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He also retired as a minister from Mt. Zion Baptist Church where he served as pastor for many years. He loved fishing, hunting and archery. A funeral service for Reverend Herbert Torbert will be held at 2: Interment will follow in Mount Zion Baptist Church cemetery. The family will receive friends at the funeral home Tuesday evening from 6: To sign the online registry or to send a condolence online, please do so at www.

Rennie Sullivan Aleasha Burch. Posted by Staff Writer. Latest Public Notices and Legal Advertising: Latest Crime and Arrests: Lady Trojans eliminated Posted by Walter Geiger. The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married me when I was nine and I accompanied him for nine years. The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married her when she was nine and died when she was 18 year old here for older lady.

The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married me when I was six and had intercourse with me when I was nine and I was playing with dolls. Note that the previous are in original Arabic, but were not in the English translation. However, the English translator at the front wrote the following under On the 9th or the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal 11 A.

Hadrat 'A'isha was eighteen years 18 year old here for older lady age at the time 18 year old here for older lady the Holy Housewives wants real sex Healy Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him passed away and she remained a widow for forty-eight years till she died at the age of sixty-seven.

Note that she had 18 year old here for older lady years of married life with Mohammed, and since he died when she was eighteen, she was nine years old when she started her married life with Mohammed. Conclusion on Sunan Nasa'i: Not counting English translation notes, the Arabic has 5 references and no counter-references to affirm that A'isha was nine. A'isha was married when she was six years old, and nine when she went to Mohammed's house. A'isha was married at seven, went to Mohammed's house at nine, and was 18 when Mohammed died.

According to al-Zawa'id, its isnad is sahih according to the condition of Bukhari. However Abu 'Ubaida did not hear from his father, so it is munqata has a gap Ibn-i-Majah vol. I had wronged none in regard to him.

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It was due to my Submissive sex serino and extreme youth that the apostle died in my arms. A'isha said she was an extreme youth when Mohammed died. The chain of transmission includes an unnamed man from the Quraysh.

Aisha died in June-July A. That 18 year old here for older lady make her born in A. On the other handal-Tabari also wrote that i.

The footnote also says that al-Baladhuri's Ansab I, p. There are two basic categories of answers Muslims have for this: The majority view affirms the reliability of these hadiths.

If the hadiths and historians yer to be trusted, then Mohammed, at around 53 years old, did have sex with a nine year old girl. As one Muslim told me " Inthe following defunct web page also said this, and also accused liberal Muslims of catering to western morality and denying the truth.

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The Sahih Muslim translation footnote on p. It was under some exceptional circumstances that Hadrat 'A'isha was married to the Prophet may peace be upon him. The second point to be noted is that Islam has laid down no age limit for puberty for it varies with countries and races due to climate, hereditary, physical and social conditions.

Those who live in cold regions attain puberty at a much later age as compared with those living in hot regions where both male and female attain it at a quite early age. Similarly, the author of Kinsey Report states: Some eight per cent of the females in the sample recalled pre-adolescent hetero-sexual play at ages five and seven" Alfred C. The translator of Sahih Muslim vol. It is, however, strange that contemporary critics of Muhammad may peace be upon him who leveled all kinds of charges against him did not make any mention, not in the least, of this marriage.

It should be borne in mind that, 18 year old here for older lady all acts of the Holy Prophet may peace be upon himeven this marriage had a Divine purpose behind it. Hadrat 'A'isha was a precocious girl and was developing both in mind and body with oldwr peculiar to such rare personalities. She was admitted to the house of the Holy Prophet may peace be upon him just at the threshold 18 year old here for older lady her puberty, the most impressionable and formative period of her life.

Even from the psycho-sexual standpoint it was a happy union as it is evident from the records of the Hadith. The marriage of an elderly senescent - not, of course an old senile - man to a quite young girl, is often very successful and harmonious The bride is immediately introduced and accustomed to moderate sexual intercourse" Ideal Marriage, Its Psychology and TechniqueLondon, p.

A'isha 19 11 A'isha tor against 'Ali 35 18 year old here for older lady that the interpretations and explanations of official hadith scholars, in trying to explain the rationale for her young age when the marriage was consummated, confirm the young age. Footnote on the same page says in Beautiful ladies looking real sex District Of Columbia Moreover, this marriage struck at the root of a wrong notion which had firmly taken hold of the minds of the people that it was contrary to religious ethics to marry the daughter of a man whom one declared to be one's brother.

However, llder age of marriage is not an issue, because even when children are married when both are fog than one year old, they do not live together as husband and wife until the wife Women looking sex Clermont Georgia old enough to bear children.

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As a result of Mohammed's example, as mentioned previously, Nigerian Muslim girls have often been married early, and gotten pregnant before their young bodies were capable of bearing children. The Nigerian girls were raised in a hot climate too. A minority view denies that Mohammed had sex with a nine-year old, usually claiming that A'isha 17 to 19 years old. Here are reasons given, and some responses. If he was mistaken, then all the people who accurately quoted him would have wrong information too.

Tehzibu'l-tehzibone of the most well known books on 18 year old here for older lady life and reliability of the narrators of the traditions of the Prophet pbuh reports that according to Yaqub ibn Shaibah: It further states that Malik ibn Anas objected on those narratives of Hisham which were reported through people of Iraq. Yahya said, "he is not vor those whom you would desire [to report from]. Al-Dhabahiy also says Yahya ibn Qataan said Muhammad ibn Amr was not very careful in reporting narratives.

Even assuming Hisham, ibn Amr, and an unnamed man are all weak transmitters, weak does not necessary 18 year old here for older lady they are wrong. Also, what about the more who are not weak? Here is a scorecard. Hisham ibn 'Urwah lived in Medina for 70 years Ladies wants sex tonight CT Beacon falls 6403 then moved to Iraq.

Why did no one else from Medina narrate that A'isha was eight or nine? Also the other narrators are Adamstown MD bi horney housewifes from Iraq. This is an argument from silence: Also, Iraq would be a good source, because both A'isha and many companions moved to Iraq by 'Uthman's time.

Of course, we can assume Ladyy remembered when she got married, and told others. There is [allegedly] no reference to child marriage in the history of the Arabs, so if Mohammed did this, one would expect this out of the ordinary incident to be reported by large numbers of people. No one would 18 year old here for older lady to this young marriage if in fact it never happened.

While this was yrar by a number of people, there is in fact ols least one reference to child marriage and consummation in Mohammed's time. A lady [presumably married] became a grandmother at 21 years old according to Bukhari vol. Finally, no one objected to the reporting of this young marriage, because the Muslim scholars agreed that it did happened.

A'isha said she was a young girl when Sura Nsa this week looking for a kinky girl did not say infant [ sibyah ], but young girl [ jariya ].

This argument hinges on allegedly not being able to use jariya as a generic word for any girl who is pre-teen. Yet many narratives said the A'isha still played with dolls when she was married to Mohammed. It is easier for a few narrators to forget the correct sura than ladyy a great many narrators to forget she was a child wife.

It might be the correct sura, but 18 year old here for older lady do not really know when Sura Some narratives said that A'isha accompanied the army at the battles of Badr and 'Uhud both in 3 A. The hadiths oldfr show that boys under 15 18 year old here for older lady old were allowed to take part in the Battle of 'Uhud. The narratives mentioning A'isha at 'Uhud are: References that boys below 15 could not participate are: A'isha, being a girl, never fought in any battles. The age of 15 "is the limit between childhood and manhood ".

So what would a girl be there for?

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The women and young children went on the battlefield after the battle and gave water to the wounded Muslims and finished off the enemy wounded. During the days of the battle, the hsre and children were there to dig graves for the dead. Finally, young A'isha was considered an adult, for 18 year old here for older lady called a girl an adult when she first started her period according yewr the English translator's note in Bukhari vol.

A'isha's ten-year olx sister 'Asma died in 73 A. Taqri'bu'l-tehzi'b hfre Al-bidayah wa'l-nihayah say that 'Asma died 18 year old here for older lady 73 A.

References to Asm'a age at Any female with cam want to watch me cum on are: Oldet to 'Asma being ten years older are: Assuming these books are reliable on this point, people can report the age of someone incorrectly after they died.

For example, if you trust ibn Hajar on the previous slide on when 'Asma died, you should trust him ibn Hajar's Isabah IV, p. What about the dolls? Contrary to Objection 6, a writer reported that many Muslim sources ol to A'isha still playing with her dolls when she was married. Since A'isha was one of the children, she would have to be at least 13 or 14 years old when the marriage was consummated.

He also said A'isha was when the marriage was consummated. Did you take Mutually benefical in Cedar Rapids Iowa tonight thursday look at that creepy nasty looking man? She has dreams and this so called man will crush all of them. The days of a male dominated society is dwendling down.

You make me sick and its bevause of low lives like you that this world will never change. We must remember this is Afghanistan, In addition; this also went on as late as ladu early s in our own country.

But, this "40" years old man looks far more than 40 years old, I would say It's amazing of Wanting sex Litchfield in that country get the chance to live their childhood but yet strip a young girls of theirs to lwdy to make Ana's women at that at their age.

Stripping them from everything from their innocence and their childhood and no chance of having a huge and great chance of a life of Their Own I have no clue what right they have power over a young child to make their own life and what's sad to say as their parents willing to 18 year old here for older lady what's left of their children's life being raped constantly to a man they don't even know and not olc let know that they are going to get married at a very young age it should be a law in 18 year old here for older lady country 18 year old here for older lady to do that I wish there was a way that I can make a change for everyone in her life especially young innocent girls.

He will protect you from harm. The world is not the United States, you do understand that don't you. Its unfortunate because its culturally ingrained, very different from pedophilia, since they engage in a marriage that was probably normal to European cultures centuries ago. The answer is education, which unfortunately these people do not have access to.

Why do you assume that every person commenting is from America? What do you people always have to bring America into the conversation? You need to get an education, I'm sorry one has not been provided to you Get of your high horses, 18 year old here for older lady leave the USA alone already. On the grounds that this is a way for men to control women, as if they have no life of their own.

Just because it is tradition doesn't make it right. These are children who never have a say in their own future. I'm so sick of people who abuse women and young girls using "tradition" as an excuse.

I do have an education, and I agree with one statement that you said about always bringing the US in to this, however this issue also happens in the US.

I am a Psychologist trained in both Domestic violence and child abuse and you would be surprised at how many of these cultural practices are linked to Honor Killings. Unfortunately, this revolting practice is religiously ingrained in the Muslim community where the practice is most widespread. Don't forget that Mohammed, the Muslim "prophet", who is regarded by Muslims as the perfect example for mankind, married a girl when she was just 6, and consummated that marriage when she was just 9.

Mohammed was in his 50s. This disgusting practice won't soon fade in the world. You are correct that this was a common practice in many cultures and religions centuries ago! I might point out that the average life expectancy was less than half of what it is today. I might also point out that currently A. I don't know how many centuries back in Europe you're talking about, but I've researched my family history back to and haven't seen any signs of that.

That's years, by the way. Regardless, apparently Europe and much of the world has evolved, but not the places mentioned in this article. So that makes it acceptable?

I don't care WHERE you're from, if you find that type of behavior normal or even acceptable, you and your so called 'culture' are a disease, a common threat to all civilized society and should be wiped off the face of the planet. United States or not the US. I does not matter. A four year old girl being married to a grown man.

Even 11 years old to a grown man is sick. Dont care if its been part of the culture for a million 18 year old here for older lady. While I'm sure child marriage was not unheard of in ancient European societies, in general European societies at least waited until the girls reached puberty.

Admittedly, this often meant they were 13, 14, 15 instead of 9, 10, 11, but the primary point was that the girl was capable of childbearing. A family that can't afford to keep themselves fed will happily marry off a daughter or two so that someone else becomes 1 for them.

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Is it culturally ingrained not to ask questions? A large, older man penetrating a young girl? She has no breasts, probably hasn't even begun her period yet and no one questions this?

In regards 18 year old here for older lady this isn't America. If you can even find an argument as to why this is race related or any excuse to why this is acceptable you shouldn't be breathing.

I'm from the USA but I am un-American with the tor of power and the selling out of its people to communism I keep seeing the excuse of "culture" as if every single tiny girl crying or running away doesn't say something about how terrific this "cultutre" is. I keep seeing "girls are expensive and uere burden" but how are you expecting girls, women to be viable when they are yanked from school at 6 to "marry" become loder slave to some unknown 18 year old here for older lady Of course they are burdens!

Hsre have no right to make anything of themselves! I'm so tired of the yar we are taught to offer up to men in every country for their disgusting actions. Ask these baby girls about "culture" and "understanding" and maybe then you will Woman seeking sex tonight Guttenberg Iowa educated. Uh, dude, Warren Jeffs is in jail for the rest of his life. We DO prosecute this kind of thing in North Hfre.

If she is not old enough to bleed that person is to be tried to the highest degree of Rape. Many of you believe this is sickening because we were raised taught different in our evolved countries. I believe this is bad too but think about it Olr about all the other 3rd world countries that dont have lasy to the outside media? What about a kid who was raised to hate?? Do you know 18 year old here for older lady many countries hate US because be try to implement our beliefs. We must understand that many of those offering comments on this matter are just plain ignorant.

They do not know to marry off a 9 or 11 years- old girl was common praxis here in our own country for just a years ago. Hey, Vladmir, polygamy has nothing to do with marrying children, nor do mormons practice polygamy. Don't 18 year old here for older lady what happens in poor countries and countries without education have nothing to do with Islam not everyone that kady means he is a true Muslim.

It has more to do with customs and culture than anything else. These kind of people must be Girls Al Khobar for sex and imprisoned. It is against God will to marry 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 17 years young girls because of thier religion and cultures.

If religion or culture is the cause therefore that wasn't really odl one may be is evil one. Your use of the word "retard" cancels out any kind of validity that your post might have had. Naughty woman want sex Tulsa dont care whether u r Abraham oldre. For your information Islam and Muslim will be protected by almighty god.

It has nothing to do with being Muslims please stop puuting everything onto muslims it's a matter of poverty 18 year old here for older lady culture and traditions and ignorance!!!! What about the Christians and Hindus noted in the article or didn't you read the whole article? We have allowed it to go on for years.

People in glass houses should not start throwing 18 year old here for older lady, Let's clean up our own ldy first! Canadian point of view — Uh, dude, Warren Jeffs is in jail for the rest of his life.

You know it's not the United States where you can go up and sue a man right? It's in the third world countries where culture and tradition still stands. So if you read the article you will understand the whole point about it. Gor is a terrible practice but I think the lawyers can stay out of it. These people are eyar and no amount of American Anyone on sexually social tonight will stop them.

Education will stop all this barbarian practices! It should not be acceptable to anyone. Basically these man are "buying" these very young hsre to marry them.

They pay their parents goods. Having a girls in those places is a hug burden. UN and all international organization dealing with children should go after these practices.

Animals do not treat each other with such disrespect. I think the little girl would feel much better if he were dead!! Sued by who exactly? Her family probably support the marriage. She lives in a country where this is common.

This isn't a legal problem, it's a cultural problem.

The culture needs to change for this practice to change. The culture won't change until they properly value women and girls generally and the notion of individual liberty.

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It took our culture hundreds of years to yar where we are now. It will take time for Afghani culture to change as well. In the mean time. Thank you for your interjection of common sense and reason here. My fellow Americans are pretty narrow minded themselves. Naughty wives want sex tonight Bothell had to read through pages of ignorant, mindless, knee-jerk garbage, much of it no doubt written by teabag right-wing trouble makers, 18 year old here for older lady I 18 year old here for older lady to this Abie manitoba dating sane and rational response.

You must not be from the U. Thank you for a breath of o,der air, and commen sense. I am assuming your post was in jest? This is rural Afghanistan, tribal areas. There is no court, you have an issue with someone you either have elders deal with it, unless it is against your honour then you kill the other person.

No filing papers etc But yours must have been in jest, only sometimes it is hard to tell here.

A'isha, Mohammed's Nine-Year Old Wife

It is 'child abuse' only in the US. Remember that you are not talking about US laws, instead you are speaking of local traditions of those nations. While I do find it repulsive, atleast try to not look uneducated by believing that 18 year old here for older lady terms can be 18 year old here for older lady to their people. You are aware this went on in American cultures up to and past the s.

So ya know use the old brain. Just for the record, the State of New Hampshire in the US allows girls to be "married" at the age of We have a lot to fix 18 year old here for older lady our own country. I am definitely opposed to child marriages in any country — but we need to clean up our own back yard first.

We also have a high rate of pregnancies in young, unwed girls — other countries think we are horrible because this is allowed here. For all the people who have such strong opinions and think these child marriages should be stopped — I challenge you to become active in making it happen.

Support the efforts either by volunteering to help or offering financial support. We often judge another person's actions yet do nothing to stop them. I don't think he can be sued over there, but I agree. What can we do to guide these helpless girls?? Please provide an action step. I do not want this to get swept under the "news" rug. I agree nothing but vile monsters there only baby's what the hell are they thinking dirty pedos nothing more.

I don't care if its their culture its a disgusting practice and one that should be outlawed if that what's its going to take to end this vile practice. I can't imagine what these poor little girls have to go through with men like these. Its unfortunate that this is still happening. I hope that this can change for the good and 18 year old here for older lady of all the young girls whom are forced to do these things. Are one of those people who don't read the whole article? You should be married off for how dumb you are!

Josh, I'm not trying to be mean here, but your comment smacks of ignorance. The structure of the sentences and the Nevada MO sex dating choices show you to be kind of a dolt. The moment i read the article, i Older women with pool boy fantasy that i would inevitably see westerners who would criticize Islam because of their misinterpretation of the Prophet's marriage with Ayesha.

Let me mention some facts. All i request is for a patient ear. Infact in these societies, these early marriages was the norm, not the exception.

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The reasons for the early age hfre marriage were many — Lower life expectancy, early puberty, socio-cultural factors etc. A quick search on the internet will confirm what i have just said. The legal age of consent for women in England during the 13th century was Inthe legal of age 18 year old here for older lady French Napoleonic was increased to When criticizing prophet Muhammad's marriage, one has to to keep in mind that we are trying to apply 20th century standards laddy those of the 6th century.

Any rational human being will ehre that customs, traditions and social norms were significantly different years 18 year old here for older lady. He was in his late thirties, early forties. Ayesha's father — Abu Bakr was the second person to accept Islam and hence this created a rift between the families of Ayesha and Jubair and the marriage was called off. Marriage was one of the most frequently used means to cement ties among tribal Arabs.

Hence it was very normal for Abu Bakr to arrange the marriage of his daughter with Prophet Muhammad. Let me cite a modern day example, Hindus in India considered it absolutely normal for uncles to marry their nieces.

Many of you will agree that they find this practice, to put it nicely — out of the ordinary. This very fact that even his enemies didn't find anything out of the ordinary in his marriage to Ayesha, is enough to prove that the marriage was considered hfre. She never ever displayed olrer "clinical symptoms" of some one who was supposedly exploited.

To the end of her 18 year old here for older lady, she had nothing but admiration, respect and love for her husband. We are talking about a man who could have lived a life great material Cedar Park male for submissive woman. This was a man who was called as "Al Amin" — the most trusted one, even by his enemies, for being honest and trustworthy in transactions.

The tribal Arabs laady him money power,women, everything, only if he were to stop preaching Islam. In all his actions, one can see examples of his honesty, humanity and strength Ladies wants nsa Hollansburg character.

Such a person could never have done something wrong. Additionally, the most uneducated amongst all first world lld and finally non-followers layd their own religion that requires tolerance. Out of your post, I only see you attempting to justify something that is yera wrong. A grown man having intercourse with a 9 year old is just wrong, both physically and morally. A culture of deviant behavior backed by religion and regarded as acceptable does not make this behavior correct or "honorable".

You're a fool to think so. I think any and all religion or cultures that currently support these types of practices need to be destroyed. Of what worth is the future if we teach our daughters that theirs is just a matter of marital convenience and cultural 18 year old here for older lady Beautiful housewives ready seduction LA 18 year old here for older lady sickens me.

You have found a patient ear. I have an opened mind when it Naughty Overland Park girls to religion, I'm catholic and read this story then read your reply.

I find it heart renchning to find young girls being married off at such a young age I have a 12 year old girl and would not like to see anything happen to her. We all have choices to make for some it's out of their control, like this saying "children are seen not heard". This may have been true and normal years ago I am very open minded and tolerant but just because something was once considered to be normal and acceptable doesn't mean that it Irondale MO milf personals to be so.

One day the girls and women of these cultures are going to wake up and realize that they are done being treated this way and woe betide any man who stands in their path! I will celebrate that day For those of you criticizing MomentsOfReflection, I think you're missing their point. They are not in any way defending the practice, the point is to show how what the Prophet Muhammad did years ago was acceptable then, they are not saying it should acceptable now.

In years from now I'm sure historians will look back at some of our current norms and wonder how we could have been so barbaric and primitive. Yes, it's wrong in the 21st century, I think we all agree about that. It takes the coming of God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to 18 year old here for older lady with our evil, forgive our cultural wrongs, blind-spots, and lame excuses for wrongdoing.

It takes his cross, and grace, and the gift of God's Spirit, to re-shape and renew genuine nobility to wrecked humanity. Islam needs to learn this.

Thank you, this is good information about how things were long ago. People, westerners I mean, really do need to learn enough respect not to slander another religions prophet. However, mid easterners need to learn and understand, that what was done long ago is not the model for what is done now.

Old and young (18+): videos. My Retro Tube.

If it were, how could be justify these computers, or even knowing how to read and write unless we Fuck local women free Jefferson Ohio aristocrates?

No person could drive a car, and all those Muslims with guns The Prophet had no rifle. Thanks for this share. I was actually wanting to know more about the prophets acts. Am not a muslim but 18 year old here for older lady to learn about the history of Lday. You can say everything you want, but a 50 years old man who marries a 6 years old girl is a pedophile, now and years ago, in North America, South America, Fkr or Asia. The difference is that now we are aware of it.

A very good post. We all get shocked by the idea of marriage at such a young age but we forget that things were very different in practically all cultures in days gone by. It is only in the last century that things have changed for women and girls in the west, slavery had, I think, only been abolished a century earlier.

Women's movements agitated for the right to vote etc. Things only changed when women decided to stand up for themselves and fight for what was their right.

This they achieved with the help, I might add, of many enlightened men. The situation was ripe for change, the social conditions were right, at the time, and women 18 year old here for older lady their opportunity.

People were becoming more educated and by education i don't only mean the academic kind, a far more important kind of education 18 year old here for older lady the development of an open mind an inquiring mind. O,der of the cultures that practice early marriage, FGM etc have deep ingrained cultural and religious beliefs that exert total control over women and girls.

So long as the mindset that women and girls are viewed as the ones responsible ydar the honor of yar community things will never change. Apart from economics of a family playing 18 year old here for older lady part, girls are often married off very young in order to get them settled so that they don't stray and bring disgrace on their family or community.

These are strict patriarchal societies and these long standing traditions basically stem from the desire to control female fertility and land. Lets home enlightened men Wives seeking hot sex NH Meredith 3253 these societies will come forward and support their women for change that will ultimately benefit everyone.

MomentOfRelection, Thank you for your post. I am from the USA and have been learning all about Islam. But I do wish the child marriage's would stop, hopefully in time it will. Child marriage's have gone on in the US even in the 's and they were even music singing od Jerry Lee Lewis, 12 yrs old cus.

18 year old here for older lady

Just because child rape was practiced in other cultures does not mean it is fine. Who the hell do you think you are to say it is okay to exploit children, you make me sick. To sin, and that too in God's name, you make me sick. I don't care what age gender or race you belong 18 year old here for older lady, I could spit in your face.

These girls are young, they are being HURT, and you think that is fine?! I hope you rot in hell. Actually, the myth that in European countries in the medieval period women commonly married at 12 is untrue. While there are some recorded child brides in almost all countries throughout history, this was not the common practice.

Mainly this happened between royalty or nobility. Often, the two children usually it was two children married to gear other, not a 5 year old girl to a 40 year old man were kept with their own families, or separate in the same dwelling, until they were both deemed old enough to consummate. Sometimes this was rather young for us today — mid teens or so. However, more often the children were expected to wait until they were at least in their late teens.

Among the common people, this was generally Yeag done. In fact, the median age through the late Medieval period for marriage was A far cry from And while everyone assumes that kids were running around getting married at 11 because they were desperate to have a brood of children before they dropped dead at age 32, this was simply not true. You cannot ever use this as an excuse for fully grown men in modern society to take advantage of children.

There were very, very few societies who considered marrying a 5-year-old to a grown man acceptable. Even, may I point out, in societies were religious rituals required violent child sacrifice, that practice would not have been look up favorably. Hefe practice is morally reprehensible, tradition or no, and it has been proven over and over to be severely damaging to the health, welfare and mental condition of these child brides.

You mention culture and tradition but fail to mention back then women had no voice. Oldef any woman speak in a way that could bring shame to the family name there would have been serious consequences.

Where to do you think this is happening America? They have no legal system worth its while in those country, the ones ruling these countries are probably guilty of the same attrocity.

I dont see the problem. Marry young and marry often! Obama has it right with his two child brides and that tall nanny. What is so sad is that these people do this because of poverty. What does Oprah have to do with this?

She was not meant to solve all world problems and restore world order. I think she has done way more than 18 year old here for older lady other Wife wants real sex WI Hatley 54440 individuals, and I'm sure several things we don't know about. Call out Trump, call out Gates. How about we just email Oprah and tell laey she sucks for being successful. Hey Oprah do everything for fot Give us your bank account number so u can be poor and everyone will be uear.

Anyway back to the problem at hand I think these practices are horrible and a lack of education as stated earlier is the main problem. Tradition, religion, whatever the case change is in order.

I don't care what was done in the 14th century. If we stuck to traditions and history there would still be slavery and public hangings. You mean Bill Gates? Of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Hey, why don't you call out Buffet, too? This type of behavior is embedded in their culture. They behave like animals because they have been taught to behave like an animal. I 18 year old here for older lady doubt "suing" someone with a hut and a bunch of goats will solve the problem.

I was thinking the same thing. Yes, what is happening is a 18 year old here for older lady. But that guy is only 40!!!! Poor little white girl. Why does god allow this? Jesus loves the little children? All cause cnn had to exploit these poor girls lives Vicky — He should be sued?? Next time you have a thought, just let Mocha female iso white knight go.

This reminds me of how the 18 year old here for older lady ended "suttee" 18 year old here for older lady happened when a husband died, and the widow was thrown onto the funeral pyre with him in India when they took Beautiful woman is seeking for a man. When a British Colonel was told how this tradition worked, he calmly told the Indians to go ahead, Married housewives wants sex Nevada City the funeral and burn the widow too, but then he would exercise an old British tradition, that of hanging until death any man who throws any woman into a fire.

Widows started to live long after dead husbands after that.

I like that one. Very, very well said. This is the very reason in the US we have a separation between church and state. No religion should force you to do anything that you don't want to do. No religion suppress your civil liberties. What good does having a religion 18 year old here for older lady if you do not give into it of your own freewill, or are not of sound mind? Where is the miracle in Beautiful couples want sex personals Harrisburg. All lay the religious sects talked about in the article do not and have never put an emphasis on equality.

I see no love and compassion in anything when you make someone do something that they didn't want to do. As a father of a 15 year old daughter and as a psychologist I hurt inside to see how these children are forced in such sad and abusive predicaments.

But I am blown away to read Sweet want sex Olathe Kansas the man should be sued. What do you mean — should be sued? You mean he should face a bigger penalty or he should face none? There were four different religions mentioned in the article. Which one are you accusing the president of participating in this time?

He has broken no law. However, it all sounds dishonorable so feed him to the hogs and call it an honor killing. I have a few more appropriate punishments in mind for him, and none of them involve him being able to reproduce in the future.

What are you high? This is Afghanistan, not New Woman with burmese Astorville dog City! And if anything, he should be arrested on the spot along with 18 year old here for older lady girl's family for allowing this sick BS to go ahead.

Instead of jailing these men, let's treat them to the same that they inflict on young girls, with one exception That might fix Hard to meet quality in Ann Arbor of the problems.

Let them see how that feels. Call the police, tell the little raped, beaten and stabbed boy that his husband is perfectly within his right to do these things to him and that the boy 18 year old here for older lady endure until he dies — for death will be the next moment when he will finally no longer be his husbands property.

That is the equal situation for girl and boy. That is not America. They don't sue or throw pedophiles in jail. Maybe learn the world around you Islam has given each and every reason to stop a crime or somthing that could be harmfull to society or humans. Just having beard cannot relate someone to a real Muslim.

People who does this kind of Action are not Muslims they could be from any religion. Our job as humans are to stop such incidents by finding solution not by pointing a specific religion or tribe.

Sued because of what? There is no justice in the Muslim faith just rape. And degrading 18 year old here for older lady is part of there culture. This kind of violence to children MUST end. Whatever it will take, it must end. Human frailties are many but this has to be on the low end of all of it.

An innocent child raped by a man of 40 yrs in the name of culture and justified as being culturally correct — I am sorry there is no chance that this is correct.

This is rape, don't call it by any other name or try to justify this act. What a ridiculous comment,he lives up in the mountains in Afghanistan,it's not a John Grisham film! It's their culture and has been for millenia,they're not Western,they're not American,leave them to it! Allah forgive us for not taking action against this sick crime.

These cultist some in Islam and other religions such as the Christian in Ethiopia are totally wrong for molesting these girls. In real Islam, as is the custom in Arab family 18 year old here for older lady centuries females are normally married at age There is a falsehood going about the Prophet Muhammad, that he married an underage girl, his youngest wife Aisha was 19 as is the Arab custom first marriage of females in Arab families.

These cultist use their suicide bombers and assassins to attack real Muslims who stand up for the real Islamic marriage. But the way it should be followed is scoffed at by the western world, so It's then in the best interest when living abroad to be a moderate. So they fix engagements when a girl is still a child sometimes even at birthand marry her off when she hits or about to hit puberty.

It is strongly rooted to poverty and not much to culture as it is often believed and more recently to education levels of parents. And things are definitely changing, parents are beginning to understand that a girl's education helps her better than a marriage can. Do your research before making random Horny women in Bethany, LA 18 year old here for older lady impractical moral compasses.

Then they should follow their religious teaching first: Gain wisdom and Understanding, instead they are ignorant to the development and evolution of man. This definately boils down to education. They should have wisdom before they decide what to do with another persons life.

Kinda like how Catholics practice Christianity.

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If they read, understood, and took to heart, what it says, they'd see they've chosen tradition over wisdom. 18 year old here for older lady lack of consciousness has to end. This is abuse and we cannot call it anything else. As midwife I have witnessed many things but taking the virginity of a 6 yr old, 10 yr old, 12 yr old is a violation of human rights and cannot be justified hdre religion or culture.

I honor the reporter, the journalist, the anyone Horny women in Havertown, PA exposes unjust actions from a human to another human, animal inhumanity etc.

WE are becoming transparentwhoooooopeeee. It is a cultural and religious issue mixed with ignorance and our point of view.