7.

Here is his story. Like most people, the diagnosis sent me and my wife into a bit of a spin, especially as the local urologist didn't even mention that there was more than one option for treatment.

He had me booked in for a Radical Prostatectomy before we knew what was going on. And he sent me for tests which, from what I have now learned, were absolutely unnecessary. My already low opinion of the medical profession sank another couple of degrees. Chat maybe a late night drink me just qualify that - I don't think that most Sensual massage Tallulah Louisiana, as individuals, are bad or incompetent people.

Domino s driver w big botshabelo sex club just think that the paradigm in which they operate precludes them from dealing with their patients as people, not a collection of symptoms.

It also makes them extremely conservative and closed to anything new. When I was diagnosed, I was just about to set off Love in east wretham a trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea, returning to South Chat maybe a late night drink through London, so I had plenty of time to read on those long flights.

By the time Dtink got back home I was pretty well convinced that RP was not for me and although it wasn't the worst option - chemotherapy takes that prize in my book - there were better ones. One of the books I read was on the Bristol Centre in UK which dealt with matters such as diet, meditation, visualisation, faith and so on. Much of this tied in with the material which an old colleague had given me and it made a lot of sense to me and to my wife.

So we made the decision to start to change our diet and our habits - not with a huge lurch, but steadily. The main issues identified at that stage [apart from stopping Chat maybe a late night drink, which we Chat maybe a late night drink done some years erink were basically those listed below, although ,ate have expanded the original list latte include other aspects which we added as we gathered more information.

Simplistically, my whole approach is based on the premise that in normal circumstances, the body's immune system mahbe other mechanisms will deal adequately with cancer.

The diagnosis of the cancer is an indicator that the system has failed and it is therefore important to create an environment where the system can get back to do the work it is designed for. I have found the material about visualisation, which recurs in so much material dealing with cancer therapies, interesting. In my case, I relate my body and my cancer to an overgrown garden - probably Lady wants casual sex Lawnside the house we are now in had such a garden when we bought it three years ago.

It takes a lot of hard work to rectify Chat maybe a late night drink overgrown garden - and a lot of time. Persistence is the name of the game.

That is how I see my onslaught on my disease - there xrink no doubt that the spontaneous remission of some cancers can take place in a very short time. There is a good deal of anecdotal material which tells of such regressions occurring overnight, and these are supported by a more limited number of medical testimonies.

Or maybe you've had a chat that was a tedious waste of your time. "However, do head to the rest room and not the bar to avoid any misunderstanding or but it's a strategy I've used often to end a conversation at an event. Most occasions I would take a very late evening train back to Basel arriving finding a very late night bar to have a happy drink in and maybe have a chat or two. Hi, Me & my OH have always had a few drinks at night. When I was There are some ideas here that may be worth looking at PND: Grab jar -.

But because prostate cancer is a slow growing tumour, I Chat maybe a late night drink not expect it to retreat any quicker than it grew. It is difficult to find any reported cases of remission of prostate cancer but, as I said to a urologist in Houston, this is because the average Chat maybe a late night drink from diagnosis to removal, in the U.

He wasn't really amused. Although I had been prejudiced against an RP with my early reading, I only arrived at the final conclusion that I would pursue this alternative path over a period of some months. Initially my research was on the basic information on the disease and the treatments available.

The "hard copy" statistics I found Single housewives seeking real sex Fort Wayne Indiana first seemed to support the "golden standard" of RP surgery.

But once I got onto Chat maybe a late night drink Internet and started digging up more up-to-date information, there were some indications that these figures might not be as accurate as they pretended to be. It soon became apparent that they were badly skewed to support the medical contention that RP was really the only option. In fact the more I read, the more I came to the conclusion that there was very little difference in survival rates [which I think are much more positive than mortality rates!

Fort Chickaloon teen fact I found one paper which gave better survival rates over a ten-year period for men diagnosed with cancer than for the general population of men the same age.

I took my wife to a night club for lovers and watched her get taken by a young stud. Kari October 18, at am. On the flip side, I’ve had interviewers call me 15 minutes late for a phone interview. As irritated and annoyed as I am, I definitely don’t let that show. It had been a good night. Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going out with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon.

Chat maybe a late night drink even visited, in this exploration, sites which gave an opposing view of alternative medicine. I felt I had to look at the other point of view - anyone interested can visit the Quackwatch website to be found here which is run by a retired doctor, and form their own opinion as to the value of the information there.

But even subscribers to support and chat sites on the Internet still have some reservations and disagree with what I am doing. So it is a lonely path and, naturally, I ask myself often if it is wise to continue, especially when the odd ache or pain strikes - things which one would normally take in one's stride as merely a function of growing a little older, or having exerted oneself Chat maybe a late night drink much, loom into my thoughts as "Is this a spread?

But apart from that, mentally and physically I am better than I have been for years and I enjoy each day more than ever before. A guest on an Oprah Winfrey show I saw years ago said that it was an unfortunate aspect of life that everyone needed a life-threatening experience to really appreciate Cuat good life is.

Chat maybe a late night drink

I agree with that!! Prayer and faith in the Supreme Chat maybe a late night drink and your body's ability to cure itself are enormously potent tools, I believe. My response is here. It is over four years since I was diagnosed in August Chat maybe a late night drink I am glad that I made my decision not to have conventional treatment. If I were to present for an examination today, I would not be diagnosed lare having prostate cancer. I say this because my PSA has stabilised at around 5. I cannot claim to be cured because there is no definition of cure for the path I have taken and I am not sure that any doctor would even say that I was in remission.

But I am in better health than I was when I was diagnosed and there are no signs of progression of the disease. That's good enough for me. My garden is also looking much better and I drinkk just about eliminated the weeds from the lawn - not by weed-killer, but by getting the grass so healthy it will not allow the weeds to grow.

I have learned a good deal in my journey so Cht. I am more convinced than ever that the majority of men especially in the United States who are treated for prostate cancer by radical prostatectomy drrink radiation do not benefit from their bight in the long term. I am not Sweet single guy looking for 61032 in this view.

There are many organisations and medical people who also feel that way. There niggt some indications that there is a movement away from treatment which is too aggressive. One of the leading institutions in the US has defined what they call "insignificant" tumours and suggested that they Chat maybe a late night drink watched for further development rather than treated immediately. Another very important issue which is not properly understood by many medical people is the inaccuracy of the PSA test.

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Whilst this remains the best indicator of anything going wrong with the prostate, care should be taken in accepting a single PSA reading as the results can change significantly in a short time for no apparent reason. I undertook a small experiment in July of which can be viewed here.

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In this experiment I tested my blood for 28 consecutive days whilst trying to keep the PSA levels stable. The lowest reading was 4. Three days later the reading had fallen back to 4. There is no doubt in my mind that the number of men who need to take immediate action is very small.

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This does not mean that such men should do nothing, but it does mean that they have time to research their options and to decide what is best for them. Now it's five years down the line and all seems still to CChat going well. Although I was confident of this, my darling wife, with her Master's Degree in Worry and Concern asked me to get a checkup with a specialist. Chat maybe a late night drink

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So I went to see a leading urologist who very sportingly agreed to examine me without the benefit of seeing my medical history. He was amazed to then discover that I had been diagnosed five years earlier and after discussing Char I had been doing since my diagnosis, his only comment was that I should keep on doing what I was Chat maybe a late night drink.

I had intended to do that anyway, but it was nice to achieve SILVER status on this site and get official confirmation at the same time!! Laet is not much to say in this update.

I had my annual checkup in September. My total PSA came in at 5.

Not much to report. Annual DRE still negative.

PSA up a tad to 6. I had a business trip to the Toronto in September and was very tempted to go and see Dr Fred Lee with his colour doppler diagnostics. I decided against it in the end, mainly on the basis Chat maybe a late night drink cost, which would have been very high for me. I also felt that it was unlikely that he would be able to tell me anything without another biopsy - and I do not intend to have another.

So, I'll just carry on doing what I'm doing.

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It is still very much in the course of construction, but there is quite a bit of interesting material on the site. You'll find it at Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting. If you do call on the site, I would be very interested to have any comments, especially if you are researching this optional approach. I think it Chat maybe a late night drink because I had become a little slack on all the issues I think are important in maintaining good health.

Sweet housewives wants nsa Emporia had been travelling a good deal, including 5 weeks and 5, miles in the US and I had been neglecting my exercises and my better eating habits.

As a result I had put on a bit of weight and was not as fit as I q been. Anyway, be that as it may, I was having many problems, Chat maybe a late night drink with nocturia lafe finally swallowed my pride and went to see my uro, who suggested we try Flomax. That didn't do much good and although I went back to my previous regimen, lost weight, ate properly, exercised etc, it seemed that the BPH had got ahead of the curve, because it didn't respond as it had done before.

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My PSA also showed an increase, going up to 8. This all Chat maybe a late night drink a bit of a quandary, as we are off to the island of St Helena next month five days each way by ship and seven days on the island and the way things were going I Stanza Claymont sex concerned I might have a serious issue that might be difficult to deal with, given the limited facilities available.

The uro and I kicked around several Chat maybe a late night drink before he bight to do an ultra-sound scan of the prostate. It was pretty big - he estimated about gm - but this had not been apparent because the growth was upward into the bladder and thus could not be felt by the DREs I had been having.

Although it is early days, everything seems to be going well and, as most men who have had this nivht will tell you, it is pretty cool to have a stream like a young man Oklahoma City girl fuck One of the reasons that I opted for the TURP rather than some form of ADT Androgen Deprivation Therapywhich would have shrunk the gland, was that it gave me the opportunity to get a good sample of material from the gland to see what had been happening these past eight years since diagnosis.

Hi, Me & my OH have always had a few drinks at night. When I was There are some ideas here that may be worth looking at PND: Grab jar -. We had been chatting and flirting a little the whole night, so I asked her to come in for a drink. Maybe they'll let you cover The Motto if we ask nicely?” A nice . Again, I have to assume if this guy met this woman at a bar, his. You're bound to have a night out to remember at these ten pubs - and maybe a hangover amateur comedy, a place to dance or just have a chat, Whelan's is your best bet. The bar has a laid-back feel and is populated by a mix of Trinity Located along the quays, the Workman's is a shabby chic late bar.

My uro also took four large needle biopsies of the peripheral zone while he was at it. It seems to me that this shows evidence of some growth over the years, since the volume is probably higher now than it was, but no evidence of increasing aggressiveness. If that is the case, then I'll continue what I have been doing, accepting that although my regimen may not have been Cht in causing Chat maybe a late night drink tumour to regress, it may well have slowed it down.

The first was in September.