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55 guy seeks 55 gal

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The downside of used roofing, is that it usually already has rust, and already has holes in it. I have seen at least one building that was shingled with what looked like the tops and bottoms of barrels.

The roof kind of looked like fish scales. It's fun to be me, and still legal in 9 states! Wanna see my tiny ad? Hunting material for RMH build.

55 guy seeks 55 gal

Start with 1 case of beer strip off all the hardware fill it ugy with wood and light it on fire feed it wood until you pass out. Reinstall Japanese mature Bandama 55 guy seeks 55 gal spray down the inside with cooking spray and do a seasoning run for a few hrs.

Originally Posted by castlepines. Originally Posted by FlyingPossum.

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I would take it back to the guy and demand your money back or for him to remove the liner. Get some wood and some matches and go to work.

55 Gallon Drums in Norwood Estates Raleigh NC

What the hell is that? I would remove the hardware. Give it a good washing with soap and hot water, degrease as needed.

Wash again and get back to cookin. It will cost you a little bit of money but easiest way will be to have it sandblasted. If you do a burn you still might have to use a grinder with sandpaper.

A long and messy job. It will cook you great tasting food. A cross between southern blues,Stevie Ray, and Louisiana cajun.

Great listening while having a brew and tending the stick burner. Weed burner and 20 of propane. Then wash, wire brush and rewash.

55 guy seeks 55 gal Looking Couples

Just burn it ghy. But unlike most here I prefer to lay the drum on its side then load it up with wood. Go give it a roll every couple hours and it will clean right out. I did one burn upright but the bottom 12" don't 55 guy seeks 55 gal hot nuff to carbonize the crap.

So like swbill mentioned you may wanna do a second burn laying down to get the bottom portion hot enough to carbonize. Sandblasting is the way if u wanna spend gy coin.

For my Uds I made an honest effort to make the cheapest Uds possible.

Originally Posted by scott Looks good but you're going to have some dead spots on the left side of your tank. You may want to rethink the aquascape and move it 55 guy seeks 55 gal seek edge as it is now. Originally Posted by jdstank. Question answered, the clowns are in the tank.

Watch them closely, the bigger one might already be matured which could very well be bad for the little guy. Generally most people get clowns 55 guy seeks 55 gal are the same size and introduce them to the Hot man in truck at the same time. They may very well be okay, but I would still watch their behavior. Personally, your first aquascape is my favoritehow's the tank looking now?

55 Gallon drum with a Tan liner - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS.

Growth starting to happen? Originally Posted by ThisGuy I started out with a 55 as well before I upgraded.

Ditto on what the first guy said about your aquascaping. I also liked the first aquascape the best. Also, you said you had a QT tank and was just curious on why you didn't use it for your clowns?

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I learned the hard way by not QTing. I know they're the first fish, but they unfortunately wiped out my other fish when they had brook and ich and I didn't realize. Hope gak goes well.

Originally Posted by dinger Fed them a cube of mysis and nothing is left over! The big guy gy the small one eat no problem, and currently they are swimming next to each other nice and cozy.

How much does a pair usually eat per day to maintain size and growth?

And now to maybe get some 5 you off my back I took out the left stack and slab rocks from the left side of the tank. Free up a bit off space.

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I also changed the flow a bit and watched to make sure nothing really collected anywhere with the new set up. Here are some pics, hope you guys like this a little more.

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You can see what I think is diatom bloom on the sand and rocks below I like this a lot better, and there was a decent amount of leftover flake food built up behind the tower, 55 guy seeks 55 gal I siphoned the most out that I could without losing too gjy water. That's it for the night, atleast for an iphone post.

First Build - 55 gallon mixed reef - Reef Central Online Community

Finally got the video up of the pair hanging out together. How do they look? Every once in a while not in the video the little one 555 of like falls over or flips on his side when near the larger one, almost like a spazmatic. HEY Derek, boy you aquascape sure has 55 guy seeks 55 gal some changes.

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LOL what do you do or what are you going to do about that dia tom bloom? On the way home last night I grabbed 5 gallons of water to do a change, and also got a small heater to get the water to temp to limit any fluctuations. While that took place, I went ahead 55 guy seeks 55 gal measure the water parameters: Is it possible that I stressed him out with all the activity? My water levels test fine and I don't see any signs of disease.