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Sony E3 Conference OT. Start date Jun 11, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Which game s will be there? Fukc Evil 2 Votes: All of the above 48315 tallk fuck Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 64 48315 tallk fuck Go to page. Oct 27, 4, Colombia. Green Slime King Member.

Oct 25, 6, North Carolina. Oct 27, 1, TLOU2 looks sick, but this format is fucking terrible.

Gallk 25, 11, Sony has gaming on lockdown atm, they don't even need to show third party. We all know they will be on the PS4. Oct 25, 1, Wow Sony talk about fucking up a conference, 25 mins in and 1 game shown.

48315 tallk fuck would rather have the devs talk while we wait on something else this sucks. Oct 27, 4, This is 48315 tallk fuck opposite of everything that was great about the conference. Oct 28, 5, San Francisco Bay Area. Oct 27, This is ridiculously stupid. Oct 26, 1, Orange County. Call of Duty oh lord.

To all of you watching this in the AM go to sleep. Oct 29, Oct 26, What a trash format so far. 48315 tallk fuck

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Oct 27, 1, Minas Gerais, Brazil. That's one of the worst formats of 48315 tallk fuck conferences that I ever saw. Nov 15, Yo this conference is whack fallk 48315 tallk fuck Oct 25, 12, Whoever thought of this format needs to be reassigned and never allowed to work on E3 ever again in their lives. Nov 1, Sony might hold the best and worst conferences of all time now. Oct 27, 7, Who the 4315 came up with this format? Oct 31, 1, What a stupid, stupid format for a conference.

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Oct 25, 2, So looking like just the 4 games Jan 11, 1, This is such a dumb way to do a conference. Oct 27, 4, Mexicali, Mexico. He's getting more 48315 tallk fuck more on point lol. Oct 48315 tallk fuck, What were they thinking with this conference format, doesn't work at all imo.

Holy shit, this is a trainweck.

Your presentation is bad 48315 tallk fuck you should feel bad. Oct 27, 2, This format is a mood killer. Dec 2, 3, This is so boring and lame. Nov 5, 3, Southern California. Less talk more game trailers. They are gonna lose to Microsoft Pinesdale MT sexy women year which is a big surprise for me.

Oct 25, 2, Sweden. Mar 3, No one cares about random chatting. 48315 tallk fuck have the entire year to do that. Should have done it like Microsoft and just shown games. Oct 28, You can't fkck an intermission this early. This is post-show shit. Oct 25, 10, I guess this format explains why they went out ahead and announced what games they would be showing. Oct 27, Canada.

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No surprises he said I'm not liking the format. I like fuc game 48315 tallk fuck case. Hopefully we see some more stuff or it changes for next year. Did they just play a COD commercial? Feb 18, 1, Directed by Fulci Member. Oct 26, 1, This E3 panel crap needs to end. Nov 4, ERA just broke lmao. Oct 26, 3, This was a really bad idea.

Oct 48315 tallk fuck, 4, This format kinda sucks.

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Oct 25, 9, Hell yeah cod maps zzzzzzzz. What a crock of shit.

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This feels like a poorer attempt at doing the Nintendo Treehouse format. Oct 27, 25, Jesus this format has killed this conference. Ok this is actually awful Apr 27, 2, 48315 tallk fuck machete will do the job better.