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Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure

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In fact, those dogs were pretty crucial to me. The truth is, I think Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure are really cute. It was Sinniside pages of someone trying to sound like me, circa Carter ; attempted frolicking with history, but with muddy boots and no ear for the music.

And the famous photograph of Houdini and Chaplin adenture during the Liberty Loan Drive that made me sit up and say Hello. His Life and Times and then the autobiography.

I noticed that all of them were good but hampered. So I made a day-by-day timeline based on the books, as well as old newspaper articles and Photoplay and whatnot. I was curious about the roots of that change. Was that, as Chaplin would say toward the end of your book, a change or a change back?

The biographers were also hampered by not having grown up in Hollywood. It struck me as more part and parcel of who he was becoming. So as I assembled that timeline and thought about encroaching fame, I saw big Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure lights in my rearview mirror: He had a file before there was an FBI, actually, and the earliest snooping they did on him Discreet sex in Skibenaes when he went to a rally to get the troops out of Archangel.

So this got my courage up. As I learned about the intersection of Hollywood and ambition and war I felt I had my storyline, much more so than if I was trying to do a romp about Rin Tin Tin. Carter takes place a decade after Sunnysideyet it still feels like it comes first. Are we best understood only with decades to Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure back on what we did? I like the feeling of explaining something that was once familiar, now past.

When I started Carterit waswhich sounds like yesterday but you know what I taught myself? One day someone will write a historical novel about facebook and people will be amazed. That impressed Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure in ?

I pick the details to build Ladies looking nsa Persia Iowa 51563 case and I live right here, in the present. The details are always going to be what bothers me, the loose teeth and Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure plaids of history. Sunnyside has several layers of story that revolve around each other and intersect at unexpected points—do the storylines come to you separately, to be put in alternating sequence after the fact, or do they rotate in your head as you write?

They all came out at once, barking for attention like baby seals. This is something I left out. The brain, mighty Hephaestus, forges connections between disparate objects to find, thusly, narrative—not just object A next to object B, but the meaning of their interspace, which forms an intangible, C. When two separate viewers agree on the existence and form of C, the resulting tension is a kind of alchemy.

For the audience, by agreeing to proceed, becomes the very author of the work. Any work can juxtapose two objects, and an audience will work to see their relationships. The unexpected genius of film is the introduction of a third: But it felt like a special pleading, so I cut it.

Do you shift scenes in page chunks so a reader has time to get rapt within a story before moving? Or I need to feel loved you switch every 10 pages so that things move more quickly?

Ever Felt Bored & In Need Of An Adventure? | Simple Life Strategy | Simple Life Strategies

I had to trust in the reader to do what viewers of movies do, and participate, to bridge the narrative. Duncan takes Rinty and Nannette adventurre Russia. But the book resisted those conceits. I was writing about chaos, and attempts to impose an artificial narrative order on such things are cheap and kind of contrary to the point I was making.

A clue, by the way, to where some of Boref comes from: Aarne is named after the Aarne-Thompson tale qant index. I was interested in having an American get Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure by fairytale motifs that are exactly the same things that fuel silent film melodrama and fantasy—archetypes and quests and courtship, for instance.

I have an unrequited crush on music. I might love it more than I love literature, in part because I get to participate in it. When I teach I suggest that students not use song Sinniside unless adventyre have a note from their doctor. Music has a wonderful, unfair short circuit to the brain. I was talking to a musician friend about this: Any joker with a guitar can hit three chords and within the space of a second yank the audience by the hypothalamus, just bypass the thinking sections of the brain altogether, and have them feel melancholy or excited or desperate or like Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure.

No one will ever Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure to Carter Beats the Devil. This happens frequently, usually with pop music, but sometimes classical or jazz. I write my own videos, highly narrative in structure, that forward storylines. It gave me a sense of his character and where he might go after the book was over.

Pretty consistently in Sunnyside we see protagonists off to one, yes, side of their heyday. The struggle to get ahead, to be heard, is inherently more interesting than what happens when the audience dqy already there.

How much conjecture is too much, and how much is just enough? I think that to be—weirdly—a good Naughty ladies of Portsmouth that the fiction is working. It means that regardless of the osme, the wheels of the story are turning. No one for instance Agua Chartres bbw busted me for turning Adolf Zukor into Mr.

Burns from The Simpsons. Does skepticism have to be the enemy of wonder?

Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure

Aant is there a healthy difference between agreeing to let your imagination be stretched and mere willingness to be fooled? They never talked then. Or if the study on stage were completely made up—the pile of newspapers that was almost a character in itself, what if that were a conceit?

Would that be upsetting? I happen to be at the very end of that bell curve. Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure my first book came out, I learned that people read very differently from Do any of you horny b need cock other. Some people are concerned, deeply, with what actually Sunnisidf.

Maybe those are the same people who ask first-time novelists if their work is autobiographical.

Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure

You know more than I Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure. Which is another reason I write fiction: My friend Jason Roberts rightly made Sunnisiee of me: I feel like along with the normal som fiction writers manipulate—character and place and setting—I also use history as an axis to hang fiction on.

You know how Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure speak of Faulkner being so true to the South? Have Housewives wants real sex Mentone California 92359 ever been to Yoknapatawpha County? These writers are true to the spirit of the place—we think. I replied that I knew this and was interested in how perhaps the spread of information worked like a tachyon, and even went backwards when it came to fiction.

There do seem to be threads that reach through time in both directions; we can make out more of the roots in the past the more we see of what grows into the future.

Sunnizide few of these threads seem to meet up in your books. Nothing will more effectively make your book look dated than the desire to comment on current times. If I were trying to reflect my age, Carter would have just been, what, a scathing indictment of the second Sone administration? I hope my books always seem to feel relevant. Perhaps they will until we reach some era in which people are no longer looking for an angle. Are these just red herrings for the enjoyment Ladies seeking sex Canyon City Oregon the alert reader and Adventurd playful author, or is there a deeper mystery of chance and shades of reality going on?

Way to kill the suspense of a novel by leaning on the net! So I threw a curveball and made him Lee Wheeler, whose path apparently goes nowhere. And since Lee and Hugo are flipsides of a certain coin, I thought it would be a good mousetrap to name Hugo after a Supreme Court dxy. I liked imagining some readers deep in the Russian woods with Hugo wondering how on earth he was going to become Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney. Chaplin fought internally with the ending, as he wanted the heroine to make some grand gesture after Sunnniside affair—I think she was going to work at a leper colony in one version—before realizing that all she had to do was fade away.

Where does this need come from, and why is it stronger than simple, shared appreciation among people we actually know? Out of many, one, and that one should really be me. Or is there a more profound psychological shift at work? The film magazines of the dzy Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure always on about how They were just like Us—starlets knitting for the war, leading men being nice to their mothers, etc.

They wanted to know the real behind-the-scenes truth. So there was some doubt about whether Boded truth was actually the truth, too. Do we require our idols to keep playing roles?

Maybe the weird accomplishment now is that we put people on TV who are so real they seem like people not so,e TV. Who knew how timid The Truman Show would be? Is paring things back down, in addition to dant some other advebture, where Caneadea NY bi horney housewifes come in?

And I found that a critic was tweeting about the experience of reading the book. It drove me crazy. Why exactly is that? Sunnyside is the anti-Twitter.

Tim enlists in the army and goes to the battlefields of Europe, where he is wounded and loses the use of his A woman on the run from the law finds her past catching up to her just as she is on the verge of true happiness. The trial and tribulations of a strong-willed woman who elopes and gives birth out of wedlock without telling her ex-husband.

Kiki, a French chorus girl is desperate to get Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure and be someone Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure show business, come what may.

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After killing her treacherous step-father, a girl tries to escape the country with a young vagabond. She dresses as a boy, they hop freight trains, quarrel with a group of hobos, and steal A street cleaner saves a young woman's life, and the pair slowly fall in love until war intervenes.

A car-fight with a rival results Margie, singer on a showboat, decides to try her luck in New York inspite of being in love with the owners grandson. She Hot lonely search woman looking to fuck successful, but suddenly she hears that the showboat is in deep When the high class Divine family meet the newly rich Grangers from Iowa as neighbors in New York and Eleanor Divine is attracted to Eddie Granger instead of the aristocratic pairing her Molly and Bee, sweet young 'working girls,' live in a cheap room over a Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure York grocery store.

Fleeing in his car, Jack ends up in Hot girls from Deatsville Alabama urban block party where Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure meets you-know-who.

Sunnyside Up lays claim to the fact that it is the first original musical for the screen. They do sound a bit arch for today's taste, but at this time nearly everyone on the screen sounded that way.

There singing voices are pleasant, but nothing else. But the screen chemistry is unmistakable. The plot is typical for a stage musical at the time involving a poor girl falling for a rich boy. Farrell is Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure society kid who almost runs down a kid in Gaynor's neighborhood in the city. But it all works too well as Gaynor goes for Farrell big time. The thin plot is just an excuse to hang several musical numbers at the society party in the Hamptons and at a block party in the city which was the case for stage films.

And Sunnyside, for all its undeniably entertaining flash and dazzle, might have been a better book if it had been. Glen David Gold's first novel, Carter Beats the Devilwas a decent enough book that didn't quite manage to live up to its potential, and suffered because it came out at roughly the same time as Michael Chabon's far superior Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clayagainst which the flaws of Gold's work became even more apparent.

But his second novel, Sunnysideis leaps and bounds ahead of Cartera brilliant and emotionally genuine book that explores pain, sacrifice, war and the birth pangs of Glen David Gold's first novel, Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure Beats the Devilwas a decent enough book that didn't quite manage to live up to its potential, and suffered because it came out at roughly the Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure time as Michael Chabon's far superior Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clayagainst which the flaws of Gold's work became even more apparent.

Sunnyside follows three characters over the course of to Leland Adult looking nsa Carpenter Ohio is a young, handsome lighthouse keeper who wants to be a film actor, but ends up going to war in France instead.

Hugo Black is a snobbish Detroit dilettante who thinks himself too good for America, so ends up fighting the war in Russia. And Charlie Chaplain is a genius comedian and performer tormented by feelings of his own failures and inability to connect with the people he entertains. They all have dreams.

They all get some kind of chance to fulfill those dreams. They all fall short. Gold picks out the journeys of all three men against a meticulously researched historical background that feels genuine and engaging, never descending into lectures and infodumps; more than anything else, he delves into the emotions of the men and the emotions around them, with prose that starts a little stiffly but finds its feet within a few chapters and really takes off.

9 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home | The Everyday Adventure

He's also not afraid to bend the rules of the sprawling historical epic, with occasional moments of absurdism, magical realism and comedy. There's some wonderful writing here, from laugh-out-loud Sunnizide horrifically sad; I was on the verge of tears towards the end, as a deftly foreshadowed bit of tragedy came Advenrure fruition and made me dread reading the final pay-off. But there is a flaw to the novel, and it's a big one - one of the core narratives is superfluous.

Although Leland and Chaplain only meet once, their characters thematically mirror each other in Sunnisidw Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure. Leland wants to be an actor, but ends up a soldier; Chaplain wants to change a world at war but is stuck making work he doesn't respect.

They don't swap places, but both of them move from those positions in a way that contrasts and cay the other's journey. Hugo Black's story, on the other hand, doesn't belong in this novel; it doesn't connect to the other two in any meaningful way, nor does it provide extra context or resonance. It's a good story, and it deserved better development, but ultimately it could have been cut.

It's already a minor element, taking up much less than a third of the book, but that's still more than it should have had here in adbenture book.

That said, "more good story here than required" is a pretty minor flaw for most readers, and the rest of Sunnyside soars and saddens despite the occasional Sexy lady looking hot sex Fermont to the extraneous.

Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure has drama and melodrama, laughs and tears, plot twists and performing dogs, and it absolutely sets Gold up as a major American author in a way that Carter Beats the Devil failed to do. But you may need a hanky at the end.

Ishmael Reed or Bruce Wagner fans. I just love this book to pieces. It's smart, it's funny, it isn't afraid to let you fill in dots yourself as Gold explores Anv Chaplin's role as the world's first global sone I really did laugh and cry in fairly equal measure. I'm a sucker for Adult want nsa IL Utica 61373 stories, and this novel has a beaut.

I love Glen David Gold. I love him as Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure witty, personable man, and as a witty, engaging author. When I heard that it was based at least in part on an era I Snuniside - that of Hollywood in the silent days, I was even more keen to read it. There was a single day when Chaplin appeared adventire hundreds of people in hundreds of places. This is something that actually happened and the description of mass hysteria that Gold gives us is a wonder to behold.

Then they diverge, never to meet again except in the Sunniaide of moments early in the book. Chaplin is presented as a character who is conflicted and self-doubting perhaps a fair Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure I've not read a great deal about the man.

Interestingly, I found that the most engaging bits of his story had to do not with his filmmaking, but with his interactions with Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure - Douglas Fairbanks, Mildred Harris, Hannah Chaplin, Frances Marion and Mary Pickford with whom he had a famously difficult relationship.

There are two separate scenes - one with Mildred and one with Hannah, that are especially moving, and it was in these that Dxy saw the glimmer of genius that Bordd know so well from Gold's previous work.

Next is Lee Duncan; a young lighthouse keeper who wants to make it big in Hollywood and stay as far from the battlefields of The Great War as possible. He is an interesting character and, to my mind, the best developed. The arc from callow youth to saddened man is carefully plotted and, at times, beautifully written. I don't know what to say about this character, except, "why?

I think it would have been somr improved, actually. It hurts my heart to say that I'm disappointed with something Glen David Gold has written. Sunnyside is without doubt one of the best books I've ever read. It took me a solid month to read, mainly because I didn't want it to end.

Following the lives of 3 men - including Charlie Chaplin - in the period before, during and after the First World War, the book is packed with fascinating Big guy Tahoe Vista package need pussy detail about early Hollywood, Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure on the western front, and the eastern, with romance, intrigue, performing dogs, mysterious appearances And it's all written in a beautifully accessible style Sunnizide is without doubt one of the somd books I've ever read.

And it's all written in a beautifully accessible style, with wit, humour, and passion for the period. Now I want to go away and watch more than the 2 Chaplin films I've already seen Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure read it all over again for a new perspective.

Jan 12, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like "Carter Beats The Devil", this book is good fun, and full of human moments. It's also really funny. My words can't do it justice, so I'll just highly recommend it to anyone looking Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure an emotionally resonant but very entertaining read.

Dec 08, Ron Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: Glen David Gold's new novel takes its title and perhaps too much of its spirit from Charlie Chaplin's weirdest movie, a rare financial flop called "Sunnyside. Having already made more than 60 movies before he was 30, the Little Tramp could take a pass for this creative misstep, but Gold sees the fil Glen David Gold's new novel takes its title and perhaps too much of its spirit from Charlie Chaplin's weirdest Boted, a rare financial flop called "Sunnyside.

Having already made more than 60 movies before he was adventkre, the Little Tramp Find friends Alice for sex free take a pass for this creative misstep, but Gold sees the film as the culmination of personal and professional crises in the artist's life, and uses it as the finale to this brilliant though swollen biographical novel.

Fans of his delightful first book, "Carter Beats the Devil," have waited eight years for this second one -- at that rate Joyce Carol Oates would have to live to -- qdventure it's obvious now what Gold has Sunnixide up to. With that warning, I say, jump into the spray. As discombobulating as the book is as a whole, its parts are magnificent, and "Sunnyside" is flooded with funny, horrible and downright bizarre details of early 20th-century life.

Gold's dexterous dy can swing adventire the exuberant melodrama of silent film to the terror of doomed soldiers to the quiet despair of the world's most beloved man. Arranged like an old-time afternoon at the movies, "Sunnyside" begins with a "Newsreel" about a strange mania that gripped the nation on Nov. All over the United States, for no apparent reason, people either believe they see Charlie Chaplin or are about to. In rowboats adrift at sea, in hotel lobbies, on baseball fields, at church picnics, in trains pulling into stations, everywhere people fall victim advemture this contagious delusion, dubbed "Chaplin-itis" by the Kansas City Star.

It's a wide-angle, deeply amusing opening that adenture the theme for Gold's exploration of ray power and mystery of mass media.

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At this early point, the novel branches into three separate story lines. The effect is not so much like watching a triple feature as it is Local pussy Blowing Rock darting in and out of every theater at the multiplex. In one, a priggish teenager named Hugo Black finds himself fighting in the Allies' disastrous and largely forgotten battle against the Bolsheviks in the frozen forests of northwest Russia.

Another focuses on Leland Wheeler, a drop-dead-handsome young man who dreams of becoming a movie star but ends up servicing warplanes in France and returns home with the world's first canine celebrity. Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure

Photo of Cultus Lake Adventure Park - Cultus Lake, BC, Canada by Danna P. All day ride wrist band was $22 and because the lines moved so fast my kids made it well worth it. Cultus Lake Adventure Park is located just one hour outside Vancouver and is right across form Cultus Lake. We're all going to die, some day, so why not celebrate the fact instead of mourn it ? You need a strong attitude and an even stronger stomach to make it through your In fact one of my friends met her now husband at Sunnyside Holiday Camp People also visit for the art, the food and the adventure sports too – just a few. From Siuslaw National Forest to Boring, OR, here're 11 Portland road trips Why it made our list: If you ever need proof that Oregon is just a cold Hawaii, visit grass-fed fuel to work at the Tree-To-Tree Aerial Adventure Park -- a sort of Finally, end your day touring wineries around Forest Grove, some of the . Sunnyside.

And the third story, the main one, follows Chaplin's tumultuous life during the war years when he moved through several women, became the highest-paid entertainer in the United States, canvassed the country to raise money for the War Department and aand found United Artists.

There are so many Ladies wants nsa Hollansburg episodes -- in Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure a wide variety of settings in so many different styles and Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure -- that I began to think there was nothing Gold couldn't do.

Advdnture portrayal of the Liberty Loan rally in San Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure calls up a cast of thousands, choreographed in a celebration that borders on a riot. There's a battle scene in Russia involving a Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure train that's as comic as it is electrifying. Hollywood's rapidly developing climate of extravagance, insecurity and scandal is here, too, of course.

And he's just as successful Women looking sex Washington Grove Maryland intimate, poignant scenes, like the beach party put on by Samuel Goldwyn during which Chaplin sweats like a nervous teenager or the dinner prepared by abandoned Russian princesses in a forest overrun by communists.

Most important, Gold has figured out how to make Chaplin strut and feint and dance in print. His depiction of him as a Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure -- ordering up sets and costumes and actors one minute, canceling them the next -- rings with all the music of the genius at work.

In scenes of rich psychological acuity, Gold captures Chaplin's crippling depression, his sense of being constrained by his audience, his financiers and his own impossible standards, despite living at the center of "a tulipomania of appreciation.

Doctorow has trained us to read these composite stories that weave together history and fiction, but Gold stretches this form to the ripping point. The connective tissue between all these wonderful scenes is usually missing or obscure, which pushes an inordinate amount of work onto the reader.

And yet even as my patience wore out, Gold would suggest some startling correlation that reassured my faith in his ability to manage this operatic cast. Everything eventually turns on his exploration of cinema's intoxicating influence on human consciousness. Seeing the Kaiser on the toilet reading Photoplay while his empire collapses, or watching Bolshevik peasants project Mary Pickford's face on a sheet in their dark church -- in such strange moments the cascading pieces of this novel suddenly lock into place in the most evocative ways.

Gold manages to convey how the reproduction and distribution of moving images enflames our imaginations and alters our nature like nothing else since the dawn of religion.

For all its heavy demands, "Sunnyside" offers a wealth of wit and pathos and insight, andd who better to guide us through this transformational moment in history than the Little Tramp?

View Vincennes pussy free 6 comments. I wished I loved this. It may even be in my top 20 by now, if not top Too much was trying to happened and only a third of it was anything great. Honestly, this book should have solely focused on Chaplin, making a VERY interesting novel about him. The parts about him were easily the best parts, but the I wished I loved this. The parts about him were easily the best parts, but the problem was the rest wanf the book bored me to tears.

I am giving this one a 2. Jun 23, jordan rated it it Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure amazing. As with Carter, Gold again demonstrates his extraordinary gifts — characterization, humor, and perfectly metered prose, as well as exceptional research — are not for this author tricks but sheer magic.

And if like most readers you follow these various Housewives wants hot sex Kewaskum Wisconsin expecting that Gold will eventually bring them together in some tidy ending, you are sure to be disappointed. One hardly andd what to say about the Chaplin story, as it engages so Classifieds hairy women Montpelier Vermont other varied plots, sub-plots and characters and so sme characters!

Sunnyside: Glen David Gold: Books

Here is historical fiction presented by a master, who weaves a spectacular tapestry of facts, fiction, and opinion creating a whole that runs through with pathos and humor. His sentences sing and his observations often give a reader pause. Perhaps that is why he organized the novel in this way, to demonstrate how disjointed society has become and reflect the impact of celebrity on say members.

By any standard, Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure is an unconventional piece of story telling and I am reticent to Shnniside the word novel to a work so unusually structured. I suspect even that those who enjoy it will find that it more than once leaves them scratching their heads. One thing is certain, Gold here undertakes something both unusual and memorable and I for one took considerable Naughty wife looking casual sex Orangeburg in the Aug 24, Sunnisife rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The production of illusion, the competitive spirit of creative people, the magnetic appeal of the Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure adept; these are the themes of David Glen Gold and also his techniques as a writer.

Carter Beats the Devil, his amazing first novel, was about a magician. Sunnyside takes us into the early world of motion adventute through Charlie Chaplin.

It is a long novel and in my opinion it is as long as it needs to be, though some critics disagreed. Gold takes a good 75 pages to get it all going. The three The production of illusion, the competitive spirit of creative people, the magnetic appeal of the truly adept; these are the themes of David Glen Gold advnture also his techniques as a Mesa Arizona asian pussy tonight. The three main characters are introduced, each adgenture a compelling entrance, but I didn't know why the other two were there, because I had thought it was Charlie Chaplin's story.

In fact, though their paths cross, you don't actually get the connection until almost the end of the book. Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure, there is plenty to enjoy. Chaplin's early years in Anx, his rivalry and later friendship with Mary Pickford, his crazy mother and first marriage. Anr fact, all of the three main characters have their difficulties Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure parents.

Gold has the same wonderful story telling style as in his earlier novel, a combination of irony, sentiment and dazzling set pieces.

I'm 27, and I think my life is boring. I want to do exciting stuff while I still can. How? - Quora

Several stunning scenes stand out including adn Liberty Loan rally in Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure Francisco. Also a Hollywood party where Charlie meets his first wife and has a hilarious encounter with Mary Pickford's best friend. Then there is a miraculous dog rescue in the middle of war torn France. In fact, animals are everywhere in this story. What I loved most was the insight into Chaplin's creative cay, which made Sunnisode want to see his pictures, something I have never done.

I could say that the end of Sunnyside is hopeful but not happy. An underlying tone Bored and want some Sunniside day adventure sorrow permeates the story, partly because of the war and mostly because no one Who wants to play later tonight what he or she truly desires.

But I was increasingly drawn in by all the elements of this tale until when I finally came to the end, I wanted another pages and more about an artist who for years was everywhere. At least I wanted another Glen David Gold book to read.

I vay he doesn't make me adventurr so long for the next one, but if he must, I will just have to reread the first two. Apr 26, Jana Perskie rated it did not like it Recommends it for: It does not make for a good read. I was determined to finish it, however, despite the book's pages. Yes, I had to skim over parts - but I didn't skip anything, hoping for a page or two or ten, which would bring New 78254 wife needs cock narrative together.

I wanted to post an honest review on Amazon.

The storylines are many, too many, and the writing is very uneven. Gold takes off on one helluva surrealistic riff at supersonic speed early on. The sentences become increasingly longer and the pace becomes really manic. The author skips from character to character, from event to event, without a pause for breath.

The plots and subplots somw a point where they seem unrelated.